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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 271 – Killing Intent (3)

Chapter 271: Killing Intent (3)

“Screech!” The bugle arrow streaked across the sky with an ear-piercing sound. Finally, it exploded in midair, allowing one to see everything within a five-kilometer radius.

“All-out attack!” When the experts of Yellow Spring Sect saw the bugle arrow, they no longer concealed themselves and began an all-out attack.

“Still haven’t found Jingming?” The leader of Yellow Springs Sect’s mission was somewhat fuming.

“Guardian, this area is filled with our spies. We’ve searched every street, alley, and even some suspicious places, but we can’t find Jingming,” the subordinate replied.

“Forget it. Kill as many as you can.” The leader of Yellow Spring Sect waved his hand. “Once the time is up, we have to retreat.”


“Alright.” His subordinates quickly took action.


In his personal space.

Xu Jingming read the dossier and gained a deeper understanding of Cheng Yanran.

He actually has so many secrets, Xu Jingming thought to himself. But I can also tell that although Cheng Yanran looks arrogant and wanton on the surface, he’s actually very cunning and cautious. It’s almost impossible for me to kill him.

The more he understood, the more he realized that Cheng Yanran was too cautious.

His faction was too powerful! There were no flaws at all.

It’s probably because he wandered the world when he was young that he developed such a cautious personality. Xu Jingming put away the dossier and suddenly had a thought. He sent someone to assassinate me last night. I wonder what will happen tonight?

With a thought, he opened Blood Rain World and entered.

Xu Jingming appeared in the abandoned residence’s woodshed, and a blurry light enveloped him.

After walking out of the woodshed, his ears pricked up slightly as he heard noisy footsteps. What’s going on? It’s already late at night in Blood Rain World. Why is it so noisy?

He gently leaped onto a wall and leaped to a tree beside him. He stood on a thick branch and followed the sounds to investigate the commotion.

In the distance, Blood Rain Guards and auxiliary guards held torches on the streets.

He looked around and estimated that there were at least a thousand people.

Something happened. Xu Jingming had a solemn expression as he jumped down from the tree and walked toward the auxiliary guards he was familiar with.

The auxiliary guards held torches and illuminated the street with solemn expressions.

Xu Jingming walked out of the alley and strode over.

“Lord Jing.” The auxiliary guards were shocked as they recognized their boss.

“Lord Jing, are you alright?” an auxiliary guard asked in surprise.

“I just returned to our jurisdiction. What happened?” Xu Jingming demanded.

“An hour ago, many Blood Rain Guards in our jurisdiction were attacked and died miserably. By the time the Blood Rain Guards elsewhere saw the bugle arrows and rushed over, the murderers had long fled.”

“Many of us auxiliary guards have died.”

“Those murderers are too ruthless. They killed the Blood Rain Guards on sight.”

The few auxiliary guards reported.

Xu Jingming had a solemn expression. “How many people are dead? Are Deputy Captain Zhang Ke and Deputy Captain Qian Yan alright?”

“We didn’t see the two deputy captains,” an auxiliary guard replied. “Many Blood Rain Guards have died—probably more than half. I heard that these murderers charged into the Blood Rain Guards’ homes. Those not on night patrol tonight were attacked at their homes—even their families were implicated.”

“They went all the way to their homes?” Xu Jingming’s expression turned nasty.

Cheng Yanran was crazy deep down, but how much hatred did he have? Was there a need to deal with a Blood Rain Guard team like this?

Perhaps it wasn’t hatred. Perhaps in the prince’s eyes, the Blood Rain Guards were ants. He could casually stomp them to death.

Xu Jingming walked elsewhere.

“Lord Jing.”

Xu Jingming saw the corpses placed in the distance. The auxiliary guards in charge of guarding them were extremely respectful.

“These are the corpses of three Blood Rain Guards and seven auxiliary guards,” the auxiliary guard guarding the bodies said.

Xu Jingming walked over and removed the cloth.

They were all members of his team who had served him with great respect over the past few days. There were also the auxiliary guards who had come to help him move on the first day.

They were now lying there, covered in hideous wounds.

Xu Jingming fell silent.

He continued walking and checked the corpses one after another. The many brothers lying there were no longer breathing.

Xu Jingming felt depressed—he knew that this was the virtual world, but it was uncomfortable! He knew very well that for planetary lifeforms with lifespans of less than 200 years, a lifetime in Blood Rain World was nearly half their lives.

To them, how different was this from reality?

They are all my subordinates. He implicated my subordinates because he’s targeting me? Xu Jingming thought to himself.

“Captain Jing.” Suddenly, an angry shout came from afar.

Xu Jingming looked up.

Zhao Defang rode his horse and stared at Xu Jingming coldly as he scolded, “The area under your jurisdiction was attacked by Yellow Springs Sect’s bandits, but you disappeared at the critical moment as Blood Rain Guard Captain? What’s the point of having you as captain?”

“Lord Centurion, how many people died in my team?” Xu Jingming asked.

“Hmph, hmph.” Zhao Defang sneered. “Of the two deputy captains under you, Qian Yan was at home. His family—both young and old—is dead. As for Zhang Ke, he’s missing like you! As for the 30 ordinary Blood Rain Guards, only three survived! The others are all dead. Those at home were also killed, and even their entire family was killed.”

Xu Jingming’s eyes turned slightly red.

Lunatic. Murder while still targeting their entire family?

The intelligence was right—this Cheng Yanran had a twisted personality and was a lunatic!

“I have a question for you: Where did you go when the bugle arrow sounded?” Zhao Defang berated.

The Blood Rain Guards beside him looked at Xu Jingming—they actually pitied him.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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