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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 269 – Killing Intent (1)

Chapter 269: Killing Intent (1)


On a restaurant’s second floor, Xu Jingming ate dinner alone. He didn’t order many dishes—three dishes, a soup, and a flask of wine.

A waiter stood nearby, awaiting Xu Jingming’s instructions. After all, the area’s Blood Rain Guard leader was Xu Jingming! The restaurant naturally had to serve him well.

Gulp! Gulp! Gulp! Xu Jingming ate quickly. After finishing the rice and meat in his bowl, he wiped the corner of his mouth with a handkerchief, poured himself a glass of wine, and leisurely drank.

Xu Jingming appeared to be drinking leisurely, but he was thinking about something.

“…With my understanding of his character, I’m afraid he won’t give up.”


“Be careful every day. You’ll be fine after this period of time; Cheng Yanran won’t keep targeting you.” Fei Qing’s words in the morning sounded in Xu Jingming’s mind again.

With Fei Qing’s status, he won’t say anything unless he’s certain about it. He said that ‘Cheng Yanran won’t give up,’ so there will probably be another wave of attacks. Xu Jingming frowned slightly. Sigh, I only became Blood Rain Guard Captain, but I incurred the hostility of the Prince of Yan. Is this the world’s targeting, or is it purely bad luck that I was embroiled in a high-level battle?

I’m just a small fry who wants to earn some money. Why target me? Xu Jingming felt helpless. No matter what, I’ve encountered the greatest threat in Blood Rain World—the Prince of Yan!

In Blood Rain World, the world was in chaos, and the people were in dire straits.

Order could still be maintained in the cities, but beyond them was utter chaos! The family members of Commander-in-chief Fei rushed to the capital from their hometown and experienced many dangers. It was obvious how chaotic things were.

The empire is in decline, and the world is in chaos. There are many rebels, big and small, Xu Jingming thought. The Blood Rain Guard in every city only bullies gangs. They can’t withstand the rebels.

Nest Mountain Lake is just a small-scale rebel army that can make the surrounding cities tremble. As for the largest rebel forces, they span large swaths of territory. They even wiped out many kings, slaughtering their descendants. The empire’s military forces are mainly the Blood Rain Guard and the five kings’ armies.

A few years ago, in order to vie for the throne, the kings fought bitterly before the present emperor ascended the throne. But with all the corruption in the world, he still has to unite these five kings before barely maintaining the world’s situation, Xu Jingming thought. Therefore, a prince of King of Yan’s Estate can rape female scions in the capital and get off scot-free… because the emperor needs the support of the King of Yan!

Xu Jingming tried coming up with a solution.

Blood Rain World was massive! The emperor’s orders took a long time to reach the borders.

In order to strengthen its rule, the empire established fiefs in many remote areas after its founding. It allowed the kings to rule over them, allowing them to assist the emperor in ruling the world.

However, some kings were incompetent and only sought enjoyment, causing the people to suffer. Some were even killed in a coup.

There were only five truly powerful kings—the King of Yan was one of them.

The King of Yan’s fief spans 5,000 kilometers, and his management is airtight. Furthermore, his strength is projected across a vast area. The King of Yan’s heir is targeting me? Xu Jingming felt immense pressure.

The Prince of Yan acts in a high-profile manner, ruining the innocence of many female scions, and has made many enemies! There have been many attempts on his life, but all of them failed. According to the Blood Rain Guard dossier, more than 100 experts attacked the prince’s convoy last year, but the prince remained safe and sound. When Xu Jingming thought of this information, he found the prince of King of Yan’s Estate even harder to deal with.

It was a thousand times harder than Shengong Fu.

After dinner, Xu Jingming walked out of the restaurant.

The sky was already dark, but there were still many people on the streets. Business at the shops and restaurants by the roadside were at their best.

“Captain.” The patrolling Blood Rain Guards were rather respectful when they saw Xu Jingming.

Xu Jingming nodded slightly. He had long become familiar with the Blood Rain Guards under him.

What’s going on? Xu Jingming glanced behind him as he walked. Many pedestrians looked ordinary.

He looked up and saw someone staring at the street from the second floor of a distant teahouse.

The person in the teahouse was watching me, and the old man behind me was also following me. Xu Jingming’s perception was sharp as he continued walking without batting an eyelid.

From the main street, he suddenly turned into an alley. With a few leaps, he disappeared from the alley.

“Where is he?” A few people walked to the alley and looked through the few alleys in the area, but they couldn’t find Xu Jingming.

“He’s gone?” The leader had an ugly expression. “Captain Jing is in charge of the entire district that’s peppered with our men! He can’t escape.”

After a few leaps, Xu Jingming entered an empty residence. As the Blood Rain Guard leader in this area of jurisdiction, he knew that some of the residences in the jurisdiction area weren’t occupied.

After he entered, he hid in a woodshed and went offline!

He disappeared into thin air.


Since this period of time will be very dangerous, I’ll log off at night and leave Blood Rain World! Xu Jingming walked out of the virtual room.

Logging off was the ultimate hiding technique for cosmic citizen players.

In reality, it was afternoon.

Xu Jingming walked into the courtyard and immediately saw Li Miaomiao sitting in a pavilion, reading the information displayed on the projection. There was also a baby walking steadily on the grass.

Grandpa Xu chuckled and followed behind her. “Slow down. Run slower.”

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