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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 268 – King of Yan’s Estate

Chapter 268: King of Yan’s Estate

The Blood Rain Guards’ investigation of the surroundings came up with nothing. At the same time, they sent the four assassin corpses to the Principales Office—this was key evidence. The Blood Rain Guard would definitely investigate the attempted assassination of a Blood Rain Guard captain.

Night passed, and dawn broke.

Knock! Knock! Knock! Someone knocked on the door.

Xu Jingming opened the door and saw a group of more than ten people standing outside. All of them were riding horses, and the leader was a silver-haired elder—Guard Lu from the Fei family’s guards.

“Lord Lu.” Xu Jingming cupped his hands.


Lu Shao and Qiu Huayu were Fei Qing’s trusted aides. The two of them were an equal match to Black Lotus Sect’s Night Dharmaraja when they worked in concert.

“Quickly follow me to Fei Manor,” said the silver-haired elder. “His Excellency wants to see you.”

“Alright.” Xu Jingming came to a realization and immediately rode a horse.

“Captain.” Not far from the street, five Blood Rain Guards walked over. They looked at this group in confusion.

“Go have breakfast. There’s no need to stay here,” Xu Jingming said with a smile.

“Alright.” The five Blood Rain Guards smiled. They could relax after receiving the captain’s assurance.

“Giddy up!” Xu Jingming followed the group and rode to the Fei family.

This made Xu Jingming sigh with emotion because it was forbidden to gallop in the capital! Even as a Blood Rain Guard captain, he didn’t have the authority to do so. However… it was obvious that the team Commander-in-chief Fei sent had such authority.

“Lord Lu, what happened?” Xu Jingming asked.

“You were attacked last night, right?” asked the silver-haired elder.

“Yes.” Xu Jingming nodded.

“You were personally recommended by His Excellency to join the Blood Rain Guard. The news of your assassination was naturally reported to His Excellency,” said the silver-haired elder. “His Excellency also has some questions for you.”

Soon, the group returned to the Fei residence.

Fei residence’s main hall.

The moment Xu Jingming entered, he saw Luo Baichuan lying on a stretcher. Luo Baichuan’s face was ashen, and his eyes remained blank and empty when he saw Xu Jingming.

Brother Luo. Xu Jingming watched in disbelief.

Luo Baichuan—who was lying on the stretcher—had lost his left leg and right arm. He lay there in a daze.

“Brother Luo…” Xu Jingming uttered.

Luo Baichuan glanced at Xu Jingming, but there was no light in his eyes.

At this moment, Fei Qing walked in and sat in the seat of honor. He frowned slightly at the lying Luo Baichuan and the standing Xu Jingming.

“Both of you were attacked by an assassin team last night,” Fei Qing said. “Jingming managed to ward them off, but Luo Baichuan lost an arm and a leg. They even took the arm and leg away.”

“Give me the details,” Fei Qing ordered. “The more detailed, the better. Tell me your guesses.”

“I was sleeping in the room when the three assassins entered. I immediately raised my weapon to resist, but in just two or three strikes, I lost a leg and an arm.” Luo Baichuan, who was lying there, spoke first. “They grabbed my arm and leg and left. Before they left, they told me to stay away from Miss Fei Xinlan.”

Xu Jingming’s expression changed slightly when he heard that. Stay away from Miss Fei Xinlan?

“The three assassins were very strong. I guess one of them is a first-rate expert.” Luo Baichuan said in self-mockery, “They really think highly of me by sending a first-rate expert to assassinate me. I’m just a nobody.”

“Your Excellency.” Luo Baichuan gazed at Fei Qing, his eyes filled with desire. “I want to know: who sent the assassin?”

Fei Qing didn’t answer but glanced at Xu Jingming. “What about you?”

“I was out that night, taking in the imperial capital’s night scenery. When I returned at night, I discovered that enemies had infiltrated my residence. Furthermore, I could sense… nine auras ambushing me, so I immediately released a bugle arrow!” Xu Jingming recounted. “Not only did the nine assassins not escape when they knew that they were exposed, but they also charged over.”

“With the help of the five Blood Rain Guards nearby, I fended off the nine assassins and was lucky enough to kill four,” Xu Jingming said. “It’s precisely because of the endless stream of Blood Rain Guards that the assassins didn’t dare stay. If I had relied on only my strength and didn’t have any helpers, I would’ve probably lost my life had the battle dragged on.”

“How strong were the nine?” Fei Qing asked.

“Three first-rate experts and six second-rate experts,” Xu Jingming said.

Luo Baichuan’s expression changed when he heard this.

Nine assassins had been sent to deal with Jingming, but his limbs were fine, and he managed to kill four. However, he… had become a cripple!

I can only blame it on my weakness. Luo Baichuan felt miserable.

He originally wanted to see the prosperity of the capital and make a name for himself. Who would’ve thought that he would lose an arm and a leg not long after arriving in the capital? He couldn’t even walk properly, and his future was bleak.

“…The first-rate expert I severely injured and captured actually committed suicide.” Xu Jingming finished his explanation. “I don’t even know when I provoked such an enemy who can deploy first-rate zealots.”

Fei Qing nodded.

“Luo Baichuan, stay in the residence and recuperate.” Fei Qing looked at Luo Baichuan. “You definitely can’t be a Blood Rain Guard anymore, so I’ll arrange a simple job for you. Live well in the capital in the future.”

“Thank you, Your Excellency,” Luo Baichuan replied.

It was fine as long as he could live. What future could he have like this?

Soon, the attendants carried the stretcher out.

Xu Jingming stared at Luo Baichuan and recalled the first time he met the latter—the tall and friendly man! Luo Baichuan was very friendly and talkative back then. For every utterance Xu Jingming made, he spoke ten times more than him.

In the past few months, even though he was seriously injured and on the verge of death, Luo Baichuan remained bursting with fighting spirit. But now, Luo Baichuan had completely changed. He became numb; he was filled with despair and no longer had the will to fight.

“Have you guessed it?” Fei Qing looked at Xu Jingming.

“I have a guess.” Xu Jingming nodded. “There are only so many factions in the capital that can nurture first-rate zealots; there are only two handfuls of people. To get Luo Baichuan to stay away from Miss Fei, I reckon it can only be King of Yan’s Estate.”

“Like minds think alike.” Fei Qing nodded. “From today onward, you have to be careful. With my understanding of his character, I’m afraid he won’t give up after failing once in the assassination that Cheng Yanran arranged.”

“Won’t give up?” Xu Jingming’s expression changed.

“Yes.” Fei Qing nodded. “Be careful every day. You’ll be fine after this period of time; Cheng Yanran won’t keep targeting you.”

“Alright.” Xu Jingming nodded.

Fei Qing got up and left. Xu Jingming bowed slightly before visiting Luo Baichuan.

Luo Baichuan temporarily stayed in a remote courtyard in the Fei residence. Two servants were arranged to serve him.

“Brother Luo.” Xu Jingming saw Luo Baichuan lying on the bed. “Is there anything I can help with?”

Luo Baichuan turned his head slightly and said, “Be careful! The capital is very prosperous, but it’s also very dangerous. I’ve imagined the capital’s prosperity many times in Lanyue City and risked my life to come here. However, I ended up like this.”

“Brother Luo, pain is a lifetime; happiness is also for a lifetime,” Xu Jingming consoled. “How you live your life ultimately depends on your heart.”

“My heart?” Luo Baichuan closed his eyes and didn’t want to speak anymore.

“You should know how miserable the capital’s lower echelons are after becoming a Blood Rain Guard. At the very least, you still have servants who provide you with everything you need,” Xu Jingming consoled. “His Excellency has also promised to arrange a simple job for you. You are still much better than many people in the imperial capital.”

“Much better?” Luo Baichuan looked down at his missing arm and leg, “Like this?”

Xu Jingming also knew that it wouldn’t be easy for the other party to walk out of this traumatic shadow. After all, the blow was too great.

“If you need my help in the future, feel free to look for me,” Xu Jingming said.

“Back then, you, Qiu Tong, and I were invited by Miss Fei to come to the capital,” Luo Baichuan said as he looked at Xu Jingming. “Qiu Tong lost an arm, while I lost an arm and a leg… I hope you can escape this misfortune and live well in this bustling and dangerous capital.”

Xu Jingming nodded slightly before turning to leave.

Luo Baichuan closed his eyes. He recalled the days when he ate meat and drank alcohol in Lanyue City. Back then, he was an influential figure in the Black Ax Gang.


King of Yan’s Estate.

It was late in the morning when Cheng Yanran woke up under the servitude of a beautiful concubine. He wore a gorgeous robe, and the beautiful concubine looked at him with an infatuated gaze.

After getting out of bed, Cheng Yanran rinsed his mouth before sitting in the pavilion to admire the scenery and drink some luxurious porridge.

“Your Highness.” The black-robed woman walked over.

“Oh?” Cheng Yanran raised his eyebrows and glanced at his subordinate.

“There’s results from the assassination,” the black-robed woman said softly.

“Oh.” Only then did Cheng Yanran remember that it was just a casual order from him. He continued eating his porridge and asked casually, “Was it done well?”

“There weren’t any problems with Luo Baichuan. We broke one of his arms and one of his legs,” said the black-robed woman. “We met with failure for Jingming.”

“Oh?” Cheng Yanran frowned. Failure?

“You failed at killing a Blood Rain Guard captain?” Cheng Yanran said coldly. “Incompetent fools.”

The black-robed woman placed the dossier on the table respectfully. “Your Highness, this is the detailed dossier. Four of the nine assassins we sent to deal with Jingming died. One of them was a first-rate expert.”

Cheng Yanran’s expression fell as he picked up the dossier and read it carefully.

“This Jingming is quite strong. He’s a top first-rate expert?” Cheng Yanran nodded when he read it. “Moreover, his luck isn’t bad. He wasn’t at home last night. Instead, he preemptively fired the bugle arrow, giving him the advantage.”

“What should we do next?” the black-robed woman asked. She knew the prince’s personality—he wouldn’t admit defeat easily or give up easily.

“Hmph, hmph.” Cheng Yanran read the dossier. “The moment the bugle arrow was released, the surrounding Blood Rain Guards rushed over?”

“Decimate this Blood Rain Guard team then,” Cheng Yanran said casually. “Leave nobody under Jingming alive!”

“Yes, Your Highness!” The black-robed woman cupped her hands.

To Cheng Yanran, killing 33 Blood Rain Guards was akin to killing livestock.

“The Blood Rain Guards are scattered everywhere. Some are on duty, while others are at home,” said the black-robed woman. “Once we take action, we have to do it simultaneously! We have to mobilize at least 100 experts. His Majesty is very wary of our King of Yan’s Estate… It’s not suitable to send our men; we only have a few hundred people in the capital.”

“Let Yellow Springs Sect do it,” Cheng Yanran said casually. “We occasionally have to release the dogs we raise and have them bite.”

“Yes, Your Highness.” The black-robed woman immediately accepted the order.

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