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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 208 – The Fei Family Has a Daughter

Chapter 208: The Fei Family Has a Daughter

Translator: CKtalon

Ina residence beside Phoenix Lake in Lanyue City.

Phoenix Lake Hall Master held a book and flipped through it. Beside him was a pot of tea being heated, and a female attendant stood to the side to serve him.

He appeared to be reading, but he was actually waiting for news. He estimated that the operation was almost over. “Hall Master, Hall Master.” Several people brought two injured men to seek an audience with him. The two injured men were in a sorry state, and they immediately kneeled down when they saw him. “Hall Master, Fifth Brother is gone.”!!

Upon seeing his subordinates in such a sorry state, Phoenix Lake Hall Master had a guess. His expression couldn’t help but change when he heard that. “What’s going on? You can’t even deal with an illegitimate son of the Chang family with 300 people? Even Fifth Brother perished?” “Hall Master,” one of the injured men immediately said, “Chang Yi is very timid and has hired many experts. His guards are quite impressive, and 15 of them blocked the encirclement of more than 100 members. Most importantly, there were three second-rate experts!” “Three second-rate experts?” Phoenix Lake Hall Master found it unbelievable. He frowned and said, “Since when have second-rate experts become so common? Moreover, he’s an illegitimate son of the Chang family. Where did he get to know such experts?”

Second-rate experts were very rare. All of their weapon techniques were extremely brilliant, so describing their ability to fight 100 alone was already a show of humility. “We were also puzzled. It’s rare for a single second-rate expert to appear, so how did three appear?” the injured man said anxiously. “However, those three were indeed very impressive. One woman is good at dual sabers and concealed weapons in the form of needles! She killed most of our men. There was also a man who used five blade discs, and he was also extremely murderous. There was also a spearman… He was the most difficult to deal with! He broke through our formation and defeated us. Moreover, he killed Fifth Brother with a single strike.” “A single strike?” Phoenix Lake Hall Master’s expression turned solemn.

Even he had to take a few moves to kill him. “How are the losses this time?” Phoenix Lake Hall Master asked. “We haven’t determined it yet, but nearly 90 brothers have died,” the injured man said. “There are also 30 to 50 injured. Fifth Brother was the only third-rate expert who died.”

Phoenix Lake Hall Master nodded slightly. “The two of you can go back and recuperate.” “Yes.” Only then did the two leave.

Phoenix Lake Hall Master sat there in thought. “Hall Master, should we continue?” a white-shirted youth asked.

Another man immediately said, “Our hall can handle more than a hundred casualties, but we disgraced ourselves because of that bastard son of the Changs. If we don’t seek revenge, the outside world will think that the Flower Moon Gang is a pushover. The other halls in the gang will mock us, so we have to do something!” “Third Brother is right.” Phoenix Lake Hall Master nodded. “We have to do something, but we have to plan before doing so. I admit that I underestimated Young Master Chang. With three second-rate experts appearing, he might still have other hidden means—for example, a fourth or fifth second-rate expert.”

Everyone nodded in agreement. “Our Phoenix Lake Hall can’t accept this disgrace, but we have to win this battle beautifully,” Phoenix Lake Hall Master continued. “Ninth Brother, arrange for someone to investigate the background of those three second-rate experts. Let’s see if there’s a way to break them internally.” “Yes,” the white-shirted youth said respectfully. “Sometimes, killing someone isn’t necessarily about fighting,” Phoenix Lake Hall Master said calmly. “Use poison, concealed weapons, and the methods our gang are best at.”

The Flower Moon Gang’s tens of thousands of members had permeated the territory thoroughly, far more than the officials. Such terrifying infiltration control made it impossible to guard against once they used sinister means. “But I’m afraid that Young Master Chang will quickly sell all his assets and escape Lanyue City,” a subordinate said. “Pay attention to the administrative office. Any sale needs to be done at the office to sign the affidavit.” Phoenix Lake Hall Master lowered his head and read. “Moreover, it will be much harder for the Chang family’s assets to be sold after today’s battle.”

When the hall master’s subordinates saw him lower his head to read, they quickly excused themselves tactfully and left.

In the Blood Rain Guard camps in Lanyue City.

The Blood Rain Guard was the strongest organization in terms of sheer force among the city’s officials. The Blood Rain Guard received intelligence of any major movements in the city immediately. As for Commander Wu, he was the leader of the Blood Rain Guards in Lanyue City. He was clearly one of the few people with the greatest authority in the city.

Commander Wu was a pale middle-aged man with a pair of eagle eyes that suffused a purple glow. In the afternoon, he was sitting in a pavilion and listening to the singing of a female singer.

It was drizzling outside the pavilion. “Commander.” A guard walked over and handed the letter to Commander Wu respectfully.

A female attendant took the letter and placed it on the table.

Commander Wu waited until the song finished before his eyelids drooped. He then picked up the letter and scanned it, unable to help but chuckle softly. “The Flower Moon Gang’s Phoenix Lake Hall sent 300 people to surround the carriage of Chang family’s Chang Yi on Xingyang Street in broad daylight and ended up having nearly 100 men killed by Chang Yi’s guards?” “Chang Yi is my child. The Flower Moon Gang sure is bold!” Commander Wu looked at his guard and instructed, “Centurion Teng, personally bring some men to Phoenix Lake Hall and get them to give me an explanation!” “Yes.” Centurion Teng, who was on duty in the distance, immediately responded. “Remember, Chang Yi is my adopted son,” Commander Wu said. “Therefore, Phoenix Lake Hall has to pay at least… 1,000 taels! Not a single cent less!” “Commander, don’t worry. I understand what to do.” Centurion Teng grinned, revealing his white teeth, and then turned to leave.

Commander Wu looked around and waved his hand. The female singer and the others quickly retreated, leaving only his personal guards. “Theard that several Blood Rain Guard experts rushed over from elsewhere a few days ago and stayed at the Fei family. Have you found out what happened?” Commander Wu asked. “We’ve been investigating,” the guard replied. “I’m not too sure. I only know that… the Fei family has been recruiting experts recently.” “Recruiting experts?” Commander Wu was puzzled. “Lord Fei is the commander-in-chief of the entire eastern region! There are also experts from the Blood Rain Guard living in the Fei family. Why is the Fei family hiring?” “It’s still unclear,” the guard said. “Mmm.” Commander Wu thought for a moment. “Investigate carefully! Lord Fei must have something important for him to get men far away to return. If there’s anything we can help with, we as subordinates naturally have to do our best.” “Understood, I’ll do my best,” the guard replied.

The personal guard was also very vexed. The Fei family only had one master and one young mistress! He couldn’t ask the Fei family’s master and young mistress directly, and it was difficult to find out the true goal of Lord Fei through other methods.

At the Fei residence. “Dad.” The girl looked at her father.

Old Master Fei gazed at his daughter.

Their family was only an ordinary merchant in Lanyue City, but who would’ve thought that their son—who was out adventuring—would soar to prominence? He now held a high position in the massive empire, and just like how a rising tide lifts all boats, the Fei family’s status naturally skyrocketed. Be it the Blood Rain Guard commander or the three gang leaders, they all tried to curry favor.

After all, the eldest son of the Fei family was now the highest leader of the Blood Rain Guards in the empire’s entire eastern region. “Xinlan.” Old Master Fei stared at his daughter. “I heard you’re planning to recruit an expert spearman.” “Dad, you’re well-informed.” Xinlan revealed a look of delight. “Our Fei family will be leaving together this time, so we have to be careful when recruiting guards,” Old Master Fei said. “I’ve tried investigating, but all I’ve learned is that the expert spearman is called Mr. Jing! As for his background and full name, I don’t know anything. He likely came to Lanyue City a few days ago, so not many people here know him. It’s not suitable to recruit such a person.”

Xinlan smiled and said, “It’s precisely because he’s from out of town that he won’t have any ill intentions toward our Fei family.” “The people sent by your brother will be the primary force. We just need to recruit some ordinary experts,” Old Master Fei said. “The most important factor when recruiting experts is that they have a clear background and are trustworthy.” “Tm just recruiting a guard. Besides, are the people you recruited necessarily trustworthy? You can’t judge a book by its cover. I think that Mr. Jing is quite nice,” Xinlan said and turned to leave. “Xinlan, Xinlan.” Old Master Fei shouted a few times, but his daughter ignored him. “Sigh.” Old Master Fei was peeved beyond words. “She has grown up; she doesn’t even listen to her father.” “Master,” the butler whispered. “My take is that Missy finds the expert spearman rather good looking.” 1

Old Master Fei glared. “That’s even worse!” “With Missy’s temper…” The butler was helpless. “I spoiled her.” Old Master Fei frowned..

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Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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