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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 207 – : Caught the Eye

Chapter 207: Caught the Eye

Translator: CKtalon

These elite gang members could only unleash 500 kilograms of force, which posed a huge threat to ordinary people, but they were all lambs for slaughter in front of Xu Jingming. Every move and stance was like slow motion in Xu Jingming’s eyes.

Xu Jingming’s mind and consciousness were extremely sensitive to his surroundings. The falling of the rain, the raining arrows, the weapons tearing through the air, and the mob’s movement… Everything was reflected in his mind.

Of course, a number advantage wasn’t to be dismissed, so Xu Jingming had to be careful. In particular, there were sneak attacks from third-rate experts, so Xu Jingming and the others had to hold back when attacking.

Xu Jingming swung his spear, and like uprooting grass, seven or eight gang members were sent flying. They either died or suffered injuries!


With another spin of the spear, three to five gang members fell, throwing the other gang members into chaos.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The spear flashed and tapped the gang members’ necks, leaving bloody holes. The gang members clasped their throats in pain and collapsed in despair.

Xu Jingming swept his spear violently, borrowing the force of the impact to throw the gang members into chaos, or he killed them directly! His combat followed the concept of ‘fluidity of water’ as he led the other two to avoid the enemy’s fastest and most ferocious spots and find their weak spots!

Like a butcher dissecting an ox, he charged into the weak spots of the 180 gang members. Everywhere he passed, a large number of gang members died.

“Be careful.” Miss Ziteng was good at concealed weapons, so she naturally had a grasp of the overall situation at any time. If she sensed something, she immediately threw out needles! However, several members suddenly threw out blood-colored sand.

Thankfully, Miss Ziteng attacked quickly, and most of the blood sand couldn’t be thrown out. The accuracy of what was thrown was terrible, and lots of it touched the other members’ skin, causing them to howl in pain.

“Ahhh!” The gang members rolled on the ground in pain, affecting their formation.


In addition to the blood sand, there were also strange crescent blades at close range. The crescent blades drew strange curves as they attacked Xu Jingming and the others. Due to the unpredictable trajectories, the difficulty of blocking them increased! These gang members’ eyes turned red as they used all

their means.

“I’s poisonous,” Mr. Lu suddenly said.

Although Xu Jingming and Ziteng didn’t sense it as fast as him, they immediately held their breaths and didn’t stop killing.

“Blood Sand from the Flower Moon Gang.” In the tea house in the distance, the girl’s eyes lit up. “That’s Blood Sand, right? It’s said that the skin will fester when touched, and the pain will be unbearable. It’s much more painful than the caterpillar I touched when I was a child.”

“That’s sand produced by the Flower Moon Gang using many kinds of strange poisons. Experts can block concealed weapons, but it’s very difficult to block the dense and tiny sand grains at close range,” the elder said. “Blood Sand, Waning Moon—I reckon Flower Scent has also been used. Most people

know about the three commonly seen techniques of the Flower Moon Gang, but many qualified experts die from them. It’s just that… the three experts this time are extraordinary. It looks like the Flower Moon Gang is about to lose!”

Xu Jingming and the other two wanted to kill the gang leader, but the gang leader was wretched. He kept retreating and even ordered the gang members to surround and attack the enemy. The leader even occasionally carried out sneak attacks by throwing out axes.

The flying axes that contained tens of thousands of kilograms of force were very intimidating. 1

The gang’s various means broadened Xu Jingming’s horizons.

“Fifth Brother, we can’t hold on anymore. Too many people have died.” The color in his companion’ face drained.

“Blood Sand, Waning Moon, and Flower Scent have all been used to no avail.” Another mainstay was a little terrified. He had previously placed his hopes on some sinister moves, but after they failed, the morale of the gang members plummeted.

Many members began to cower.

Too many had died. Nearly half of the 180 people had died despite holding shields and being careful. Such losses happened because of their fear toward the Flower Moon Gang’s rules; they placed their hopes on the three moves—Blood Sand, Waning Moon, and Flower Scent. However, the three moves were

useless, so they naturally lost their confidence.

Their morale plummeted, and the gang members began thinking about how to survive.

“Retreat.” The leader gritted his teeth and immediately ordered loudly.

All the members immediately heaved a sigh of relief and quickly dispersed.

“Young Master has given his orders. Kill the leader.” Miss Qingyu’s voice sounded from the carriage.

The carriage was also attacked by 120 gang members on the other side, but the 15 guards beside the carriage stood in formation to block the attacks. There was only that much space, and only 30 to 40 people could surround the carriage at the same time! The 15 guards… were generally much more elite,

and they had several third-rate experts! With their combined forces, they completely fended off the 120 gang members’ attacks.

“Alright.” Xu Jingming and the others suddenly increased in speed.

As the gang members had dispersed, with all of them hiding far away and providing no obstruction, it gave Xu Jingming and the other two more leeway as they charged at the leader.

“Block them!” The leader was alarmed when he saw this. Other than the two gang members who wanted to be rewarded for their valiant deed by raising their shields, only to instantly lose their lives, the other gang members hid further away.

The 180 people who had ganged up on them, including the leader and the others, had failed in releasing their concealed weapons. Wouldn’t they be sending themselves to their deaths if they blocked the three gods of death? They wanted to lead a good life in the gang, not throw themselves to their deaths.

“Chang Yi, I’m Fifth Lord Qin from the Flower Moon Gang’s Phoenix Lake Hall. How dare you kill me?” the leader shouted angrily as he fled.

Xu Jingming, Mr. Lu, and Ziteng quickly approached.

In terms of speed, Miss Ziteng and Xu Jingming were faster, while Mr. Lu was slightly slower.


As Ziteng chased after him, she shot out needles at him.

Fifth Lord Qin hurriedly dodged, and at the same time, he turned around and used his shield technique to block. He was also a third-rate expert, and his shield techniques were quite good. Killing him with concealed weapons? It wasn’t that easy.

Xu Jingming’s spear arrived just after he blocked the flying needle.


The moment the spear collided with the saber beam, the spear spun without reducing its speed at all. It was as fluid as water as it stabbed straight into the throat of the leader, Fifth Lord Qin.

Fifth Lord Qin stared at Xu Jingming with widened eyes! He still couldn’t believe that he would die here.

He died in a single exchange?

Images flashed across Fifth Lord Qin’s mind in a flash. The poor kid from the blacksmith shop saved up enough money to enter a martial arts center. After practicing for eight years, he killed someone on the street and joined the Flower Moon Gang to survive. Carrying out dangerous and cruel deeds, he

finally broke through to become a third-rate expert, becoming the so-called Fifth Lord Qin! Finally, on this rainy day, he died under a spear on the street.

I’m dead. Fifth Lord Qin’s consciousness sank and dissipated.

Meanwhile, in a huge stellar ring building in a distant galaxy in reality, a consciousness woke up!

After killing Fifth Lord Qin, Xu Jingming, Ziteng, and Mr. Lu stopped. The surrounding gang members cursed for being born with two legs as they ran for their lives. Some climbed over walls, while others burrowed into the alleys and quickly disappeared into the distance.

Xu Jingming and the others turned around and walked to the carriage. They saw corpses on the ground that were covered in rain and blood.

“These gang members are quite tenacious. They only collapsed after we killed nearly half of them.” Mr. Lu sighed.

“These should be the elites of the Flower Moon Gang. Ordinary gang members aren’t that strong,” Ziteng said. “The other guards our employer hired aren’t bad either. They blocked the attacks of more than 100 gang members.”

Xu Jingming smiled and said, “Young Master Chang is quite willing to spend.”

The three of them walked to the carriage.

At this moment, Young Master Chang Yi and Miss Qingyu walked out of the carriage and greeted Xu Jingming and the others with a smile.

“It’s all thanks to the three of you. Otherwise, I would’ve been in danger today,” Chang Yi said with a smile.

“We barely blocked the attacks of more than 100 people. These people were afraid that you guys would turn around and kill them, so they ran especially fast,” the guard leader said with a simple smile.

The other guards also beamed with joy. Although they had received silver and were prepared to risk their lives, they were still frightened today. Thankfully, there were three experts!

“Let’s go back,” Chang Yi said with a smile. Qingyu held an umbrella for him.

Everyone began to return, and two guards pulled the carriage behind them.

Many people watched from afar.

“Those three experts are amazing. How many people did they kill? The Flower Moon Gang fled in fright.”

“The three experts are unharmed.”

Everyone discussed spiritedly. It was very rare for these common folk to see the three people pushing hundreds of elite gang members into a collapse.

In the teahouse, the girl watched from afar with excitement in her eyes. She instructed, “Uncle Zhang, those three experts are quite impressive, especially the spear-wielding one! He killed the leader of the Flower Moon Gang with a single strike.”

“He’s not bad.” The elder nodded.

“Help me investigate who the spear-wielding person is and what his background is,” the girl said in anticipation. “Didn’t Brother send a letter asking me to go to the capital? The family also said that they would arrange guards for me. I think the spear-wielding guy is not bad.”

“Not bad?” The elder was a little puzzled.

“At least he looks not bad.” The girl smiled.

The corners of the elder’s eyes twitched as he nodded and replied, “Alright, Miss. Tl arrange for someone to investigate.”

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