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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 179 – Xu Jingming and Tejano

Chapter 179: Xu Jingming and Tejano

Translator: CKtalon 

The three guests in the official livestream were all quarter-finalist experts. Before they could commentate on the final key battle, the battle had already ended.

Xu Jingming’s spear penetrated Tiger Fussen’s throat, and he undoubtedly won.

“He won,” Tu Ling said in a daze. “He won just like that?”


“It was too sudden.” Ysarova nodded as well. “The two parties were locked in combat previously, but Xu Jingming delivered a few consecutive strikes in a tight offensive. Tiger Fussen found it harder and harder to block before he was stabbed through the throat.”

“The last few consecutive strikes lasted less than a second. It was all in the blink of an eye before the competition ended.” Halu Singh was also surprised. “I failed to understand it.”

“Neither did I,” Tu Ling said.

Wasn’t it just consecutive stabs? Why couldn’t he block it?

“The slow-motion replay of the final strike is up.” Halu Singh watched carefully and replayed the scene of the last second at a speed ten times slower. Both parties remained extremely fast, but at one-tenth the speed, even the ordinary audience could see it clearly.

“Continuous stabs, forward thrusts, reverse stabs, twisting stabs…” Halu Singh watched and said, “How fast. It looks like ordinary stabs, but the intervals between each strike are very short. Tiger Fussen’s two axes couldn’t even defend at the same time. This strike brushed past Tiger’s hair and nearly killed him. At the last strike… Tiger Fussen didn’t even have the time to swing his ax before the spear projection penetrated his throat.”

“This pressure.” Tu Ling was dumbfounded. “I’m breaking out into cold sweat from seeing such consecutive stabs.”

“Yes, once Xu Jingming got serious, Tiger Fussen was finished.” Ysarova nodded.

The slow-motion replay made the audience around the world feel the pressure from Xu Jingming’s attacks. Tiger Fussen kept attacking with his spear, but he appeared clumsy under the combo. How many experts in the world could block those attacks?

“Once Xu Jingming unleashed his full strength, Tiger Fussen was finished with a few consecutive stabs! Can Tejano Xire block this?”

“When Tejano unleashed his final strike, he killed Liu Hai with two strikes! Just two strikes!”

“When Tejano fought Liu Hai, his strength and speed were overwhelming.”

“Tiger Fussen was wearing heavy armor, but he was blasted dozens of meters away by Xu Jingming in a head-on clash! In terms of speed, Xu Jingming has displayed the highest in the entire competition, right?”

“In any case, these two are very terrifying.”

“Two monsters.”

“One is the world’s number one genius who killed Liu Hai with two strikes. The other’s strength advanced by leaps and bounds. Xu Jingming fell behind in the early stages and caught up to Liu Hai and Tejano seven months ago… His strength is even more unfathomable now.”

“I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s finals.”

“I wonder who will win in their battle. I can’t wait for the fight to begin.”

Some of the global audience members commented in the comments section, while others discussed with their relatives and friends. They were all surprised by the two experts—Tejano Xire and Xu Jingming—who had won the semi-finals today.

Xu Jingming returned to the stands.

“Jingming.” Li Miaomiao threw herself into her husband’s arms, her eyes glowing with excitement. “It was a beautiful win.”

“Captain, you’re impressive. You finished off Tiger Fussen with a few strikes once you got serious,” Wang Yi praised.

“Grandson, look, look.” Grandpa Xu tapped open the spectator platform. “Look, almost 99% of China’s countless livestreams on the spectator platform are talking about you! The entire country is celebrating your victory and praising you.”

“The match just finished.” Xu Jingming also took a look. Indeed, on the spectator platform, the titles of the livestreams were related to him.

The entire country was celebrating! From this, it could be seen how influential the competition was.

“After all, this is the first global competition since the virtual world’s launch.” Liu Hai walked over and smiled. “There are only two spots in the finals. Every citizen is naturally proud that you entered the finals.”

Xu Jingming nodded slightly. The entire country placed their hopes and expectations on him, and he felt a heavy sense of responsibility and honor. This also stimulated his mind and consciousness.

“Thankfully, you won. If both of us lost, nobody from China would be able to enter the finals. I reckon the entire country would’ve been disappointed.” Liu Hai smiled at his disciple. “Enjoy your moment of victory. I’ll talk to you tomorrow morning about Tejano.”

“Alright, Master.” Xu Jingming nodded.

Having won this battle, what was left was the finals. He would be facing Tejano.

Spear combo? Tejano Xire sat in the stands alone and drank his fruit juice. He didn’t listen to the guests’ commentary and instead carefully watched the slow-motion replay.

His evolutionary level is about Lv. 5 40%. Tejano watched. His strength and speed far exceed Tiger Fussen’s. This is interesting… In the entire world, Xu Jingming is indeed the closest to me.

His spearmanship isn’t bad either. Tejano Xire smiled and got up. I’ll be waiting for a good fight tomorrow.

He left before the livestream ended.

“The competition tomorrow will officially begin at 9 p.m. Beijing time. There will be a total of two matches,” the female host said on the commentary platform. “The first match will be between third place and fourth place. The battle between Liu Hai and Tiger Fussen will determine who will be third in this competition. After that will be the finals of this World Martial Arts Tournament, Tejano Xire versus Xu Jingming.”

In China, everyone heard Chinese. The time was announced as 9 p.m., Beijing time.

In other countries, it was their lingua franca, and time was also in those countries’ time zones.

Countless audience members were also looking forward to tomorrow’s battle as they left in droves.

In his personal space, in his residence.

Xu Jingming accompanied his wife and ate delicious food as he watched the program on the spectator platform.

“In addition to celebrating your victory, many programs on the spectator platform also analyzed your battle with Tejano,” Li Miaomiao said. “Some of the explanations are still reasonable.”

With that said, Li Miaomiao picked out some programs. “I’ve gotten Sister Kong and Xiaozeng to collect some of the combat analysis that the audience agrees with. You can watch it; perhaps it will give you some inspiration.”

Xu Jingming watched the explanation.

“That makes sense,” Xu Jingming said with a smile. “But Tejano still hasn’t displayed many of his means in his battle with my master. What we saw… was only what he displayed.”

Li Miaomiao nodded.

“Of course, for example, I haven’t publicly used some killer moves,” Xu Jingming said. “I’ll go cultivate first.”

“Go on.” Li Miaomiao nodded.

Even on the eve of the finals, Xu Jingming followed his usual schedule and cultivated normally.


Early in the morning.

In the martial arts arena in his personal space, Xu Jingming’s master, Liu Hai, contacted him.

“Master.” Xu Jingming looked at Liu Hai.

“You should’ve seen the replay of my battle with Tejano,” Liu Hai said. “But there are some things that you might not be able to tell.”

“Oh?” Xu Jingming listened.

Liu Hai tapped gently, and the semi-final match from before began to appear—the battle between Liu Hai and Tejano. Moreover, it was a slow-motion replay.

“I’ve watched it seven or eight times. They’re all slow-motion replays,” Xu Jingming said.

“Can you tell that Tejano cultivates staff techniques from at least three schools?” Liu Hai looked at his disciple.

Xu Jingming was stunned. “Three schools?”

“When I fought him one-on-one and our weapons collided, I used my ultimate move, Samsara, to borrow the force of the collision,” Liu Hai said. “Therefore, I can clearly grasp the strength circulation of every staff technique he uses. I am certain that he has cultivated staff techniques from at least three completely different schools.”

“I’ll demonstrate all three staff techniques I’ve confirmed to you,” Liu Hai said.

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