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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 178 – Xu Jingming vs Tiger Fussen

Chapter 178: Xu Jingming vs Tiger Fussen

Translator: CKtalon 

Countless viewers in the virtual world’s official livestream were watching the livestream, watching the two choose weapons and equipment.

“Xu Jingming only chose a spear; he didn’t choose his shields!”

“Tiger Fussen only chose a pair of axes.”


Accompanying the host and guests’ discussion, Xu Jingming and Tiger Fussen flew into the combat map—the battle had begun!

Countless audience members held their breaths!

Jingming, all the best. Li Miaomiao also became nervous. Nobody was completely confident toward the end of the competition.

On the snow map.

The snow reached their knees, and a cold wind howled. Cold air seeped into his body as Xu Jingming observed his opponent.

Tiger Fussen was like a giant bear. In terms of height and weight, he was even larger than a brown bear in reality! The heavy armor and dual axes he used added up to more than ten tonnes. At this moment, he smiled and looked at Xu Jingming with burning eyes. “This World Martial Arts Tournament was too easy. But after watching you, I knew that this match would be very enjoyable!”

“Yes, it will be very satisfying!” Xu Jingming took a step and charged forward.

Xu Jingming—who was wearing armor and holding a spear—didn’t have his shields, and he weighed a total of 3.7 tonnes! After all, the spear weighed 1.2 tons. The terrifying weight naturally caused his feet to sink into the snow until they reached solid ground.

He charged out with all his might!


The snow exploded, and Xu Jingming charged at Tiger Fussen, bringing with him a surge of snow.

How fast! Tiger Fussen’s pupils constricted. Although he had long seen Xu Jingming’s terrifying speed in the livestream, he was a little dumbfounded when he saw it with his own eyes.

This was the most terrifying speed displayed in the entire World Martial Arts Tournament—even Tejano Xire’s speed was inferior to Xu Jingming’s!

“421 meters per second!” In the livestream, the female host and the three guests were surprised and stunned by this speed.

Tiger Fussen didn’t dare to take on the strike in his spot; he took the initiative to charge forward.

His charge erupted with the most terrifying kinetic energy. He cultivated Giant Bear Evolution and wore heavy armor, so Tiger Fussen was most confident in head-on clashes.

I’ve never been afraid of anyone in the world when it comes to head-on clashes. Tiger Fussen also produced terrifying snow waves as he charged.


The two snow waves collided.

Tiger Fussen—who was like a giant bear—was sent flying with a bang. When he flew back, his feet stepped on the ground repeatedly, and he only stabilized himself more than 30 meters away.

Tiger Fussen held his two axes, and his body trembled slightly as he looked at his opponent in disbelief. I lost in a head-on clash?

The previous terrifying impact made Tiger Fussen’s heart tremble. The other party’s strength and speed were ferocious.

Xu Jingming stood still and looked at Tiger Fussen before saying, “Please give it your all and use your strongest move. Otherwise, you won’t be able to withstand three moves!”

“As expected of Xu Jingming.” Tiger Fussen nodded. According to his normal strategy, he should’ve found an opportunity to deliver a fatal strike—a one-hit kill! However, Xu Jingming was too fierce and domineering. He couldn’t parry the normal attacks and had to fight with his life on the line.

Xu Jingming didn’t just want to win; he also hoped to use the rare peak battles to hone his spearmanship and improve his spearmanship! Every battle in the World Martial Arts Tournament that stirred his mind was helpful to his technique. He had to seize every competition opportunity to improve himself in order to go further on the path of evolution.


Tiger Fussen took the initiative to charge forward this time.

Xu Jingming stood still and waited for the other party to close in before suddenly advancing to parry the attack.


The ax and spear collided.

Xu Jingming spun his spear and stabbed upward!

Prepared, Tiger Fussen’s other ax warded off the trajectory because he only needed to protect his head!

Clang! Clang! Clang!!

As the two parties moved, their weapons quickly collided.

Tiger Fussen’s every swing was comparable to the killer move he used to defeat Halu Singh. He was extremely fast, and his defense weaned off the offensive forces layer by layer! His attacks were fierce, and his defense was impressive as the two axes worked together to fight the ferocious spear.

Xu Jingming also unleashed his spearmanship to his heart’s content—blocking, grabbing, crushing, stabbing, sweeping, thrusting, and swinging… All kinds of spearmanship moves were as fast as lightning, and he struck out repeatedly without giving Tiger Fussen a chance to catch his breath.

The weapons of both parties collided time and time again, producing shockwaves that spread in all directions. Snowflakes also exploded repeatedly.

The two fought like gods and devils.

Countless people around the world watched nervously, especially the citizens of China and the citizens of the United States of America. They hoped that their expert would win.

“This is the strength of Xu Jingming and Tiger Fussen.” The livestream also replayed the battle in slow motion, allowing countless viewers to see the battle clearly.

The three guests were also amazed.

“Tiger Fussen held back quite a bit when he defeated me,” Halu Singh said. “This is his true strength. He’s indeed terrifying.”

“His ax strikes are as fast as lightning. I definitely won’t be able to take them.” Tu Ling shook her head.

Ysarova watched in silence and sighed to herself. The Earth Alliance got me and Madeleine Logan to participate in the battle and hone the first batch of experts after the global virtual world’s launch. However, none of the top four—Tejano, Liu Hai, Xu Jingming, and Tiger Fussen—are weaker than us.

With Tiger Fussen’s strength, if he fought Madeleine Logan, there was a high chance that Tiger Fussen would still emerge victorious.

The geniuses selected from a global search are the true geniuses, Ysarova thought.

Xu Jingming executed many basic spearmanship moves to his heart’s content, hoping to kill his opponent with the basic spearmanship moves.

Awesome! Awesome! Xu Jingming also felt delighted in combat. Tiger Fussen’s evolutionary level is clearly inferior to mine, but he can fight me equally after using his ultimate moves at full strength. I can’t break through his two axes when they work together.

It was obvious that be it the lightning-fast ax strikes or defense deflecting forces, they were both extremely profound in the circulation of strength.

I’ve had my fun; I’ll end the battle with the ultimate move I’m best at. Xu Jingming also understood that he couldn’t defeat Tiger Fussen with his basic moves, so he decided to test his strongest move.

Beam Transformation of the five ultimate moves!


Tiger Fussen immediately blocked his opponent’s Forward Thrust, but then there was the second strike, which surprised him. Following that was the third strike!

The third strike was clearly faster, and Tiger Fussen only managed to block it in a harrowing manner. How did Xu Jingming’s spearmanship become faster?

The fourth and fifth strikes were still extremely fast, and the sixth strike was even more terrifying.


Tiger Fussen had a close shave as his ax harrowingly touched the spear.

The essence of Beam Transformation was that the gap between each strike was very short, making it difficult for the enemy to catch their breath. Moreover, every three strikes was a point where might converged and erupted. The third, sixth, and ninth strikes constantly increased in speed.


Just as he barely blocked the eighth strike, a spear projection penetrated through the gap between his dual ax defense and stabbed through Tiger Fussen’s throat.

Tiger Fussen’s body began to turn ethereal.

What fast spearmanship. Tiger Fussen felt the pressure increase on the last few strikes, and the ninth strike was even more terrifying.

My Beam Transformation still has to be more straightforward. Xu Jingming reflected on the battle. It’s very simple to hit a target in the martial arts arena. When I encounter a top expert, the opponent will either deflect the force or transfer the recoil. I should reduce the time I make contact with the enemy and be more straightforward.

As Xu Jingming reflected, the entire snowy scene collapsed, and his body turned ethereal as he returned to the combat space.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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