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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 176 – First Finalist

Chapter 176: First Finalist

Translator: CKtalon 

When the saber beam brushed past Tejano’s chest, Tejano’s chest instinctively shrank, producing a huge depression. The tip of the saber barely touched the black armor and failed to touch his flesh at all.

“Huh?” Liu Hai was very surprised.

He delivered borrowed forces, using one strike to divide Yin and Yang!


With the combination of the two ultimate moves, the speed of this strike was obvious. Yet, Tejano retracted his chest and actually avoided the strike? Only a crack appeared on his armor?

“You may be able to dodge once, but can you do so ten times or a hundred times?” Although Liu Hai was surprised, he suddenly advanced and smashed his shield at Tejano’s head.

Tejano quickly retreated with a tap of his foot and continued blocking with his staff.


Shield and staff collided!

Samsara! Borrowing the force of the collision, the saber in his right hand attacked again as fast as lightning.

This time, Tejano—who was already prepared—continued retreating and tried his best to distance himself from Liu Hai.

Instantly, Liu Hai kept charging forward and attacking!

Tejano brandished his staff and tried his best to retreat!

One advanced, and the other retreated!

Tejano’s rhythm wasn’t in disarray at all as he defended with his staff technique with full might. Coupling his retreat and his body that was capable of unimaginable dodging maneuvers, he avoided the terrifying saber beams time and time again.

One chased after the other on the ancient battlefield.


Liu Hai even stomped on the ground, sending gravel and soil flying to slam into Tejano. At the same time, he continued his attacks.

Tejano dodged whenever he could, and he used his staff to block any he couldn’t.

The two of them fought their way to the city wall!

As they stepped on the city wall, every step they took produced a huge crater, and gravel flew everywhere. The two of them stood vertically against the city wall and trampled on it as they fought. After exchanging a few blows, they arrived above the wall, and it exploded with a boom.

Liu Hai didn’t give his opponent a chance to catch his breath; he also tried to use the terrain to push the latter into a corner! But despite constantly retreating under this terrifying barrage of attacks, Tejano managed to hold on.

The official livestream was already silent. More than six billion viewers held their breaths as they watched the intense battle.

The world champion, Liu Hai, displayed terrifying combat strength as he constantly chased after Tejano.

“Too strong—he’s terrifyingly strong,” Tu Ling exclaimed in surprise. “Master Liu Hai can block any attack and even borrows the force of the impact to deliver stronger attacks! Master Liu Hai’s saber technique is also unbelievably fast. Even Tejano… He doesn’t have the confidence to block it with his staff technique. He has to rely on his movement technique and his body’s distortion to dodge!”

“Look, Tejano’s body is like rubber,” Halu Singh said. “His body can be extended and depressed to an astonishing degree. For example, although my arms and legs can be extended to a certain extent, the extension and distortion of my main torso are inferior to Tejano’s. The extension and distortion of the main torso is much harder to achieve than the arms and legs.”

Halu Singh was quite accomplished in this aspect and had the greatest say.

“Right.” Ysarova nodded. “Many times, Tejano failed to defend with his staff and failed to dodge in time with his speed, but he could distort his body and avoid the saber beam.”

“Liu Hai’s close combat is terrifying.” Halu Singh nodded. “Tejano’s life-preservation means are also incredible. These two… indeed far exceed us. As expected of two of the three strongest people in the world.”

“From the looks of it, the three strongest people in the world are indeed far better than the others.” Tu Ling looked at Ysarova beside her. “Ysa, you’ve fought Xu Jingming. How do you think Xu Jingming is compared to the two of them?”

“Xu Jingming charged forward against my bow and arrow, killing me in a few strikes.” Ysarova was helpless. “He didn’t even use his shield to attack! He didn’t reveal his full strength when fighting me.”

Everyone knew that it was the easiest to defend against sharpshooters with a shield. Yet, Xu Jingming held a spear and charged forward. It could only be said that the skilled were bold!

“However, those who can enter the semi-finals in this competition are all very strong. I’ve fought Tiger Fussen before, and he’s unfathomable,” Halu Singh said. “These two semi-final matches will be exciting. I don’t even dare to say who will win the battle between Liu Hai and Tejano.”

“Master Liu Hai has been attacking for three minutes, right? It hasn’t worked.” Tu Ling frowned.

“Yes, it’s been more than three minutes.” Ysarova nodded.

Liu Hai attacked with all his might for more than three minutes, advancing and attacking time and time again. He fought from the ground to the city wall, then from the city wall to the ground. There were pits everywhere, and gravel was splattering everywhere. It was as if this ancient battlefield had been bombarded by missiles, but Liu Hai’s attacks failed to accomplish anything.

“As time passes, the range of activity will decrease. You won’t be able to escape.” Liu Hai didn’t stop at all. He knew that he couldn’t give his opponent a chance to catch his breath.

“Yes, the activity range will shrink.” Tejano also noticed that the translucent barrier had shrunk to a radius of only 200 meters.

“Liu Hai, if you don’t have more powerful means, let this battle end!” Tejano said.

Just as he finished speaking, his movement technique suddenly became a little ghostly. His speed didn’t increase, but his agility increased greatly. Instantly, six bizarre figures—Tejano—appeared.

Liu Hai didn’t hesitate and lunged at a particular ‘Tejano.’ With his perception of his surroundings, he could lock onto Tejano’s true body.


Tejano stabbed with his staff.

His staff also produced afterimages, clearly having sped up.

Huh? Liu Hai’s heart trembled because he had determined that his shield couldn’t block the strike in time—it was too fast!

When speeds reached a certain limit, there was no time to move the shield in a timely fashion.


The saber was agile and fast.

With the combination of shield and saber, the two could defend at the same time! The shield was the primary defense, while the saber was secondary. At this moment… Liu Hai’s saber blocked the strike with a single slash.

The moment he blocked—

Tejano borrowed the force, and his lightning-fast staff flipped, the other end of the staff striking Liu Hai’s head.

The staff flipped over too quickly!

Liu Hai didn’t have the time to change his strike and could only move his shield upward. His expression changed. I was a little too slow!


The staff struck the edge of the shield, and under the terrifying pressure, the staff still struck Liu Hai’s head.

Liu Hai quaked, and his body began to turn ethereal.

What a fast staff technique. The ethereal Liu Hai looked at Tejano. It’s so fast that even my shield and saber can’t block it.

Tejano looked at Liu Hai and said softly, “You’re still weaker than I expected. I hope Xu Jingming won’t disappoint me!”

For so long, as one of the three strongest people in the world, Tejano’s true opponents were two people: Liu Hai and Xu Jingming. Among them, Liu Hai—who had always been known as world champion—was what he looked forward to the most.

But in this battle…

Liu Hai’s technique is quite strong, but his evolutionary level is still a little weak, Tejano thought.

The entire ancient battlefield map world collapsed, and Tejano disappeared.

The battle ended with Tejano winning and advancing to the finals.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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In 2036, humankind steps foot on Mars for the first time.


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