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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 175 – The Terrifying Liu Hai

Chapter 175: The Terrifying Liu Hai

Translator: CKtalon

After sending Liu Hai flying with a staff strike, Tejano didn’t chase after him and attack. Instead, he said, “You’re too weak.”

He didn’t care too much about victory; he only cared about his opponent, Liu Hai!

He had waited too long for this battle! But to completely crush him in strength the moment they clashed? Tejano couldn’t help but be a little disappointed.

“Is this the so-called world champion?” Tejano scoffed and turned into an afterimage again, tearing through the air. The air formed a visible shockwave.


Tejano had an obvious advantage in speed as he arrived in front of Liu Hai again and stabbed out with a strange spinning staff.


Like before, Liu Hai used the shield in his left hand to block the strike and took three consecutive steps back.


After the staff completed the stab, Tejano did a sweeping strike! It lashed Liu Hai’s shield while he just found his footing.

Liu Hai was clearly constantly on the defensive, so he was sent flying again.

In an instant, collisions kept happening.

Tejano’s movement speed broke through the speed of sound, and his staff technique was even more ferocious. Slash, sweep, tap, poke… He constantly attacked Liu Hai, completely suppressing him.

Liu Hai was sent flying and forced back time and time again, leaving him in a sorry state.


“How did this happen?”

The record-breaking audience in the official livestream of six billion-plus people were here to watch the two strongest people in the world fight. They believed that they would see an exciting battle between two evenly matched opponents, but it was a one-sided crushing!

Tejano clearly had the advantage in every aspect, sending Liu Hai flying and retreating repeatedly. The latter even relied on his shield to barely hold on.

“Senior Liu Hai is only slightly disadvantaged.” Halu Singh, one of the three guests on the commentary platform, said, “Everyone, don’t focus on how Senior Liu Hai is being sent retreating time and time again or even sent flying backward. However, has anyone noticed that… Senior Liu Hai isn’t bleeding at all?”



“Liu Hai was sent flying dozens of meters away, but he didn’t bleed.”

“Not a single drop of blood can be seen.”

Many people in the audience gradually realized something.

“Yes.” Halu Singh nodded. “If Senior Liu Hai were to be rooted to the ground after being struck by the staff, his body would have to bear the full impact while deflecting the forces. It would place a huge burden on the body! However, every strike from Tejano… Liu Hai would either retreat or be sent flying. The impact of the staff is converted to kinetic energy for Liu Hai to fly backward. The impact Liu Hai’s body suffered wasn’t high.”

“This is also a way of deflecting force, and it’s a way of pretending to be weak,” Halu Singh said.

He had seen the battle between Liu Hai and Madeleine Logan and had seen Liu Hai borrow the force of the impact. Halu Singh was very certain that Liu Hai had a way to deflect the force even if he stood still.

“Master Liu Hai is observing his opponent and gathering information,” Tu Ling said. “To master Taiji, you have to control the enemy. The more you know about the enemy, the better. By knowing yourself and the enemy… You have a greater chance of controlling the enemy.”

Tu Ling was also good at Taiji and understood Liu Hai’s strategy.

Master is indeed trying to understand his opponent so as to control him. Xu Jingming was also certain of this.

In the beginning, Tejano was a little disappointed that Liu Hai’s strength was too weak, but after consecutive attacks, Tejano became a little excited.

No matter how I attack, I can’t topple him. No matter how he’s struck, he doesn’t get injured. Tejano’s eyes burned. That’s the way. This is the battle I’m really looking forward to.

“Liu Hai, are you just going to take a beating?” Tejano asked.

Liu Hai stood still and gazed at his opponent. He smiled and nodded. “Alright, I’ll begin my counterattack.”

“Come.” Tejano’s body tore through the air as shockwaves surged. He was already in close proximity.


Another terrifying strike landed on the shield, but this time, Liu Hai naturally used the shield to block. His body was like water as the strength quickly spread to his right arm, and the saber in his right hand naturally struck out ferociously.


Tejano raised the end of his staff and immediately blocked the strike. This was how staff techniques were—the head and tail of the staff could be changed as he wished, making it dynamic and unpredictable.

However, the might of this strike surprised Tejano. He took a step back from the shock and retreated several meters away with a single step.

Liu Hai didn’t retreat. The recoil from the strike transferred to the shield in his left hand, allowing the shield to smash over.

Huh? Tejano immediately stabbed out his staff.

The moment his staff struck the shield, Liu Hai’s saber struck out.

The cycle of Yin and Yang continued ceaselessly! This was Samsara!

The force used in combat was constantly borrowed. Shields, sabers, and weapons formed Yin-Yang Samsara, allowing him to attack constantly! By borrowing the enemy’s strength and gathering one’s strength, he could attack the enemy with greater strength!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In an instant, the air rumbled, and Liu Hai kept advancing and attacking.

Shield strikes and saber beams constantly whistled, constantly forcing Tejano to retreat. He also counter-attacked frantically! He flipped his staff and swung it horizontally, appearing ferocious and wanton. But no matter how fierce his attacks were, Liu Hai used them to counter-attack.

Although his strength is at least twice as high as mine, it’s still within my limits. I borrow forces in battle. According to the tests in the martial arts arena, even if the force is 3.9 times mine, I will still be able to barely borrow the force. It’s just that I can only borrow nearly half the force, Liu Hai thought. As for this bit of force, it’s completely within my control.

In the stands.

Xu Jingming didn’t need to watch the replay to see every scene of the battle between the two and understand the key to their battle.

Tejano’s strength is very terrifying; I estimate his strength to be above mine. Yet, Master can still borrow the force of the impact? Xu Jingming frowned. Continue attacking with the force he borrowed? He can also borrow the force of the recoil from the attack? How can I defeat such a master?

My attacks might be much stronger, but they will still be borrowed. I can’t threaten Master at all, Xu Jingming thought. How can there be such a strong move?

He had no clue.

This wasn’t a move that Liu Hai had learned or inherited. Liu Hai had also practiced the ultimate move in the legacy, but he wasn’t too satisfied.

Over the years, Liu Hai had always believed that what suited him was the best. He practiced the legacy and gained experience, fusing it into his Taiji. Then, he created two ultimate moves. These two ultimate moves… were especially powerful in Liu Hai’s hands.

My strength and speed are clearly much higher, but I’m completely suppressed? Tejano was surprised and furious.

After attacking dozens of times, Liu Hai stopped.

“Very impressive. When I get serious, you can withstand dozens of consecutive strikes,” Liu Hai praised.

He indeed admired Tejano. The moves he used to borrow forces were very powerful. Moreover, his shield and saber switched roles as he dished out his combo, making it difficult for the enemy to catch their breath. However, Tejano still managed to defend. Clearly, his foundation was very solid, and his great strength allowed him to hold on.

“As expected of Liu Hai.” Tejano also looked at his opponent.

“Fighting isn’t just about strength and speed,” Liu Hai said. “Next, I’ll use my full strength.”

“Full strength?” Tejano was taken aback.


Liu Hai took a step forward, and the shield crushed over with a loud bang. Its might was clearly much more ferocious.

Tejano’s eyes turned cold as he swept his staff over ferociously.


Liu Hai’s shield was still at a disadvantage in the terrifying collision of forces. He borrowed the force from the vibrations, and the force naturally transmitted to his right hand using his body as a conduit.

“One strike, Yin and Yang Division!” Liu Hai’s eyes were filled with killing intent.


A resplendent saber beam flashed past, alarming Tejano!

This was a move Liu Hai had never used.

He had created a total of two ultimate moves after fusing the legacy into his. Samsara focused on defense, but Yin and Yang Division focused purely on offense! Just using it alone was terrifying, and if they were combined, he could borrow the force of a preceding strike before unleashing Yin and Yang Division.

This was what Liu Hai was doing at this moment. By combining two ultimate moves, he borrowed the forces to deliver a terrifying strike.

This strike stunned countless people around the world.

Tejano glared and tried his best to raise his staff to block, but he was still a little slow.. The saber beam swept past his chest first!

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