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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 170 – Wisdom

Chapter 170: Wisdom

Translator: CKtalon 

Everyone in the Earth Alliance’s Life Evolution Department watched this scene.

“In terms of actual combat strength, Madeleine and Liu Hai are on the same level. Why did she lose so badly?” They were a little puzzled.

“According to the rules of the virtual world, basic combat strength is the manifestation of strength, speed, agility, and other aspects through the combination of the body and techniques,” a black-haired man said. “As for actual combat strength, it’s determined by actual combat. For example, someone who has mastered some of the ultimate moves in a legacy. For example, a person’s combo is indeed very powerful, thus increasing their combat strength exponentially, but some can’t be determined in the virtual world.”


“The mental state during combat, the stance, and the will…” the black-haired man said. “There’s also a clash of intelligence during combat. It also involves intelligence gathering on the opponent, to understand both the enemy and themselves to formulate a combat plan. These are all things that can’t be calculated.”

“In combat, one has to find the opponent’s flaws and use one’s advantage to attack the opponent’s weakness. Both parties will scheme against each other. Once one falls into the other party’s trap, they will suffer a crushing defeat.”

The black-haired man sighed with emotion. “From the battle, Madeleine Logan was able to injure Liu Hai and make him spew blood. If the battle had fallen into Madeleine’s control, she would’ve won. But in the end, Liu Hai didn’t show mercy after he sent her flying; he attacked repeatedly and didn’t give Madeleine any chance to catch her breath… After more than ten consecutive strikes, he wiped her out in one strike!”

“Yeah.” Everyone nodded.

“There’s quite a gap in the mental state of both parties. Madeleine is too confident! Liu Hai has never underestimated any opponent. Caution is ingrained in him,” a member said.

“To be honest, I think combat intelligence, stance, will, and knowledge of oneself and the enemy are all supplementary factors. If one’s strength, speed, and agility are high enough… they can completely crush their opponent,” a member said. “If one’s strength and speed exceed the limits of their opponent’s response, they can easily win.”

“Madeleine’s basic combat strength is 30 to 40% higher than Liu Hai’s, but her actual combat bonus is 180% while Liu Hai’s actual combat bonus is 280%. Both parties’ actual combat strength are on par, but Madeleine was crushed in the end.”

These members shook their heads.

Although the two catfish they chose were slightly inferior in actual combat, they had a greater advantage in terms of basic combat strength.

“Let’s watch the next battle. Ysarova is a sharpshooter; she won’t get close to Xu Jingming,” someone said.

“Ysarova is also more humble and cautious than Madeleine.”

“Of the two experts we chose, at least one has to enter the top four. It would be too embarrassing if they can’t.”

“As expected of the world champion—Liu Hai!” The female host became excited in the official livestream.

“It’s obvious that Madeleine Logan is very strong. Her strength and speed have reached a terrifying level.” Alan pointed at the slow-motion replay. “But once Liu Hai got serious, he perfectly borrowed the force of Madeleine’s palm strike on his shield, sending her flying with a single strike. And once he gains a slight advantage, Liu Hai will snowball his attacks and kill his opponent.”

“Right.” Riven Gullit smiled and said, “There was an old saying in the martial arts world back then. As long as Liu Hai can seize a tiny advantage, Liu Hai will definitely win.”

“Liu Hai was never really injured during the competitions back then,” Alan said.

The guests praised and bragged, but it was all from the bottom of their hearts.

Countless people around the world were surprised. They couldn’t tell what was happening, but they could tell… that the seemingly invincible Madeleine Logan was completely suppressed.


Liu Hai returned to the stands.

“Captain, impressive.” Xu Hong, Dai Tongda, and the others greeted him. Li Miaomiao, Wang Yi, and the others were extremely surprised.

Liu Hai smiled and sat beside Xu Jingming.

“How was it?” Liu Hai asked.

“Madeleine Logan was too confident and careless.” Xu Jingming shook his head slightly. “I find it strange. Why is she so confident when facing you, the number one on the Cosmos Ranking, to the point of arrogance and conceit? If she had treated you as her most terrifying enemy, she would’ve definitely carried concealed weapons! With her speed and strength, coupled with concealed weapons… she will pose a greater threat to you, Master.”

“Haha, you punk!” Liu Hai laughed. “I’m also very puzzled as to why she only carried boxing gloves. If she had brought some flying daggers, I wouldn’t have been as fast as her. This battle would’ve indeed been quite troublesome.”

“In combat, one should target the enemy and use every factor to one’s advantage,” Xu Jingming said.

Liu Hai looked at his disciple. “If you encounter my move from before, do you have a way to crack it?”

“This…” Xu Jingming completely understood his master’s move.

He thought for a moment before saying, “Master, your move was indeed very brilliant, but there are three ways to crack it! First, an archer or concealed weapon can deal with you from afar. Second, if one is fast enough, they can immediately follow up with another move after failing one move. If they are fast enough, you won’t have the time to borrow strength from every move. Third, if they are strong enough, it will exceed the limits of your strength borrowing.”

However, these three methods are very difficult. Xu Jingming stared at his master.

“Master, you use a combination of shield and saber. If I’m not wrong, other than using the shield to borrow strength, your saber… can also borrow strength to defend while you attack with the shield,” Xu Jingming said. “The shield is Yin, and the saber is Yang. The saber can also be Yin, while the shield is Yang! Shield strikes… are more ferocious and domineering.”

“Haha…” Liu Hai laughed. “Good acumen.”

“I was taught by you, so I know you better, Master,” Xu Jingming said.

The two of them had extremely high combat techniques in the world, and their acumen was much sharper than Madeleine Logan, who only had high basic combat strength.

“You’ll be participating in the third match,” Liu Hai said. “Your opponent, Ysarova, is a Lv. 5 sharpshooter. If you can’t get close to her, you can only be a target. She might pose a greater threat than Madeleine Logan.”

“It’s more interesting only if she’s strong.” Xu Jingming was already eager for his battle.

He had yet to encounter a sufficiently powerful opponent in the World Martial Arts Tournament!

“Alright, the analysis is complete. I believe everyone can sense Liu Hai’s terrifying suppression in this battle,” Alan Emelianenko said. “I even believe that if someone were to fight Liu Hai, Liu Hai would win even if their combat strength was on par! This is because he doesn’t reveal any flaws in defense. As long as he has a slight advantage in offense, he will snowball it and kill the opponent! Such combat intelligence is terrifying.”

“That’s why he’s world champion,” Riven Gullit said.

“Don’t forget Tejano and Xu Jingming. Seven months ago, they cleared Cosmos Tower’s fourth floor on the same day as Liu Hai,” Miyagawa Meishin said.

“Yes, Xu Jingming and Ysarova are about to enter the arena,” Alan Emelianenko exclaimed in surprise. “If Liu Hai is said to have good control of the battlefield and has terrifying combat intelligence, then Xu Jingming is extremely ferocious! Be it his swift spearmanship or his fierce shield… He doesn’t give the enemy a breather before completely crushing them.”

“I heard that Xu Jingming practiced Eight Extremities and Poking Foot in his youth. His combat style is also ingrained in him,” Riven Gullit said.

“Who do the three of you think will win this match?” the female host asked. “Will it be Ysarova, the only Lv. 5 sharpshooter in the competition, or will it be Xu Jingming?”

“Xu Jingming,” Miyagawa Meishin said.

“Of course, it’s Xu Jingming,” Alan said.

“Haha, is there a need to ask? A few months ago, Xu Jingming used a mere sword to kill Lee Moonsoo in one strike. That tells us… that Xu Jingming has long reached an unimaginable level,” Riven Gullit said.

The three professional guests thought highly of Xu Jingming, and countless people around the world also shared their views.

“Although Ysarova is beautiful, Xu Jingming is still impressive when it comes to actual combat.”

“All the best, Ysa. Just don’t lose too badly.”

“Ysa, I’ll always support you. It’s an honor just to participate in the match.”

Nearly 99% of people, including Ysarova’s fans, believed that Xu Jingming would win. Only a small number of Ysarova’s fanatical fans believed that she would create a miracle.

They are really looking down on me. Ysarova sat in the stands, her heart burning with fighting spirit.

“Ysa, don’t feel pressured. You being the only Lv. 5 sharpshooter in the entire World Martial Arts Tournament is already the pride of Russia. Even if you lose this battle, it won’t be embarrassing. After all, your opponent is Xu Jingming. Nobody will pressure you,” her husband comforted her. “Relax and enjoy this competition.”

Ysarova looked at her husband. She really wanted to reveal some secrets to her husband, but due to the confidentiality clauses, she could only endure it.

“Watch me.” Ysarova got up.

“I’ll support you forever.” Her husband got up. He was already in his forties, but his wife was still as young as a teenage girl. He had always been glad to have married such a wife and had always protected and doted on her. “Ysa, even if you lose today, I believe that you will surpass Xu Jingming in the future.”

“That won’t be me!” Ysarova tapped her finger and entered the combat preparation area.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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