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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 169 – Madeleine Logan vs. Liu Hai

Chapter 169: Madeleine Logan vs. Liu Hai

Translator: CKtalon

Xu Jingming was slightly taken aback before he smiled. “My legacy has some advantages in speed.”

Liu Hai sighed with emotion. “My maximum speed now is only 385 meters per second. There’s quite a gap between you, Tejano, and me. However, strength and speed aren’t the only determining factors in combat.”

Xu Jingming nodded in agreement.


Strength and speed represented basic combat strength. However, actual combat was ultimately different. His master’s actual combat techniques had always exceeded his.

“If I’m not wrong,” Liu Hai said as he watched the livestream’s slow-motion replay, “Tejano’s best weapon should be his staff! His staff technique looks simple, but it has already reached the point of turning complexity into simplicity. He needs to be talented and has to spend enough time and effort to achieve this.”

“Good at staffs?” Xu Jingming nodded. “A weapon like a staff is agile and strong! Once mastered, it will be extremely powerful!”

“It’s fine. If we were to fight, it would be me who would fight him first,” Liu Hai said with a smile. “Sigh, the commentator chatted long enough. The second match hasn’t started yet.”

“There are only four matches today. Every match will be played in slow-motion and explained carefully.” Xu Jingming also looked up.

The first match lasted less than three minutes. The host and the three guests spent half an hour explaining before the second match began.

“I’m leaving.” Liu Hai disappeared from the stands.

On the ancient battlefield map.

The stocky Liu Hai wore armor. He had a shield in one hand and a saber in the other.

Madeleine Logan wore light black armor and had boxing gloves on her hands. Under her short black hair, her deep eyes observed Liu Hai as she said, “Liu Hai, you’ve been the world champion since the virtual world’s launch.”

“Yes.” Liu Hai nodded with a smile.

“People seem to think highly of you,” Madeleine Logan said. “I’m very curious about how strong you are.”

“You’ll know in a while. Young lady, are you sure you’re wearing boxing gloves?” Liu Hai asked with a smile. “Boxing gloves are very disadvantageous against swords and staffs.”

“Hands are what’s most agile,” Madeleine Logan said. “Liu Hai, be careful.”

Madeleine Logan charged at her opponent after saying that.

Liu Hai stood still and carefully observed this lady.

Meanwhile, the outside world was already in discussion. “Let’s not talk about the fact that Liu Hai is a senior in the martial arts world. In terms of age, Liu Hai is already in his seventies. Madeleine Logan is only in her thirties; she should at least call him sir.”

“This Madeleine Logan looks quite arrogant.”

“Liu Hai will make her understand the difference in strength later.”

Although the citizens of the United States of America supported Madeleine Logan, the entire world felt that she was too arrogant.


Both parties clashed.

Madeleine was sent flying. She immediately supported herself with her left hand and crouched down, staring at Liu Hai in surprise.

“Again.” Liu Hai smiled at her.

He blocked my punch with his shield… Madeleine frowned and recalled the battle. She found it normal for her punch to land on the shield; she even wanted to press down on the shield and slam it into Liu Hai’s body. However, none of that happened.

The shield had a strange pulse. When it blocked her punch, a force immediately rebounded, sending Madeleine flying.


Madeleine charged over again, her hand forming a claw as she tried to grab the shield and send it flying. But at this moment, a saber beam appeared in front of her.

Madeleine immediately blocked it with her gloved left hand, but the moment they made contact, she staggered again. She failed to control her strength well as she tumbled from the high-speed collision.

She tapped her foot and flew into the distance before landing.

My strength went into disarray the moment I touched his saber? Madeleine felt that something was amiss.

“This is the world champion, Liu Hai.” In the livestream, the female host and the three guests on the commentary platform weren’t surprised at all.

Among them, Alan Emelianenko said, “Liu Hai’s Taiji draws from all kinds of schools and has reached an unfathomable level. Madeleine Logan’s strength and speed can’t be unleashed at all. Once she clashes with Liu Hai, her body’s strength will be in chaos.”

“Our physique can only be that high,” Miyagawa Meishin said, “but our basic combat strength can be dozens-fold or even higher than our physique because we can control our bodies ingeniously. However, if the circulation of our body’s strength is disrupted, our strength will naturally plummet.”

“Madeleine Logan is being completely crushed by Liu Hai,” Riven Gullit said with a smile. “This is also very normal. There’s a reason for Liu Hai to remain world champion.”

Huh? Director Zhou and the other Earth executives were a little surprised.

“How did this happen?”

“Madeleine Logan’s basic combat strength is much higher than Liu Hai’s! Even if her actual combat techniques are inferior to Liu Hai’s… her overall combat strength isn’t inferior! It shouldn’t be a one-sided battle.”

Everyone was puzzled.

These higher-ups could see the combat strength interface of these experts. Thus, they knew that Madeleine Logan’s basic combat strength was higher and that her overall combat strength was on par with Liu Hai.

Madeleine Logan was at an extreme disadvantage during their two clashes, causing her expression to change slightly. I didn’t want to bully others with my strength and speed, but it looks like I have to give it my all.

She never expected that she would be forced to use her full strength at the quarter-finals.


Madeleine Logan tapped her foot, and her speed increased.

“What!?” The expressions of Xu Jingming, Alan, Miyagawa Meishin, Riven Gullit, and the other experts changed because the livestream had displayed Madeleine Logan’s maximum speed—406 meters per second!

Madeleine’s maximum speed is even higher than that of Tejano? Xu Jingming and the others found it unbelievable. Tejano was on the same level as Xu Jingming and Liu Hai after all, and his talent was terrifying. It was fine if he had such speed, but how could this unknown Madeleine Logan be slightly faster?


At high speeds, Madeleine Logan still collided with Liu Hai’s shield with a punch.

Liu Hai took three steps back this time to deflect the impact, but he couldn’t instantly rebound.

Why are her strength and speed so high? Liu Hai felt the pressure.

Madeleine Logan sneered and kept close, using the opportunity to attack.

Be it palm strikes, punches, or claws that wanted to send the shield flying, Madeleine Logan delivered consecutive strikes with her hands. Her strength and speed clearly suppressed Liu Hai, and every strike had terrifying might. She delivered more than ten consecutive strikes like lightning before suddenly kicking out strangely.

Liu Hai blocked with his shield, but he was still sent flying with his shield.

Liu Hai only stabilized himself after being sent flying far away. There was blood at the corner of his mouth.

This scene left countless people around the world in disbelief. “This is Liu Hai, the world champion. How did he get suppressed?”

“Liu Hai even got injured?”

“Isn’t Madeleine Logan ranked below 50 on the fourth level’s Cosmos Ranking?” Everyone around the world found it unbelievable. Even the Americans were extremely surprised. Madeleine Logan actually injured Liu Hai?

Liu Hai smiled at his opponent. “Impressive. There are indeed many hidden talents in the world; there are even strong opponents. Your strength and speed far exceed mine, but… Young lady, actual combat isn’t just about strength and speed.”

“Don’t talk tough.” Madeleine Logan’s eyes turned cold as she charged forward as if she had teleported. She suddenly struck out with her left hand, hoping to send the shield flying from the side.


Liu Hai held his shield with his left hand, and the shield naturally blocked the strike. He didn’t take a step back from the strike!

The impact transmitted through his body, and his entire body’s strength flowed naturally like water. He then swung the saber in his right hand.

Hmph. Madeleine Logan was confident in blocking the strike, but her expression changed the moment she came into contact with it. Then, she was sent flying by the strike.

What terrifying strength. Why is his strength greater than mine? Madeleine Logan couldn’t believe the might of the strike.

Liu Hai took a step and closed in with a whoosh.

Madeleine Logan immediately struck out with her palms in a bid to force Liu Hai back.


As the shield blocked, Liu Hai didn’t take a step back. He swung the saber in his right hand again with extremely fast speed and terrifying might.

What? Madeleine Logan raised her hand to block, but she was sent flying by the strike.

Liu Hai didn’t show mercy when he gained the upper hand.

Madeleine Logan couldn’t just let Liu Hai attack her time and time again; she had to block his counter-attack. But the more strength she put into blocking, the more ferocious her counter-attack became.

Liu Hai used the momentum to deliver a faster and more terrifying strike! It left Madeleine Logan in a sorry state!

How is this happening? Madeleine Logan was about to go crazy. No matter what move she used, Liu Hai could borrow its force and deliver even more terrifying saber beams.


After more than ten consecutive strikes, Madeleine Logan was struck to the ground, producing a huge crater. She was buried below the waist.

Liu Hai swooped down with the momentum of the shield, and Madeleine Logan could only raise her hands and block the strike!

The force of the collision was naturally used by Liu Hai, and the saber in his right hand instantly cleaved down!

Half of Madeleine’s body was underground, and she couldn’t block the shield strike anymore after suffering the shield strike. She watched the saber strike down in despair and indignation.

Her body was sliced by the saber beam.

How did this happen? Madeleine Logan’s body gradually turned ethereal, but she still couldn’t understand why the battle was so bizarre.

I drew upon the profundities of the legacy and fused them into Taiji to figure out two ultimate moves. This move, Samsara, was originally used to deal with Tejano and my disciple. I never expected this girl to force me to use it. There are indeed many experts worldwide.. Liu Hai sighed with emotion.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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