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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 107 – Tumbling Star

Chapter 107: Tumbling Star

Translator: CKtalon

Alan’s shield technique has definitely reached Lv. 4. Xu Jingming executed his spearmanship and struck out repeatedly, but it was useless in front of the round shield. Not only was it easily blocked, but his force was also redirected back at him.

Xu Jingming felt as if he had been surrounded by countless circles! He couldn’t do anything to them and couldn’t crack them.

It’s no wonder he won every match and even defeated Fang Yu. Although Fang Yu’s body is strong, his attacks… can’t crack a Lv. 4 shield technique at all. He can completely tear through Fang Yu’s halberd technique with his shield technique and easily kill him, Xu Jingming thought.


In fact, he was still very relaxed. It couldn’t be helped; his evolutionary method had reached Transcendent!

In every aspect of a Transcendent body, his strength, speed, agility, tenacity, reaction, and so on surpassed his opponent. Therefore, he had to hold back a little because he wanted to defeat his opponent with techniques.

This was also a way to hone his Astral Spear Technique! Although some Astral Spear moves could be executed at Lv. 4, some of the moves had yet to break through, so he naturally couldn’t obtain full mastery.

This Xu Jingming from China is much stronger than Fang Yu. Alan Emelianenko also discovered this. My shield parried his spear time and time again, but he also blocked my attacks.

This Xu Jingming… He looks like he’s defending, but his moves are extremely heavy. He’s like a mountain—no, like tumbling stars! Alan Emelianenko could sense how terrifying his opponent was.

One could vaguely sense a move that fused one’s mind and will.

Xu Jingming’s moves were heavy and seemingly restrained, but they were actually like slow-moving stars that were difficult to block.

My saber technique is still a little weak. If my saber technique reaches Lv. 4, I believe I can slice apart this tumbling star. Alan Emelianenko felt a lot of pressure.

Indeed, Xu Jingming’s Astral Spear was only a semi-finished product. His defensive moves had already broken through, but most of his offensive moves hadn’t. Perhaps it was because his ‘mind like the stars and celestial bodies’ was better at defense.

However, revolving celestial bodies couldn’t be blocked. They also had an extremely strong offensive aspect; Xu Jingming just hadn’t truly fused it into his spearmanship.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Alan Emelianenko and Xu Jingming fought intensely. Their figures turned into a blur as their weapons collided. The battle lasted several minutes, and they exchanged hundreds of blows.

This scene also surprised the global audience.

A few minutes of fierce combat?

“China’s Xu Jingming can actually fight Alan for so long?”

“Xu Jingming was better than Fang Yu in the Firestarter Cup. After more than a month, Xu Jingming is still better.”

“There’s no way to determine who will win or lose this battle.”

“Their strength is too close. The battle is too intense.”

Viewers from all over the world watched excitedly.



With a loud bang, Alan Emelianenko was sent flying like a cannonball, and his entire body crashed into the city wall. When he landed, blood trickled from the corner of his mouth.

This scene surprised the viewers from all over the world. What happened? How did Alan get sent flying all of a sudden?

“Alan, if that’s all you have, this battle should be over.” Xu Jingming looked at Alan calmly in his dark-red armor, unwilling to continue fighting.

He had figured out Alan’s combat moves. It did spur his Astral Spear towards perfection, but that was all.

“Over?” Alan Emelianenko stared at Xu Jingming. “Shield techniques are good at defense; it won’t be easy to defeat me.”

At this moment, Alan Emelianenko was completely on the defensive.

“Then, I want to give it a try.”


Xu Jingming’s entire body was clearly much faster, and his dark-red afterimage lunged at Alan Emelianenko. A spear projection streaked across the sky and struck down.


Alan moved his feet, and the shield in his left hand collided with Xu Jingming’s spear projection. The spear projection’s might was much stronger than before, and even though Alan’s shield managed to deflect the force, he couldn’t help but retreat repeatedly.

As for the spear projection, it spun out seemingly out of water and attacked again.


The retreating Alan blocked this move with his shield again and was sent flying.


Xu Jingming leaped over and chased after him with his spear.


The round shield in Alan’s hand blocked again. When he gave up on offense and focused on an all-out defense, he defended flawlessly despite being sent retreating from Xu Jingming’s attacks.

“Xu Jingming, are you playing with me?” Alan roared angrily.

Xu Jingming was slightly stunned.

“It’s fine if you practiced your moves after exchanging hundreds of blows with me, but you’re still unwilling to use your true strength? This is an insult!” Alan stared at his opponent. “Use your true strength to defeat me!”

The livestreams across the world went crazy.

When Xu Jingming unleashed his strength to suppress Alan Emelianenko, all the countries found it unbelievable. The Russian citizens stopped shouting and stared blankly at the battle. The citizens of China also watched in disbelief.

Xu Jingming can suppress Alan Emelianenko? The pleasant surprise was too sudden, leaving the Chinese dumbfounded.

But at this moment, Alan’s words truly ignited the emotions of viewers around the world.

“What? This still isn’t the true strength of China’s Xu Jingming?” The host of India’s livestream was stunned. “How strong is China’s Xu Jingming?”

“What did Alan Emelianenko say? Did I hear wrong?” The two hosts from Japan found it unbelievable.

In China’s official livestream, countless people in China listened to the virtual world’s real-time voice. Alan Emelianenko’s words surprised and delighted the Chinese—they found it unbelievable, but they were also filled with anticipation!

Li Miaomiao watched from the stands, her eyes filled with anticipation. “Jingming, all the best!”

“Captain!” Wang Yi, Yang Qingshuo, Liu Chongyuan, and Heng Fang were also watching.

On the ancient battlefield.

Xu Jingming looked at the furious Alan Emelianenko in front of him.

“Show you my true strength?” Xu Jingming looked at him.

With his Transcendent-grade evolutionary method coupled with Beam Transformation Spear Technique, Alan Emelianenko couldn’t even withstand a single strike.

“Let’s end it.” At this moment, Xu Jingming completely unleashed his Transcendent evolutionary method’s strength and speed. He still used Astral Spear! This was because… there was really no need to use Beam Transformation.

Is he finally unleashing his true strength? At this level, Alan Emelianenko had long sensed Xu Jingming’s restraint. When the latter erupted, the suffocating aura made Alan excited.


The dark-red figure was terrifyingly fast; it exceeded 100 meters per second.


A spear projection cleaved down like a tumbling star!

Alan Emelianenko’s eyes burned. He didn’t retreat but charged forward with his shield.

This spear projection carried a strange spinning force, and driven by Xu Jingming’s terrifying body strength, it sent Alan Emelianenko’s shield flying the moment it came into contact. The spear projection then swept past Alan’s body, causing it to turn ethereal and vanish.

One strike reduced Alan Emelianenko to nothingness.

Xu Jingming held his spear and stood there calmly.

Not everyone was qualified to make him use Beam Transformation! If he couldn’t defeat his opponent with Astral Spear, then he had to use Beam Transformation! Although Alan was strong, his Astral Spear could easily crush him when he unleashed his full Transcendent strength.

How many people in the world are worth me using Beam Transformation? Xu Jingming thought.


Suddenly, an arrow shot from behind.

Xu Jingming’s mind and consciousness were extremely sharp, and he sensed the vibrations in the air. He turned his head and saw the arrow shot by the sharpshooter from Russia.

That sharpshooter had probably just broken through to Lv. 3 and was far inferior to Sister Yi.

In terms of sensing, Xu Jingming was much stronger than Lei Yunfang at the Firestarter Cup. Even if a newly advanced Lv. 3 sharpshooter were to fire at a distance of 20 meters, they wouldn’t be able to touch Xu Jingming.

A sneak attack? Xu Jingming reached out and grabbed the arrow that was twice the speed of sound. The shaft shattered, and the arrowhead was grabbed by Xu Jingming, causing it to distort.

He casually flung it.

The arrow flew back at high speeds in the opposite direction! This throw made it even faster than its initial trajectory!

With Xu Jingming’s current control over his body, his accuracy of throwing an arrow was infinitely accurate. The sharpshooter didn’t even have the time to dodge the arrow moving at the terrifying speed before his head was penetrated and dissipated.

“Attack!” Panda Zhang Qian roared. “Let’s finish them. Jingming, leave these small fries to us.”

“Almighty Xu, you don’t have to do anything to those small fry,” the other three Chinese team members shouted as they charged at the Russian team. Everyone had been focused on the battle and didn’t want to miss a moment, so they didn’t make a move.

At this moment, Panda Zhang Qian and the other experts from China were fighting the remaining three Russian members.

Xu Jingming didn’t make a move and only watched from the side.

China, Russia, India, Japan, the USA, the EU, and other countries’ livestreams were all watching Xu Jingming stand on the ancient battlefield.. As for the other seven people fighting, it was purely in the background; nobody cared.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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