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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 106 – Xu Jingming vs. Alan Emelianenko

Chapter 106: Xu Jingming vs. Alan Emelianenko

Translator: CKtalon

In the combat space’s preparation area, Xu Jingming also saw his four other companions.

“Panda.” Xu Jingming looked at his familiar old friend in surprise—it was Panda Zhang Qian. “What a coincidence?”

“Haha, Jingming.” Panda Zhang Qian smiled happily. “This is your first time participating in Global Crossfire. China’s officials made a huge fuss and prepared a livestream for you in advance. I naturally chose to time my queuing. Look, look at my luck… I really ran into you.”


Xu Jingming was in a good mood as well.

To have Panda Zhang Qian as his teammate for his first Divine battle. This was his first Global Crossfire battle, and Panda Zhang Qian was his teammate again.

“Xu Jingming,” the other three teammates greeted politely.

“This battle will mainly depend on you. We don’t dare to participate in your battle with Alan Emelianenko.”

“All of you are in the world’s top ten. We haven’t even reached Lv. 3.” The three teammates knew their limits.

“I just broke through to Lv. 3 a few days ago,” Panda Zhang Qian said. “However, your battle with Alan Emelianenko is too high-level! If I join in, I’ll be insta-killed. I’ll be your cheerleader.”

“Cheerleaders!” the other three teammates immediately said. They were already very honored to be able to participate in the battle between Xu Jingming and Alan Emelianenko. This was a story to tell for ages after the competition ended.

“Everyone, make sure to behave well. China and Russia will definitely live-stream this battle. Even officials from many countries around the world will choose to live-stream it,” Panda Zhang Qian said. “I guess more than two billion people around the world are watching this match.”

“Watch yourselves.”

“More than two billion people might be watching.”

His teammates clearly became much more serious.

Xu Jingming sighed with emotion. No matter how popular the Firestarter Cup is, it’s only catered to a domestic audience. However, Global Crossfire… can attract many countries into live-streaming it, and the number of viewers is exponentially higher.

Xu Jingming looked at the other side of the preparation area. There were five Russian members there, and a bald man was the most eye-catching.

“Alan Emelianenko!” Xu Jingming looked at him.

Alan Emelianenko’s name was a legend.

He was considered the unspoken number one person in the history of martial arts. If one was to be selected from the three kings of the martial arts world to be the strongest… It was Alan!

He’s known… to have the most perfect weaponry techniques on this planet. Xu Jingming looked forward to his battle. Before the virtual world’s launch, his goal had always been the World Martial Arts Tournament, and the man in front of him was the person with the highest achievements in the World Martial Arts Tournament.

“Please have one team member choose a weapon and equipment.” The virtual game voice sounded.

“You guys choose first,” Alan Emelianenko said to his teammates.

“Alright.” The four teammates respected Alan.

Alan Emelianenko was a god-like figure in Russia. He had extremely high achievements in the martial arts world and had been leading the pack after the virtual world’s launch. He was an absolute god of war in the country.

After Global Crossfire began, Alan still won every match.

Xu Jingming? Alan’s eyes were gentle as he looked at Xu Jingming on the other side. He must be quite strong to be ranked eighth on the Cosmos Ranking.

Moments later, the ten people on both sides entered the combat map.

The map was the ancient battlefield.


Ten streams of light landed around the ancient battlefield.

On the dilapidated ancient city wall, the ground outside the city wall looked like it had been soaked in blood. The ten figures on the ground could see each other from afar.

Xu Jingming and Alan Emelianenko even saw each other and walked over. Both parties knew very well that this battle was mainly between the two of them.

The gap between the other teammates and them was too great. This was unless it was a group of teammates with similar strength; only then would teamwork be very important.

“Xu Jingming, I’ve watched your matches.” Alan Emelianenko’s mouth moved, but the language he spoke was in Chinese.

The virtual world would automatically translate it in real-time. Regardless of which country an expert came from, a Chinese person would hear Chinese. An EU resident would hear English, and a Japanese person would hear Japanese.

“I wasn’t retired back then.” Alan Emelianenko smiled. “You were really young back then.”

“That’s why I suffered.” Xu Jingming looked at him.

“You didn’t bring a shield?” Alan Emelianenko gazed at his opponent.

“It’s said that you have the most perfect weaponry techniques on this planet. It’s pointless using a shield.” Xu Jingming observed Alan Emelianenko.

Alan was 1.85 meters tall, and after the evolutionary method was popularized, such a height wasn’t considered tall.

Alan was the most gentle and reserved of the three kings of the martial arts world, and he was also the most terrifying when it came to weapons.

“Very good.” Alan Emelianenko immediately looked at Xu Jingming with an intense fighting spirit.

Xu Jingming held a spear and stared at the other party.

The battle was also live-streamed in the official livestream of Japan.

“This battle is between Alan Emelianenko, who is ranked third on the Cosmos Ranking, and Xu Jingming, who is ranked eighth on the Cosmos Ranking. Although Xu Jingming’s ranking is slightly lower, he’s only 29, and he’s even younger. Having grown to this day, his strength might not be inferior to Alan Emelianenko’s!” The two hosts in the livestream spoke Japanese excitedly.

Japan had a relatively small population, but it had a strong martial arts culture. They typically broadcast battles between the top 20 contestants on the Cosmos Ranking.

“Being young represents potential, just like our sword god, Miyagawa Meishin… Although he’s ranked 21st on the Cosmos Ranking, Miyagawa Meishin is only 17 years old, and his improvement is rapid. He has won six battles in a row and is already an expert standing at the apex of the world. I believe that if Miyagawa Meishin continues growing, he will probably surpass Alan Emelianenko, Tiger Fussen, and Liu Hai. Of course, Miyagawa Meishin should be on par with them even now.”

“We have to watch this battle carefully. This is also a battle of the best in the world. Alan Emelianenko and Xu Jingming might also be Miyagawa Meishin’s opponents.”

As the two hosts spoke, they flattered their country’s genius, Miyagawa Meishin.

“Alan Emelianenko versus Xu Jingming. One is third in the world, and the other is eighth in the world… Who’s stronger between the two of them now?” The host spoke excitedly as he live-streamed in India’s official livestream.

In China’s official livestream channel.

Liu Xin looked at the data and exclaimed in surprise, “Everyone, as of now, more than 50 countries’ official livestreams are live-streaming this battle. This battle has attracted the attention of the entire world, and the number of viewers has exceeded 2.3 billion!”


The audience in the stands exclaimed. “China’s official livestream only has more than 600 million viewers, and there are more than 2.3 billion viewers worldwide?”

The reason why this battle attracted the livestreams of so many countries was mostly because of Alan. After all, he was third in the world and the number one in Russia! Moreover, he had won every match to this day.

Xu Jingming’s international fame was much lower than Alan’s, and he didn’t have any achievements in Global Crossfire for the time being.

In Russia’s official livestream.

“Alan, Alan!”

“Defeat him!”

“Oorah! Oorah!” Countless citizens cheered. Every battle of Alan Emelianenko was a celebration for Russia.

“The battle has begun!” The host became excited as his eyes turned red.


In the ancient battlefield map.

Xu Jingming and Alan Emelianenko moved simultaneously.

Alan wore silver armor while holding a silver round shield and one silver saber. His weapon and armor reflected the light, and when Alan Emelianenko charged, he was like a silver stream of light.

Xu Jingming wore dark-red armor and held a black spear as he similarly charged forward.

On the blood-colored ground, the dark-red figure collided with the silver figure.


The spear tore through the air like a flood dragon leaving its cave and stabbed at Alan.


The silver round shield collided with Xu Jingming’s spear, causing the force to be diverted. Alan then used the force from the collision to accelerate and strike out with his saber.


Xu Jingming’s spear trembled, and the spear shaft swept across the saber beam.

When the saber and spear shaft collided, the force was diverted, and Alan used the momentum to slam his shield in front of Xu Jingming.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Xu Jingming found himself being constantly closed in. The spear and shaft were like tumbling dragons and snakes, blocking and blocking time and time again.

Alan’s shield and saber could borrow the force from Xu Jingming’s every collision, and his entire person surrounded Xu Jingming. At the same time, his saber flashed as he attacked repeatedly.

Countless circles! Xu Jingming realized how terrifying Alan Emelianenko was the moment they clashed.

The trajectory of Alan Emelianenko’s footwork, the saber beam path, and the shield path were all circular.. His entire body was like the convergence of countless circles! Xu Jingming’s attacks would naturally be deflected by these circles, and his opponent could even borrow his force to attack.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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