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After Reincarnating, the Ice-Cold Prince Won’t Leave Me Alone Volume – Chapter 517: Extra Princess and the Shadow 27

Chapter 517 Fanwai Princess and Shadow 27

In the two years when Berlin just “leaved”, the third brother John often stayed by her side, greeting her in various ways.

At the beginning, Alice was immersed in the pain of losing her lover, and didn’t think much about it. She only thought that he simply loved her sister and was very grateful to him.

But after a long time, flaws will always be revealed.

After sensing John’s thoughts, she felt alienated from him besides feeling alienated. After all, regardless of this point at the time, John really helped her a lot.

Shen Mingjiao swallowed her saliva: “So that John tried his best to launch a palace coup, and almost killed Fu Guang, not because he wanted to be the emperor, but because of his mother and concubine.”

Shen Mingjiao is speechless. This plot is **** enough. It doesn’t count if her father treats her as a substitute for her beloved. Her half-brothers are crazy critics, and they all have strong thoughts about her. I dare not write like that!

I have to say, in such an environment full of lunatics, it is really not easy for Alice to live like today!

It was the first time for Fu Guang to hear his mother mention these things, and he was a little disgusted for a while.

Shen Mingjiao asked curiously: “Then John must be dead! How did he die?”

Fuguang said coldly: “After the incident was defeated, I was trapped in the bedroom and burned myself.”

An An and Jing Qi strolled around, and the two children came to the port where they escaped and disembarked last time. An An imitated the adults, and sighed old-fashionedly: “We are revisiting the old place!”

Jing Qi eagerly stared at a small fishing boat docked at the port. The two grew up together. An An didn’t need to guess what he was thinking: “You want to learn to row, take me with you! Otherwise, I will go back and tell my mother relative.”

Jingqi said with a blank expression, “Then I won’t study anymore,” she said, going to play elsewhere.

“Hey…” An An grabbed his arm and said speechlessly: “If you grow up, you will definitely lose money if you do business. There is no such thing as you. You may not give any counter-offer.”

Jingqi: “I’m not interested in doing business.”

An’an was angry: “Do you understand me using a metaphor!”

In the end, An An failed to row the boat, mainly because she was not strong enough, and she was too small, so she might not be able to hold the oars stably. He could only watch Jing Qi skillfully slide the oars gradually under the guidance of the sailors from the shore.

Although Jing Qi is only seven or eight years old, he is naturally strong and taller than children of the same age.

An’an clenched her small fist, bent her elbow and squeezed her shoulder, soft? Hey… She also wants to grow hard muscles like her father!

At that time, she will become a generation of heroines, and she will be invincible in the world!

The little girl was sitting cross-legged on the beach with her cheeks in her hands, her fantasies getting higher and higher.

Suddenly, the thought of a heavy object falling to the ground came from his ear, and his thoughts were disrupted. An An pouted and turned his head in search of the sound.

Not far away, a man with disheveled hair seemed to be exhausted and fell down.

The man tried to get up, but he didn’t get up after checking several times. His rough and cracked hands hung down feebly.

Although she couldn’t control all the injustices in this world, since they met by chance, An An asked Tangtang who followed him to give the man some water.

Not long after, Tangtang came back and said in a low voice, “That man has a slave mark on his face, he should be a coolie on the island, because he fainted because he didn’t get a good rest after working for a long time.”

After the words fell, the man barely stood up, walked over and bowed to An An from a distance to thank him.

An’an waved his hands politely, raised his head and glanced casually at the other party’s face, then couldn’t help but blinked his eyes wide.

Hey, I seem to have seen this person somewhere!

At this time, Jing Qi was thirsty and went ashore to drink water. She was also taken aback when she saw the man standing not far away.

“You are the uncle who helped us escape on Casey’s boat last time!”

When Jing Qi said this, An An also remembered that a few months ago, Casey pretended to be her aunt and arrested her and Jing Qi. When they were on Casa Island, they almost alarmed the guards when they escaped. At the critical moment, it was a The uncle with the slave mark on his face helped them.

Later, I heard from my father that the two of them had run away, and the people on the boat were afraid of being implicated, so they all ran away with their things wrapped up.

Because the man was too sloppy at this time, An An didn’t recognize him immediately.

She felt that she was a child who would repay her kindness, and after learning that this man had been their savior, she hurried to get him something to eat.

The man took it with some trepidation, and after thanking him, he gobbled it up. The two children squatted down and stared at him curiously.

An An asked: “Uncle, what’s your name?”

Jing Qi: “Uncle, don’t you know martial arts? Why…” You are so poor!

The man didn’t speak, pointed to his throat, and lowered his head sadly.

A guard of the Great Moon Kingdom who came over explained in a low voice: “This person should be the most lowly criminal slave, usually a slave who is sold after the master’s accident. In order to make these people obedient, some buyers will poison the slaves. throat so that it can be used better.”

That sounds pathetic.

Mainly this person saved them, the two children decided to take him back after discussing, and then the adults came forward to thank them.

The man seemed to have lost his temper due to reality, and followed them numbly,

When he followed into this luxury inn, a faint light flashed in his eyes covered by messy hair.

The setting sun is about to set, walking on the beach seems to be coated with a layer of light.

Alice was barefoot, feeling the soft and warm veil brushing over the instep, and the sound of waves hitting the rocks came from time to time in her ears. Such a pleasant scenery made people feel better for no reason.

She turned around casually like many times in her memory, this time, finally, there was no empty space behind her, and the shadow followed her not far or near.

Alice’s nose was a little sore.

She stopped and turned to look at him. Berlin took a few steps to join her.

Alice held his hand: “You are not my shadow now, you don’t have to walk behind me,”

Berlin shook his head: “I’m used to it, it’s more convenient to protect you that way.”

The two walked hand in hand on the beach, and Alice raised her head, looking at the sea and the sea. When they met again, the sideburns of the person next to her had been weathered, but her back was still straight.

She said with emotion: “I have known you for so many years, it seems that I have never watched the sunset side by side in such a leisurely way.”

In the past ten or so years, he was her shadow. Although she got along day and night, she rarely talked to him. She was just used to having such a person follow her silently.

Later, the two reunited in Daxia. After returning to China, they were faced with swords and swords. Her mind was almost entirely devoted to revenge and seizing the throne. Except for certain times, the state of both of them was tense.

After finally getting revenge, the two can be together, and another accident happened in Berlin…

Alice clenched Berlin’s hand tightly: “My life has been full of ups and downs, but in my heart, the best time is not the years when I was young in the castle, but the dangerous years after returning home,”

Because this person has been with her all the time, fighting side by side with him.

She shook Berlin’s arm, and said speechlessly: “Why don’t you give a response, it’s like this when you were young, and you’re still like this when you’re old!”

Berlin unscrewed the water bag and handed it to her, and said silently: “The best days are when the princess is around,”

This is answering what she said just now, and Alice is finally satisfied. The two just passed by a lively small market at this time.

Casa Island is as big as a province, and there are some civilians living on the island, but the living conditions of these residents are not very good.

Alice was rarely interested, so she dragged Berlin around the market. In order not to disturb the master, several guards followed from a distance.

Alice bought a bunch of useless gadgets, Berlin took them, and Alice explained uncomfortably: “I bought them for An An.”

Berlin didn’t speak, but just looked at her softly. At this time, Alice had a bit of innocent and wanton shadow when she was young.

When he went back, looking at the pile of things, he rarely smiled and said, “An An is very similar to you when you were a child.”

Alice picked up a bamboo whistle and blew it on her lips:

“No, that little girl is smarter than me! And luckier than me.”

With elders like them around, as long as An An is willing, she can always be a pampered and wanton little princess.

At this moment, an eight or nine-year-old beggar rushed over and knelt at the feet of the two, crying with snot and tears:

“You two nobles, please do me a favor. My mother is sick and needs money to buy medicine. I beg you…” After finishing speaking, she kowtowed.

The guard following behind frowned, and was about to step forward, Berlin took out his waist pocket and took some silver and handed it to him.

The little beggar was stunned for a moment, obviously he didn’t have any hope, and then he took the money excitedly and kowtowed heavily to thank him. Unhooked a large cork from his body and put it in the hands of Berlin:

“This is the most decent thing on me, thank you uncle, you are a good man, you will definitely be rewarded.” After finishing speaking, he ran away with the money in his hand.

Alice laughed at him: “This kid is probably a liar!”

Not all children are pure and ignorant. Some children who have lived in the black triangle since childhood have even killed people at a young age. It is common practice to use children as bait to deceive businessmen.

During the years when she was the queen, she had encountered too many incredible cases, so she said that the little boy just now was probably a liar.

Berlin didn’t care: “It’s good to have a clear conscience, in case that child really encounters difficulties!”

Alice sighed: “You are still the same as before, nothing has changed!” Indifferent but soft-hearted.

“However, the development capabilities of all countries are not strong enough! It would be great if one day the people of Da Yue Kingdom can be fed and clothed!”

She just said casually, after all, although the national power of Da Yue is still strong, if it is to say that all the people are fed and clothed, at least it will not be sure in another thousand years!

On the other side, the two children brought their people back to the inn, An An asked the maid: “Where are the parents, aunts, aunts, and grandparents?”

The servant girl replied respectfully: “Except for the prince, everyone is in their respective rooms.”

An An asked someone to get some food for the sloppy man following him, and then went to Shen Mingjiao’s room.

At this moment, Shen Mingjiao, who heard the noise, just came out, glanced at the scruffy man standing cramped in Datang through the fence on the second floor, and asked the two children: “This is…”

An An dragged Shen Mingjiao into the room, and told the ins and outs of the incident.

Shen Mingjiao touched her head: “Well, An An has done a good job, we must know how to repay the favor, since she saved you, then we must thank him well.”

After speaking, he invited the waiter to let the kitchen make a table of noodles, intending to entertain the man well.

Soon the dishes were served on the table. The man changed into clean clothes, but still cowered and lowered his head, his eyes numb.

Shen Mingjiao warmly greeted the other party to eat food, and toasted the other party with a glass of wine: “My husband and mother-in-law can’t leave because of something, so I will entertain you today. Thank you for your kindness in saving my two children in a critical moment.”

She spoke Chinese, the man obviously didn’t understand, but he could roughly guess the meaning, so he waved his hand flatteredly,

This meal was a joy for both the host and the guest. Although the man couldn’t speak, with Shen Mingjiao and An An talking from time to time, the atmosphere didn’t seem awkward.

After dinner, Shen Mingjiao asked someone to take the man to the wing to rest:

“If you have nothing to do, I will stay in the inn for now, and I will thank you solemnly after my husband finishes his work.”

Looked at the stylishly decorated inn. The man hesitated for a few breaths, but finally he was unwilling to refuse.

After the others left, Shen Mingjiao waved An An and the two back to the room to read, and walked towards Fuguang’s room.

An An’s big eyes rolled quickly, and she was about to follow quietly, but someone grabbed her by the collar.

An An stared, and said with her mouth: Why are you pulling me? Mother is weird, there is obviously something wrong, hey!

Jing Qi dragged him back to the room, and said with a serious face:

“That’s an adult’s business, and it must be a very serious matter. At this time, children can’t make trouble, you know?”

An An pursed her lips, but didn’t say she wanted to go out again.

In the room, as soon as the man took off his clothes, if someone happened to open the door and saw it, he would be shocked. He saw that his body was covered with gunpowder. He took off the gunpowder layer by layer and turned it on the table. The corner of his mouth showed a strange look. smile

The sun has completely set, and the sky is gradually getting darker. However, the nightlife of some people in Casa Island has just begun, so it is also very lively at night.

Alice didn’t plan to continue shopping, but before that, she had to go to a place,

“I just received the news half a month ago. I heard that Peter’s kid is in Casa Island now. There will be a large auction here in a few days. The kid took a fancy to a lot and came all the way! Also forty There are too many people, and there is no shape all day long!”

Although she said so, the corners of her mouth were full of doting.

Peter is a child of an offshoot of the Russell royal family. His parents died early, and he was often bullied by the people in the group. Alice looked after him and took care of him for several years.

Later, on the surface, it was also Peter who borrowed the name of Ambassador Daxia to take Alice back to China.

Mentioning Peter, Berlin couldn’t help smiling, “Is he married now?”

Alice sighed: “Don’t mention it, it’s my fault. Da Xia Jing and Di Qianqiu seven years ago, just when Sheng Sheng got married, I sent him to Da Xia, mainly to give Sheng Sheng a wedding gift .

As a result, he was fascinated by the mountains and rivers of Daxia, and then he directly resigned from his official position and began to travel around the world. Let alone getting married, I haven’t seen him for several years…”

She was rambling, obviously the two of them had a good relationship these years.

Berlin grabbed her hand: “Then let’s go! I remember he likes to eat sweets, and there just happened to be a dessert shop there.”

Alice had asked the guards to inquire about Peter’s residence in advance, and the group rode for half an hour before arriving at a manor.

When the old butler saw the person coming, he was so excited that he knelt down: “…Why did you come in person?”

Alice smiled and waved her hands, and greeted in a familiar tone: “Butler Ryan, how are you doing recently?”

Butler Ryan bowed respectfully and said with a smile: “Please remember, everything is fine.

You are here to see Mr. Coincidentally, sir, I heard that you are coming to Casa Island and are planning to visit tomorrow. Sir, this meeting should have dinner in the dining room. “Lead the way while talking.

They got along very well with Peter. When Alice heard that Peter was eating, she smiled bluntly and said:

“Okay, we haven’t eaten yet, and Berlin brought him some desserts.”

A group of people came to the dining room. Peter likes to keep the door of the dining room tightly closed because of his dining habits. There was a pleasant sound of music playing in the dining room, and Peter seemed to be having dinner with his back to them through the blurred glass windows in the distance.

Alice joked with a smile: “This kid is getting better at enjoying himself, tsk! I have used the piano and violin, and I only need a candlelight dinner!”

After saying that, he raised his foot to go in, but he stepped on a puddle of water and slipped his foot. Berlin skillfully supported him, and opened the dining room door casually.

In the inn,

Before the man started to move, he was pinned down by a man in black who came out of nowhere.

Fu Guang stepped forward, Feng Lisheng and Shen Mingjiao stood behind. Fu Guang glanced at the pile of gunpowder, these gunpowders are top grade, if used well, it would not be a problem to blow up the entire inn in an instant.

She looked like a man struggling in panic again, and her voice was cold: “John, grab it!”

The man was still struggling, and shook his head blankly when he heard the words. Anyone who saw the sincere look in his eyes would think that they had caught the wrong person.

The few people present were unmoved. There are some people in this world who can deceive themselves by pretending. The former prince is a living example.

Fu Guang was too lazy to talk nonsense with him, so he had someone hold his face directly. After a while, the slave mark on his face was still there, but his facial features had completely changed.

In the past, she was an ordinary person who couldn’t be recognized when she was thrown in the crowd, but now she removed the disguise, revealing an evil and flamboyant face. Definitely something you won’t forget once you see it.

The disguise was forcibly removed, and John finally stopped pretending, and asked coldly, “How did you find me?”

Because of this series of things, there is a hand behind the push, the purpose seems to be to let them go to Maya City, so as to find Berlin trapped there.

Of course, the person behind it would definitely not be out of kindness and want their family to be reunited, otherwise they would not have made such a move.

Berlin said that Barron might still be alive. After reasoning, there are only two suspects, John and Barron.

Fuguang and the others have been waiting, waiting for the other party to take the initiative to make a move. Until An An brought a sloppy man back to the inn.

John’s disguise is realistic enough, but Shen Mingjiao and the others are all human beings, so how can they not see his strangeness.

But Fu Guang was obviously too lazy to explain too much to the other party, and just asked in a business-like manner: “What do you plan to use this gunpowder for? Also, how did you escape in the first place?”

John sneered: “It’s meaningless to ask questions knowingly. I tried my best to reunite your family. Of course, I want to completely destroy you when you are the happiest.

Oh, but my younger sister has to live and taste the blow slowly, so that he can always remember my brother, haha…”

His eyes are crazy, like the paranoid villain in the storybook who loves to hate.

Fu Guang interrupted him in a cold voice, involving his mother, wishing to tear him to pieces: “Shut up, you are brothers and sisters!”

“So what? As long as I like it, it doesn’t matter who she is.”

Seeing that there was nothing to ask, Fu Guang was waiting for someone to take him down and deal with it later, but Shen Mingjiao, who was standing by the side, always felt that something was wrong.

All of this seems reasonable, but John is a desperate lunatic, so he wants everyone to die together.

But John’s paranoid expression when he mentioned Alice just now proves that his goal is only for Alice from the beginning to the end, and he doesn’t care about others, or even his own life and death, so…

She raised her head sharply and asked, “Where is the concubine mother, where is the concubine mother?” After speaking, she stared at John.

Seeing her reaction, John couldn’t help laughing: “Haha… my sister’s children are really smart! But it’s too late.”

His eyes were crazy, and he murmured: “I saw my dead lover within the same day, and the lover died again before the evening. From heaven to hell, my sister must be in pain!

And this pain… I brought her, so… she can remember me until she dies, even if she hates it, it’s good! ”

The moment Berlin opened the door, his face changed when he saw the scene in the room. Subconsciously pushed Alice far away.

In the room, Peter was tied to a stool, his mouth was gagged, and a lot of gunpowder was tied to his chest, enough to level the dining room.

And the fuse has been ignited, and the gunpowder will detonate completely in less than twenty suctions.

Peter shook his head desperately at him, beckoning him to run,

Outside the door, Alice just got up, realized that something was wrong, and was about to let someone rush in. At this time, there was only a “bang”, and a high circular iron fence fell from the top of her head, firmly blocking her way. The dining room door was locked at the same time.

This series of changes happened only in a blink of an eye. With the distorted laughter of Butler Ryan, what did Alice realize? Lift your feet and climb up the iron fence,

Sadly, however, they were left with less than twenty sucks. Maybe it was only enough time for her to lift her foot once, even if the guard with the best lightness kung fu would take forty breaths at the fastest to break through the door of the dining room.

Berlin stands by the window, takes one last look at his princess, and flashes her an apologetic smile.

sorry! I’m leaving you again, this time… No matter how hard I try, I can’t get back to you!

After Reincarnating, the Ice-Cold Prince Won’t Leave Me Alone

After Reincarnating, the Ice-Cold Prince Won’t Leave Me Alone

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Status: Completed Author:
[Beauty with a delicate body and soft body VS the prince of war god who is cold outside and hot inside]In the eyes of the world, Shen Mingjiao, the side concubine of Prince Su's mansion, is extremely beautiful. King Naihesu is obsessed with Crown Princess Su Qing. Shen Mingjiao has been in the mansion for ten years, King Su has never stayed in her courtyard once, and even recorded the illegitimate child outside under her name, and finally died in the palace change, what a pitiful person!Shen Mingjiao: "" How can she be pitiful?Is it because the garden of the palace is not big enough, or the days of shopping are not enjoyable enough, or the cheap son is not cute enough!If King Su wants to guard his body for Bai Yueguang, let him guard it. Such a marriage does not need to sacrifice both spirit and body. King Su is definitely a good husband who is 24 filial!After being reborn, Shen Mingjiao originally wanted to go through the plot with peace of mind, but after blowing on the newly dyed Kou Dan, it seemed a bit insincere to watch King Su miss Bai Yueguang!But he never thought that in the previous life, King Su, who had always been cold-hearted when he saw her, would come up to her by himself.Feng Lisheng married Shen Mingjiao only out of sympathy. At first, it was just that the palace had added more chopsticks. Later, seeing that the palace had become more alive under her care, the rough guys under him were finally able to eat well. Hot meal.In this way, year after year, he gradually got used to having such a person in the palace, he always thought that Shen Mingjiao was like the bright lights of the palace in the dark, no matter how long he was away, she was always there.Until that day, he rushed all the way from the border into the palace, saw her lying silently in a pool of blood, at that moment, his eyes turned red and he went crazy.PS: Double life.The hero only wants to fall in love.The heroine only wants to be a salted fish vase.


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