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After Reincarnating, the Ice-Cold Prince Won’t Leave Me Alone Volume – Chapter 516: Extra Princess and the Shadow 26

Chapter 516 Fanwai Princess and Shadow 26

At that time, he was only four or five years old, because many years had passed, so he didn’t think of it immediately, until he saw the bamboo dragonfly that Fuguang was holding.

He took off the iron chain on Grandpa Sha’s other arm, and bandaged it neatly to stop the bleeding.

“Outsiders only know that it was Uncle Peter who was on a mission to Daxia and accidentally found the concubine mother. In fact, you were the one who found the concubine mother first.

At that time, the royal family of the Great Moon Kingdom should have given up on the mother and concubine, ”

Only this person, from the Great Moon Kingdom to the Great Xia, across the vast ocean, never gave up.

Grandpa Sha didn’t deny it. Ever since he learned that he wasn’t terminally ill, he didn’t deliberately hide anything. It’s just that he’s used to being silent.

He opened his mouth and said silently: “You are very similar to when you were a child. I am sorry for separating you from your mother.”

Feng Lisheng shook his head, “I never blamed you, on the contrary, I am very grateful to you.”

If Grandpa Sha hadn’t appeared, then Concubine Mu might have lived a peaceful life in the Great Xia Harem. Not long after the late emperor passed away, he had the protection of the emperor’s elder brother and made great contributions on the battlefield. His mother and concubine’s life should not be bad, and he didn’t have to endure the pain of separation from mother and child.

But if he did it all over again, he even hoped that Grandpa Sha would show up sooner, because the mother and concubine’s life shouldn’t be like this.

After the wound was healed, he stood up. Neither of them was joking. Before leaving, he only said:

“My concubine has never let you go these years.”

Because of this sentence, Grandpa Sha sat in the cabin all night.

Feng Lisheng left the cabin, walked a few steps, and there was a person standing by the corridor in front of him.

It’s very cold at night, how long has the other party been standing here?

Feng Lisheng walked over helplessly: “If you’re worried, go in and have a look. What’s the use of standing outside?”

Fu Guang pursed his lips and shook his head, but did not speak.

Men and women have different ideas after all. Feng Lisheng couldn’t understand Fuguang’s entangled mood. He only asked from a rational point of view:

“You guessed it all?”

Fuguang nodded sullenly. She is a martial artist, and she has a keen eye for others. From the first time she met Grandpa Sha, the other party looked at her…

Until I heard from An An that Grandpa Sha’s name was very strange, called Shadou. But she understood at once that she should pronounce “shadow”. “Shadou” is the oblique sound of “shadow” in Chinese, meaning “shadow”.

As a prince who has been trained with all his strength since childhood, he naturally knows the existence of shadows. To some extent, it was even crueler than Daxia’s selection of dark guards.

If she remembers correctly, the first thing her mother did when she came to power was to abolish the Russell royal family’s selection of shadows.

And she knew that the concubine mother seemed to be beautiful these years, but the queen was lonely. She occasionally turned her head inadvertently, as if looking for something, but there was obviously nothing behind her.

So Grandpa Sha is the person my mother can’t let go of, and she is also her father.

“He is willing to go back to Daxia with us, has already explained everything, hasn’t it?”

She asked Feng Lisheng curiously: “How did the eldest brother see it?”

“You and him actually look a bit alike, the most important thing is that the concubine mother will not just give birth to children of irrelevant people.”

Of course, he was an accident,

Feng Lisheng didn’t understand: “Since you know everything, if you want to know anything, just ask him.”

Everyone is an adult, what can’t we sit down and talk about?

Fu Guang: “I’m not ready yet, I don’t know what kind of mentality to use to face him.”

Feng Lisheng didn’t take it seriously: “Then let nature take its course.”

The official ship sailed non-stop. The strange thing is that the road was calm and there were no accidents.

Fu Guang and the others did not dare to relax their vigilance for a moment. Although the remnants of the Karl family were basically wiped out, there must be people lurking in the dark waiting for the opportunity.

The ship sailed for nearly a month, and finally stopped at Casa Island to transfer supplies and rest for a few days, which is the island where An An escaped more than a few months ago.

Coincidentally, the Daxia official ship that Shen Mingjiao and Alice were on also docked at about the same time.

Looking at the familiar flag, An An was the most excited, trotting over. The first few boatmen caught a glimpse of a powder dumpling running towards them, and were a little stunned.

Shen Mingjiao and Shen Mingjiao hadn’t come out yet, TianGao and TangTang, who were guarding outside, suddenly saw the little master, the two maidservants who were usually so cold, and couldn’t help jumping off the boat at this time, saluting An Anqi with red eyes.

An’an trotted forward and helped the two of them up, one left and one right: “I’m sorry! I made you worry. I will take you with me everywhere in the future.”

Shen Mingjiao and Alice in the cabin heard the noise and came out, and saw the little girl who was lightly climbing onto the boat at a glance.

Although An An is a little princess with such a face, her character doesn’t match her appearance at all. If you can stand, you will never sit, and if you can walk, you will never be hugged. Just like now, such a high step has to be climbed up by oneself with short legs.

Shen Mingjiao looked at An Anbi’s small face that had lost a lot of weight a few months ago, her vision blurred.

An An ran over, happily hugging Shen Mingjiao’s waist: “Mother, An An misses you so much!”

Although her mother always punished her and wrote various self-criticisms, every time she was punished, she even got angry and fantasized that her mother would be impressed by her success in the future. But after wandering outside for such a long time, what she misses most is her parents.

Shen Mingjiao struggled to hug the little girl up: “Okay, how old is she, and she’s still acting like a baby!”

An An blinked in amazement: “Mother, you are crying!” It turns out that such a fierce mother-in-law would also cry!

Shen Mingjiao turned her face away uncomfortably, and said in a stiff voice, “No, sand got in my eyes.”

The smug little girl dismantled the stage bluntly: “Every grown-up who cries says that, adults need to save face! I understand!”

Shen Mingjiao: “…” The warmth between mother and daughter has only lasted for so long, and she wants to beat the child, what should I do? Sure enough, it was another day when the little padded jacket leaked wind!

Alice looked at the mother and daughter with a smile. Seeing that Shen Mingjiao was struggling to hold her, she shot at An Ansheng. Bian disliked: “Remember to go back and exercise hard. You are young, and you are not as physically strong as an old woman like me.”

Although An An is not fat, but because of martial arts training, her limbs are well developed, and she weighs about forty pounds.

An An hugged Alice’s neck, and coaxed sweetly: “Grandma is not old, grandma and mother stand together like sisters!”

Alice was amused by her words and couldn’t help but nodded her little nose: “Then I won’t be an old monster anymore!”

Laughter reached the ears of Feng Lisheng and the others who were walking towards this side, and smiled with emotion: “Mother seldom smiles, An An is really likable.”

Feng Lisheng answered as a matter of course: “An’an is always likable.”

Grandpa Sha, who was sitting behind him, was in a daze unconsciously when he heard that hearty laughter. She must have lived a pretty good life these years!

An An struggled to get down, and dragged Jing Qi around in the big boat to play,

Alice heard footsteps, and guessed that Fuguang and others had come over, and was greeting people to get off the boat. When she raised her head, her face suddenly froze.

Staring blankly at Grandpa Sha who was standing next to them, he felt that he was hallucinating because he didn’t sleep well!

Otherwise, how could the dead people reappear?

Grandpa Sha struggled to move forward. He walked very slowly at first. Seeing the tears on Alice’s face, he unconsciously quickened his pace. When he was approaching, he hesitated and stopped.

Looking at the wrinkled corners of Alice’s eyes, a burst of sourness flooded her heart, but in the end she just opened her lips silently and said, “Princess, don’t cry.”

Alice couldn’t bear it any longer, and slowly squatted down, covering her face and crying.

She didn’t even dare to reach out to touch the other party, for fear that if she stretched out her hand, the illusion would disappear.

Shen Mingjiao tugged on Feng Lisheng’s sleeve, and asked softly, “Is he Berlin? How did you find him?”

Feng Lisheng didn’t ask her how she knew, he directly pulled Shen Mingjiao away, leaving space for the two of them. “I won’t be able to tell for a while, I will tell you when I go back.”

Berlin reached out and patted Alice on the shoulder. Alice suddenly raised her head and stared at the person in front of her for a while.

Gradually, my reason came back, and I finally believed that this was not an illusion, and Berlin was really still alive!

She rushed forward, hugged him tightly, didn’t say anything, just sobbed silently.

Berlin reached out and patted Alice’s thin back lightly.

He experienced this kind of loss and recovery twice. The last time was thirty years ago, when he was hunted down and seriously injured by Barron, and that time he almost died. He has been recovering from his injuries in the valley for more than a year.

When she came out, the sky of Dayue Kingdom had already changed. Her princess was dead, more than a year ago.

Berlin didn’t believe it, in order to find the princess. He has been to many places, across the sea, across the Gobi desert, and even to the west of Tianzhu.

Finally, four years later, he came to Daxia, to that legendary ancient country with a long culture.

He was relieved to learn that the princess was accepted into the harem by Emperor Daxia. No one knows better than him how miserable the end of a trafficked woman will be.

Emperor Daxia is very beautiful, but at least the princess can eat and dress warmly.

He finally brought the princess back to the country, even if he faced swords and swords after returning to the country, it didn’t matter…

It’s a pity that later, when the two of them went through all kinds of hardships and obstacles and finally came to light, just the day before they were going to propose to the princess, he was plotted against and imprisoned with black iron chains for twenty years.

It wasn’t until half an hour later that the emotions of the two parties calmed down. Fuguang has already arranged a place to live.

Casa Island is actually quite big. Here is the famous Black Triangle. Along with all kinds of dark crimes, it also gathers many rich people, so it also has a very good accommodation environment.

Of course, after vaguely guessing the origins of Fu Guang and others, Jack, the boss of Casa Island, is more honest than Quail, and he just wants to send these Buddhas away as soon as possible.

As for why the Great Moon Kingdom didn’t take people to destroy the cancerous tumor on Casa Island, this involves political issues in several countries, so I won’t go into details here.

At this time, several people are sitting in a box of a luxury hotel. In order to live comfortably these days,

In the box, the atmosphere is a bit subtle,

Alice fell into the great joy of regaining the lost, and kept staring at Berlin for a moment, for fear that he would disappear in the next moment.

Berlin was in charge of serving food for Alice, and Alice seemed to have lost her ability to think.

She obediently stuffed the food in Berlin into her mouth, not caring what she ate at all, her eyes still fixed on Berlin.

The two people in this room only have each other in their eyes, and the table is full of people staring at it without being affected.

Even An An felt that there seemed to be something different about Grandpa Sha who was with his grandmother.

However, Feng Lisheng and Fu Guang both have a quiet temperament, so the atmosphere at the dinner table is a bit weird.

Shen Mingjiao reluctantly withdrew her gaze, and smiled to cheer up the atmosphere: “Concubine Mu, don’t just eat vegetables, and this… Uncle Berlin, you can also eat some.”

Bolin nodded to Shen Mingjiao politely, and continued to serve Alice.

Shen Mingjiao couldn’t imagine that her mother-in-law, who is usually vicious and sassy, ??would be like this in front of the person she likes!

But put yourself in the shoes, if she and Feng Lisheng unexpectedly parted ways for twenty years, then she might… er, find another new love?

At this time, Feng Lisheng looked over and asked: “What’s wrong, the food doesn’t suit your appetite?”

Shen Mingjiao withdrew her thoughts with a guilty conscience: “It’s delicious.”

Feng Lisheng picked up a piece of fish for her, shaved the bones and put it in her bowl, his eyes seemed to say: Don’t be envious, you have what others have,

Shen Mingjiao: “…” She really wasn’t envious!

So there was a weird scene on the dining table, the two men took food in silence, and Alice opened her mouth obediently. Shen Mingjiao disliked eating too much, but the chopsticks never stopped.

The remaining three, An Jingqi and Fu Guang, looked at each other in blank dismay, feeling that these children were superfluous.

After the meal was finally finished, An An and Jing Qi were followed by guards for a stroll around the inn.

In the box, the table has been cleared. Looking at Berlin, he asked straight to the point: “Can you tell me how you were imprisoned, why did John imprison you?”

Berlin looked at his daughter with complicated eyes, with admiration in his eyes and regret for not fulfilling his father’s responsibility.

He said silently: “That day your mother was just diagnosed to be pregnant. We were all very happy and decided to hold the wedding as soon as possible.”

He glanced at Alice and said uncomfortably, “I’ve prepared the proposal ring long ago. That day the princess was out of town due to business. In the evening, John came over and said that the princess might have been assassinated outside the city.” , the situation is critical.

Over the years, John has helped us a lot. He is a trustworthy person, so I didn’t doubt it, and followed him anxiously out of the orange.

What awaits me is a trap that has already been set. ”

John knew him well enough, plus he was defenseless. was quickly captured.

John did not kill him, but filled him with dumb drugs, poisoned his inner strength, sent him to Maya City, locked him with black iron chains, and suffered from physical and mental suffering every day.

After listening to Alice, her expression was complicated, more regretful: “When I came back from outside the city that day, I saw that you were not in the palace. Until the next day, someone found the remains eaten by wild animals in the barren hills outside the city. corpse.”

She touched the man’s broken middle finger: “I saw your finger at the scene of the incident…”

Needless to say the rest, Alice will definitely think that Berlin is dead.

Fu Guang still doesn’t think it makes sense:

“Then why did John do this? If he has a deep hatred for you and wants to torture you, but he hasn’t been to Maya city once after that,

But if he had long had the ambition to seize the throne, in order to get rid of your resistance, he shouldn’t have spared your life. In the end, if he wanted to threaten your mother with your life at a critical moment, he didn’t do that until his death Do, is it because he died too soon?

And I have always wondered why John rebelled, was it really because of the temptation of power? ”

Berlin paused when he heard the words, and glanced at Alice beside him. He didn’t want to tell his daughter that.

Alice shook her head at him, and said, “Let me tell you! I thought the same as you at first.

John is my third brother, a famous playboy. However, during the years when I was thrown into the sea by Baron, everyone forgot or obeyed Baron. John kept trying to get me back and was fighting Barron.

Later, I was found by Berlin and returned to the Great Moon Kingdom, during the seven years when we were struggling. John really helped me so much that he almost lost his life. After I ascended the throne, he no longer participated in the court affairs, but returned to be his idle prince.

Until I accidentally discovered that he hid Jenny, who was somewhat similar to me, in the villa, and had a daughter with Jenny,

Jenny and him are half brothers and sisters!

I found out later that John, like his father, is a paranoid lunatic! “

After Reincarnating, the Ice-Cold Prince Won’t Leave Me Alone

After Reincarnating, the Ice-Cold Prince Won’t Leave Me Alone

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[Beauty with a delicate body and soft body VS the prince of war god who is cold outside and hot inside]In the eyes of the world, Shen Mingjiao, the side concubine of Prince Su's mansion, is extremely beautiful. King Naihesu is obsessed with Crown Princess Su Qing. Shen Mingjiao has been in the mansion for ten years, King Su has never stayed in her courtyard once, and even recorded the illegitimate child outside under her name, and finally died in the palace change, what a pitiful person!Shen Mingjiao: "" How can she be pitiful?Is it because the garden of the palace is not big enough, or the days of shopping are not enjoyable enough, or the cheap son is not cute enough!If King Su wants to guard his body for Bai Yueguang, let him guard it. Such a marriage does not need to sacrifice both spirit and body. King Su is definitely a good husband who is 24 filial!After being reborn, Shen Mingjiao originally wanted to go through the plot with peace of mind, but after blowing on the newly dyed Kou Dan, it seemed a bit insincere to watch King Su miss Bai Yueguang!But he never thought that in the previous life, King Su, who had always been cold-hearted when he saw her, would come up to her by himself.Feng Lisheng married Shen Mingjiao only out of sympathy. At first, it was just that the palace had added more chopsticks. Later, seeing that the palace had become more alive under her care, the rough guys under him were finally able to eat well. Hot meal.In this way, year after year, he gradually got used to having such a person in the palace, he always thought that Shen Mingjiao was like the bright lights of the palace in the dark, no matter how long he was away, she was always there.Until that day, he rushed all the way from the border into the palace, saw her lying silently in a pool of blood, at that moment, his eyes turned red and he went crazy.PS: Double life.The hero only wants to fall in love.The heroine only wants to be a salted fish vase.


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