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After Awakening, I Conquered The Whole World Volume – Chapter 1129

Qiao Fei woke up in the middle of the night. When she woke up, Mu Zhenming was standing by.

His eyes were covered with blood, and obviously he didn’t have a good rest. After all, it was midnight and he didn’t close his eyes.

As soon as Joffe woke up, he put his head forward and said, “are you awake? Do you want some water? ”

Qiao Fei just pinched his arm and asked subconsciously, “what about Xiao Jin?”

Mu Zhenming pauses for a moment.

Seeing Mu Zhenming’s expression, Qiao Fei realized that Qiao didn’t come back. He heard Mu Zhenming say in a deep voice: “the police don’t have any news coming back.”

Joffy began to cry.

“Did Joe expect to say that to us the other day?”

Mu Zhenming can only think of the words that Qiao left a few days ago. He felt the same pain in his heart. He could not bear to say, “we can only think better.”

But he knew it wasn’t possible, and Joffe had never reacted so much.

She is just a keen woman. Even if Joe is not her own daughter, she has been raising her for more than 20 years. Maybe she already has a premonition in her heart. This reaction is so strong.

Qiao Fei was crying. She just woke up. It’s not good for her health to cry so violently. Mu Zhenming wants to persuade her, but she doesn’t know how to persuade her.
๐—ณ๐’“๐šŽe๐š ๐’†๐›๐ง๐จv๐šŽฦ–.co๐“ถ

He understood joffy’s feelings.

Can only say: “I let Qichu they accompany you.”

Mu Zhenming poured a glass of water for Qiao Fei and went to call Mu Qichu.

Results not long ago, but received Mu Xiangshan overjoyed voice: “come back quickly, Joe is back now!”

Mu Zhenming was stunned: “back?”

The old man was too old to guard Qiao Fei in the hospital, so they let Mu Xiangshan rest at home.

Now he’s the only one in the family.

Mu Xiangshan’s voice was still happy: “yes, yes, I’m back. Do you think Qiao Fei’s problem is big or not, or I’ll let Qiao come to the hospital today?”

“No Mu Zhenming looked back at Qiao Fei and immediately rushed in and said, “Qiao is back today.”

Qiaofei stopped crying and belched: “are you serious?”

Mu Zhenming nodded.
f๐”ฏ๐’†๐šŽ๐š ๐‘’๐š‹๐“ƒเซฆฮฝโ„ฏฦ–.co๐˜ฎ

“Go back, I’ll go back,” he screamed

Mu Zhenming, of course, is helping her clean up. She has nothing to do except pass out and doesn’t have to stay in the hospital.

Now I can’t wait to hear people coming back.


Joe woke up in his room today.

When she woke up, she was lying on the bed, but she could feel a change.

Her body was moist, as if she had just been fished out of the water, and the bed under her was wet.

She got up from the bed, still a little dazed.

The rules appear in front of her, as if with a trace of laughter [colleagues, I’d like to see you, by the way, you’re pregnant]

Qiao Jin: “I’d like to see you

Then the rules disappeared without saying much to her.

Joe can clearly feel that she has not lost her power, but she has lost the control over the rules.

It’s like she doesn’t even have the ability to exchange rules.

Now she is more like a powerful array mage, but she no longer has the ability to communicate with time and them as before.

She’s also completely incapable of swallowing.

She knows why, swallowing and returning, no consciousness, it is more like a law now, perhaps in a long time, it will be born again a consciousness.

But it’s not Joe anymore.

She came back to life.

After Awakening, I Conquered The Whole World

After Awakening, I Conquered The Whole World

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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Native Language: Chinese
The first time they met, she said to him, โ€œMr. Song, I see that youโ€™re ill-fated, and Iโ€™m afraid that you will die soon. The people around him accused her of being a fraud, and threatened to beat her. The second time she saw him, she said to him, โ€œMr. Song, you will die tomorrow.โ€ She was nearly beaten. The third time they met, he was on the brink of death. *** Qiao Jin was a twenty year old with a meek disposition, but her personality changed drastically after her su*cide attempt, and she became neurotic and pompous. She is labeled as a possessed lunatic. Song Yanqing is a blue-blooded 25 year old. He is ill-omened and so sickly that he can barely walk two steps without coughing. In Qiao Jinโ€™s eyes, he is a phantom with a short life. This is a fictional story about the epic romance between a lunatic that is too big for her britches and a slick noble-born phantom with a short life.


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