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A Regressor’s Tale of Cultivation Volume – Chapter 98: Lotus (6)

Chapter 98: Lotus (6)


Facing the sandstorm of Cheon-saek City attached to the Heaven-Treading Desert, Cheongmun Ryeong and Cheongmun Dan packed a large cloth and scanned the area below.

“If my memory serves right, that’s where the lady lived…”

Cheongmun Ryeong’s gaze turns to an alley.

Inside the alley is the White Magic Lotus Artifact Store that I have seen before.

“There it is.”

‘Could it be her?’

I sigh softly, pondering what to do.

“But Ryeong Hyung, aren’t there other clans’ descendants in the alley?”

“Hmm, indeed.”

As stated, the alley is packed with cultivators possessing consciousness.

Even cultivators appearing to be at the Qi Building stage are present.

“These pathetic ones, chasing after a woman. Now that the Cheongmun Clan is involved, let’s snatch her away as flamboyantly as possible.”

“Let’s do that.”

Then, Cheongmun Ryeong and Cheongmun Dan leap down from the flying magic artifact shaped like a ship, cutting through the sandstorm.

“The Extraordinary Pattern Law Talent is required by our main house, we will take her to the Cheongmun Clan!”


“What is…”

At the booming shout of Cheongmun Dan, the surrounding cultivators flinch and look up at the sky.

No one dares to stand against the mid Qi Building aura of Cheongmun Dan.

Even a cultivator at the early Qi Building stage grimaces but remains still.

And when Cheongmun Dan unfurls the cloth,

“I don’t know what business my daughter has with you, but that will be a bit inconvenient.”


A surge of white spiritual energy approaches.

Cheongmun Dan flinches, crossing his arms to block the wave of spiritual energy, which writhes and transforms into a huge tiger, blocking Cheongmun Dan and Cheongmun Ryeong.

The two retreat to the top of buildings, looking down at the tiger.


‘This is, Qi Building late stage!?’

The tiger made of spiritual energy also leaps into the sky.

And from the dissipating spiritual energy tiger, a middle-aged man in white emerges.

He wears a white robe, a blue ring turned necklace around his neck, and various glass magic artifacts on his wrists.

“I am the guest elder of the Gongmyo Clan, Buk Joong-ho. I’m unsure what the Cheongmun Clan wants with my daughter, but I ask for a formal request rather than such rash actions.”

“Hmm, a guest elder of the Gongmyo Clan.”

“The individual governing this Cheon-saek City.”

Cheongmun Ryeong and Cheongmun Dan step back, and I remember him.

‘That Qi Building cultivator who tried to recruit me to the Gongmyo Clan…!’

He was her father.

“Our clan has come for…”

Cheongmun Ryeong slowly explains their purpose to Buk Joong-ho.

After listening for a while, Buk Joong-ho nods.

“So, you tried to kidnap my daughter for that reason. I’m a bit angry, but I’ll tolerate it for the sake of the Cheongmun Clan. Indeed, my daughter is in trouble because of the clan descendants…”

Buk Joong-ho frowns for a moment and then speaks.

“However, even if I wanted to let my daughter go to the Cheongmun Clan, she will refuse to go.”

“Hmm? What do you mean?”

Cheongmun Ryeong asks in surprise.

Buk Joong-ho rubs his temples, looking vexed.

“It’s due to her mother’s last will. She told us to wait for a betrothed who promised to marry my daughter in Cheon-saek City and would come with a token. Hence, she won’t leave Cheon-saek City to honor her mother’s last will.”


Cheongmun Ryeong frowns and asks.

“Is there no way? It’s an important matter instructed by our clan head…”

“If it’s for a few days, she might, but she won’t leave Cheon-saek City for several months for such a matter. If you try to kidnap her against her will, you’ll have to fight me.”

After pondering for a moment, Cheongmun Ryeong and Cheongmun Dan both sigh lightly.

“We understand. We’ll just have to study the magic artifacts in Cheon-saek City. What do you think, Daoist Seo?”

“I have no objections.”

“Well, then, let’s do that…”

Cheongmun Ryeong commands the clan descendants gathered in the alley below.

“You brats! The Extraordinary Pattern Law Talent artisan you’re surrounding has an artifact commissioned by the formal order using the name of the Cheongmun Clan! It is a multi-year project, so anyone disturbing the artisan will be punished in the name of the Cheongmun Clan. Scram!”

Upon hearing that, most of the late-stage cultivators furrow their brows.

It’s then.

Among the late-stage cultivators, one who looks to be of a similar physical age to me, floats into the air and respectfully greets Cheongmun Ryeong.

“It is an honor to meet Cultivator Cheongmun Ryeong, one of the three greats of Qi Building..”

“Yes, I am also honored to meet Cultivator Byeok Mun-seong, the most talented late-stage heir of the Byeok Clan. You just barely missed being selected for the official ascension group of the Righteous Path Alliance, didn’t you?”

“Ha, I’m embarrassed.”

Byuk Mun-seong, clad in a brown robe, strokes his unique long ponytail as he continues.

“However, I have something to say to Cultivator Cheongmun Ryeong. Regardless of the Cheongmun Clan’s affair, right now, several late-stage cultivators from various clans and she are in the middle of a bet. Cheongmun Clan’s matter is important, but the bet cannot be delayed. Could you please wait just a little longer?”

“A bet? What kind of bet?”

Cheongmun Ryeong furrows his brow and asks, to which Byuk Mun-seong replies with a sly smile.

“She has made a deal that if any of us late-stage cultivators can properly handle the magic artifact she’s making, she’ll end her long seclusion in Cheon-saek City and go on a trip with the cultivator who handled the magic artifact properly.”

“Huh, so you mean to say that right now, when the Cheongmun Clan’s affair is urgent, you plan to take the artifact artisan on a trip?”

Cheongmun Dan glares at Byeok Mun-seong with fiery eyes.

Byeok Mun-seong, still at early Qi Building, steps back with an awkward smile.

“That’s not what I meant. Anyway, I just want to secure a promise. It’s fine to go on the trip after the Cheongmun Clan’s affair is settled.”

“Hmm… Did Cultivator Buk not object to his daughter traveling with a young man?”

At Cheongmun Dan’s words, Buk Joong-ho calmly speaks..

“I allowed it. I’m sad that my daughter is too confined to Cheon-saek City because of her mother’s last words, so I told her to continue with the bet. Of course, I will accompany her.”

Cheongmun Dan and Cheongmun Ryeong looks at me.

“Is it okay with you, Daoist Seo?”

I look at Byeok Mun-seong and ask.

“How long will this bet take, approximately?”

“Ah, well…”

That’s when it happens.


A bright light bursts from within White Magic Lotus.

“Ah! It seems the magic artifacts have just been completed. If you could wait just half a day, the bet will be over…”

I nod.

“Alright. That’s fine…”

Cheongmun Dan and Cheongmun Ryeong also nod, and we decide to watch how the bet unfolds for half a day.

After a while, I feel spatial fluctuations from the space inside the magic artifact store.

‘It feels similar to space compression… Perhaps the inside is larger than the outside.’

I recall when I went to kill the previous emperor of Yanguo.. Even the emperor who was only at the Qi Refining stage had hidden in a pavilion that was larger on the inside.

‘Is that magic artifact store itself a kind of space-like artifact?’

After a while, the door of the magic artifact store opens, and the late-stage cultivators from various clans and Byeok Mun-seong enter the store.

Cheongmun Ryeong and Cheongmun Dan also enter the store after getting permission from Buk Joong-ho.

I too enter the store after getting permission.



As the spatial feature on the store itself activates, the appearance of the store completely changes from the last time I entered.

On a large platform are flags, swords, mirrors, bells, scrolls, wheels, and more.

Numerous forms of magic artifacts are displayed, and as expected, she in white stands on the platform, looking down at us.

“Haha, indeed the magic artifacts of Miss Buk are different just from the aura they emit.”

Byeok Mun-seong exclaims in admiration as he looks at the artifacts.

“Indeed, as promised. If someone can properly handle these magic artifacts, Cultivator Buk will agree to travel with that cultivator.”

“Don’t worry, Cultivator Byeok. However, as I mentioned earlier, I will set the standard for ‘properly handling.'”

“Understood, I would like to hear the standards.”

She lifts a bell-shaped magic artifact and infuses it with spiritual power.


A bright blue light emits from the bell, coloring the surroundings and casting a semi-transparent water curtain around her.

Ten stripes appear on this water curtain.

“The magic artifacts I have created will show one stripe for each tenth of their power unleashed. Thus, if any of you, with any magic artifact I made, can bring forth more than 60% of its power, I will consider the standards met.”

“Hahaha, 60%?”

Byeok Mun-seong laughs aloud.

“How amusing. Even if the magic artifacts made by Cultivator Buk are impressive, do you think the distinguished heirs from various clans gathered here cannot draw out even 60% of a magic artifact’s power?”

Not just Byeok Mun-seong, but snickers can be heard from around the room.

“This means everyone will likely draw out 60%, so we should determine the winner of the bet by who can enhance the magic artifact’s performance the most.”

A late-stage cultivator from the Gongmyo Clan chuckles.

However, she looks at him coldly and says,

“Well, I was worried that setting the standard at 60% might be too high and would be criticized. I wonder how many among you here can actually bring out even 20% of my magic artifacts’ power?”

“What, what…!”

The Gongmyo Clan cultivator’s face turns beet red upon hearing this.

“Are you mocking me!?”

“No, wasn’t it you who started the mockery?”

Suddenly, her demeanor changes.

The soft and gentle look disappears, replaced by a fierce glare that dominates the room.

“How dare you stand before my magic artifacts and say that anyone can draw out 60% of their power? Do you think my magic artifacts are that easy?

If there are those among you who saw the failures displayed in White Magic Lotus and thought my magic artifacts are trivial, please leave now. I do not wish to speak with those who cannot recognize the true value of my magic artifacts.”

Under her intense presence, the Gongmyo Clan heir seems to flinch and then, thumping his chest, steps forward.

“Fine, then I’ll be the first to test the magic artifacts! After all, a magic artifact is just a magic artifact, how impressive can it be?”

He climbs onto the platform and grabs a flag-shaped magic artifact.


And after a while…


The magic artifact looks to light up but then, just as quickly, the light goes out, and it droops lifelessly.


“Full of confidence, yet you can’t even activate the magic artifact.”

“No, no… Ugh! I’m just not used to a flag-shaped magic artifact!”

The late-stage cultivator from the Gongmyo Clan goes around, touching other magic artifacts and infusing them with spiritual power.

But, just like the first, none of the magic artifacts light up; they just fizzle out.

The only one that even showed a sparkle was the mirror-shaped magic artifact he bragged he was most familiar with, but even that failed to produce a single stripe indicating 10% power.

“Th-this is a scam! What kind of magic artifacts are these! It’s not meant for use!”

He shouts at her, but she just smiles and replies,

“If you lack skill, at least have some manners. Please step down. There is not a single magic artifact here that you can handle.”


Spiritual power of the earth attribute escapes from around the Gongmyo Clan heir.

I look at Buk Joong-ho and ask,

“Shouldn’t we intervene?”

But Buk Joong-ho clicks his tongue and crosses his arms.

“No need. My daughter’s magic artifacts are all difficult to draw power from but…”


The Gongmyo Clan cultivator, unable to hold back, casts a spell.


However, his spell is blocked by the water curtain produced by her magic artifact, disappearing without a trace.

Ten stripes are floating on the water curtain.

“If you can properly draw them out, it boasts considerable performance… In fact, even I, her father, can only draw up to 80% of the power from my daughter’s magic artifacts.”

Pride fills Buk Joong-ho’s face.

“A person without manners, skill, or character is trash. Please leave.”


At her gesture, several magic artifacts floats in the air, displaying ten stripes, and point at the Gongmyo Clan cultivator.

The Gongmyo Clan cultivator’s face reddens and then turns pale, but he soon descends from the stage amidst the jeers of other clan descendants.

“Kukkuk, knew that guy would be like this.”

“What was he thinking, trying to handle a magic artifact?”

“Even in the Gongmyo Clan, known for their magic artifacts, he’s famous for not being able to handle them.”

After rearranging the magic artifacts, she looks around the audience and asks,

“Is there anyone else?”

And then, without exception, everyone starts to challenge her magic artifacts.

“An outstanding magic artifact artisan indeed.”

Cheongmun Ryeong strokes his goatee and comments.

“Absolutely trustworthy.”

“Isn’t she somewhat of a magic artifact genius? It seems no one can properly draw out the power of the magic artifacts.”


Many late-stage cultivators tried, but the one who managed to draw out the most power from a magic artifact could only reach 20%.

However, Cheongmun Ryeong is unimpressed.

“Outstanding, yes, but such magic artifacts can be crafted by any high-level refiner. Compared to Gongmyo Cheon-saek, who was absolutely wild, it’s clear she’s still far behind. Gongmyo Cheon-saek used to brag to me about the magic artifacts he created, and compared to him, this law pattern artisan still has a long way to go.”

Cheongmun Ryeong critically assesses her.

“It seems she deliberately made the circuits of the magic artifacts complex and difficult, whereas Gongmyo Cheon-saek’s are simple yet elegant.”

Cheongmun Ryeong looks to have some expertise in magic artifacts, evaluating them from a distance.

“Complex spiritual energy circuits allow one to create powerful magic artifacts from ordinary materials, but whether those are truly good magic artifacts is another question.”

Buk Joong-ho nods somberly at Cheongmun Ryeong’s words.

“You are right. My daughter still falls short compared to Elder Gongmyo Cheon-saek. But there is a reason she makes the circuits complex, please understand that.”

“Alright. As long as she handles the clan matters properly.”

Cheongmun Ryeong nods.

Soon, a gloomy air falls over the faces of the many cultivators gathered in the magic artifact store.

Among them, even the few outstanding ones couldn’t draw out more than 20% of a magic artifact’s power, let alone 60%.

As things turn out this way, some give up even before trying.

“This is a scam!”

“What nonsense is this!!!”

The crowd’s mood grows hostile, but they are subdued by the presence of Buk Joong-ho, Cheongmun Ryeong, Cheongmun Dan, and myself watching from the back.

Then, breaking through the crowd, one person steps forward.

“Cultivator Byeok has stepped up!”

“That’s right. If it’s a Qi Building cultivator, maybe…”

It’s Byeok Mun-seong, who had gathered the cultivators.

“Truly living up to her reputation. I have seen the magic artifacts of Miss Buk. But, honestly, only drawing out 60% of a magic artifact’s power seems too easy, doesn’t it?”

He chuckles and climbs onto the stage, examining the magic artifacts.

“If you’re at Qi Building, understanding how to handle magic artifacts comes naturally. Even if you had set the condition at 90%, it would have been insufficient…”

Then, Byeok Mun-seong lifts a flying sword magic artifact.

“Let me show you the skill of a Qi Building cultivator!”


His Pure Spiritual Force surges into the flying sword.

The sword begins to shine, revealing stripes.

One stripe, two…

And then three!

“Wow… three stripes!”

“Is this what a Qi Building cultivator can do!”

“No one else could draw out even 30% of the power!”

But the stripes don’t stop there.

“Four stripes!”

“Already 40%!”

However, the smile gradually fades from Byeok Mun-seong’s face.

‘How far will this go…’


As Byeok Mun-seong pours in more Pure Spiritual Force, a fifth stripe appears on the magic artifact.


“Look, Cultivator Byeok might just meet the standard!”

But not only me, Cheongmun Ryeong and Cheongmun Dan, even Buk Joong-ho sneer or click their tongues.

It’s evident that Byeok Mun-seong is struggling.

“Tch, tch, pouring in power without understanding. I could draw out 70% myself…”

Cheongmun Ryeong clicks his tongue and mutters, attracting the scornful glances of many.

However, most recognize Cheongmun Ryeong as one of the top three in Qi Building, and many turn their heads back with murmurs.

And then.

Blink, blink…

As Byeok Mun-seong’s face reddens, the sixth stripe faintly flickers and appears on the flying sword.



The light on the flying sword goes out.

“It’s done! Look, Miss Buk. I have drawn out 60% of the flying sword’s power!”

However, her face remains cold.

“60%? Are you sure what you’ve shown is really 60%?”

“The stripes were visible, weren’t they?”


She seems to ponder for a moment, and the crowd becomes on edge, awaiting her decision.

Frustrated, I blurt out without thinking,

“The sword… why handle it like that?”


I flinch!

I look around as numerous eyes are now focused on me.

Unlike the looks directed at Cheongmun Ryeong, these stares linger.

Byeok Mun-seong, having heard my comment, looks at me.

No one dares to speak recklessly to me, a Qi Building cultivator, but their faces are filled with dissatisfaction.

Then Byeok Mun-seong, wiping sweat from his forehead, speaks.

“Ha, it seems you’re around my age, fellow cultivator. How can you be so presumptuous?”

“I apologize if it sounded unpleasant. I just spoke without thinking, as I usually handle the sword.”

“Oh, you’re a sword cultivator? But I, Byeok Mun-seong, pride myself on being a sword cultivator too. How can a stranger criticize my way?”

“Sword cultivator?”

It seems he’s referring to a cultivator who practices sword methods like flying sword skills.

“So, Cultivator Byuk, you mean to say you’ve primarily trained in flying sword techniques?”

“Yes, I’m known as the sword genius of the Byeok Clan, having entered the Qi Building stage. Seeing you’re likely in early Qi Building, I suppose I have a higher understanding of swords than you, don’t I? You shouldn’t speak so thoughtlessly.”


I flinch.

I was going to let it go.


‘Debating sword understanding in front of me?’

In front of me?

I approach the stage with a stern expression.


I pick a sword-shaped magic artifact from among those on the stage and infuse it with Pure Spiritual Force.

“Watch. The sword…”


“Is used like this.”

As I infuse the sword with power, it emits light.

Stripes appear one by one.

The stripes reach three, four, and five.

“Ha, haha… if that’s all…”

And then the sixth stripe appears.


Byeok Mun-seong and the late-stage cultivators from various clans widen their eyes.

A clear sixth stripe!

But I continue to infuse the sword with power.

My Pure Spiritual Force is considerably stronger than Byeok Mun-seong’s, and my understanding of the sword alone is enough to draw out the sword magic artifact’s power.


The seventh stripe appears.

Byeok Mun-seong stares at the sword I am holding as if his eyes will pop out, and she too looks at me with considerable interest.

The eighth stripe.

Cheongmun Ryeong and Cheongmun Dan are also surprised, and Byeok Mun-seong forces out a deflated laugh.

The ninth stripe.

Buk Joong-ho, watching from behind, is also startled and focuses more intently on my sword.

And then.


The sword magic artifact surges with energy, forming the final, tenth stripe.

I have perfectly drawn out 100% of the magic artifact’s power!

“Ha, haha…”

Byeok Mun-seong steps back a few paces with a defeated expression, his face filled with defeat and a mix of anger and humiliation.

Clap, clap, clap, clap…

She smiles brightly and claps her hands.

“Amazing. Until now, no one but the creator myself has been able to fully draw out the power of these magic artifacts…”


I don’t pay attention to her words and infuse even more spiritual power into the sword.

‘Dare to talk about sword understanding in front of me?’

I’ll show them.

What it means to be a sword cultivator!

Forget everything except the sword in front of you!


The sword vibrates wildly, and above the ten stripes, an eleventh stripe appears.


Even she, who has been calm until now, changes her expression.


But I focus on the sword, not paying attention to her.

Hundreds of spiritual energy circuits are visible within the sword.

I don’t concern myself with the unknown circuits.

The important thing is the essence of the sword.

A weapon for cutting, stabbing, and swinging.

How to maximize the power of that tool to its limit?

That is, to swing the tool until it becomes one with my arm.

Severing Mountain Swordsmanship, First Move, Transcending Peaks!


When I take the stance and swing the sword magic artifact, a total of twelve stripes appear on it.

She completely loses her composure and stares intently at the sword in front of me.

“How, how is this possible? I never set it to produce such output. 120%? What have you done?”

“…I think 13, even 14 might be possible.”


I withdraw my Pure Spiritual Force and continue.

“But the sword might break. It appears that 120% is the maximum limit for this magic artifact before it breaks. It’s a good artifact.”

I hand the sword back and step away.

Byeok Mun-seong beside me avoids my gaze with a look of defeat and anger.

Far away, Cheongmun Ryeong and Cheongmun Dan look astonished by my skills, while Buk Joong-ho looks at me with an expression of disbelief.

“…It seems the winner is decided. What is your name, sir?”

She momentarily looks at the sword I have handed her and then speaks to me.

“My name is Seo Eun-hyun, just call me Cultivator Seo. But initially, I was not a participant in this bet.”

“Not a participant? From the moment you entered the magic artifact shop, you were a participant. Among the others here, is there anyone who can draw out the power of magic artifacts like Cultivator Seo?”

No one responds.

“It seems there isn’t. Then, as Cultivator Byeok previously spoken, I shall give the right to Cultivator Seo.”

“Do as you please.”

Byeok Mun-seong spits out his words and then leaves the magic artifact shop.

Many late-stage cultivators also follow him, and among them, the descendants of the Cheongmun Clan are caught by Cheongmun Dan and begin receiving discipline in a corner of the magic artifact shop.

“Anyway, you have proven that you can handle my magic artifacts properly, so I will give all these magic artifacts to you.”

She points to the artifacts on the stage, and I look at them for a moment before saying,

“I’m sorry, but I don’t need them.”

“Excuse me?”

“I don’t use magic artifacts…”

With an overwhelmingly superior alternative like the Formless Sword, why would I use something like a magic artifact?

“By the way, do you remember me, Cultivator Buk? You once gave me water and clothes…”

“Are you ignoring my magic artifacts now?”

But my words change her mood.

She’s feeling humiliated.

“No, that’s not it…”

“Didn’t you say you were a sword cultivator? Not using my magic artifacts means you find them unsatisfactory, right?”

‘What’s this…? Does having a similar talent to Mad Lord also mean she’s mad as well?’

I feel perplexed and try to explain, but she speaks with an angry expression.

“Wait a moment, if you’re not satisfied with these flying swords, I’ll give you something better. I’ll show you my successful creations…!”

“No, that’s not necessary…”


She runs into the back of the magic artifact shop, and Buk Joong-ho approaches, clicking his tongue.

“My daughter is usually kind and gentle, but her personality changes a bit when it comes to magic artifacts. She has great pride in the magic artifacts she’s created herself, so please understand.”

“Isn’t this reaction a bit too much?”

“Well, that’s because you’re the only one who has drawn out 120% of the power of her magic artifacts. Since you’re the first person she’s seen do this, it seems her pride won’t allow her to accept you not using her magic artifacts.”

Soon, she comes back from inside the shop, carrying an armful of sword magic artifacts, and lays them out in front of me.

Each one emits a respectable spiritual aura and are so splendid they take one’s breath away.

“These are the sword magic artifacts I’m most proud of. Please try holding one and then decide!”

Her face is brimming with confidence.

Unable to bear her expression, I pick up one of the swords.


As I infuse power into the sword, a rainbow of spiritual energy covers the inside of the magic artifact shop.

Although stripes do not appear like before, I feel that I am drawing out more power than the magic artifact has.

She too must feel it, as she looks at the sword I am holding with a mesmerized gaze.

“I apologize, but I really don’t need magic artifacts.”

“Excuse me?”

I flinch!

I sense a chill flash in her eyes.

Her confident smile cracks, and veins throb on her forehead.

“Hahaha, how do you feel crushing the pride of an artifact artisan, Daoist Seo?”

Cheongmun Ryeong flies onto the stage and speaks.

When two Qi Building cultivators stand before her, she conceals her chilling demeanor and changes her expression.

“Daoist Seo and I, would like to entrust the owner of White Magic Lotus and the person endowed with the Extraordinary Pattern Law Talent, with a task.”

“What kind of task might that be?”

“Daoist Seo and I intend to develop a certain formation, and for that, we need to create formation magic artifacts. Can you help us?”

She nods in agreement.

“Of course. However, isn’t formation development a field that takes quite some time?”

“That’s right. Hence, Daoist Seo and I will stay in Cheon-saek City to work on this project with you. It might take several years.”

After nodding, she looks at me.

“So, while developing the formation artifacts, I’ll also develop something that will satisfy Daoist Seo.”

“No, really, I don’t need any…”

Cheongmun Ryeong pokes me in the waist to stop me.

His telepathy reached my ears.

[How much do you plan to crush the artisan’s pride, Daoist Seo? Having a magic artifact wouldn’t be bad, just accept it.]

“Alright then. I appreciate your effort, but I’m not in a position to afford such artifacts.”

“Since you didn’t like the artifacts you won for the bet, I’m making you a replacement. My pride is at stake and since Cultivator Seo has shown new potential for my artifacts, I will make it for free.”

Speechless, I just stare at a spot in the magic artifact shop.

“Anyway, I look forward to working with you. My name is Buk Hyang-hwa.”

“My name is Seo Eun-hyeon. I appreciate your cooperation.”

“Stay strong, Cultivator Byeok.”

“Our clan elders say that Cultivator Buk’s talent corresponds to the Four-Pattern among the Extraordinary Pattern Law Talent. True demonic talent begins to manifest from One-Pattern. Four-Pattern is just considered a level of an outstanding prodigy, so there’s no need to be too disheartened, right?”

Byeok Mun-seong is receiving consolation from the other cultivators.

“Haha, thank you for your consolation, friends…”

“Well, it’s unfortunate this time, but if there’s another fun event, please call me, Cultivator Byeok.”

“I’ll see you later!”

As Byeok Mun-seong’s mood seems to brighten a bit, the cultivators each ride their flying artifacts and return to their clans.


Byeok Mun-seong’s face suddenly contorts in anger.

“Fools… She’s not just a simple Four-Pattern… Why did I drag those guys around, bothering and annoying her…”


He stomps in anger and gnaws his teeth.

“I can’t let some unknown guy take her… If I can make her, who possesses demonic talent like that monster, mine, becoming a clan head isn’t just a dream…!”

He bites his lips and walks into an alley.

“Let’s wait for her to go on a journey. I still have a chance…”

“Serving Command Palace…?”

In the inner meeting room of the magic artifact shop.

Buk Hyang-hwa, who received the formation diagram, is startled.

“The creation of the legendary artisan.”

“Yes. We need to create a formation that will stimulate growth for a spiritual tree inside, and you must create the formation artifacts for that.”

Cheongmun Ryeong, Buk Hyang-hwa. and I sit at a table, discussing the formation.

After a while, she asks seriously,

“Can we enter Serving Command Palace? If I could see the dragon veins and qualities with my own eyes, it would be easier to create suitable magic artifacts.”


“Additionally, Serving Command Palace is known as a treasure. If we can borrow its power for the formation artifacts, we can create even more effective ones.”

However, Cheongmun Ryeong shakes his head.

“Serving Command Palace only appears once every 400 years. It will be several hundred years before it appears again…”

“Ah, but I know a secret way to enter.”


At my words, Cheongmun Ryeong looks surprised, and Buk Hyang-hwa’s face brightens.

“What kind of method is it?”

“Ah, I just need to ask a friend of mine.”

I take out a communication device connected to Seo Ran.

The day turns to evening.

I reached out to Seo Ran, and along with Cheongmun Ryeong, we continued to discuss and sketch out the formation diagrams.

Buk Hyang-hwa announced she would create the basic magic artifacts for the formation and entered her workshop.


After finishing the discussion with Cheongmun Ryeong, I briefly step out of the meeting room.

‘He always has an overwhelming number of questions.’

Cheongmun Ryeong is known for his inquisitiveness, constantly asking, ‘Why do you think that way?’ This habit persisted even during our discussions on formations.

His sharp questions can be piercing at times, but they also bring a sense of nostalgia, as if revisiting the past.

‘The past, once gone, never returns.’

This fact remains true, even for someone who has experienced regression.

Lost in such gloomy thoughts, I hear a noise.

Clang, clang!

From Buk Hyang-hwa’s workshop inside the magic artifact shop, the sound of a hammer striking echoes.

‘Buk Hyang-hwa is quite remarkable.’

To create magic artifacts, she hammers away beside the intense heat of the flames, her being a woman notwithstanding.

I casually approach her workshop and stealthily observe her working.

Creak, creak…

She’s carefully engraving something on a formation flag artifact, and then she proceeds to hammer and shape something new.

Suddenly, I notice something blossoming on her face.


It’s a four-colored pattern.

This pattern, resembling tree branches, boar colors of gold, purple, light pink, and black.

The black and purple patterns, interwoven, create a semi-blended appearance.

‘That must be Four-Pattern…’

Amidst the sparks, her figure, forging magic artifacts while adorned with four colors, continually captivates my attention.

In the midst of this,

Suddenly, our eyes meet.

“Ah, Cultivator Seo, have you come? I have something to ask of you.”

“What would that be?”



She goes deeper into her workshop and returns with a large box, placing it before me.


Upon opening the box, it contains numerous unfinished sword magic artifacts.

“These are artifacts I made, inspired by seeing you with the previous swords.”

‘All these, crafted in just half a day?’

Buk Hyang-hwa, with a confident expression, adds,

“These are specially made for you, Cultivator Seo. They’re not finished yet, but I bet they won’t easily unleash their full power this time. Why not try infusing them with your spiritual power?”

With a slight smile, I pick up one of the swords.

Once again, I channel Pure Spiritual Force into the sword.

As expected, the sword glows, emitting more than 120% of its intended output.

‘I wonder if she will be disappointed… I feel sorry for defying her expectations.’

As I’m about to speak to her,


Buk Hyang-hwa, in a daze, watches the sword as it releases strength beyond its limits.

Her mouth continuously moves, muttering something about artifacts, and her eyes are fixated on the sword.

‘She must have gained some inspiration…’

Just then,


The four-colored pattern reappears on her skin.

‘Four-Pattern may only be considered equivalent to the level of a prodigy, but it seems to be a talent far surpassing ordinary magic artifact artisans…’

Suddenly, I shudder, observing her in her trance-like state.

The intertwined purple and black patterns look to be merging together.

A Regressor’s Tale of Cultivation

A Regressor’s Tale of Cultivation

回歸修仙傳, 회귀수선전
Score 7.8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
On the way to a company workshop, we fell into a world of immortal cultivators while still in the car. Those with spiritual roots and unique abilities were all called to join cultivation sects, living prosperously. But I, having neither spiritual roots nor special abilities, lived as an ordinary mortal for 50 years, complying with fate until my death. That’s what I thought. Until I regressed.


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