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A Regressor’s Tale of Cultivation Volume – Chapter 97: Lotus (5)

Chapter 97: Lotus (5)

“Is there something uncomfortable?”

“No… Thank you for your hospitality, Cultivator Cheongmun.”

I face Cheongmun Ryeong while hiding my emotions.

He looks puzzled but does not ask further and takes a seat.

I sit down as well.

“I heard you came to discuss formations with me.”

“Yes. I saw a spell a Nascent Soul cultivator used the other day, and I wanted to create a formation based on that framework, so I came to consult with Cultivator Cheongmun, an expert in formations.”

“Can I see the kind of formation you are talking about?”

I show him the design of the formation I have planned.

Cheongmun Ryeong looks over the formation for a while and says,

“So, this is a formation that concentrates strong energy to transform into life force, thereby accelerating the growth of heaven and earth spiritual plants, correct?”

“That’s correct.”

“That’s inefficient. It would be faster to use the filthy methods of the devil path to refine life force and pour it in.

Why do you think such a formation has never been developed? Even if you pour a foolish amount of spiritual energy, it’s bound to be slow in accelerating the growth of spiritual plants.”

“This is a very important matter to me. Is there really no way?”


After examining the formation for a while, Cheongmun Ryeong looks at me and asks.

“Cultivator Seo, I don’t think you came to me with such a foolish formation structure. You must have some more information to request my help, correct?”

I nod and take out another book from my belongings.

It’s a book recording information regarding the Longevity Tree and Longevity Fruits.

“I’ve done detailed research on the heaven and earth spiritual plant I want to accelerate in growth. The species of the spiritual plant, its location, the condition of the surrounding dragon veins, the uniqueness of the area.

I even know the current state of the spiritual plant. It’s just about to bloom and bear fruit, and it will be fully ripened in a few hundred years.

I want to use the formation to accelerate the ripening period by a few hundred years.”


Cheongmun Ryeong carefully examines the book I gave him, stroking his beard.

“If that’s the case, a formation that only applies to that particular spiritual plant and accelerates growth for a few hundred years…”

As he looks at the book, he suddenly shudders.

“Hah, the Longevity Fruit…! Just one fruit can extend life by a hundred years…!”

“That’s right.”

“…I should mention this to the clan head. A spiritual plant that can extend life by this much is a tremendous treasure, especially for the Core Formation clan head.

Especially now, with the Ascension Gate open and many Heavenly Being cultivators having ascended… maybe I can get support from the clan head.”

He asks me questions about the book and the formation and we end up talking through the night.

“Ah, it’s already dawn.”

“Is there an issue?.”

“Ha ha, it’s been a while since I had so much fun. But I have to report to the clan head, so I must leave.

Daoist Seo, among the Qi Building cultivators I’ve met, you are the most knowledgeable and have an outstanding understanding of cultivation methods. Honestly, when you first presented that nonsensical formation structure, I thought you were mad…

Thanks to you, I’ve learned a lot.”

“No, I’ve learned more from Daoist Cheongmun.”


A nickname among cultivators of equal standing who are close.

He seemed to like me after talking through the night, and at some point, he started calling me Daoist.

-This foolish disciple!

-Cultivator Seo

-Daoist Seo

How my title changes over time.


Will the word ‘Senior’ come out of Cheongmun Ryeong’s mouth?

As I see Cheongmun Ryeong off, I feel a lingering bittersweet taste

As I grow more powerful, I can surpass fate and witness new miracles and changes.

But somehow, I feel some things should remain unchanged.

I’m afraid of the day ‘Senior’ might come out of Cheongmun Ryeong’s mouth.

“Ha ha, Cultivator Seo. Did you have a good talk with Ryeong Hyung?”

“Ah, Cultivator Cheongmun Dan.”

Cheongmun Dan, who had led me to the main house, approaches and asks.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Ryeong Hyung talk so happily. He always grumbles that there are only muscleheads in the Cheongmun Clan. It seems he really enjoyed himself for the first time in a while.”

“I only asked Cultivator Cheongmun questions. To say he was happy makes me feel embarrassed.”

“Asking proper questions is no small feat. Cultivator Cheongmun Ryeong always complains about the ignorance of other Qi Building elders. Last night, listening to your conversation, it was rare not to see his usual prickliness. I’m truly impressed by Cultivator Seo’s knowledge.”

“That’s kind of you to say. It’s just that my master… taught me well.”

I swallow the bitter taste in my mouth and force a smile.

“I see. May I ask who your master is?”

“I apologize, but I prefer not to disclose my master’s name.”

“I understand. It seems you are young, too. I wish even half of our clan’s younger members are like Cultivator Seo.”

Cheongmun Dan sighs, talking about how the recent generation is chasing after easy success and women, and how he should assemble them all and discipline them to restore order.

After some idle talk, Cheongmun Dan glances at me and asks,

“What about it, Cultivator Seo? If someone with your knowledge can lecture our clan’s younger members…”

He’s making an offer for me to join the Cheongmun Clan.

It’s a respectful proposition, unlike the ridiculous act of forcibly taking someone of equal status as a son-in-law.

“I’m afraid that being affiliated with a particular place doesn’t suit my nature…”

“That’s a pity. You have such a firm conviction, I wish my descendants could learn from you.”

“You’re having a tough time with the young generation of the Cheongmun Clan?”

I recall the siblings from the Cheongmun Clan who had been freely throwing punches at the Spirit Path Conference.

‘If all the younger members of the Cheongmun Clan are like that, it must be a headache for the elders.’

“Well, it’s not so much difficult as it is frustrating. No, not frustrating, but it’s infuriating that they’re bewitched by strange rumors, neglecting their cultivation and chasing after women.”

“Chasing after women?”

Cheongmun Dan thumps his chest in exasperation.

“This is all because of the Mad Lord. Damn it. Since everyone saw him roaming around the whole world before the Ascension Gate, they believe anything related to him must be inherently good, leading some to blindly follow him.

Among them, the most troublesome is the top heir of the Byeok Clan, that rascal! Despite reaching Qi Building, he behaves disgracefully, enticing even the innocent children of the Cheongmun Clan to chase after women with him!”

Cheongmun Dan thumps his chest again, clearly angry.

“What exactly happened, if I may ask?”

It seems he was frustrated and desperately wanted someone to listen to his grievances.

“Just listen. Byeok Mun-seong of the Byeok Clan, one day found a cultivator in Byeokra with the same qualities as the Mad Lord, a Heavenly Being cultivator.”


I’m shocked and look at him in surprise.

“The same qualities as the Mad Lord…”

“Yes, the same kind of qualities as that mad old man. Therefore, not only the Cheongmun, Byeok, and Gongmyo clans but also cultivators from other countries showed interest.

However, it turned out that although this cultivator has the same qualities as the Mad Lord, their qualities are far inferior to the Mad Lord.”

“What kind of qualities are they?”

Cheongmun Dan looks at me somewhat incredulously and asks.

“Don’t you know about the Mad Lord’s qualities? The Mad Lord was born with a talent known as ‘Extraordinary Pattern Law Talent.’

Those with Extraordinary Pattern Law Talent show a natural aptitude for creating magic artifacts, formations, puppets, and such. When they concentrate on creating something, strange patterns appear on their skin, and the number of colors in those patterns determines their rank, from Extraordinary Pattern Law Talent of Seven Pattern to One Pattern. The more colors, the more impure and useless the talent; fewer colors indicate a purer and more innate talent.”

“Ah, that’s quite a unique quality.”

He continue.,

“Well, true talent in Extraordinary Pattern Law Talent ranges from One-Pattern to Three-Pattern. Four-Pattern to Five-Pattern is just average, and Six-Pattern to Seven-Pattern is practically useless in creation.”

I listen to Cheongmun Dan’s explanation.

“But the cultivator found by Byeok Mun-seong is just a Four-Pattern Extraordinary Pattern Law Talent.

He discovered a mediocre talent and exaggerated it as if he found someone with the same qualities as the Mad Lord. Claiming that securing this person would be a tremendous contribution to their clan, he lured not only his own clan’s younger members but also those from the Cheongmun and Gongmyo clans to chase after the woman!”

“That’s unfortunate…”

“If it were someone from the Cheongmun Clan, I’d have given them a good thrashing, but I can’t do that to the heir of the Byeok Clan. It’s infuriating.”

“You must be deeply troubled.”

Just then.

“I just discussed this matter with the clan head.”


Cheongmun Ryeong came out from the main house of the Cheongmun Clan and spoke to us.

“The clan head suggested that, together with Daoist Seo, we should completely eradicate the root of this problem.”

“What do you mean, Ryeong Hyung?”

“The information about the Longevity Fruit brought by Daoist Seo. After discussing it with the elders, the clan head decided to support us unconditionally.”

It seems the information about the Longevity Fruit and its accelerated growth was told among the clan head and elders.

“But what does that have to do with solving the problem?”

“Well, we need to study formations with Daoist Seo, and we need someone to provide the magic artifacts for the formation.”

Cheongmun Ryeong slowly explains to Cheongmun Dan and me.

“So, the clan head plans to formally request that woman who’s been causing a stir among the clan’s younger generation lately to create the magic artifacts for the formation. By placing an order in the name of the Cheongmun Clan, and having that woman busy in her workshop, we can legally deal with any of the young heirs from our or other clans who cause trouble, considering it an interference with the Cheongmun Clan’s affairs.”

“Indeed… Even though she’s only a Four-Pattern Extraordinary Pattern Law Talent, she’s still a highly talented artifact craftswoman, certainly capable of producing satisfactory results.”

“Yes, that’s likely. Ha ha, thanks to the formation brought by Daoist Seo, we can also resolve the issues with our troublesome younger generation”

Cheongmun Ryeong grins and pats my shoulder.

Suddenly, I have a question.

“I understand that those with Extraordinary Pattern Law Talent are naturally skilled in creating magic artifacts and such, but what level of this talent does the Mad Lord have?”

“Is that even a question? Obviously, he’s a One-Pattern Extraordinary Pattern Law Talent.”

“The Mad Lord’s talent is truly demonic. Just imagine, before the Ascension Gate opened, many Heavenly Being cultivators fled whenever the Mad Lord appeared.”

Cheongmun Ryeong and Cheongmun Dan, who might have seen the Mad Lord before, both suddenly shiver.

‘Not as high as One-Pattern Extraordinary Pattern Law Talent, but still a Four-Pattern Extraordinary Pattern Law Talent…’

I become curious about the cultivator who possesses the same kind of talent as the Mad Lord.

“Well, Ryeong Hyung. We should proceed in the Cheongmun Clan’s decisive manner. Should we just kidnap her?”

“Yes, let’s go and kidnap her quickly.”



I can’t keep up with Cheongmun Ryeong and Cheongmun Dan’s conversation and ask them for clarification.

“Aren’t we supposed to place an official order?”

“Indeed. However, the magic artifacts for the formation must be continually refined and experimented with as we research the formation.

Wouldn’t it be better if the Cheongmun Clan makes them and conducts experiments directly? That’s why we plan to kidnap her and have her create the artifacts.”

Cheongmun Ryeong and Cheongmun Dan look at me as if wondering what the problem is.

‘Right, this clan is known for its excessive boldness…’

After all, this is the clan that tried to kidnap me for a forced marriage when I was weak.

“We will officially pay her and place a proper order after kidnapping her.”

“The plan under the clan head’s name won’t cause her any harm, other than temporarily changing her residence.”


I hesitate, not knowing where to start objecting, and then sigh softly.

“…How about we first meet this Four-Pattern Extraordinary Pattern Law Talent cultivator, and then ask for her opinion?”

Anyway, Cheongmun Ryeong, Cheongmun Dan, and I flew eastward to Byeokra on a flying artifact to kidnap the Four-Pattern Extraordinary Pattern Law Talent. The creator needed for the formation.

‘Wait, this direction is…’

I feel a sense of déjà vu.

“Daoist Seo seems a bit unfamiliar with the Cheongmun Clan’s way, I assume?”

“Ah, yes.”

Cheongmun Ryeong strokes his beard and speaks.

“People of our main house don’t act thoughtlessly like thieves. We observe the situation and act appropriately.

It’s just that, according to our clan’s principle, we tend to be a bit more aggressive.”


Cheongmun Dan continues.

“We’re not kidnapping the artifact craftswoman just for our sake. Right now, that woman is surrounded and troubled by the heirs of not only the Cheongmun Clan but also the Byeok, Gongmyo, and other clans.

She might even prefer to be under the protection of the Cheongmun Clan.”


Thinking about what Cheongmun Dan said, it seems that from the craftwoman’s perspective, this might not be such a bad option.

“The founder of our clan, Ancestor Cheongmun Chang-ho, once said,

‘Always consider the other’s perspective when you act, but once you take action, do it boldly, no matter how.'”

“I see…”

Thinking about it, the Cheongmun Clan’s attempt to capture me for a forced marriage wasn’t entirely bad for me.

A bit aggressive, but always considering the other’s perspective – that is the Cheongmun Clan.

‘But this direction… Could it be that the Four-Pattern Extraordinary Pattern Law Talent cultivator is…’

In the distance, the skyline of the easternmost part of Byeokra begins to appear.

“Ryeong Hyung. Are we going to use ropes for the kidnapping, or do it stealthily?”

“Let’s do it stealthily.”


Translator notes: Extraordinary Pattern Law Talent, what a mouthful.

A Regressor’s Tale of Cultivation

A Regressor’s Tale of Cultivation

回歸修仙傳, 회귀수선전
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On the way to a company workshop, we fell into a world of immortal cultivators while still in the car. Those with spiritual roots and unique abilities were all called to join cultivation sects, living prosperously. But I, having neither spiritual roots nor special abilities, lived as an ordinary mortal for 50 years, complying with fate until my death. That’s what I thought. Until I regressed.


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