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A Hidden Pampered Marriage: Boss’ Beloved Wife Volume – Chapter 329 – : Madam… Is Back?

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Chapter 329: Madam… Is Back?

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As You Luan spotted Lin Wan stepping out of the car, he promptly approached and positioned himself in front of her. Upon greeting her politely, he said, “Hello, Madam.”

“Mm, You Luan.” Lin Wan maintained her courteous demeanor toward You Luan, offering a faint smile as she inquired, “What brings you here?”

“Madam, Mr. Xiao is waiting for you in the car. Please,” You Luan gestured, signaling her to join.

Lin Wan observed the car nearby and informed You Luan, “You Luan, I won’t go over. I have nothing to say to him. I’ll go upstairs first.”

Upon attempting to walk around You Luan toward the stairwell, Lin Wan was stopped as You Luan intervened.

“Madam, you know Mr. Xiao’s temper. He’s been waiting for you here for three hours,” You Luan shared. Given Xiao Yichen’s especially irritable mood today, he didn’t dare to say more. Therefore, he hoped to escort Lin Wan into the car. Otherwise, he feared what Xiao Yichen might do next.

Upon glancing at You Luan, Lin Wan understood Xiao Yichen’s personality fairly. However, waiting for her for three hours? Is he really that free?

Ultimately, Lin Wan decided to comply and approached Xiao Yichen’s car. You Luan opened the car door, and Lin Wan entered.

Once seated, Xiao Yichen issued a curt command, “Drive.”

“Okay,” You Luan responded and started the car, steering out of the residential area.

“Xiao Yichen, where are you taking me?” Lin Wan inquired upon noticing the car leaving the neighborhood.

Initially thinking they might converse in the car, she hadn’t anticipated him driving away. Where is he headed?

Xiao Yichen turned to face Lin Wan. His gaze fixed on her. With a sudden move, he reached out and pulled her into his embrace.

Upon holding her close, Xiao Yichen looked deeply into her eyes and stated, “Let’s go home.”

Since she was reluctant to return, he decided to bring her home. fre ewebno vel.com

Five years had passed. If she had forgotten the way, he would help her find it!

Lin Wan felt a bit bewildered. Is he taking me back to Blue Bay villa?

Despite Lin Wan struggling against Xiao Yichen’s hold, her efforts proved futile. She decided not to waste more energy.

“Let go. I’ll call my mother,” Lin Wan calmly proposed. She had no intention of arguing or confronting Xiao Yichen.

If he intended to bring her back to Blue Bay villa, he wouldn’t insist she return too early. She needed to inform her mother.

Xiao Yichen gazed into Lin Wan’s eyes, believing her words. He released his grip-

Lin Wan reached for her phone, dialed her mother, and explained that she had plans for the night and would be back late. After ending the call, she stored her phone.

Just as she did, the hand around her waist tightened. Lin Wan felt resigned, knowing that resistance was futile. She could only comply and stay by his side.

Soon, the car arrived at Blue Bay villa. Xiao Yichen, after exiting the car, circled to the other side. As he saw Lin Wan step out, he took her hand and led her into the villa.

While preparing dinner, Auntie Li heard footsteps approaching. Upon recognizing Xiao Yichen’s return, she readied herself to greet him.

However, when Xiao Yichen pulled Lin Wan, Auntie Li was utterly astonished.

Madam… is back?

With her first step into the villa, Lin Wan’s previous thoughts flooded her mind. Upon observing Auntie Li, she wasn’t too surprised, but an emotion surged within her, given that it had been a while since they had seen each other.

‘Auntie Li,” Lin Wan affectionately called out..

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A Hidden Pampered Marriage: Boss’ Beloved Wife

A Hidden Pampered Marriage: Boss’ Beloved Wife

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