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A Hidden Pampered Marriage: Boss’ Beloved Wife Volume – Chapter 328 – :1 Want to Be by the Person I Love

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Chapter 328:1 Want to Be by the Person I Love

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Lin Wan’s eyes widened as she processed Xiao Yichen’s unexpected words. The request caught her off guard, and disbelief lingered in her gaze.

Can I go back? Her promise to Lu Hao echoed in her mind-a commitment to stay by his side. Furthermore, there was another woman by Xiao Yichen’s side. Am I going back to share his company with another woman?

No, she couldn’t accept it!

Lin Wan resolutely shook her head and firmly responded to Xiao Yichen, “No, I won’t return.”

Upon hearing Lin Wan’s refusal, Xiao Yichen’s anger surged. He furiously seized Lin Wan’s arm, demanding, “You can’t leave Lu Hao?”

Frustration clawed at him. She was still legally his wife.

She had lived with another man for five years, which could lead to legal consequences, but he had no intention of pursuing that route.

Legal actions would only hurt her, and causing her harm was the last thing he desired.

“Yes,” Lin Wan admitted, lowering her head to avoid meeting Xiao Yichen’s gaze. She feared his anger, and even more, she feared he might see something in her eyes.

While she desired to return, the reality was harsh. He didn’t love her and had other women in his life. What else could he offer her besides providing her a place to stay?

Could he give her the love she yearned for?

“Lin Wan, do you want to die?” Xiao Yichen’s anger reached a boiling point. She seemed oblivious to what was best for her.

What did Lu Hao offer her that he couldn’t? Anything Lu Hao could provide, Xiao Yichen could offer even more.

“Do you want to hear the truth?” Lin Wan met Xiao Yichen’s gaze unflinchingly.

Xiao Yichen glared at Lin Wan, his silence a potent expression of his fury. 𝒻𝓇𝘦𝘦𝘸𝘦𝘣𝓃ℴ𝓋𝘦𝑙.𝒸ℴ𝑚

“I don’t want to die yet. In the future, I don’t want to die either because I want to be by the side of the person I love.”

My son needs me, and I want to be by his side for the rest of my life so I cannot die.

Lin Wan’s candid words further fueled Xiao Yichen’s anger. Was Lu Hao indeed that significant to her?

For a prolonged moment, the two locked eyes until Xiao Yichen gradually released his grip on Lin Wan.

The rage in his eyes transformed into disappointment, sadness, and an unexpected pang of heartache.

Upon turning away, Xiao Yichen walked toward the door, step by step.d towards the door step by step.

As Xiao Yichen prepared to leave, Lin Wan believed her plea had gone unanswered. She rushed forward, clutching Xiao Yichen’s arm. “Yichen, apart from this, I can promise you anything else. Please let Elite Jewelry off the hook, okay?”

Xiao Yichen remained silent, shaking off Lin Wan’s hand before departing.

Left standing alone, Lin Wan watched as Xiao Yichen disappeared. A cold feeling crept into her heart.

Yichen, I love you, but I can’t go back. Five years ago, you had Xu Yanxi by your side. I chose to leave. With Bai Lu by your side, is there any room for me?

I will raise our child, pouring all my love into his life. I’ll be by his side.

After Lin Wan concluded her meetings for the day, except for the company subtly rejected by Xiao Yichen in the morning, the other companies promised to reconsider the collaboration.

Upon returning to the company, Lin Wan discussed work matters with Katie before heading home. (f)reeweb(n)ovel.com

However, as she approached her residential area, she noticed a car parked nearby, with You Luan standing beside it.

Without a doubt, Xiao Yichen must be in the car..

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A Hidden Pampered Marriage: Boss’ Beloved Wife

A Hidden Pampered Marriage: Boss’ Beloved Wife

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