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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 140

Gaiden) Gyeongju (完)

We welcomed the start of school.

As such, he was on his way to the academy in a wagon.

Everyone was sitting in the same carriage, insisting that they all ride the same carriage as me.

Kirsi naturally occupies my side. As much as I had my child, I took care of her even more.

Kirsi was so satisfied with this situation, the smile did not disappear from his face.

It may feel uncomfortable with a bloated stomach, or it may be difficult with morning sickness, but as long as everything is with my love, there is no problem.

“Brother, kiss.”

Kirsi pressed his lips to me whenever he was bored. As much as they knew that Kirsi was pregnant, everyone tried to take care of her, but Asena, the incarnation of jealousy, must have had a hard time bearing it.

“Do it in moderation.”

Asena says sharply.


“How much more are you going to ask from your brother?”

Kirsi leans her head on my shoulder and looks at Asena with innocent eyes.

Asena clenched her fists and continued speaking.

“…In the beginning, you promised not to show affection when we were together.”

“…I’m pregnant, can’t you take a look at me?”

“…If that’s the case, then why did you promise-”

“If your sister is pregnant, you can do just like me.”


I am pure admiration.


It’s because it’s been a long time since I’ve seen Asena lose in a fight.

She stares at Kirsi, then looks at me.

Pryster’s greedy eyes gleamed.

Like, ‘Yeah. If you’re pregnant…’ It seemed as if he was muttering to himself.

Asena turns her head and looks out the window.

Daisy intervened.

“Come on, everyone. let’s go get along You don’t have to compete, you’ll get what you want in the end.”

Then, Daisy smiled.

And cover his mouth with his left hand. The ring on her ring finger reflected the light and sparkled.


I looked at Daisy. Was it intentional to brag about the ring like that, or was it a mistake? I couldn’t be sure.

– Tuk.


You can feel the sensation in your legs instantly.

It was Judy. She was looking out the window like Asena, and her legs kept kicking me.

– Tuk.

I could see that it was an action to get my attention.

It’s just trying to get my attention without anyone else knowing.

“Why Judy?”

So, I want to play pranks on her, so I openly tell her.


Restless, she began to look into the eyes of other women. He seemed uneasy in his heart that his poor plan had been revealed.

I laughed out loud.

As I smiled happily, the women in the carriage smiled one by one. Even Asena.

Soon we arrive at the academy.

Mels’ trumpet sounded announcing our arrival.

We saw the students from the academy watching us from outside the wagon.

Eventually, the horse stops, and the wagon follows.

Before the driver could even open the door, I opened the carriage door.

Then, he hands over to Kirsi.

Kirsi made a proud expression and gently grabbed my hand and slowly descended the stairs.

Actually, it wasn’t that her stomach was bloated enough for anyone to recognize, or that it wasn’t so uncomfortable that she couldn’t even go down these stairs, but I wanted to do everything for her, knowing that I was only able to do this kind of consideration at this time.

As soon as Kirsi’s feet touched the floor, she jumped out and hugged me.


“What’s so good?”

“…you know.”


As she said, I knew.

I lengthened Kirsi. hugged for a very long time

Next came Judy.

Judy got close to me and started blaming me for what I had done earlier.

“Kayden…! Ah… Then what should I do…!”


“You know that…!”

She speaks like a whisper. I shrug my shoulders.

“…Judy, you need to fix that too.”


“Why do you keep looking at other kids? You are also my wife.”


“Actually, if there’s one person other kids recognize the most, it’s you. There’s no one who doesn’t know that you saved my life.”


Judy’s expression didn’t go away.

It was then that I realized That’s not what she needs.

I hug her and say

“…be bold. Because I Love You.”


Judy’s face turned red, and eventually she nodded.

Daisy goes down next.

“Hey, Kayden. We have finally arrived at the academy.”

“Yes. Do you have any discomfort?”

“That should have been asked from Kirsi-sama.”

“From now on, we will stick around and check our bodies.”

“……Continued from now on?”


Daisy’s expression changed subtly. He nodded his head as if in understanding, but there was something on his face.


she called me


“…that… you know what I said last time? I have some thoughts… I want to talk about it.”

“What are you talking about?”

she leans her torso at me And whispered quietly.

“…ah… at the academy… intercourse…”


“Come on, Daisy.”

A cold voice echoes from behind Daisy.

It was Asena.

Her stiff expression still didn’t seem to be resolved.

“…Oppa, I think you keep forgetting.”

Asena stops about a span in front of me and speaks to me.

The most vicious villain in the worldview, and the head of Pryster.

At the same time, my cute little brother and my lovely wife.

A woman who doesn’t show emotions to anyone, but shows all kinds of emotions to me.

she says

“You should love me the most.”

Hearing this, the other women flinched.

In particular, Kirsi’s face hardened terribly.

“That way we can keep the peace. know?”


Asena’s charisma took over the air in an instant.

As her head was hardened and pondered for a moment as to how to respond, Asena gently smiled.

When everyone’s attention was drawn, she smiled, who couldn’t easily show any emotions.

“….It’s a joke.”

Others may have believed her. He even showed a smile that he couldn’t easily show, so he may have thought that Asena was really joking.

But I knew I was making eye contact.

…I wasn’t kidding.

In an instant, Asena reached out to me.

He tightly hugs the back of my neck and the back of the head, then brings my lips together.

No one knows the structure of my lips and mouth as much as Asena.

She stuck her tongue out and shared a deep kiss, just like at home.


Then, she looks at me, wiping her lips.

She, who had never shown affection to anyone, especially in front of Kirsi, acted so suddenly.

“I am the head of Pryster. So…whenever everyone sees it, I have to stamp it like this at least once.”

she says

“….I love you brother. My brother is mine.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at that villain’s behavior.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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