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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 139

Gaiden) Gyeongju (11, Daisy)

The wedding ceremony ended successfully.

As we walked along the march, we could hear words of congratulations here and there. No matter how much I am the lord of this area and we are nobles, I didn’t know that things would end so smoothly without any trouble.

We soon returned to the fortress and served food to all the guests who came.

The heads of the Freisters, who had gone to war with me, paid their respects, we had a drink and shook hands with the families of our new alliance.

Various gifts that would become the foundation of the family piled up, and songs were played endlessly.

The evening grew deeper and deeper, and the sky was dyed purple.

But is it because the day is long?


As I sat in the chair and watched the prom unfolding, I looked to the side at the feeling of pulling my sleeve, and Daisy was looking up at me with a blue face.

I asked, surprised by the uncomfortable expression on his face.

“daisy? What’s wrong.”


“Are you sick?”

She nodded awkwardly.

“…mmm… my head hurts…”

I looked around.

Fortunately, we didn’t get a lot of attention.

When everyone starts to worry about her, the mood is ruined.

Even Daisy wouldn’t want it. So maybe you’re only secretly talking to me.

I looked around, and naturally grabbed Daisy’s hand and led her.

The quick-witted servants tried to stick behind us, but the more people there are, the higher the chance of being caught.

I waved my hand and ordered them not to follow, and the two managed to escape the venue alone.

As I walked down the beautifully decorated hallway, I lifted Daisy, who had changed into a light outfit, in a position to hold the princess, unlike at the wedding ceremony.

“Uh… huh?”

“No one is looking at us. it’s okay. I’m sick, so I’m waiting.”

Why did this happen on such a fine day?

I don’t mind it, but it was a pity that it would remain a bad memory for Daisy.

Daisy looked up at me for a moment, then buried her face in my arms and said.

“…Still my knight, Kaden.”

“If I don’t protect my wife, who will?”

I walked to the council room.

As the number of people gathered, the risk of an accident was high, so I put all medicines and clinics on standby today. If that’s the luckiest thing, I’d be happy.

But as I was walking in my arms, Daisy let out a long sigh.



It was like a refreshing, refreshing sigh.

“Put it down, Kayden.”

“….uh? daisy. Are you all right…?”

she smiles at me and says

“yes. it’s okay.”

In front of me, who is bewildered, Daisy even turns her body around.

“…no…just because I’m not feeling well…”

“Of course he’s a fool.”

“Are you foolish?”

I didn’t think Daisy would be like this to the respectful and kind Daisy. Even as she smiled at her youthfulness, she was getting confused again.

“Why do you have to be a fool…”

I did not speak, I closed my mouth.

My wives excelled at telling stories through their eyes.

In Daisy’s eyes, which shimmered in the light of the hallway, there was a lust she had never seen before.

“…You have to spend the first night…”

she said quietly.


There was a thrill in sneaking out and doing something stealthy. And even more so if the target was a person who only knew how to be meek.

Entering the room, we shared a passionate kiss.

We pushed each other, bumped into each other, and tried to eat each other.

The clothes are taken off one by one, and then we lie down on the bed.

Daisy’s golden hair spread beautifully on the duvet.

There are some things that once you stop starting, you can’t go back. I personally think that one of them is copulation.

The more I experienced a woman’s body, the bolder I became, and the more faithful I was to my instincts.

The shyness that had been seen on the first night with Judy gradually disappeared.

That doesn’t mean I don’t value Daisy. Based on the experiences I have accumulated, I thought I could present her with experiences that are less painful, less uncomfortable, more loving, and more pleasurable.

I skillfully took off her clothes.

Thanks to a few days of sex with Kirsi, I learned to undress quickly. At that time, clothes were only an obstacle.

Daisy was brave and led me here, but when she took off her clothes, she was ashamed.

I caressed her like pottery, whispered her love, and handed her compliments.

It wasn’t even an empty word. She had a beautiful body worthy of a beautiful face.

Daisy is shy for a while, leaving her whole body to me, speaking quietly.

“……I…you are good at it.”


I didn’t mean to look too good, did I make a mistake?

“… Maybe your experience with another woman is helpful.”


stand tall, and My action that raised the heat hardened in an instant.

Daisy must have said it half-jokingly, but there was a bone in it.

In fact, when I first made a promise to marry her for the first time, my first experience was nothing like what was supposed to be with her.

We weren’t unaware of the importance of chastity before marriage.

“…you knew it all.”

As I uttered anything in embarrassment, Daisy shrugged.

“I know. Judy, Asena, Kirsi in that order? certainly.”

The atmosphere seems to be overwhelmed in an instant. It is said that no matter how prestigious a nobleman is eventually captured by his wife, I think that’s just the way I am.

I started kissing her on the cheek, trying to cover up the situation.


It was her own aegyo, but whether it worked, Daisy burst into laughter and giggles.

“I’m not trying to blame you. I was just joking around for a while. It’s a pity, but in the end your soul was bound to me for the first time, so I’ll be content with that.”


“Even if we die or live, we promised to be together. Have you already forgotten?”

“Oh, no. You might have forgotten.”

You can feel her love in her relaxed tone. Daisy hugs me dearly and says,

“…when I first started accepting other women, even this was what I expected. Right now, order is important, but in the future, if we all get along, we’ll be fine. With that in mind, I tried not to be too jealous if Caden had sex with another woman.”

Deep in my thoughts, I can see how much she cares for me.

I feel grateful that such a woman is mine. Perhaps because of this personality, I was attracted to her.

“…and this.”

She raises her left hand to me. Precisely, the ring on the ring finger of the left hand.

“As it is the ring that only me and Kayden are wearing right now, it seems to be a monopoly, so I’m happy as it is.”

“Thank you, always.”

“What is it, come on.”

She put her hands on my cheeks.

“…Please continue to love me.”

At those cautious yet lewd words, my hardened actions move again.

After taking off all her clothes, I also take off her clothes.

As I undressed, Daisy seemed embarrassed, covering her breasts with one arm and her pubic hair with the other.

“I want you to love me.”

I lead her, who is fearless and fearless before stepping into the unknown, with a bold and dignified performance.

He grabbed both wrists and forced them to the bed.

And when I suppressed her like that, she blinked her eyes over and over and took a deep breath. She was getting more and more excited.

Giving a kiss, raise both arms and subdue them with one hand. And with the rest of her hand, she caressed her pussy.

Being able to subdue that Daisy like this presented me with unexplained pleasure.

And maybe it was the same for Daisy, the suppressed woman showed no resistance.

I didn’t force my arms. Her arms were raised and she did not twist her body to hide her exposed chest.

Naturally, she sticks out her tongue and turns her head so that I can kiss her comfortably.

The only resistance was to grab my thighs and rub them patheticly.

Daisy, who had shown an indomitable will that could not be broken no matter what, was broken so easily that I could not resist.

how long have you been

Her pussy was wet. I remove my face, wanting to be ready.

“Hey…! ha..?”

The woman who gave her whole body to me and gave out her tongue opened her eyes in bewilderment when the kiss stopped.

There was only one answer I could give to those eyes that looked as if they were asking why.

“…Look at this.”

When he lifts his hand from her pussy, the sticky luscious liquid creates a long solid line.

At the act of pranking, Daisy was startled and embarrassed and closed her eyes tightly.

It’s as if you close your eyes and this fact disappears.

The intense reaction I didn’t expect ignites a fire in my heart.

It makes you want to keep harassing Daisy the same way you keep pranking Judy.

The excitement quickly rose to an unbearable level, and I adjusted our posture.

Trying to get the basic posture of intercourse……Add a little seasoning.

From the bottom of Daisy’s legs to the pelvis, it was the same as any other posture.

My cock rested on her pussy, and her legs rested on my kneeling thighs.

But here, I grab her by the ankles, lift her up, and hang it on my shoulders.

Forcing the innocent Daisy into a more shameful position.

With her legs on her shoulders and her upper body leaning on her, Daisy completely crumples beneath me.

Her knees almost curled up against her shoulders, and the important part was completely directed at me.

Daisy closed her eyes even tighter.

“…wow…is this shameful attitude in the first place?”

Daisy, who must have received her own sex education, knows that this posture is not common.

But nevertheless, she was lovely to ask me like a question because she was considerate of me.

“Of course not.”

I smiled openly at her and said,

“Yes Yes?”

“But Daisy, who is shy, is so cute that I can’t stand it.”

Daisy covers her eyes with both hands. Nevertheless, she was smiling strangely, perhaps having fun in this.

I was also in the process of being sensitive to her reaction to some extent.

Although I was hitting her with my desires, I had no intention of forcing her to dislike it.

She was able to come to this situation because she did not have any resistance, and since she is still smiling, I was able to let go of the hour.

Fit the cock into her pussy hole.

“Heh… uh…”

While Daisy moaned, I didn’t move.


Instead, I call her by name.

“Ha ha… ha ha…”


I sang Daisy several times, unable to come to terms with the stimulation she had felt for the first time.

“..Yes Yes?”

“Can I put it in?”

When I ask, Daisy covers her face again. In fact, I understand that you can’t look straight into my face.

It must have been the first time in my life to have such an embarrassing attitude.

“Don’t… do whatever you want.”

she answers

I acted even more mischievous.

“…I’m afraid I won’t like it if I say that, so I can’t put it in…”

Daisy opened her fingers to cover her eyes, and blinked through the gap to look at me.

“…W…I was the one who asked to come this far…si…I can’t hate it…”



Daisy clenched her fingers again and covered her eyes.

I persistently tormented her.

“……Well. Still, they’re a couple. We will act when our will is right. I want to put it in, Daisy. Will Daisy tell you that too?”


“If you tell me to put it in, then I will move.”

I didn’t even know where this demon came from.

Maybe Daisy kept irritating me.

why are you so naive why are you so careful why are you so shy

I wanted to blame her.

“Why…why are you so mean…”

Daisy asks me in a clear, pleading voice.

At the same time, her pussy clenched and puckered my glans, and the love fluid kept flowing.

Still, I thought I’d stop if she didn’t like it.

However, the more she continued to do this, the more strangely suspicious that she was happy.

“I usually joke around a lot.”

I said He was always pranking Judy and the twins nonstop.

I’ve always been like this


Daisy stayed silent for a long time.

“Daisy, if you don’t say anything, I won’t move—”


Daisy whispers.


“…put it in, Kayden. Wow…I wanted it.”

My heart is numb and I am immersed in spiritual pleasure.

With her legs hanging on my shoulders, I couldn’t bend over to give her the kiss I wanted to give her now, but I told Daisy with that sticky love.

“…..i love you.”

Then he started pushing his back slowly.

“Ugh…! Suck…!”

Daisy made a move to pull her pelvis back, as if to resist pleasure, but she was completely suppressed by me, and there was nowhere for her to escape.

As I pushed the pelvis in, she had to accept the cock, and then ‘struggle’ over the ruptured hymen, kissing her cervix.

And then he stopped acting.

It’s a story I’ve heard, but it is said that after insertion, the woman needs to stop for a while to feel less pain and increase satisfaction.

It gives you time to get used to being male.

He continued to torment her, but he did not want to forget this essential consideration.

I don’t want to see her dislike, in pain. I am not trying to pursue my pleasure through him.

If she’s having a hard time in the first place, I can’t feel happy either.

I just want to see a side of her that I don’t normally see, playing an acceptable level of pranks on her.

He was keenly watching Daisy’s smirk and hand gestures that endured pleasure.



“……Wait a minute… just a minute, please be still like this…”

“….yes. I think-”

At the same time, Daisy’s pelvis, who had asked her not to move, twitched with an awkward movement.

As if begging for more pain, he continued that desperate movement.


I laughed out loud. How far are you trying to provoke me? Is Daisy thinking and doing this? Or did the body move instinctively?

Whatever it was, I knew what her body wanted, so nothing stopped me.

Before I even got her permission, I pulled my waist long,


pushed hard



Daisy chanted from below.

told her

“Daisy, put your hands away. You can’t see your beautiful face.”

“Ah… no…! Shame…!”

“Shut up your hands. daisy.”

For the first time, I lashed out at her until the end.

Sexual intercourse also has this charm. It is also possible to reveal aspects that are normally invisible to the other party.

Besides, the other person understands that everything is for pleasure in the end.

I didn’t respect her or reveal my true nature, but it was just a choice for more excitement and pleasure.


Daisy carefully puts her hand away at my command.

her face was revealed.

Tears of eyes and cheeks red with embarrassment.

…and then, I could see the cute corners of my lips curled up very slightly.

Even for the first time, she is smiling. It was a feeling of pleasure.

I then started banging her hard.

The last thing that limited me was gone. Now I could be sure. She liked this situation too.

-puck! puck! puck! puck!

“Sigh! Suck! Whoops! Whoops!”

She tries to hold back her moan, but in the end, only a moan that has turned into a snoring comes out.

The more Daisy tried to put up with this, the more the fire inside me grew.

As much as he continued to crumple her forcibly, lift her upper body and release her.


But it was a choice to ease her physical burden, not her mental one.

The cock is pulled out in an instant. Then he forced her to turn over.

“Ke… Kayden?”

Without knowing a word, I grab Daisy’s pelvis, who is showing my back, and pull it up to me.

She sticks her ass out to me like a mating beast.

It was the so-called junior.

Before our warmth cooled, I put the cock back into her pussy.


When she can even see her anus, Daisy becomes more shy than ever before.

“This… this is the attitude of a beast…!”

She resists with a gesture that has no intention of rejecting me.

Supporting my upper body with one arm, with the other hand stretched out behind my back and touched me very lightly.

I snatched her hand, and even grabbed the hand that was supporting her body and pulled her back.

Her upper body, which had no arms to support her body, was naturally thrown into the bed, and as she buried her face in the pillow, she was immersed in me.


“Hey! oh! oh! oh!”

“ha…! ha…!”

“K..! Ahh…! Kayden…! you…! I’m so ashamed..!”

She turns her head hard and speaks as if pleading with me.

“Are you ashamed?”

“yes…! yes…!”

“I do not like it?”

“…………………………. Ugh..!”

“Daisy, haha… that’s why you don’t like it?”

“……………… Ahhh…! ha…!”

“Do I have to answer the words?”

“…………..Ahhhh…! Whoops..!”

Daisy blatantly avoided an answer to a direct question.

Why it was so demanding, I didn’t know.

She was also putting firewood inside me.


In the end, I couldn’t stand the heat inside of me. Every time I put her back in, I hit her beautifully moving ass hard.

It looked so soft I couldn’t stand it.


“Answer me, Daisy. I do not like it?”

“……Ah…! Damn…!”


Being able to slap her on the buttocks, which is more beautiful than anyone else, adds to the pleasure. There must have been many men who would have choked their hearts when they saw her at the academy. That kind of Daisy just got me slapped in the ass.

…Actually, it’s the same with Judy and the twins.


“Ah…! K..Kaden…! sick….!”

“Because you don’t like it?”

“…….. . . . . . ! 👌👌👌👌👌👌 oh…!”


“Aww..! sick…! Kayden…!”

“If you say no, I’ll stop, Daisy.”

“……Ugh…! Whoops..!”

Daisy stubbornly avoids answering until the very end.

I asked for it to be crazy, and a feeling of ejaculation rose to the stimulation.

“daisy…! I think it’s rice…! I’ll take it out..!”

“Oh no…!”

Daisy immediately replies to this. She pressed her ass to me.

The choice is made quickly. I just decided to wrap it in her.

– View! View!

The pleasure of ejaculation makes my head even more reckless.

Ejaculating inside her, I waved my hand one last time.


At the shock, her waist bent greatly. And the vagina began to tremble. She, too, was beginning to climax.

Soon, I fell on her back. The cock comes out naturally.

We shared a rough breath.

Soon, when we turned our heads and looked at each other, we didn’t talk about the situation just before.

It was just fun and satisfying to share, so I just laughed and felt happy.

Daisy continued to laugh, and so did I.

“…ha… I don’t want to go back to the academy.”

daisy says As we got married on the border of vacation, now we had to go back to school to spend our sophomore year again.


When I asked, Daisy said with her eyes closed.

“…I want to live like this every day. You can’t go to the academy.”

It wasn’t wrong, but as I continued to embarrass her, my playfulness didn’t stop.

“…why can’t you?”


Daisy was silent for a long time. The thought of having sex at the academy seemed to have never occurred to her.

I feel like I’m being taken care of in this part. Kirsey didn’t seem like he was going to overdo it as much as having children, but Asena sometimes shared plans with me about how to have an affair at the academy.

“…it’s a joke.”

I said with a smile.

But this time, Daisy whispered.

“…..Iknow, right. There is no reason not to.”


For a moment, it was as if something had awakened inside Daisy.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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