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What the Hero Wanted Was Me Chapter 74

This is the author’s review.

Yes, this is Darpin who somehow ended ‘What the Hero Wanted was Me’.

Short words without lengthy words. We will try to leave a review.

First of all, the reason I started writing my first work was simple. Seeing that the writers are writing interesting articles, wouldn’t I be able to write interesting articles as well? This is the first time I’ve been thinking about writing a post.

This is my first time writing it. Did you have the knowledge? I approached it with the thought of just heading on the ground, but it was definitely difficult. It is very difficult to think about it throughout the year and hold on to the broken mentality. You won’t know unless you try. Writers who have been serializing for a long time feel great. I realized that I had to prepare quite a bit when writing a novel.

I don’t know if I’ll write again, but there’s a lot to be gained. It is also thanks to you. Thank you

I saw all the comments on the finale. It’s a pity, sudden development, rapid adjustment. The regrettable parts are all a matter of the writer’s competence. Sorry..

Still, I feel a little relieved to think that I gave fun to the people who enjoyed watching this work while it was serialized. Thank you so much for watching.

Well, without further words, I will go in. Put down the writer for a while, and the day will unfold as a reader. If I ever write again, I’ll try to write better.

Thank you so far! It was Darpin!

What the Hero Wanted Was Me

What the Hero Wanted Was Me

용사가 원하는 것은 나였다
Score 6.5
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The world decided to pay a reward to the warrior who defeated the demon king. “I want you.” Her slender finger pointed at me.


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