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What the Hero Wanted Was Me Chapter 73

Chapter 72(final)

Chapter 72.

For a moment, let Sera’s magical power cover my body.

When I opened my eyes again, the scenery in front of me was a completely different space.

“This is the Demon King..”

A land similar to blood. Standing proudly in the dark light there was a huge demon castle. It wasn’t high, but I couldn’t hide the sense of intimidation given by its size.

The appearance of the building is similar to that of a church. However, the pressure of the dark atmosphere easily erased my illusions.

Eren, who has experienced the castle of the devil, pointed her finger at the large front gate of the castle and said puzzled.

“The last time I came, there were four heavenly kings guarding the door…?”

Four Heavenly Kings.

A name that cannot be missed when it comes to demon kings. The fact that they don’t exist is questionable even by me.

There was no way they would have been away knowing that the hero was coming according to common sense.

If the Demon King was resurrected, it is only natural that the Four Heavenly Kings would also be resurrected using his power. However, there was no sign of anything in front of the front door. As if no one had been there from the beginning.

Siana also questioned the situation.

“No matter how much I kill them. If the demon king exists, the demons will also resurrect. I don’t understand this situation either..”

Shiana explained, recalling the time before she invaded the castle.

It is said that compared to the warriors who quickly gained strength with my help, the Demon King’s army, who lacked proper strength, lost their lives easily. Even the devil.

The beings called the Four Heavenly Kings were no match for the hero compared to their names.

The succubus that uses fascination is to Sera who has no emotion, the death knight that exudes ominous energy is to Laysha, the vampire that attacks quickly is to Siana, and the lich that uses wide-area magic is to Eren who knows the location of the nucleus.

Siana said that because I told them how to deal with them in a letter, the Demon King’s army was organized very simply.

“It’s strange, isn’t it?”

It’s strange, but strange. Leaving Siana behind, who nodded her head curiously. I could guess why there were no Four Heavenly Kings.

‘Isn’t it so easy that you didn’t even resurrect?’

Because I advanced the timing of the warriors’ awakening, and I conveyed their weaknesses to Eren, they are no match for me anyway. The Demon King did not even resurrect the Four Heavenly Kings to save his strength. I could have guessed that.

Is that fact true or false? All you have to do is open the door and check.

Without hesitation, I opened the front gate of the dark castle.

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The door was huge, but it opened easily even with my weak hands, probably because it was just a door to block the wind.

Isn’t it too lax to be the devil’s crime prevention? That thought crossed my mind, and I opened my mouth wide at the situation unfolding in front of me.

“Is this the Devil Castle?”

On the outside, it was a demonic castle that had its own style, but the corridors of the castle that were now unfolding before my eyes were just ruins.

There was a hole in the ceiling of the castle, and the sky looked large, and the broken pillars, which might collapse at any moment, barely support the skeleton. Even if you collapse right now, you can trust the inside scene. It was never a complete castle.

“Is it the same as the last time you came?”

Sera, who saw the scene, spoke calmly. It’s the same. What does that mean? The meaning was easy to understand.

The traces of the sword on the wall, the arrow stuck in it, the ground dug by magic. All of them were traces of the demon lord’s subjugation.

Laysha said.

“..It seems that the demon lord couldn’t repair the castle.”

I nodded in agreement.

The current sight was by no means normal, so I stared at the throne at the end of the corridor.

It looked like there was nothing there, but a faint presence was blooming there. The existence’s name was obvious.

“Demon King. Are you there?”

We walked quickly towards it.

ㅡTurbug. Turbuck.

The floor almost collapsed in the middle, but it didn’t matter. I just had to hear the truth about the incident from the demon king.

So we stood in front of the huge throne and faced the demon king.

—-We meet again, damn beings.

The voice of the demon king with the head of a black goat flowed into my head. The Demon King’s body was not even 100 cm tall, leaving an impression like a young goat.

When I saw the description in the original work, I recognized that it was the demon lord, even though it looked like that.

“Demon King, you must have something to say.”

The resurrected Demon King did not recover his power again, and stood up from the throne with eyes prepared for his death.


When he stood up, the shabby throne lost its power and shattered into pieces. Seeing this, the Demon King let out a laugh.

ㅡHuh, it’s the same situation as mine…

The Demon King uselessly spit out his emotions. That’s not what’s important to me I urged the Demon King.

“Stop talking nonsense. It’s just a waste of time.”

I wonder if I treated you too indifferently, no matter how demon king you are. He started venting his anger.

ㅡAll, all because of you..! This trashy male prostitute…!! If it wasn’t for you, my resurrection and plan would have been perfect..!!

It’s sad that you’re a male prostitute. It was all for living. The Demon King, who doesn’t know my heart, continued to speak.

—-If only I had time to absorb the power of that black guy, the saint’s power, and the magician’s, just two more years. Enough I could have dreamed of resurrection again.

However, the demon king recognized the fact that his plan had gone awry. My very existence. It was the appearance of someone who knew the original.

ㅡ I couldn’t fully recover my strength, what? The hero is already knocking down the Four Heavenly Kings at the door? It is impossible. This was the first time in my lifetime. Isn’t that too much Warrior? Does it feel good playing with the devil like this?

The Demon King was getting angry with us. Who should be angry I asked the demon king who was about to collapse.

“So, the goddess? Who was that?”

She is the goddess who told me to return. I needed to know what it really was. The demon king shouted and said.

—-It was my ability that corrupted the saintess. No, should I say that it was corrupted in the first place? Well, it wasn’t a bad plan, but it’s already over.

The demon king was talking about a saint, and he didn’t know anything about me. It means that the goddess who spoke to me was real. The news was that I could return to Earth.

I hid the corner of my mouth that was rising in joy and asked my companions.

“Doesn’t everyone have anything more to say?”

The Demon King is already on the verge of dying. Everyone nodded his head as if he had nothing to say.

“Don’t resurrect again. Goodbye Demon King.”

Please, do not resurrect in our generation. Eren, who dreams of such a heart, said goodbye to her and inserted her holy sword into the heart of the demon king.

ㅡ Me too. You see hate.

In that way, the holy sword was pierced into the heart of the demon king, and the demon king’s feeble presence disappeared in an instant like snow melting.

A futile ending. The Demon King wasn’t as strong as he thought, and taking his life was as easy as twisting a chicken’s neck.

“Shall we go back now?”


No, to Earth.

I left the castle with a light heart.


“Now, everyone is welcome. Warriors who defeated the Demon King.”

Clap clap clap.

This is a royal space where a woman’s elegant palms meet and make a small sound. It was Princess Aine’s office.

After defeating the Demon King, the party gathered there sat on a luxurious sofa and waited for Aine’s words.

“So, what are you talking about?”

Sera said to Aine while holding my arm. Only business quickly. Her request was simple.

Being caught among such women, I felt skeptical about this place.

‘Why am I here…?’

In conclusion, I did not return home. No, I couldn’t go back.

The goddess said.

‘You didn’t bring them back to their senses. I’m sorry, but I can’t send it back.’

Anyway, it’s up to you. What is sane in the first place? Except for Laysha, who was insane from the beginning. Aren’t the rest of the kids insane?

Having to say this, the goddess said that she hadn’t recovered her power, and she walked away. It was a good excuse for the goddess.

As I let out a sigh in my heart, Aine told me why she had called us.

“What I want to say is, I want to give you guys a chance.”

What is an opportunity? The moment everyone in the seat contemplates what the opportunity is. Aine brought up a topic that made the place lively.

“Wouldn’t you like to make the butler your own?”


The subject, of course, was not pleasant to me.

Shiana reacted immediately when her Aine’s mouth opened.

“..How do you make it? Explain in detail.”

An opportunity that has been hidden and watched. Siana was determined not to miss that opportunity.

“S.. It’s not good to treat people as objects, but…”

Of course, Eren also started to show interest in it. No, what about my permission?

As I was about to speak, I could read Aine’s eyes.

‘Please, save me.’

Her crazy father dies. Aine, who had ascended to the throne, was tired of her current duties and often collapsed.

But the fact that she married Arya overlaps with the abandoned warriors? Sera alone destroyed the Magic Tower, but what would happen if they went out into the world? It was clear in Aine’s eyes.

So Aine felt sorry for her sister, but she had no choice but to use this method.

“The imperial family has decided to give you a reward for defeating the demon lord.”


Her older sister’s betrayal of what she believed in. It was good news for the warriors and the party, and it was like thunder from the sky to Arya.

“I…I want the money! Enough money to build 13 temples!”

Laysha wants money more than anyone else. She waved her recovered arm, expressing her opinion. However, there is only one fixed reward. Everyone except Laysha knew how it would be used.

‘Children, please…’

Three pairs of gazes sticking to me. Sera, Cyana, and Eren’s fingers were pointing at me.

“””I want you”””

They shout with bright smiles. Leaving behind Aria who constantly shouted that it was a lie, I had only one thought.

‘f*cked up.’

That’s how I ended up living with them for the rest of my life in this world. Happily.




“Let’s take a picture?”

The scent of springtime. It was the nostalgia of the moment that anyone could enjoy, and the joy that came out at the brightest moment.

What am I doing at such a moment? It was a group family photo.

Brides in white clothes. They looked at each other as if they were about to bite each other, and were poking their faces out to come closest to Lenny.

“Get out of the way, is the seat next to me?”

“Ouch because Lenny stabbed you in the ear! Why don’t you get out of the way?”

They are fighting even in the best moments of their lives. Leysha sighed as she looked at her camera.

“Ehh, I don’t know. I’ll just take the picture myself?”

Laysha waves her hand and presses the camera’s shutter.





“That was my seat. I apologize right away.”

“Where is your seat, my seat? The fastest person in the world is the owner.”

“Children, I took all the pictures, but should I stop..?”

Even with the clicking sound, their fight did not stop. Why are you doing that even on such a happy day? I thought it was fortunate that there were no guests.

“Come and take a look at the picture.”

I didn’t listen to Laysha’s words and left them fighting, I followed her gestures and checked the picture.

“It must have come out well..?”


Since I’m in the middle, what do they do behind the scenes? I didn’t know exactly. Looking at the photos, I knew one thing.

The fact that my marriage will be a little difficult.

Sarah was holding her arm from my right side, but she was stepping on Cianna’s foot.

Cyana smiled while enduring the pain and was holding Sera’s shoulder from behind. It seemed to be quite powerful.


Similarly, Eren and Arya were also seen striking each other’s waists with their arms or stabbing them.

However, one constant fact is that there is no more pain in their eyes.

“Well, good is good.”

Even though the road is rough, I had to get through it. The future of the world depended on me, and they loved me.

And I can’t help but fall in love with women who love me.

“Let’s stop fighting and go back, kids”

My noisy life. There was always a struggle there, but no regrets. Because joy was always with you. I appeased the fighting girls and went home.

To my new home.

What the Hero Wanted Was Me

What the Hero Wanted Was Me

용사가 원하는 것은 나였다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The world decided to pay a reward to the warrior who defeated the demon king. “I want you.” Her slender finger pointed at me.


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