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Web novel written by God Chapter 105

The entrance to the alley leading to the building with the hideout.

It was no different from the arrivals hall.

Even on a rainy day, it was packed with people.

How the hell do you know where I live?

Security agents were controlling traffic, so people who couldn’t enter were crowded there.

We were able to enter the safety zone only after the security agents removed the people clinging to our vehicle.

There are no zombie movies, really.

“Did I tell you?”

This is the first time Shin Eun-ah feels grateful.

[The writer is having fun.

“me too. This is the first time a character has found a presence on their own. Cigarettes and security work. Aren’t you trying to make up for what hasn’t appeared so far? You’re not going to show your face often in the future.” ]

“Thanks to you, I came here well, but I have to change my residence.”

Not necessarily because of this guy’s popularity, but also for people’s safety.

If the work with the Blood Samantha is not finished yet and the invisible challengers start a rampage, the little people will be swept up in the fight.

At that time, Shin Eun-ah handed over a folding umbrella.

“take it.”

“It’s right in front. You can just run.”

“Then you will be filmed as if you are running away? It wouldn’t look nice.”

Do you have to consider all of that?

“Either way or not. I don’t care. Then, we will contact you.”

* * *

“Have you seen it?”

Minjun reacted nervously. It was towards the people of the lake next to us who were filming us.

It was the same on the first day in midfield, but it’s the same here. At first, everyone laughs at him because of his small and weak appearance.

But once when I found the marks under his eyes, and again when he tried to kill me.

At that point, everyone realizes at once that he is no ordinary kid.

Usually things end at this point… … As expected, the heads and cell phones that were sticking out of the door went inside.

“Why, what are you dissatisfied with?”

“no. It’s an armless treatment. You don’t even know, bastards.”

[ Martial Arts (Worldview)

A term used to demean the Murim people whose goal is to gain popularity among the masses. ]

As if he had endured it all this time, Min-joon opened the door to the hideout and disappeared inside. It’s cute, sucker.

You must have seen the malicious comments attached to the article.

I went inside too. Brother Ilshin was standing right in front of me.

Even though there was no time difference because I went in right after Min-Jun did, the fact that Hyung-nim is here means that he knew in advance that I would arrive and was waiting for him.

just as expected. There was a pad in my brother’s hand.

“Do you know how to see something like this?”

Inside the pad, a guy named Rekka was relaying the situation outside.

“The Moon God taught me.”

Come to think of it, Wolshin hyung-nim was nowhere to be seen. Looking around the room, all I can see is Minjun’s back as he heads to the bathroom.

“What about Moon God?”

“He hasn’t come yet.”

“uh? Did you go upstairs?”

“Shouldn’t one of you get something to eat? It was his friend’s turn this time.”

The space by the sink was a mess. Some of the finished cup noodles were piled up in layers, while one side was left dirty with a layer collapsed.

It was clear that Wolshin hyung-nim had been away for several days.

Because I wouldn’t have left that filthy form in his older brother’s temper.

When I mentioned that, Brother Ilshin smiled and replied.

“that’s right. If you haven’t come so far, you must have been caught. He might have taken on all of Woo-hyung’s duties.”

A mischievous smile appeared on Ilshin’s face, probably thinking of Wolshin hyung who was busy with work.

“… … Is that so?”

At that time, Minjun shouted from the far bathroom.

“The Teacher is not coming back?”

“I never said anything like that, boy! Don’t like it!”

“Because I never liked it!”

“Shut up!”

“It’s not sh*t, it’s washing!”

The two shouted in turn.

I chuckled.

“Tsk tsk. how long have you not seen I gave you a dog with a beard. But what does it feel like?”

In fact, from the beginning, Ilshin’s eyes were fixed on the vinyl in my hands.

“I went shopping on the way home. You’ve been waiting for a long time, right?”

“I feel like I’m talking about Go-Gul.”

“It’s a pity that Wolshin hyung-nim isn’t here. My older brother would have liked it too.”

“What can I do? Isn’t there a separate blessing to eat? Whale, what’s for dinner tonight?”

“There are dishes that are perfect for a rainy day.”

At the sound of rain, my brother unconsciously turned his head toward the window. However, in the hidden world, the hidden world, the scenery outside the window cannot be seen.

“Can you give me a moment?”

Pads were handed over. After that, it was changed to an ASMR video of the sound of rain with a rainy scene.

“If this is the case, it is regrettable. You’ll feel better. Let’s leave it like this for now.”

After a while. While Minjun was concentrating on something in front of a computer he couldn’t handle well, Ilshin hyung-nim was not.

It seemed that he couldn’t wait for the pajeon to be completed.

“It’s a type of dumpling made by adding various ingredients to the dough.”

My older brother was watching the process intently, hanging around behind him throughout the cooking.

“While dumplings are boiled in water or broth, pancakes are made by frying.”

He responded by pouring pancake powder on his cheeks.

“By the way, why is this dish perfect for a rainy day? Traditionally, warm soup on days when it rains… … .”

“yes. you’re right. Sundaegukbap is of course the best. But today, since it’s been a long time coming back, I wanted to treat you to a dish you’ve never tried before.”

“No, what I mean is that things like malatang and beef noodles are perfect.”

“There is a saying in this country. ‘On a rainy day, I eat bindaetteok or pancakes.’”

“Bindaetteok? seafood… … ”

“It’s seafood pancake.”

“Yes, seafood pancake.”

“When it rains, it’s hard to go outside, so I cook with the ingredients I have at home, but that’s all in this country. Bindaetteok is also a type of pancake like seafood and green onion pancakes.”

The dough is done.

Newspaper was laid on the floor and a burner was placed on it.

“Sit down, brother.”

My older brother sat in the seat next to me. Heat a large amount of cooking oil in a pan and pour the batter.

Soon, the oil began to sizzle and cook.

“Isn’t this sound like the sound of rain?”

My older brother was quiet for a moment, then he let out a pleasant voice.

“right. It really is!”

only sound It’s because it’s inside the underworld, but if it was outside in the rain, the smell of baking oil would be spreading more strongly.

“Sniff it too. You will also smell the crispy oil in the savory and salty smell.”

My older brother snorted and swallowed. Then he said with eyes that he couldn’t stand it.

“They are well cooked! It looks so delicious!”

Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, soft on the outside. It is grilled to perfection with the fresh scent of seafood, so the flavor comes alive when you put it in your mouth.

Well-fried seafood and green onion pancakes were yellowish like this.

Prepare soy sauce and kimchi for dipping, and don’t be sad if makgeolli is missing!

“Minjun! Get some makgeolli from the bag over there.”


My brother asked right away.

“Like soju, it is the country’s traditional alcohol. It goes perfectly with seafood and green onion.”

“You can’t get drunk. Indeed, my younger brother knows gourmet! Good food and good wine!”

“Eat chopsticks, bro.”

“Aren’t you opening the prize?”

“yes. It is the standard to fry and eat right here.”

I also told Min-jun, who had brought makgeolli.

“Eat a lot too.”

* * *

Ilshin hyung’s laughter echoed through the hideout.

“The sword and evil of the world are nothing special!”

The story of the time when Hunwon defeated the eight moon camp was in full swing. Minjun intervened.

“Even if you say this, you are not human. Even if I had a portrait there, it wasn’t really strange.”

I moved the freshly fried green onion pancakes back onto the plate. Even if it is moved, it disappears immediately from the spot, as if it had been subjected to space magic.

At least Minjun was taking off chopsticks one by one and moving them to my mouth.

My older brother drank the makgeolli from the bottle and put it down.

Now, there was only one bottle of makgeolli left, but Pajeon and makgeolli were like that, and it seemed unfortunate and insufficient to end this time.

“You should go out and buy some makgeolli.”

At my words, Minjun put down his chopsticks and stood up. My older brother also spat out a word to such a guy.

“Bring your own this time. Just thinking about it, the reason why you’re so stupid and ugly is probably because you don’t know how to drink.”

“It’s not alcohol. He’s a guy who hasn’t even had blood on his head yet, bro.”

“If you have hair on your dick, isn’t it the boss of the company? I don’t know, but the manager of the company needs to know how to drink. Come on!”

Hey, you have to learn how to drink from an adult. I don’t think it would be a bad idea to take this opportunity to learn the liquor.


Even though it was full of people outside, Min-joon rushed out.

When he left and only my older brother and I were left.

Only then did my older brother ask me about Macheonhae.

“Macheonhae, I know that the old man is also banned. But even so, will they surrender their swordsmen? Those who have sat on the throne once cannot forget the taste.”

“That’s what I’m saying because I don’t know how far it’s possible with the ban.”

I decided to tell the truth.

Awakening and erasing consciousness with applause is just a very small device that can be planted as a taboo.

Even the target’s mind could be manipulated according to the taste of the restraint.

“… … So now, Ma Cheonhae has only one thought: ‘The sword and evil exist for the sake of the Cheonma religion, and we must give all our allegiance to the successor of the Cheonma Zone.’”

In fact, it was also a matter that could become a scary story for my older brother, who is under the same ban.

I looked at my brother with worried eyes. But it was raining.

My brother’s hearty laugh broke out.

“hahahaha! Congratulations, aww. Really, my younger brother became the master of swordsmanship!”

My brother poured makgeolli until the glass overflowed. Next, I took a large piece of green onion and brought it to my face.

He looked at me enjoying it with delightful eyes.

“I understand now why my brother said that.”

“… … ?”

“Sizzling, I like the sound of pouring like rain. How about a conversation that is shared while sitting down together? Even this makgeolli, which fits perfectly with it, will keep reminding me of today. every rainy day.”

“Is it still a marathon on a rainy day?”

I asked with a smile.

“What is Maratang used for? On a rainy day, it’s seafood and green onion pancake.”

“That is correct, brother.”

My older brother also smiled. then I was sure

Now, on a rainy day, I don’t think of seafood pancake.

It must be that kind smile of our Ilshin hyung.

[I think the writer who delivered the seafood pancake.

“ah… … lonely.” ]

It was then. The body reacted first to the energy adjacent to the back. uh! Moonshin brother?

But why does Moonshin-nim’s general’s uniform seem more colorful than when I first saw it?

“How did you know and prepared all the congratulations for your promotion?”

Web novel written by God

Web novel written by God

신이 쓰는 웹소설
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
100 million views, “Previous Life” by author Na Min-chae, a new work. I thought it was a common cliche of “woke up and found myself possessed by the protagonist in a novel” but… there’s nothing predetermined about the past, world, settings, and characters before the reincarnation of the protagonist Lee Hwan. The author, or rather the god, said: “The way I write web novels is a bit different from yours.” This is way too different!


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