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Web novel written by God Chapter 104

【 When Lee Hwan entered the arrival hall, the world became brighter.

Papa pat!

The flash went off.


“It’s Lee Hwan!”

“For what purpose did you come to Jungwon? Please answer me just once!”

Reporters were encamped inside the broadcast preparation area at Gimpo Airport.

Min-jun raised his arm to cover his face, and the head manager also turned his head away, distorting his expression. Lee Hwan’s gaze was also hardened.

As he looked around, he spotted a familiar face.

‘What a god?’

After seeing the look in her eyes telling her to follow her, Lee Hwan had to go back to the door he entered. 】

Corridor behind the entrance door.

The nobleman pulled up the Murim-style mantle, Pipungui, and followed closely.

He was more conscious of people’s eyes than Min-jun.

“You never said anything like this.”

The chief of staff spat out in displeasure.

“Now do you understand my status?”

I answered like that, but this one was embarrassed, too.

The more your face sells, the more you are constrained in your vigorous progress. This is very difficult.

There is no explosion of catharsis as much as the strength of the past.

While I was contemplating whether to ask for an additional bast mask from the head coach, or to practice reverse magic. Shin Eun-ah’s voice got closer.

“Mr. Lee Hwan.”

A woman in a uniform is cool. It was a thought that came to mind every time I saw Shin Eun-ah.

Unlike the people she had passed so far, such as airline passengers and airport users, she did not look at the chief in particular.

I greeted him briefly with a nod of the head and asked me.

“You’re going to pass the press conference like last time, right?”

If it were the last time, it would have been the time of the Daelim piano entrance exam. Do you remember all that time?

“Sure. This won, if anyone sees it, they’ll think they’ve defeated the demon king.”

At that time, Minjun handed over the smart pad.

「 [Breaking news] Dongryong Lee Hwan returns home… … It is not yet known whether he achieved military status.

At this time, Lee Hwan (Different Dongryong) has returned from the Geomak Autonomous Region of the Moorim Federation.

The purpose of Lee Hwan’s visit to geomak and whether or not he attained the status of a military officer on this journey has yet to be revealed. However, Lee Hwan’s return to Korea is receiving great attention from the Eastern Moorim world and the public.

In addition, photos of Lee Hwan’s return to Korea are posted on social media and are attracting many people’s attention. Now, expectations are rising for what kind of activities Lee Hwan will continue after returning home.

Related articles and character introductions will be continuously updated. 」

what else do i say

It is true that I was horrified, thinking that what I had done in the black and white was exposed.

I had a lot of eyes to see, so I was just pretending that it wasn’t.

But grow up. The gap between what is known and my original strength is quite large, so I think it will be helpful for gaining strength.

“If you have not prepared a vehicle, our authorities would like to support you. I will take you home.”

Shin Eun-ah gestured in the direction of the VVIP entrance.

* * *

Shin Eun-ah was behind the wheel. The stopover is a hotel near Sillim-dong.

Until the workshop was ready, the plan was to put the chief engineer there.

As much as he had been trapped in the underground cave for a long time, he also seemed to desperately need time to rest. Isn’t he busy dozing off whenever he has free time?

After all, it must be shocking to endure for a year refusing to eat and water, saying that they were given by the enemy.

Outside the car window, the hotel entrance came into view. I woke up by shaking my head.

I said to him who was checking the outside with grim eyes.

“There are not many dwarves in this country. You will be noticed everywhere.”

This is what I meant by not going around needlessly.

“Better than the midfielder.”

The headmaster replied cynically. I was curious about his past life, hating the midfield but never leaving it, but that’s it.

Now we have to prepare for the next phase. There is no separate role for the chief of staff.

I handed him the SIM phone I bought at the airport.

“If anything happens, call me right away. And this.”

As I opened my wallet, the only thing I thought of was a ‘black card’.

It is an unlimited bar that is issued only to VVIPs.

Of course, there must be a probability that the wallet should contain it.

So, the story given to it was largely skipped once in the work, when Lee Hwan came up after clearing the 8th floor of the abyss, and Ragle, the goblin, brought it as if he had been waiting for it… … It gave a very specific story.

Then, the smooth surface snapped into place.

[ Black Card (Item)

Credit card for VVIP customers. Lee Hwan received this from the Golden Clockwork.

* Unlike general credit cards, card issuance requirements are very high.

* Luxurious benefits such as airport lounges, private shopping, hotel room upgrades, concierge services, and more. ]

He gave it to the chief and asked for it.

“Really use it in moderation, huh? Because I have never used it.”

In fact, I was anxious at the time.

「 Charles Hotel

Customer Name: Ministry of Internal Affairs, Goldenspring Bureau

Payment Details: Signature Steak

Payment amount: KRW 87,000 」

Soon after I put the manager down at the hotel, payment messages started flooding in.

again also. How much steak do you eat? It’s already the 5th.

The text that follows immediately after.

「 Charles Hotel

Customer Name: Ministry of Internal Affairs, Goldenspring Bureau

Payment Details: Baby Banana Caramel Pancakes

Payment amount: KRW 28,000 」

Pancakes this time? What else is Baby Banana Caramel? it doesn’t fit

「 Charles Hotel

Customer Name: Ministry of Internal Affairs, Goldenspring Bureau

Payment details: Sato O’Brien (wine)

Payment amount: KRW 350,000 」

If you’re a dwarf, be a dwarf and drink beer! What else is wine?

There is no break at intervals of minutes. In fact, it is a cost that is all handled in the name of the Golden Clockwork Bureau, but it is heartbreaking.

Are you exactly sick to your stomach?

[The writer is puzzled.

“Still, he is the best craftsman in Jungwon. Do you think there is no money left? Why did you give me the card?” ]

did you know it would be like this They said they had to take care of food, clothing, and food because they were brought in bare-chested. It was too young to take her to the hideout.

It is ignorant that the chief is ignorant, but there are now two older brothers and Min-jun in the hideout.

To move on to the next phase, it was correct that it should have been set aside.

[The writer is full of energy.

“Is that why you sent me a vacation?” ]

Staycation is a piece of cake. If it’s necessary, just stop the card and throw it away.

Then, through the rearview mirror, Shin Eun-ah’s eyes met. The constant vibrating sound made her curious as well. she asked.

“Is there something wrong?”

“No big deal. so… … What do you mean by Eun-ah, Eun-ah will be in charge of me from now on?”

“Well, that’s how it happened. It’s true that this job is much easier, so I said okay… … .”

“You’re not comfortable with being a subject of management, right?”

“It is a matter of protection. I saw you at the airport, right? I will become a character, I will be strong, I will be young. Perfect for getting attention. Most of all, people know Lee Hwan as the successor of one of the legends of Moorim, one of the best.”

Of course not, but Shin Eun-ah continued to speak without swallowing the word “.”

“There will be a lot of leeches. The authorities are concerned about that.”

“It’s a leech.”

“Usually, they are political or Moorim challengers. In the case of Lee Hwan, it seems that Lex Cars will be more of a problem. For now.”

“Lekka. Those I think, right? Bastards?”

Unbeknownst to me, the words came out harshly. It was because I thought I had seen some of those guys at the arrivals hall.

Instead of being unable to enter the broadcasting preparation area because they were not in the official media world, they were the ones who were pushing their cell phones as closely as possible to the borderline.

Eunah Shin smiled and laughed.

“Our authorities are concerned that Mr. Lee Hwan might get involved with civilians. So don’t be afraid to ask for help from the authorities. Think lightly. I’ll save some money, I said.”

“He said he would escort me, but I have no intention of rejecting it. Eun-ah, just don’t tell me to become a civil servant.”

Shin Eun-ah suddenly became quiet. Her sigh cut through the rather brief silence.

“I mean. What do you want me to do?”

Shin Eun-ah’s sigh seemed to reach here.

“Deputy Director Kang, do you know what that person is? Seriously, it’s not even funny. I know who the bar owner is. He told me to have a drink with Lee Hwan… … Do you have any thoughts?”


Then, the phone rang again.

「 Charles Hotel

Customer Name: Hwan Lee

Payment Details: Seafood Pancake

Payment amount: KRW 35,000 」

Wow, Korean food now? Do you know what seafood pancake is?

From noble mtl dot com

Unexpectedly, rain was just falling from the sky. Seafood and green onion pancake on a rainy day, isn’t it such a good match?

I swallowed the saliva in my mouth. Here’s the menu for tonight!

Sun Moon God, the two older brothers will also like it very much.

“I stop by some marts on the way.”

“I heard you… … ha, yes Pretend you didn’t hear Because it’s embarrassing.”

Shin Eun-ah sighed again and turned the steering wheel.

For a neighborhood mart, it was quite large with a separate seafood corner. Thanks to this, I was able to purchase a living squid as well.

After a lot of shopping, I got on the safety bureau convoy again.

“It’s not sundae soup tonight, right?”

Minjun came out and looked at the shopping cart in disbelief.

“It’s raining.”

“On a rainy day, they say it’s sundae soup. I’m not mistaken, am I?”

“Shouldn’t have done it with sundae gukbap. Even now… … .”


Shin Eun-ah was still outside the car when Min-jun raised his voice in panic. After a while she returned with a strong cigarette smell close to that of gunpowder.

“I’ll leave when I finish shopping.”

[The writer (Shin Eun-ah) is admirable.

“oh! cigarette! Add personality! It would be great if he appeared with a cigarette from the beginning!” ]

[The writer is delighted.

“My presence has already faded, but I have to try to revive it somehow with cigarettes. If you go to the webtoon later, will the picture come out? whoop whoop… … .” ]

“Miss Eun-ah.”


“Are you a smoker?”

“… … .”

“I hope it tastes very good. Next time I have something to give as a gift, can I use it as a bastion?”

“Is that so?”

[The writer has reinforced (person*Shin Eun-ah). “Nice pass!” ]

[ Reinforcement content: <Hipweed> ]

As soon as the car started again, it started to rain harder.

* * *

If I were to write the scene outside the window and how I feel right now, I would write it like this.

‘Raindrops hit the windows and swallowed up the debt, leaving the building in shadow. The whole street looked like a dead end because of the rain.

Rainwater running down cold stone and cement. rain and wind noise. And on a day like this when it rains like this, there is food that comes to mind.’

‘And whoever comes to mind… … .’


For a moment, I stopped. Because of a scene that suddenly popped into my mind.

As a memory from a previous life, it is the scene of the day Geon-hoo, who was closest to him, died. Even if I didn’t deliberately search my memory, that day became clearer.

It was. It also rained heavily that day.

Even though the blood flowing from the fallen Gunhu was flowing in harmony with the rainwater, the savage Cheonji continued to rain without any reaction.

That day was the first day Lee Hwan grumbled against the sky.

When I came to my senses, I could clearly see the author’s message.

[The writer is contemplating (main story * Resurrection of Cheonmakyo – Closest Geonhu). ]

[The writer thinks.

“After our dryness. How long are you going to let it go?” ]

The writer was thinking of Geonhu as the next stage.

Wow, author! Do you think the same as me?

[The writer is very satisfied.

“Hey, you two?” ]

Web novel written by God

Web novel written by God

신이 쓰는 웹소설
Score 9.0
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
100 million views, “Previous Life” by author Na Min-chae, a new work. I thought it was a common cliche of “woke up and found myself possessed by the protagonist in a novel” but… there’s nothing predetermined about the past, world, settings, and characters before the reincarnation of the protagonist Lee Hwan. The author, or rather the god, said: “The way I write web novels is a bit different from yours.” This is way too different!


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