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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 96

Episode 96. Reasonable Doubt (1)

Rococo department store.

While Alicia dyed her hair, Dante and Fabio decided to cut.

I was annoyed when it came out.

When he came out and got the shampoo, Dante felt better too.

“Do I really like it when others wash my hair?”

“right? Are hair salons the best for mood swings? You, too, have come to know the taste.”


Alicia’s dyeing was finished before the two men’s haircut.

Magic is so convenient.

Dante said looking at Alicia in the mirror.

“Definitely, pink is better than green. You had pink hair when we first met. Is that so? get used to something It’s stable.”

“When I first saw Risha, she was blonde. At the entrance ceremony, my skin was very white and it was completely different from now.”

“is it so?”

Alicia turned her gaze to the mirror placed in front of Fabio.

“Did you see me at the entrance ceremony?”

“You may not remember, but we rode the same shuttle that day. I definitely remember.”

“oh… … . okay? I only remember handsome people. You seem to only remember pretty people.”

“… … .”

The listening staff couldn’t contain their laughter.

Fabio responded half a beat late to Alicia’s words.

“hey. Where do I go and never hear that I’m ugly?”

“There’s a difference between being ugly and being handsome. Right Dante?”

“Why are you dragging me in?”

Dante met Fabio’s gaze in the mirror. Should I say it’s an emotional feeling that I have to throw out a word for some reason?

“Isn’t Fabio-senpai good-looking?”

Fabio nodded as if satisfied.

“Gorum Gorum. Both me and Dante are pretty handsome. Lisa, you are strange.”

“Am I in a bad mood today? Don’t bullsh*t.”

Alicia frowned and turned around. Heading to the checkout, she picked up her phone and shook it lightly.

“Today I shoot everything!”

[ Alicia Smith has acquired the item (legendary). X 100]

[Alicia Smith’s status abnormality (anger) has been lifted. ]

[ Alicia Smith has summoned Dante Prime (Porter 1) and Fabio Morrone (Porter 2). ]

Alicia’s house.

Fabio frowned as he looked at the clothes scattered around the living room.

“What is this… … .”

It was fine the last time I came.

It was a level that could not be considered a house where people lived.

Dante pushed the objects piled up on the sofa to the floor as if he was used to it and put his buttocks on.


“Sit over here, old man. He always lives like this.”

“Isn’t there someone else cleaning up?”

Alicia dragged the bean bag and lay down.

Jing- Jing-

Alicia had been texting someone for a while.

Fabio asked.

“Who’s face is so serious?”

“Lirco. Did you call to say you’re sorry for killing me earlier?”

“If it’s Lirico, is that senior with really long hair? did that person kill you? He said he was friendly.”

“I know yeah.”

Fabio did not sit on the sofa. He patted Dante on the back and whispered.

“Can we go to your house? It’s not my style to be tidy, but this is a bit… … .”

Fabio grabbed something half pushed into the corner of the sofa with his fingertips and pulled it out.

It was Lisa’s underwear.

It’s also very bright and intensely colored.

“Aww… … hey! You know I don’t nag as much as I can. Why are you putting your underwear here? dust builds up Aren’t you embarrassed? And do you change in the living room?”

“huh. Are you going to take off your clothes in the living room and go to the shower?”

… … Whoops?

For some reason, Fabio felt his face heat up.

Dante moved to his house first. Fabio said he had something to share with Alicia alone.

The three of us were thinking of going in after chatting lightly.

From noble mtl dot com

Alicia kicked the clothes piled on the floor and pushed them to the corner.

“What are you talking about?”

“Come and sit down for a while.”

The two sat side by side on the sofa.

“I mean Lirico. Don’t stay close for a while.”

“… … Eh? why. Is it because you shot it?”

The reason Alicia became close with Lirico was because of Fabio.

At the time of the team tournament in the first semester of the first year. Alicia suggested that Fabio join the team. Lirico first applied, saying he wanted to be in a team.

Liriko entered the school in third place. Alicia had no reason to refuse.

“You two are friends. Why are you saying that all of a sudden?”

“Actually, Lirico is sick. It’s hard to talk about it in detail.”

“You mean to throw away a sick friend? That’s important. I have to tell you the reason directly so I can agree.”

Fabio briefly explained the main points to Alicia.

Alicia nodded.

“But why are you telling me that now?”

“It was fine for a while. It’s like saying keep your distance from a normal kid. It sounds like you’re talking about an old friend behind your back.”

“Why did you keep being friends with Lirico even though you knew?”

“There is something intertwined with each other.”

“Whew. Anyway, what are the people of Sky Island? Why are there so many things intertwined here and there? okay. It’s a bit like a sudden blush. I’ll keep a reasonable distance and watch.”

After the conversation, the two moved to Dante’s house.

Dante’s house, which was brainwashed by Mr. Jun, was very tidy.

Dante ordered a simple snack.

“I’m really annoyed. You gave me extra points for the mage tower?”

Dante and Fabio.

Both men passed the bonus round.

The number of people who took part in the test was 40 people in the first and second grades. Only 10 percent of them, 4, passed the test.

The test pass rate is 3 percent.

But didn’t they test by collecting only the most outstanding students from the five prestigious Stellar schools?

The faculty predicted that the pass rate would be higher, but the results fell far short of expectations.

Upon hearing the news, Alicia was furious.

“Did I say I would forgive Lirico? But suddenly you can’t forgive? What do we do? What about Kazui?”

Dante passed the jerky to Alicia.

Alicia chewed and swallowed the jerky like an angry rabbit.

“But how did you get out of hallucinations?”

“hmm… … . In fact, I knew because of you.”


Fabio did not appear in Dante’s hallucinations, but Dante appeared in Fabio’s hallucinations. It meant that Fabio cared about Dante.

“I just heard nonsensical things like saying that you like Alicia, and saying that you were swearing at me at Alicia.”

“Is it true that Dante cursed at me?”

Fabio laughed at Alicia’s words.

“You look different when you joke. I can’t even tell that much apart.”

“What? Anyway, Dante will never curse at you. because! i like you He likes men… … .”

It’s a start again.

Dante crossed his wrists and raised his middle finger.

“I’m going to have a double gukkyu.”

“Gorum, what is this?”

Alicia made a heart with her thumb and forefinger and made a nasty expression. It was aimed at what Dante did on his last trip.

Fabio sighed briefly and spoke to Dante.

“look. Didn’t I say it’s a piece of cake?”

“yes. I made a mistake, sir.”

“Eat? What is the money?”

Dante and Fabio answered simultaneously.

““Don’t feed Alicia.””

“Seriously, what are you sick of? What am I!”


Fabio lightly pulled Alicia’s nose.

Dante thought for a moment that a wind of blood would blow.

I hate that.

Contrary to expectations, Alicia explained calmly.

“Fabio. Can you listen carefully? I’m wearing makeup now. What happens to your face over time? Will the dog oil come out? Then, the makeup melts in the dog oil. If the makeup is melted, what will happen if you pull it with your hands?”

I could feel the life in Alicia’s grinning smile.

Fabio studied Alicia’s face carefully. The area around the nose is mottled.


Then why haven’t the other girls said anything up until now?

Fabio has been quite popular since childhood. There was a girl and a friend I met briefly.

But no woman got angry when I lightly grabbed her nose and shook her. Everyone blushed and liked it.

I couldn’t help but hate Alicia. Because each person’s likes and dislikes are different.

“sorry. I won’t do that again.”

“great. I’m only looking after you this time, student Fabio. Am I a rational person?”

Dante laughed and said.

“Really, you do all sorts of things. Are you impersonating Professor Han’s vocal cords now?”

“One of Risha’s nicknames is Baby Han Ji-ah.”

“It means that this Alicia-sama is a genius wizard who will follow in the footsteps of Professor Han.”

Dante dared to correct Alicia’s words.

“It must be because I have a bad temper.”

Alicia fired a sharp glare at Fabio, prompting a rebuttal.

Fabio abruptly averted his gaze.


Alicia broke her knuckles.

“Baby Jia Han meant that?! Ella. Come here!”

* * *

three days before the start of the semester.

“But why can’t I contact Xian again?”

Contact with Xian, who lived next door to Jia Han, was lost.

I think it was right around the time of the entrance exam.

“It’s strange… … . Were you shocked by the test?”

Dante jumped up and headed for the 75th floor. And knocked on the front door of Xi’an’s house.

Ding dong ding dong tting tti ttitti ding dong.

Bang. Bang bang!


Dante looked not at Xi’an’s house, but at the house next door. Jia Han stuck her face out through the crack in the door.

“what are you doing? noisily.”

“ah… … Did you hear me? sorry. I can’t get in touch with Xi’an. Do you know what’s going on?”

According to the original plan, Xian had to enter Stella as a freshman a few days later. But suddenly I can’t contact you, so I have no choice but to worry.

Jia Han replied with her eyes wide open.

“what. Did Xian not even contact you?”

“song? Where are you?”

“Bravo Base. It’s called the Corcovado Academy, so I went there.”

If it’s Corcovado Academy… …

It was the school Daniel said he was re-entering.

“Why all of a sudden?”

“Things didn’t go well on this side. I must have been very disappointed myself. I really liked that I went to the same school as you.”

I’m not the type to cut off contact because I’m embarrassed.

Are you in shock and need some time?

Dante was deep in thought with a serious expression on his face.

‘Xian fell into all five prestigious schools? Sian Hilken, who has excellent mana control and can even use magic?’

Something was strange.

“Has Xi’an really fallen out of all five prestigious schools?”

“Because it is. He doesn’t have much of a say. I drank everything during the interview.”

“I don’t quite understand… … Let’s say I failed because of the interview. But do you really need to go to Bravo?”

“Xian’s hometown is nearby. What do you do if you say you will?”

Base Bravo is located on the former South American continent. A district was formed near Brasília, and Sian lived an itinerant life near São Paulo.

Dante thought again.


anyway it is

You left suddenly without a single text message?

“Professor, are you in touch with Xi’an?”

“of course.”

“Then could you please contact me just once?”

“okay. Come in for a minute.”

Dante entered Jia Han’s house. Then, he found Xi’an’s name on his phone and pressed the call button.

A vibration was heard from somewhere in the house.

Dante sharpened his hearing.

‘what… … . Could it be that Xi’an is hiding in this house?’

The moment I thought of all sorts of things.

“wait for a sec. I must have called.”

Jia Han spoke with a calm expression before entering the room. When the door opened, the sound of vibration was clearly audible.

‘A professor… … .’

Jia Han’s bedroom.

Four mobile phones were placed on top of the drawer.

It was Xian’s cell phone that vibrated.

[Sender: Dante Prime]

Jia Han let out a laugh.

‘Why did you call me after you asked me to call you?’

Jia Han went out into the living room with two mobile phones in her hands.

“He is too. What are you in such a hurry to call Xian?”

“If you don’t answer my call and the professor calls right away, you’re avoiding my call, right?”

Jia Han questioned with sharp eyes as if questioning.

“Is it really because of that?”

“yes. But why does the professor have a cyan phone?”

“I changed Xian’s cell phone. This time, the company paid for it with a security-enhanced product. So I kept the phone I used before.”

believe that?

Dante stared at Han Ji-ah with tired eyes.

Jia Han smiled awkwardly.

It felt like something was looking through my own bare face.

“What are you looking at?”

“I’ve been curious about something before.”


“Could it be Xian and the professor? Aren’t they the same person?”

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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