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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 90

Episode 90. Tower of Trials (1)

Wizard’s Tower.

Liam Klein followed the officials to the basement of the Mage Tower.

‘Is the prison here?’

Go through several security doors and go deeper. I stood in front of the security door again.

This time it was different from the doors I had been through before.

‘Mana… … . I can feel the very strong mana.’

Liam was well aware of the rumors floating around.

I thought it might be space-shifting magic.


The door opened, and Liam moved again.

I definitely felt a different aura from before I passed through the door.

Liam is also a talented person who successfully graduated from a prestigious academy. Although he could not learn magic, he was quite sensitive to mana.

There were compartments on both sides of the hallway.

The structure was very similar to the personal training room in Stella Towers.

“Are you superhuman too?”

“I will not take any questions.”

Liam entered the prison cell.

The walls, bedding, and furniture are all white.

It is clean.

Instead, it was cramped.

“The lawyer will arrive soon, so be patient.”

“Are you a lawyer?”

Liam had no family left.

After my father’s case, I didn’t have an exclusive lawyer in my family.

‘Did they assign a public defender?’

The prison guard left without saying a word.

“Mana manifestation is prohibited. Don’t do anything stupid.”

Liam thought as he sat on the hard bed. There must be many prisoners dying without the death penalty. It was a perfect environment for mental illness.

‘Prohibition of manifesting mana… … Are you intending to prevent suicide? Or did he have some kind of magic or device to prevent mana from manifesting?’

Liam gathered a small amount of mana in his fingertips.

And I lost my mind

how many hours had passed

Liam narrowed his brows and opened his eyes.

I was lying on the bed in the prison cell.

‘What happened?’

“The moment you express mana, a powerful anesthetic gas is sprayed, so don’t do that again. Repeated exposure to the anesthetic gas makes the body unable to withstand it.”

Liam got up and sat down.

A middle-aged man was sitting at a small table in the corner.

The man took a business card out of his wallet and approached Liam.

“This is Ray Schultz, your defense.”

Meanwhile, Young Zordyk’s mansion.

Young Zordyk’s lips burned to a crisp.

After Liam Klein’s press conference, a series of lawsuits were filed by individuals and organizations that had been harmed by the Zordic family.

“These wormy bastards!”

Young Zordyk threw the vase and exploded in anger.



Blood flowed from the head of the housekeeper who had been hit by the vase.

Young Zordyk gave her a sharp glare.

“Look at what? why. Are you going to sue me too?”

“Oh, no. I will sort it out quickly.”

It’s not the first time he’s been sued. It’s just gone quietly so far. But now it’s too late to go quietly.

The entire nation’s eyes turned to the Zordic family.

Despite being ranked 8th, the Zordic family had no ties to the Mage Tower. It was because they hadn’t produced a single superman so far.

Instead, he was friendly with the high-ranking officials of Agras. This is the secret to maintaining the family.

From noble mtl dot com

The Magic Tower intervened when Liam, a graduate of a prestigious academy, murdered Courtney Zordick. The movement of the mage tower was unusual.

‘Do you touch our family to protect a kid who just graduated from the academy?’

In fact, as far as the murder case goes, Liam had no escape. It wasn’t like he was a murder teacher at the Zordic family. The cause of death of Shawnelly Klein was suicide.

Son responds with murder to father’s suicide?

And to Courtney Zordic, who has nothing to do with the incident?

It is an obvious first-degree murder with no extenuating circumstances.

Young Zordyk squeezed hallucinogenic tobacco leaves into his pipe and lit it.

“Whoa… … . Poor kids.”

The heyday of the Klein family was 80 years ago. Since then, I have been on a downward trend because I have not been able to produce superhumans.

Even when Shonelly Klein, an ordinary person, filed a lawsuit and committed suicide. The Mage Tower was not involved at all.

But now it’s like Liam is a superman and he’s circling around.

“I’m not trying to protect that child. They intend to trample on our family.”

The Magic Tower periodically drew a line between superhumans and ordinary people. When a common family came up, they grabbed the pods and ripped off their wings. It’s like declaring war saying ‘you can never be like a superman’.

Apparently, this time the Zordic family was targeted.

‘under… … . I wasn’t sending my kids to the academy.’

Young Zordyk thought that this was just the territorial behavior of the Mage Tower, but he never reflected on the evil he had committed so far.

Courtney was lost and Katarina was hospitalized with panic attacks. I am separated from my wife, and my lover has been in the dark since the incident.

It’s not even a matter of finding a person and stepping on them. But things weren’t looking good right now.

‘sh*t X. How dare you betray me?’

Young Zordyk trembled with rage.

* * *

four days before the start of the semester.

First and second year students gathered at the Stella Campus.

At the place where Courtney died, there were flowers, presents, and red headbands.

Most hated it, but not all hated it. Members of Gemini, the twins’ fan club, mourned Courtney’s death.

No one even cursed at that. Doesn’t everyone have to hate the person I hate? They are just different human beings.

It was only through the news that Dante learned that Ray Schultz had been appointed as Liam’s attorney.

Same with Alicia.

“How did Uncle Ray get to be the attorney? It seems like you rarely work as a lawyer these days.”

“Maybe it has something to do with him?”

“I think so too. Uncle Ray, don’t you want to follow BS?

“What is Takari? Let’s go.”

“You follow me.”

“How come you are only improving day by day?”

“Good job then! Envy you. Are you perfect anyway? Goes.”

Stellar Tower had a total of 500 MR devices. Currently, there are 183 intermediate students and 224 freshmen.

So, I had my final exam on the same day.

‘When did you go out with 224 people… … .’

After the survival training, students who were penalized broke away en masse.

Daniel, who I played with during the team tournament in the first semester, texted me a few days ago. Daniel said he was re-entering the Corcovado Academy. He is said to be the most prestigious at Bravo Base and even receives a full scholarship.

He has expressed his aspiration to become a snake’s head rather than a dragon’s tail.

When I entered the room, Junmori greeted me and greeted me.

“Are you here?”

“You did a great job cleaning. Good job.”

“It’s something I like to do.”

Jun’s expression looked dark.

“What’s up?”

“no. just because i’m sad There are only a few days left until we share the same room.”

“ah… … . Is that so?”

I thought I was just getting used to it, but it’s a breakup.

Contrary to what I was worried about at first, there were many good things about living with Jun.

If you look at D.O.’s room, it’s very simple. It was a level that came out of a sigh.

Fortunately, starting from middle school, there was a separate staff to help with cleaning and laundry.

Dante asked a question as he sat down on the chair Jun had cleaned.

“Have you ever heard of Rosé?”

“hmm… … . what story?”

“I heard you were independent. With senior Jeremy.”

Junmori’s eyes widened.

“How do you… … Was this a remark too dismissive? no. Even in Sky Island, it is a fact that only a few high-ranking families do not know about.”

“hey. Do I have any personal connections?”

“You mean Fabio Morrone?”

“There are others besides Fabio-senpai?”

“I see. I don’t know either. How can the Morrone family know something that the Morrone family doesn’t know?”

“I didn’t hear from Fabio-senpai!”

“Why are you angry? A strong negative is a positive.”

“I get it.”

What is sad?

When do you change roommates?

Being calm in any situation is Jun Mori’s strong point. Even when fighting, he was very calm. At times, it felt inhuman.

“How can you be so calm in everything?”

“just. It’s just that I don’t want to reveal my feelings. I’m talking about coming out. Thank you for ignoring me every time I secretly cried, my friend.”

“It was nothing. by the way. What is the task for this test?”

Practices are usually notified in advance. But this time there was no mention of it at all.

Jun raised his arms and spoke as he stretched them.

“I didn’t think Since it’s a simulation, any assignment can come up. Anyway, we’re also perfect. I thought it would be better to read a book while thinking about it.”

the next morning.

Dante headed to the simulation center.

Again, there was no particular delivery, but the students did not complain.

The first planetary exercise was canceled because of the rift. Some were disappointed, but most were positive.

Last year, one person died and seven were seriously injured during final practice for middle school students. I heard that there is a senior who dropped out because his limbs were cut off.

I thought the simulation was better than going to the planet practice.

Dante lay down on the MR machine.

The simulation started with a guide sound.

[ Welcome to the Tower of Trials. ]

‘Tower of trials?’

[ The Tower of Trials consists of a total of eleven floors, from the 1st floor to the 11th floor. The current number of people is 224, and they all start on the first floor. ]

A hologram appeared in front of my eyes.

It was pyramid shaped.

11th floor – PVP Zone – 20 people

10th floor – Monster Zone – 40 people

9th floor – PVP Zone – 60 people

8th floor – Monster Zone – 80 people

7th floor – PVP Zone – 100 people

6th floor – Monster Zone – 120 people

5th floor – PVP Zone – 140 people

4th floor – Monster Zone – 160 people

3rd floor – PVP Zone – 180 people

2nd floor – Monster Zone – 200 people

1st floor – PVP Zone – 224 people

[The PVP area and the monster area appear alternately. Each time you go up a floor, the number of people is limited. Clear conditions are as follows. ]

1. PVP area

Cleared as soon as 24 players die on the 1st floor. Cleared as soon as 20 players die on the 3rd floor.

Same below.

2. Monster Zone

PVP is limited, and 20 people with the lowest contribution to defeating monsters are automatically eliminated.

Cleared as soon as 20 players die from monsters.

[ When the game starts, you can select an item. Also, if you kill a player in PvP, you will automatically acquire the opponent’s item except for the weapon. ]

Dante listened attentively to the guidance.

‘Isn’t this test a complete game system?’

The only difference from the game is that there are no stats? It seemed that he was trying to comprehensively evaluate his close combat ability and magic bullet control ability.

‘I’m not confident in close combat yet… … .’

Moreover, it is a game in which each individual becomes a player, rather than using a character. I have to remove the friends I have been training with with my own hands.

‘It’s a game. It’s a game!’

[Then the game begins. Select an item and complete the installation. The time limit is 5 minutes. ]

An item selection window popped up in front of me.

‘what. Can’t you choose a weapon?’

As basic items, one bayonet, one pistol, and ten rounds of ammunition were provided.

The only options available were capsules and potions.

‘I can’t even use mana? To the top with ten bullets… … . Or do you mean killing monsters with a greatsword?’

The details seemed to be confirmed once the game started.

Up to three items could be selected.

‘For some reason, it seems that most of them will choose items for defense, but… … .’

There are 100 lists. Within five minutes, I was on the brink of choice paralysis.

Dante made his choice after a short thought.

[ Defense Capsule

Blocks all attacks, including all magic, for 3 seconds. ]

[ grenade

Attacks enemies within a 10 yard radius. ]

Picked 2 defense capsules and 1 grenade.

First of all, the worst case is that everyone starts from the same starting point.

‘Even if only one or five people throw grenades, the first floor will be cleared right away.’

The best time to farm items is, of course, the first floor. As you go upstairs, you’ll consume ammo and capsules.

‘Items are consumed as soon as they start!’

Dante checked the interface for the rest of the day. VR also has a slightly different interface for each program.

After all, it’s the first game everyone encounters. The sooner you adapt, the better.

Weapons and items were placed in familiar places in advance.

‘The grenade is in the right pocket of the tactical vest. One defense capsule is in the left trouser pocket.’

[ The time limit has expired. The game starts after 3 seconds. good luck. 3, 2, 1. Game start. ]

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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