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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 88

Episode 88. 1st Degree Murder (2)

“Did you witness the incident?”


“Who was around the scene? Only tell people you can clearly remember.”

“Me and Claudio. and… … .”

Dante mentioned dozens of names one after another.

Normally, I would have remembered more faces. I was lost in thought while watching the twins, so I couldn’t look around.

“Did you kill Courtney Zordick?”


Investigators asked all students the same questions and received answers. First, we selected people who were within a 20-meter radius of the scene at the time of the incident.

“Rosé and Jeremy were definitely there.”

“Rosé Meyer and Jeremy Meyer. Liam Klein.”

“Liam and Dante? him and his friend. I was with Soniel. right. And there was also rosé. Roger Meyer.”

Rosé’s name was mentioned the most.

She has a striking appearance and her hair color is also unique. He is a child who attracts attention wherever he is. It was not surprising.

Rose also confessed to witnessing the scene.

“I heard screams and people gathered.”

“Who was around the scene? Only tell people you can clearly remember.”

“Me and my brother Jeremy. I couldn’t see my surroundings very well. I usually don’t pay attention to my surroundings.”

“Did you kill Courtney Zordick?”


Isik Kwan asked some additional questions to the students on the roster.

The same question was asked to Rosé.

“Have you always had any ill feelings toward the Zordic family?”

“Is there anyone in the Zordic family who doesn’t have ill feelings?”

“Do you think they deserve to die?”

“yes. But I didn’t kill Courtney. Was Courtney murdered?”

“It’s good to go out and see.”

The lie detector read all of Rosé’s statements as true.

Of the 15 people on the list, five were near the site. I finished the interrogation of three of them, and there were two remaining.

Jeremy Meyer and Liam Klein.

Liam Klein entered the interrogation room first.

Issyk Kwan asked Liam Klein the same question.

“Did you kill Courtney Zordick?”

Isik studied the polygraph carefully. Polygraph measures changes in the body, such as brain waves, heart rate, breathing, and pulse, and displays them in a graph. It was the technology underlying the lie detector.

The graph fluctuates wildly.

Liam Klein took a moment to catch his breath before opening his mouth.

“Young Zordic killed my father.”

“So you murdered Courtney Zordick?”

“yes. Taking away the most precious thing from the opponent is the best revenge.”

Living well is the best revenge?

it’s bullsh*t

The head of the household is dead, so how do you live as if you saw it?

It was Zordyk who was living happily even after ruining a family.

“How did you kill him?”

“I hit the heart with mana. I honestly didn’t expect to die. Since I am dead, I have become a murderer. Will the media listen to me? now… … .”

Liam’s last words meant a lot.

‘The boy’s father was murdered by Zordic and no one listened. So, if I confess to the murder and the spotlight is on me, I will try to complain about my injustice. Was that your intention?’

That’s quite possible.

There must have been more than one case of being unfairly killed and buried by the Zordic family. Because Zordyk will still be there.

“I will accept the sins I have committed. Please help me stand in front of reporters instead, Detective.”

Ishik nodded.

I didn’t even need help.

Death of the eldest daughter of the 8th ranked Zordic family. Even if you don’t help, it’s obvious that the media will rush at you.

‘It would be better to hold the press conference live.’

Anyway, Liam is a murderer.

I had no desire to side with him.

However, if there was an unfair incident, it should also be revealed.

The graduation ceremony was postponed for a week.

The students all went home.

The murder of Courtney Zordyk made headlines throughout the media.

Dante’s house.

Dante waited for the news with Alicia and Dan. D.O could not be together because of his part-time job.

Alicia lay on Dante’s knee, chewing on beef jerky.

“The culprit was caught. Who is it?”

“I know.”

“Just you. It will feel a little strange.”

“hmm… … . I do not know.”

To be honest, I thought it was a natural procedure.

What if the twins had met off-base?

There was no need to endure their persecutions. Despising it as an insect, he would have killed it the moment he raised his hand.

However, in Agras, people were not punished for such things. It was frustrating, but I couldn’t help it.

Danji also had to follow Agras laws to live in Agras. Agras is a safe place. Instead of being guaranteed their safety, they were obliged to obey the law.

I am no longer a tramp.

was a citizen of a country.

Courtney’s case was reported as the first news on the 9 o’clock news.

[ … … The culprit turns out to be a student at the same school. Connect to the press conference room. ]

The screen changed and the criminal’s face was captured.

Liam Klein was walking into the conference room with a flash christening.

Alicia jumped up and straightened up to sit down.

“crazy. Was it Liam senior?”

“oh my god.”

From noble mtl dot com

Dante was also shocked.

Liam, not Rosé?

Liam was a member who played basketball every day with Jeremy and Fabio as a senior.

Rank 487.

The Klein family resided at the edge of Sky Island.

“and… … . Why is Liam senior?”


Alicia snatched the remote from Dante’s hand and turned the volume up.

“My family carried out the Golden Egg Exploration Project with the Zordic family. That golden egg found 16 months ago.”

Golden Egg.

A dream planet with plenty of natural resources and no monsters.

The Zordic family discovered the Golden Egg 30 years ago. Net profit was about 2,000 trillion won.

They succeeded in finding the golden egg once again based on their enormous financial power. It was the 4th golden egg discovered by mankind, and its potential value far exceeded the gyeong unit.

The potential value of mineral resources buried in a very small piece of land called North Korea in the old days was 6,000 trillion won. This means that the value of the unit of kyung is not an absurd story.

Liam’s remarks stirred the hall.

‘Why are you suddenly bringing up the golden egg?’

‘right. There were rumors like that before. Zordyk threw out his partner… … .’

Liam Klein spoke.

“My father was a born planetary explorer and researcher. The Zordic family reached out first. How about looking for the golden egg together? It was a condition that we would share 20 percent of our profits.”

Planetary exploration is expensive. Liam’s father, Schonelli Klein, has allied with the Zordick family. To cover the cost of future planetary exploration.

“After seven years of exploration, I finally found the golden egg. is my father And a few days later the bill came home. They asked me to pay the full cost of the exploration.”

One reporter raised his hand.

“Isn’t that part of Klein’s responsibility for not properly checking the contract?”

“We are still in the 500s. I’m not stupid enough to sign a contract without checking it.”

At the time of the contract, the Klein family was accompanied by a family lawyer. Contact was lost now.

“My father complained of resentment, but no one listened. And a few months ago, he ended up taking his own life.”

Dante nodded and spoke.

“Liam senior did that before. Next year, they will be expelled from Sky Island. I guess it was because of that.”

“Did you know that your father died?”

“no. I didn’t even talk about that. I didn’t know either.”

Dante turned his gaze back to the screen.

Liam was consistent in his calm demeanor.

“Zordyk scum will get out of this situation somehow. I know. Still, I really wanted to talk.”

“Looking at it now, it doesn’t look like a murderer. Are you not reflecting at all?”

“The person to reflect on is not me, but Young Zordyk. I will not reflect on myself even thinking of my father who passed away unjustly. I just did what I had to do.”

Another reporter raised his hand.

“Why did you do that at school? The suspect will be identified.”

It’s a sharp question.

Stella was a restricted area for outsiders. If the crime had been committed outside, it would have been quite difficult to identify the suspect.

“The twins are usually accompanied by bodyguards. We use defense capsules in crowded places.”

Do you usually wear expensive defense capsules?

It was possible because the Zordyk family was the world’s number one richest person.

Of course, not everyone wore a defense capsule just because they had some money. The Zordic family has many enemies. They were aware of that too.

“It is an unknown fact. Then, have you ever attempted an assassination outside and failed?”

“I will not answer that question.”

The press conference ended like that.

Stella students’ reactions to the news were mixed. Most of the reactions were negative.

“That b*tch Courtney is a nuisance until she dies. Cancer lumps. 」

「Why would you die on the day of the graduation ceremony? 」

“How much did my parents expect? Is it a big deal that one academy student died? Why should we suffer? 」

“Of course it’s Zordyk again. If it was another kid, I wouldn’t be so upset. You see, Liam deserved to be killed. Didn’t my family commit suicide because of Zordyk? I’ll tear you to pieces and kill you 」

「How do you steal the right to develop Golden Eggs? Sheep pups. 」

“I wonder if he would have thought of killing himself. The law is the problem. What a nice guy Liam is. 」

The community situation was the same.

Most of them cursed at the Zordic family. Opinions that Liam Klein should be treated favorably seemed common.

evening the same day.

Dante lay down in a sleeping capsule.

I had a lot of thoughts.

‘You really shouldn’t be suspicious of anyone… … .’

Dante reflected on his doubts about Roger Mayer, even for a moment.

Thinking of being suspicious and angry with Rosé… … .

‘I’m a little sorry.’

However, it did not mean that he would forgive and understand Rosé. After the incident, Jeremy was the only one who handed over an apology.

anyone can doubt

Anyone can hate it.

But spitting it out and resorting to violence was another matter.

Just because someone doesn’t like it, doesn’t it mean that everyone swears at each other in comments or wields violence?

A week later.

Stella students gathered on campus again.

A cluttered atmosphere. Everyone had a conversation about Courtney’s case.

Dante sat in the stands with Alicia. Today’s main character was a senior student. The seniors moved out of their usual seats and took the floor.

Dante pulled out his phone and texted Jeremy.

It is true that the relationship deteriorated after the slapping incident. Isn’t it the last though? I thought it was polite to hand over congratulations.

[Me: Senior. Congratulations on your graduation! ]

There was no reply.

‘Are you busy preparing for your graduation oath?’

Just as medical students take the Hippocratic Oath at graduation, they take the Superhuman Oath. The reader was, of course, Jeremy.

Graduation ceremony begins.

The dean concluded his congratulatory speech briefly.

“The alumni representative, Soniel Chen, is forward.”

Alicia grabbed Dante by the collar and shook it.

“What? Why is Soniel sunbae the representative?”

“I know… … .”

“Didn’t Jeremy come today?”

The dean’s words continued.

“The top graduate, Jeremy Meyer, was unable to attend the ceremony due to personal circumstances. So, today’s graduation declaration will be made by second-in-command Soniel Chen, students, please understand.”

Whether the students laugh or not.

Soniel Chen led the declaration in a cheerful voice.

The first sentence is borrowed from the Hippocratic Oath.

“As a member of the superhuman society, I solemnly swear to contribute my entire life to the service of humanity.”

For the first time since the opening of Stellar, the graduation ceremony ended without a senior.

After the graduation ceremony, a one-week break was given. Because of the rift incident, the two-week rest period was cut in half.

Dante and Alicia, Dan Dan and even Fabio Morrone. The four of them boarded a tourist airship. It was the same model that Ray had borrowed before.

The four of them headed for Rome.

It was my first overseas trip.

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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