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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 80

Episode 80. 5th Rift (1)

For about a month, Jia Han trained the basketball team properly. I rolled and rolled again and again to the point that being excluded from physical training was meaningless.

Five out of 25 have already left.

At such times, Alicia cheered.

“Alpha Dan! Survive to the end! Get the main battle!”

It’s childish, but Dante was quickly brainwashed as the three syllables Alphadan stuck to his mouth.

“Come on, Alpha. Let’s finish the final properly and come back!”

“Alpha Dan Gaza!”

I leave for final practice next Monday.

Jia Han encouraged the students.

“Every bachelor’s degree must have a reason. There are two losers in our basketball team who gave up on their survival mission, right?”

The two students averted their gaze and quietly lowered their heads.

“Anyone can make a mistake. You have a chance to make up for it. I hope you can face it with your head up after this practice. good luck!”

Alicia gave Dante this advice.

“Are you in a state of self-confidence right now? Stay focused until the end. If you don’t want to be beaten by monsters.”

Come to think of it, the Alicia plastic surgery case has already been a year ago. It was around the end of December last year.

Dante wiped the bridge of his nose with his fingertips.

“why? I’m going to get beaten up and get plastic surgery too.”

“all… … Then why not give the whole pair to the monster pups? I guess I’ll have to tear it all down.”

“Yeah, you too. If possible, do something from head to toe.”

“No. me, perfect as it is. You, as it is, a cliff. You don’t push me, I’m an iron wall. yeah.”

“… … .”

Alicia disappeared with a satisfied look on her face, making a nerdy groove.


Dante sat down at his desk and spurred on the final data research.

Jun Mori’s nagging has decreased significantly these days. It was a sign of gratitude towards Dante for his consideration for the month of survival practice.

Jun said as he arranged Dante’s folded laundry in Dante’s closet.

“It would be better if we were on the same team. Then you can just stay still.”

“It doesn’t.”

Individual skills are important, but so far the remaining students have had enough skills to not be a nuisance anywhere.

So now it was a time when it was more important to build a team with a teammate who liked than skill.

Unfortunately, the assignment of the final practice team is random.

“Honestly, I don’t want to do a random team anymore. After all, when you go out in society, you’re almost a fixed team member.”

Dante felt the same way.

One, there is a reason why professors insist on random team assignments.

Superman Academy students don’t have many opportunities to socialize with outsiders. The intention was to experience various human groups within the limited conditions.

‘Let’s focus on mana training this time.’

Dante’s mana limit was high compared to his peers, but it was insignificant compared to a skilled player like Han Ji-ah.

Dante had seen Jia Han’s magic with his own eyes. at Disney Park.

From noble mtl dot com

The momentum of the mana pouring out of his small body was like a powerful typhoon.

‘I have to lay a solid foundation.’

The more powerful the magic, the greater the mana consumption. I am convinced of this through past experiences.

Whether two-pattern or multi-pattern. After all, the essence of magic is mana. The foundation must be strong so that even a tower that has worked hard will not collapse. It must be a formula that applies not only to magic, but to any field.

“Hey, it’s okay.”

It was then.

An alarm sounded outside the window.

Wayang Wayang Tuu-

Wayang Wayang Tuu-

Jun opened the window with a blue face.

“what? What?”

It was the first alarm sound I had ever heard in my life.

Dante also got up and stood next to Mori.

“oh… … What is Aurora? But can you see the aurora during the day?”

[ Detect Mana Pattern ]

The thick mana gathered and released repeatedly outside the shield that surrounded the campus.

Junmori pulled out two disinfectant tissues and put them in Dante’s hands.


“Wash your hands quickly.”

I don’t know why, but let’s clean it up first.

As Dante rubbed his hand on a disinfectant tissue, Jun held out his right hand.

“Shake hands.”


Jun squeezed Dante’s hand tightly.

“Alarm sounding now. It’s case 1. The general military will probably hit the DEFCON level 2 alert soon.”

“… … what?”

“That sky. It means a crack is imminent. It must have been a story from a year ago in the superhuman community.”

It was about 100 years ago that the last rift opened in the sky above the Earth. The rift has been opened every 100 years.

Sky Islanders receive thorough education on various warnings.

“I have to go home. We must protect the Floating Island when the alarm goes off. You know I live in the Out Islands, right?”

What is all this about?

Judging by the defense pattern being confirmed around the island, it was clear that it was not a simulation.

Junmori started to pack his luggage in the carrier.

“You pack your bags quickly. An announcement will be made soon, though.”

Jing- Jing- Jing.

The cell phone rang in succession.

Dante took out his suitcase and checked his phone.

[Uncle Ray: Waiting at school with Lisa]

[Choi Goe: Waiting for the billboard in front of the dormitory]

[ BS : To Ray and Bunker ]

Junmori packed his things at high speed and teased his mouth.

“Dante Prime. Thank you for that time. Even if something happens, please remember me, Junmori. And that Sky Island is not just a paradise for rich people.”

Soon, announcements came from all the speakers in the campus.

[Case stage 1 triggered. All students on campus will go home. When DEFCON Stage 1 is activated, immediately move to the bunker on the 23rd floor of the M2 area with your family. repeat. The 23rd basement floor of the M2 area. The 23rd basement floor of the M2 area. ]

A message also arrived on the phone.

It was a message from Stella’s Office of Academic Affairs.

[Information on the bunker for Stella: Underground in the Main Area. Area M2 Level 23 – Level 2 Evacuation Facility. Immediate family members are welcome.

* If possible, move near the bunker until the first stage of DEFCON is triggered. ]

Dante also packed his suitcase.

The fingertips come trembling.

‘Are the cracks really opening?’

Even at the ceremony, I wasn’t so nervous. At that time, the shelling started right away, so there was no time to think.

Leave the clothes off.

I put all the things on the desk into the suitcase.

‘no. Conquest though… … I have to take care of it.’

I took out only one uniform from the closet and put it in.

The moment I tried on the school uniform for the first time at the school uniform shop flashed through my mind. I was really excited then… … .

“Hey, it’s okay.”

“okay. We must live and meet again. It shouldn’t be a big deal… … .”

“okay. See you again.”

It was a really hard feeling to describe in words. Not wanting to let it go like this, Dante hugged Junmori and released him.

Jun trembled and spoke.

“I’m watching over you because it might really be the last time, my friend.”

“Yes, my friend.”

“I’ll go first.”

Looking at Junmori’s back, for some reason, tears welled up in my eyes.

Was Jun such a strong kid?

Dante saw the strong will to protect the first line of defense in his eyes.

‘Still, prestigious schools are different. But why did Mr. Ray ask me to wait at school?’

At that time, the announcement continued once again.

[ From now on, take-off and landing of personal airships on campus are permitted. Private airship passengers are transferred to the leisure area. ]

Dante nodded.

Ray seemed to be thinking of picking him up directly from school.

[ Guides the escape route. The Stellar Tower Shuttle is in the main area. East, west, south, and north directions of emergency evacuation lines each go to the airport in the same direction. Please take each person’s travel route into account. ]

The same announcement was played over and over again. In addition, the case 1 stage alarm sound.

Dante was on the verge of losing his soul.

Claudio appeared with a backpack on.

“Have you packed? Let’s go.”

“Okay. where are you going?”

“I have to go home. But I don’t know if I can get a flight. If it doesn’t work, we’ll go to the Stella Bunker.”

Evacuation facilities are in stages 1 to 5.

divided into five stages.

The second-level facility was the highest grade available to the general public.

The billboard in front of the dormitory.

Alicia and Gudanji were waiting together.

Alicia looked at D.O and talked.

“You come with us too. You know I’m from Charlie too, right? I have transportation to get there.”

“Oh yeah! I love you, Senior Al!”

Dante put his shoulder on Alicia and talked.

“and… … really act really fast. During that time, did you contact the club site and run all the way here?”

“of course. let’s hurry.”

The leisure area on campus is where there are basketball courts, tennis courts, and other sports courts.

All goalposts and nets placed on the court were lowered to the ground.

‘ah… … It’s not worth spending money for nothing, but you’ve set up a system to use it at times like this?’

I never expected to use a basketball court as a take-off and landing pad. After the airship took off and landed, the floor would be damaged, but it was not a major problem in the current situation.

floor thing.

Is it okay to install a new one?

Alicia, who checked her phone, spoke.

“Scheduled to land on the east side of the soccer field in three minutes. Let’s go there.”

Dante and the others found Junmori boarding a private plane while moving.

D.O, who hadn’t been able to say hello, shouted first.

“Hey, Chun! bye!”

Dante and Danji also waved at Jun.

Jun Mori also waved at his friends until the door closed.

“Revolution! See you again!”

Most of the students using the private airships were from families in the 500s.

Floating Island had a ‘very complex’ manual to follow in case of emergency. Although he is not an official superman yet, he must faithfully fulfill his duties when he returns home.

Ray showed up in a C-747 model. There is nothing like C-747 for small movements.

It was the same airship the freshmen boarded during their survival mission.

Danji and D.O nodded to Ray.

Ray also knew Dio and Danji.

Aren’t they the four Stellars who were involved in the safari incident?

“It’s been a while, mister. This is Claudio.”

“I just… … Long time no see, mister.”

After the incident, while the children were hospitalized, they exchanged greetings with each other. But even Ray didn’t expect them to appear together like this.

“okay. Nice to meet you all, let’s talk about the details as we go.”

Children sat in their seats and wore seat belts.

Ray sat in the cockpit with the cockpit door open.

[ Ray77. Approval for takeoff. Ray77. Taking off right now. ]

Ray77 was a name temporarily registered with Stellar to get permission to land.


Nearly a hundred blimps are in close proximity to the campus. In addition, the Stella Campus was originally a place where personal airship access was impossible.

In this special case, it operates in manual mode.

“Danji and Claudio. Where are you going?”

“I’m like senior Al. Echo Base.”

Alicia said she was going to Echo Base because she feared that Dio would feel burdened.

I figured it wouldn’t be a problem since there’s an Echo base on the way to the BS bunker anyway.

Unlike Dio, Gu Danji hesitated without answering.

“hmm… … Go home at once.”


Dante answered Ray’s question instead.

“Did I tell you before? I just moved next door.”

“It was true. I’ll go there once I go there. It will be parked at the taxi stand on the 50th floor and the permitted time is just 10 minutes. Come get what you need within 10 minutes.”


Dante and Alicia.

The two exchanged only glances with each other and had the same concerns.

I want to take the club to the bunker. I wondered if it was okay to let outsiders into BS’ hideout.

Dante was the first to sneak up on his luck.

“Here, uncle. Because the club has no family. They are very close friends.”

“Oh yeah? It’s just that you’re the guy who entered Stella’s top class, right? I know that much.”

“ah… … yes. thank you Am I famous?”

“then! It is impossible not to be famous among the top 5 chiefs.”

We arrived at the apartment without even saying a few words.

Ray encouraged the children.

“Go quickly.”


Ray pressed his face against the window and looked up at the sky.

‘It’s a big deal. Time is running out.’

A violent mana storm hit Agras.

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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