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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 48

Episode 48. simulation (1)

In fact, the team’s question was quite basic knowledge. Most of the students already knew the answer.

It’s not at all in the mood to make fun of me for asking easy questions. The problem was time.

Thanks to the club site, 100 people lost 5 minutes of break time. Added to that, 500 minutes flew by.

Bibiano Perez answered the question with his characteristic slow tone.

“Old-era astronauts did gravity training with equipment called G-LAB. up to 12G. I trained to endure up to twelve times the force of gravity. Fighter pilots still go through the same training.

But space exploration no longer requires gravity training. Does anyone know why?”

Junmori quickly raised his hand.

If you’re talking at the speed of Viviano Perez right now, what is 5 minutes? It seemed like it would take 15 minutes to finish the explanation.

“Student Jun Mori. Talk.”

“The reason for gravitational acceleration training is because of the gravitational acceleration that the spacecraft receives as it leaves the Earth. In the past, they went against gravity at very high speeds. It was due to fuel efficiency issues.”

In the old days, much of the spacecraft’s weight was fuel. Apollo 11 weighed 3,000 tons at take-off, of which more than 2,700 tons of fuel weighed.

The fuel problem has been one of the biggest obstacles to mankind’s advancement into space. The longer you stay in the gravitational field, the more fuel you consume. To save fuel, they had to get away from Earth as quickly as possible.

Junmori continued to explain.

“However, with the mana stone splitting technology, the fuel problem is gone. It can extract explosive energy with a very small amount of S-class mana stones and can fly long distances. These days, spacecraft leave the earth slowly at 1.5G level, which is not too much for the human body. That’s why you don’t do acceleration training.”

“great. District students. Did you get an answer?”

A stinging gaze pours down.

Danji nodded roughly as he tried to ask more questions.

“Well, then today will be the last class for this semester. I wish everyone good grades in the final exams. more.”

Dante quickly grabbed his bag and approached the club.

“The club site.”


Dante stopped trying to tell me the rules of the classroom during question time. It was because the expression on the face of the club was so elated.

“just. It’s the first time I’ve seen you ask a question. Well done.”

“ah… … I was very nervous. It was nice that Junmori kindly explained it.”

“I’m glad.”

Now that it’s the final exam, there’s no reason to take theory classes. Gukrul will give you a little hint before the start of the next semester.

On the day of final exams.

One by one, freshmen gathered at the simulator development center.

There were 10 practice rooms on the second basement floor of the center. A total of 500 devices, 50 devices per room. The price per device exceeds 500 million. Stellar spent 300 billion just to buy equipment.

It’s nothing when you think about the money that goes into planetary practice. Although only five planets have been implemented yet, the investment was worth it.

Professors introduced newspapers.

“The capsule in front is the latest model of the MR-M. Do you know what the letters at the back mean?”


“that’s right. The scenario you experienced during the ceremony was a test program. This time, we will use a more upgraded program.”

From noble mtl dot com

The appearance is similar to a sleeping capsule except that the lid is transparent.

The sleeping capsule is an invention that combines a medical device and a computer system. The capsule serves as a scanner, and after falling asleep, an EEG measuring device surrounds the head.

This was similar to the mechanism of the MR-M device in many ways. So, during the ceremony, I uploaded a simple mana scan program and test program to the sleeping capsule system and used it.

“I won’t explain at length. It would be much quicker to try it out yourself. The final exam will be held for 12 hours. According to the program, the stay on planet EE105 is one week. Then I hope that each of you will have time to fully demonstrate your capabilities. Everyone to their respective positions.”

The students lay down in the capsule in comfortable clothes. Few were very concerned.

‘It’s a fake anyway, so let’s be brave.’

‘I did it at the ceremony, so this time it will be a little easier, right?’

‘Even if I die, I have to catch one monster and die. But if I die early, will I be able to come out and rest?’

Just like when I lay down in the sleeping capsule, a sleep-inducing sound came out with a light herbal scent.

In the meantime, the faculty gathered in the situation room on the first basement floor.

The staff who was checking the students’ condition on the monitor said.

“The preparations are over. Should other people also log in soon?”

“Is it okay to go to room B201?”


This mock battle isn’t just for students. About 50 adults, including professors, were scheduled to access the program directly.

No. B201.

Those who gathered exchanged brief greetings.

“hello. This is Chris Yang, Captain of Galaxy G.”

“This is Pilot Eri Brown.”

The Galaxy G is a medium-sized destroyer with a capacity of 1,000 people. It was the most used space ship for planetary movement with the advantage of a solid defense system.

20 ship crew members, 25 incumbents. Here, Jia Han and Ramil Kvyat. Everyone said hello and connected.

[ EE105 Planet Simulation. Synchronization begins. ]

Scenarios move quickly through the students’ heads.

In summary, this was the story.

[Due to a fatal flaw in the simulator, the final exam is replaced with field practice. ]

Students are now gathered at the Central Aerospace Center.

* * *

“and… … oh my god.”

The mouths of the children who had been complaining about the sudden field training widened.

“Are we riding that?”

“Looking at it up close, it’s really big… … .”

Dante had been repeating the same action several times since before.

[ Detect Mana Pattern ]

[ Detect Mana Pattern ]

‘Detect the mana pattern!’

I thought about it every day after the ceremony.

In the future, if I am given a mission at school, I will definitely check the mana pattern first.

There was only light mana in the sky where the defense pattern should have been visible. If you can’t see the pattern, it must mean that the current situation is not real.

‘and… … I’m sure it’s a simulation. It looks so real that I keep getting confused.’

Final exams are replaced by field practice, and the memories of embarrassment and complaints remain intact in my head.

‘How is this possible?’

‘This is all fake!’ I wanted to scream, but it wasn’t the case. Even Dante himself wasn’t 100 percent sure.

370 students gathered in front of the giant spaceship Galaxy G. The crew, including the faculty members, climbed the stairs of the ship.

“I am Captain Chris, who will be with you on this mission. I know that everyone is nervous because it is the first space flight. All of the crew of the Galaxy G promise to do their best for your safe flight.”

Some of the students who recognized Miss Chris whispered.

“and… … He is very famous.”

“NexTyong has 2 million subscribers.”

This time, Jia Han opened her mouth.

“I also went to my first planetary training when I was your age. The excitement was much greater than the fear. The superhuman seniors in front of you will help you. So, I hope you enjoy your ‘first mission’. Did you know?”


The students climbed onto the Galaxy G in turn. An announcement was played over and over again.

[ Follow the arrows to the main section. When taking off and landing on a ship, you must keep the main section. Follow the directions to the main section. Even in case of emergency, you will be directed to the main section. ]

Dante moved with Junmori.

“Isn’t it really great?”

“I’ve ridden it a few times.”


“It’s not even flying, there is a ship experience program. You probably rode most of them?”

I heard that the ship experience is a required curriculum in an elementary school in Central Agras.

‘Why didn’t Charlie do it? It doesn’t really cost money.’

Most of the children admiring now, including Dante, were from the base.

It’s the little things like this that make the difference. In the beginning, the Central Agras definitely tended to have an advantage.

In the main section, 1,000 seats were tightly spaced. There were only 370 people on board this time, so there were plenty of seats.

Junmori sat one seat away from Dante and fastened his belt.

“Whoa. tremble a little I’ve been waiting for this day all my life and trained hard.”

“But can’t you see outside? I wanted to see you when we took off.”

“Just take off and you will be able to move freely. You can see the surface of the earth just by flying, right?”

Dante fastened his seatbelt and once again observed the pattern. After all, only mana was felt, but no pattern was seen.

“Hey, Tsun. Originally, space ships also have a shield, don’t they?”

“of course. Especially in the main section, triple defense is standard. It is designed to fly on its own if the exterior is damaged.”

It’s fake, it’s fake, it’s fake!

But the five senses keep trying to trick the brain.

I could feel the warmth on my skin and the pulse on my wrist. I could smell the sweat of my neighbor who was sweating from nervousness.

‘Are you fake? How much technology has advanced these days.’

While Dante is brainwashing himself.

Take-off announcements followed.

[ This ship is scheduled to take off in 5 minutes. Please check your seat belts again. After takeoff, it flies to a warphole near Neptune at 50 percent the speed of light. Estimated duration is 10 hours. ]

8 minutes at the speed of light from the sun to the earth. It takes 4 hours to get to Neptune. At 50% of the speed of light, it would take 8 hours to reach Neptune, plus 10 hours with acceleration and deceleration.



An engine roar came from outside the main section and vibrated. Despite the soundproofing facilities, I felt a magnificent aura that gave me goosebumps.

[Galaxy G-08. We’re taking off soon. We wish you a pleasant flight. Woo woo. Come on! ]

Laughter erupted from everywhere.

“For a moment, I thought it was Disney Park.”

“I heard that there is a retired captain who broadcasts announcements at Dazney Park.”

Soon the ship takes off.

I felt a little pressure, but it wasn’t much different from when I was on the plane.

Usually, the point at an altitude of 100 km is called the Karman Line and is regarded as the boundary between the earth and the universe.

The Galaxy G moved toward the Karman Line at a slow average speed of 300 km/h. The students had a leisurely conversation.

“Once upon a time, space shuttle take-off speeds exceeded 1,500 km/h.”

“Isn’t that faster than the speed of sound?”

“Looks like it’s going to be tough.”

Meanwhile, the adults were sitting together in the break room. They did not go through a synchronization process. Everyone was aware that it was a simulation.

As a result, neither the captain nor the pilot had anything to do other than making announcements.

One superman looked around inside and clicked his tongue.

“In our time, all we did was practice with crappy VR. Technology has really improved. Shall we take a look at this instrument panel? Let’s see what’s going on inside.”

The captain took the tool himself and stepped out.

“I’m curious too?”

Adults started smashing the hull as if playing house. When he found a bug, he laughed with excitement as if he had found a treasure.

“The cockpit and the crew’s rest room were made roughly because there’s no way for kids to come in, right?”

“Iknow, right. Are you going to let the kids go now?”

“I need to go out and watch the kids.”

“Okay. Ahh.”

The captain grabbed the microphone.

[ The Galaxy G-08 has just left the altitude of 200km. Power can move freely. A lounge is provided in the tail area, the tail of the hull. Move over there and enjoy your first universe to the fullest. ]

Ten doors leading to the main section were raised simultaneously. The turn signal lights turned on and a hologram called ‘Lounge’ was engraved.

The students all moved to the lounge. I hear the exclamations of the children who arrived first.

Dante also sped up and stepped into the lounge.

“and… … .”

A huge blue star was visible through the transparent glass.

In an instant, I cried and my eyes were red.

In space, the five minutes from Earth to Mars is called the Golden Hour. The children gazed at the distant Earth with blank expressions.

The forest has disappeared and monsters are infested in the sea. However, the earth seen from the outside was like a bright jade bead. Such a beautiful planet is dying. It was sad.

By the time the Earth was as small as the Moon seen from Earth.

one of the students shouted.

“hey! There is a swimming pool on the first floor!”

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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