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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 41

Episode 41. Intermediate evaluation (6)

Dante was on the blue team.

The last ones left were Dante, Ben, and Carol of Freesia.

Numerically they were clearly superior.

However, both Dante and Ben got hit by Freesia and got out.

Freesia’s magic bullet skill was definitely below average. So she mainly aimed for a wide torso.

‘I think I know why the kids were confused… … .’

Freesia was a well-behaved child. She moved quickly and without pause. It wasn’t easy to figure out if the magic bullet had missed or if it wasn’t stuck because of the shield.

‘I don’t want to open magic yet. Is this?’

But he couldn’t escape Dante’s eyes.

Dante watched her use magic with his own two eyes.

‘It’s a bit disappointing.’

The defense of Phrygia was not an iron fortress. Her mana was average. By the time the game was over, the defense was on the verge of breaking.

‘I think I would have woken up with a few more shots.’

From noble mtl dot com

Roughly 50 shots must have hit Phrygia. While trying to break the defense like that. Freesia Carol got 4 kills by herself, and Dante’s team lost in the end.

‘Maybe it would have been easier to deal with if it was Rosena’s club.’

If you are good at controlling magic bullets, you can hit the target without exposing yourself. Dante didn’t do that.

2nd though.

It worked pretty well.

Dante was the first to contact BS.

[Me: I placed second in the middle team tournament! ]

[BS: Got it. Good job on the theory too. ]

[Me: Huh… … . Is it over? ]

[BS: Huh… … . You don’t want to mix things up with the second-place kid. (˘?˘) ]

‘It’s too much, really.’

Dante grumbled and headed for the library.

* * *

faculty conference room.

All tournaments are over.

It was time for the professors to breathe a sigh.

Students play in one game, but professors are stuck in the stadium all day. They soothed their tiredness with caffeine.

The conference room was filled with the rich and savory aroma of coffee.

Of course, the topic of discussion was the second round of the freshman semifinals, the match between Dante and Roger Meyer.

Bibiano Perez poured sugar into his coffee. The oldest member of the Stella faculty was 71 years old.

he said while stirring the coffee with a teaspoon.

“You’re deliberately releasing mana. It’s actually a winning strategy, not a good strategy.”

Jia Han narrowed her eyebrows while looking at Bibiano’s coffee.

“Is there a better strategy than a strategy to win a war?”

“If you do that in real life, you just die. A monster is right in front of you, but what if you don’t have mana?”

“is it so? When was your last assignment, Professor?”

“Hey, Professor Han.”

“Monsters evolve too. It’s getting more and more intelligent. They read mana correctly and attack. That’s why the ‘modern generation’ superhumans intentionally hide their mana in the field. Although in a different way, those kids did it too.”

“… … .”

Bibiano Perez drank his coffee in silence. Sweet and bitter liquid travels down the esophagus. It felt like energy was flowing through my body.

Meanwhile, Dean Giorgio Stella entered the conference room. The professors stood up and sat down without much greeting.

Jia Han clenched her fists.

‘Just don’t kick the twins out. I won’t be alone.’

The dean opened his mouth.

“I know all of our professors are tired. The most important issue to deal with today is the punishment of Sister Zordyk. Our Stellar budget this year is 72 trillion won.”

Right before the old era collapsed, Harvard University’s annual budget was 5 to 10 trillion won.

After that, the monster upheaval occurred and the currency value collapsed, and now, 500 years later, it maintained a similar or slightly higher level of currency value to the end of the old era.

Every year, Stellar Academy admits 500 students, and the total number of enrolled students is about 900. Nevertheless, the budget of tens of trillions was always insufficient. It was because of planet practice.

The dean continued.

“Last year’s budget was 55 trillion won. This year, we received 10 trillion won in government subsidy, and the donation is about 37 trillion won. The rest comes from Golden Egg investment returns and donations from the Zordic family.”

“How much did you get from Zordic?”

“It’s Article 15. The money is being invested in developing an MR simulator. I relayed the twins to Zordyk. They said they would take back the donations if they were punished.”

Ramil Kvyat clicked his tongue.

“You don’t know the meaning of donation, do you? How can I get the donation back?”

the dean replied.

“There was a condition for donation. 15 trillion annually as a condition for twin graduation. It’s my negligence. I shouldn’t have accepted those terms.”

Bibiano Perez sided with the dean.

“I understand. Actually I don’t think it’s bad. We only need two graduates. Once the development of the MR planetary simulation is complete, it will be possible to drastically reduce the budget for future planetary practice. My dean must have thought the same.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Ji-ah Han also understood in her head why the dean made such a decision. But my conscience wouldn’t allow it.

“In the end, it is no different from donation admission. If this goes on, I will take the club and go to AA. I won’t say much.”

It is a fact that not only Jia Han but even the dean does not know that the club site is sponsored by the Mayer family.

The Meyer family was a contributing factor in Stellar’s founding and was the family that gave the largest amount of donations since the school was founded. It means that the club site is destined to remain in Stella no matter what.

The wrinkles deepen on the dean’s forehead.

He recalled the conversation he had with the twins’ father, Young Zordyk.

“Our goal is to enter the Magic Tower. Lost in round 1. Besides, it’s a team kill. Do you want to go? Get it right back! 」

what is the punishment

Young Zordyk insisted on retaking the exam.

Professors’ opinions were divided.

“Of course you have to be punished. It’s Stella’s shame to drag the twins through to graduation like this.”

“Then where do you get the money right now? I heard that the twins are good too. I don’t know if it’s the guys who can’t do it at all, but twins are worth graduating. Instead, we get a large amount of 45 trillion.”

“Then what about students? What a senior admission. If the child drops out and goes to another school. What will we look like, yeah?”

“You know that admission grades mean nothing. If a student of Gudanji can’t use magic, he’ll just be a magician. Among the freshmen, outstanding wizards will soon be active. Just look at the first place team in this tournament.”

A battle of words is going on.

All eyes were focused on the dean.

“I understand your opinion. Think about it some more and come to a conclusion. Let’s finish this today.”

That night.

Viviano Perez’s office.

He was in the middle of scoring, rubbing his dark eyes.

Someone knocked on the office door.



“I’m Jia Han.”

“come in.”

Bibiano and Jia Han had a personal friendship.

Jia Han took out a beer from behind her back and said ‘sweet’ and entered the office.

“Would you like a beer?”

“It’s good.”

The two sat across from each other on the sofa.

Jia Han opened a can of beer and handed it to Bibiano.

“Cut down the sugar. Then it’s a big deal.”

“Is the beer okay?”

“is it?”

Bibiano raised a can and asked for a toast.


There was a dull sound as the cans collided.

Jia Han frowned at the savory taste that tingled her tongue.

“Hey. During the day, did I talk too much? President.”

At one time, Bibiano was a superman who was active on the same team as Jia Han. Jia Han’s first assignment after graduation was with Vibiano Perez.

Jia Han, who graduated early at the time, was 19, and Bibiano was a veteran team leader who had just entered the 50th line. Jia Han heard and learned a lot from Bibiano.

Bibiano sighed briefly before continuing.

“There was nothing wrong with Professor Han, so what? Water that is not cloudy is stagnant and will rot someday. I have been stagnant too long.”

“Honestly, it was sad. Originally, senior, you were a person who did not compromise with the world. You take principles very seriously.”

“Is it?”

“The seniors I liked keep changing. Do you know what I am thinking at times like that?”

Jia Han gulped down the remaining beer.

Bibiano watched her with a light smile.

Jia Han continued.

“I am a bit scared. Will there come a day when I compromise on money and power?”

“well. When I think about it, I think I slowly changed after having a family. Before that, there was nothing to be afraid of. But something I had to protect, something I didn’t want to lose.”

“Is it like that too? I guess that’s why I can’t get married. I’m afraid someone will threaten me over my precious things. Of course, there must be something like that because I have a bad temper.”

Bibiano burst out laughing.

“If you look closely, people who are good at self-objectification are successful.”

“What did you say?”

Jia Han briefly shed her eyes and smiled.

“By the way, Captain, who catches your eye among the freshmen this time?”

“Where is the guy who can’t see me? In my eyes, they are all pretty and cute like grandchildren.”


Bibiano took a deep breath and looked around the office.

“I also want to retire soon.”

“… … Is it because of the professor evaluation last semester?”

“Well, there are things like that. I say I do, but kids these days are so cold-hearted.”

“Again. is this a problem? Kids these days aren’t sober, get ready for class! Whoa. Cheer up anyway.”

Bibiano smiled bitterly.

Jia Han slapped my mouth with the palm of her hand.

“This bastard’s cubic tablet. I’m also trying to fix my direct words, but it’s not going well. you know? I hate that old man.”

“Is that what it was? Even when you were a freshman at 19, you were beaten by me, the team leader.”

“I almost died moving on my own like that. You are my lifesaver, chief!”

The two talked about the past for a long time. Two hours had passed.


“uh? You remember that.”

「Jia Han! Try Jiah ya- instead. 」

Decades ago, Jia Han told her teammates how to sing in the Korean way.

“It’s the club.”


“Are you of Korean descent? So be good.”

“I see what you mean.”

If the Europeans take care of the Europeans, they will pass without any problems. But when Asians take care of Asians, words always come out.

Jia Han was a native of Central Agras. However, because of her Asian appearance and her Korean surname, problems often arose.

“And Gia.”

“Are you going to nag again?”

“If you have time, please grade and go.”

“yes? Am I too busy?”

Even so, Jia Han sat in front of the computer.

“With this, I will pay off the debt you saved me at that time.”

“Will it be just once? You have to do it a hundred times.”

“A hundred times, what? Even if you do it for the rest of your life, it’s not enough. is a polite word. You can’t just record it. I’m not that soft-spoken.”

“I get it. Boy!”

Bibiano gave a kind smile.

* * *

The weekend after midterm exams.

It is also a day for students to take a break at one tempo.

The Stella Towers shuttle platform, which was always empty, was crowded with students.

Dormitory for freshmen girls.

Gudanji approached the roommate sitting in front of the desk.

“I… … .”

“… … .”

“Me, over there!”

“huh? me?”

The girl opened her eyes wide and turned her head.

It was the first time the club had talked to him since the first day of admission.

Freesia Carol.

She is a girl with light brown bobbed hair and a clean and intelligent image.

The club opened its mouth again.

“uh… … That lip gloss only once. I’ll write it on my finger.”

“Oh, this? okay.”

Gudanji squeezed a little light pink lip gloss on her finger and returned it to Freesia.

Freesia asked.

“Where are you going today?”

“uh? uh. Let’s go outside to play.”

“oh… … I’m leaving later too. play fun.”

“thank you.”

It’s the day I promised to go play with Dante.

Gudanji asked to go outside and meet him, but Dante refused.

[Dante: What are you doing? Just meet in front of the dorm and go together. ]

Ku Danji, as usual, had her long hair tied up in a high ponytail. When I applied the lip gloss, my face looked more lively.

“Yes, and yes. Freesia.”


“Congratulations on first place.”

“thank you. Have a good trip.”

Gudanji left the dormitory with a happy heart.

I showed up 10 minutes earlier than my appointment time.

bean bean bean.

Early May.

The sun is good and the wind is good.

From noble mtl dot com

Did you wait 5 minutes like that?

Students who had been ignoring it looked at the complex and giggled.

‘What, what is it? Is it because I’m wearing lip gloss?’

It’s a good day today.

Unluckily, I also ran into Katarina Zordyk.

She approached the club.

“Hey, bug. congratulations.”

“… … huh?”

“You got suspended. clap clap clap Congrats!”

“What does that mean?”

“Go to the school website. Good job then.”

Gudanji quickly took out his cell phone and accessed the school website. Her expression hardened.

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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