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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 36

Episode 36. Intermediate evaluation (1)

“You f*cking gorilla… … .”


star hill.

Dante and Alicia met after almost two weeks.

Even though we go to the same school, it’s so hard to see each other’s faces.

Alicia laughed out loud for a while.

“Ugh! f*ck the instructor! A gorilla is a very pure and kind person, right?”

“Oh, yes. So, how many times did you curse at a gorilla last year?”

“How do you count that? Among the motives, I would have done the most? I almost got suspended for throwing a dick at a gorilla.”

“I’m proud, I’m proud.”

The gorilla instructor said that he was in charge of physical training for freshmen last year as well. Alicia was in the gorilla class in the second semester.

Alicia stretched her legs apart.

“Still, gorillas are human. You don’t insult personality. I’m not even cursing.”

“That’s right.”

“right. Did your midterm schedule come out? Isn’t that why you wanted to see me?”

“that’s right. What do we do? It’s five people. What did you do?”

“I made a team with myself as the team leader. three men and two women. Our team won first place.”

“Isn’t this test against me?”

There were several rules in the midterm evaluation.

1. Everyone wears mana protective clothing and helmets.

2. The weapon uses a limited mana gun with minimum output.

3. Headshot, heart one-shot one-out. All other areas are considered two-shot-one-out.

4. In the stadium, only the equipment provided can be carried.

This team battle is not a monster simulation, but a real fight between siblings. In summary, it could be seen as a survival game using managun.

Dante asked.

“Did you use magic at that time?”

Attack type magic cannot be used in principle. This was to prevent injury or death during the test.

However, there were no restrictions on the use of defense-type or support-type magic. It was a part that students who used attack-type magic might have dissatisfaction with.

Alicia answered the question.

“no. I tried to use it if it was dangerous, but I won even if I didn’t use it.”

Alicia won first place without any defensive magic. It was thanks to his excellent mana control skills.

“This will definitely benefit the kids with good control.”

Dante’s strength, power, is the same condition with minimum output. But what if you are good at controlling it? It was possible enough to hit an opponent who was covered by a rock or a building.

There is a difference in the mechanism by which magic bullets and live bullets fly. Live bullets fly in a parabolic shape close to a straight line due to air resistance and the action of gravity, but magic bullets are basically straight.

From noble mtl dot com

However, control craftsmen like Alicia can freely control the trajectory. It means that it is already too late to hide after being discovered.

Is this your first test?

Dante was worried.

‘The club. Roger Meyer… … .’

Can you win against those kids?

Alicia, who read Dante’s expression, clicked her tongue.

“hey. What are you so worried about? doing well.”

“Are you not worried?”

“You didn’t? Just think of it as a game, a game. There is no need to get hung up on each evaluation. There are many different types of evaluation. You can’t do well in all assessments. is not it?”

It is, but

‘Because each evaluation is important to enter the Wizard’s Tower… … .’

Among the graduates, only a few with excellent grades were able to enter the Magic Tower.

Alicia was also aiming for the Magic Tower. However, there is a difference between the two positions. Unlike Alicia, Dante had a reason to enter the Mage Tower.

Alicia continued.

“Think carefully. What percentage is the percentage of wizards among superhumans?”

“1 pro.”

“Then, how many wizards will there be among Stella’s freshmen?”

“Only in our grade… … Fifty people at most?”

Alicia put on a puzzled expression.

“Fifty people? How do you calculate 50 people?”

“There are 40,000 students enrolled worldwide this year. 400 out of 1% are wizards, right? Since this is one of the 5 most prestigious schools, there must have been a crowd of wizards, so about 50 people. That’s right.”

For the first time, Alicia thought, ‘Isn’t this bastard sitting in front of me an idiot?’

“hey. Will all 40,000 graduates become superhuman? About 5,000 people graduate every year and become superhuman. 1% of them is 50! It’s crazy!”

“oh… … right? I was mistaken for a moment.”

“Did you graduate from elementary school?”

“I caught the pod again. I was mistaken! How can a person always be perfect? Sometimes you have to have gaps to be attractive.”

Alicia rummaged through her pockets and pulled out her middle finger.

“Yep disease. Yes, it’s a charm.”

“Thank you.”

“Dante, you are charming! Baekchimi. Wow!”

“Tell me to be quiet!”

Dante was lost in thought.

‘How did you do such a stupid calculation, ha ha… … .’

So, that’s what Dante calculated from the beginning. At least 50 out of 500 would be wizards. It was true that it made me even more anxious.

According to the correct calculation, there are at most 10 wizards among Stella’s freshmen.

And Dante was one of only 50 wizards out of 40,000 students this year, or 1.5 million children born in the same year.

Alicia opened her mouth again.

“You are already in the top 0.001 percent. control? I can be impatient now. Because here, the curriculum focuses on magic bullets rather than magic. But what will happen when you graduate?”

“oh… … I just got a little goosebumps.”

Alicia smiled and slapped Dante on the back.

“So whining one more time? You son of a b*tch. i talked You get hit with a knife for making fun of your mouth.”

That’s what he said, but Alicia also understood Dante.

‘Because I had no parents to talk to.’

Carum used to say this to Alicia often.

You are already a top 1 pro, so take pride.

Don’t overuse magic just because you’re mad. In the end, it’s all about cutting off four years of age.

Your opponent is a wizard, not a magician.

So please don’t get expelled and just graduate safely.

Even one who had been brainwashed like that suddenly thought, ‘Isn’t it falling behind?’ I’m afraid. What will Dante be like? It has only been a month since this child entered the superhuman world. One year is the long term.

Alicia said, snapping her fingers.

“right. Can I tell you a fun fact?”


“The team that came second in our time. There were three kids on that team who couldn’t even shoot magic bullets. Still, I got second place.”

“really? You seem to have a very good strategy.”

“I was very talkative at the time. The kids who lost to them even argued with the professor. Is it cheating or cheating? But the faculty evaluated it as a ‘tactic’?”

“That’s right, the second place team did well. If you look at Son Tzu’s Law of War, you’ll see something like that. War is a trick.”

A fair fight? It’s good.

But that’s only true in sports where the rules are set.

The purpose of war is to win.

In other words, provoking the opponent with a threat and digging a trap are part of the tactic.

Alicia continued.

“Your fourth rule. In the arena, you can only carry the equipment that was given to you. Maybe it’s a rule that came about because of the second-place team last year?”

“What did you do?”

“Spraying goo on the roadside and detonating CS bullets. It even spreads a mild paralyzing poison. It wasn’t really. I thought I was fighting a monster, not a motive.”

“But your team still came in first?”

“We prepared. Because it was in the finals. If I had caught it in the first round, I might have lost.”

“Still, it’s great. I also wanted to try something like CS bullets. That’s a bit unfortunate.”

Alicia spoke as she patted Dante on the back.

“Anyway, if you have someone you like, make a team first. Do you know what that means?”


Half of the freshmen still can’t even shoot magic bullets properly. So, the sooner you build a team, the better.

A month has passed since we took classes together. It was a time when each other’s approximate capabilities could be grasped.

In the end, it is a fight between the top kids. Those who do well get together with those who do well, and students who are not selected inevitably form a team among themselves.

way back to the dormitory.

Dante had a lot of trouble.

But there isn’t much time to think about it.

‘Gudanji and Roger Meyer. Neither of them are the type to step out and form a team, but… … .’

In particular, Gudanji was a perfect bullying among freshmen female students. From what I’ve heard, it was said that Zordyk and the children would do harm just by talking to Gudanji.

Dante continued to say hello to the club even after the Zordic incident. At that time, the club site passed by doing a dori-dori. There was no way to know whether he was saying hello with his face or not saying hello.

‘Because Zordic is also a nuisance to Rosé… … . Even if Rosé and Gu Danji are on the same team, they won’t be able to talk much, right?’

First of all, the dream team that Dante dreams of is Gu Danji, Roger Meyer, Jun Mori, and Demiar Colin.

Gudanji, not to mention Roger Meyer.

Jun Mori was the 13th, and Demiar Colin was the 22nd, the students who entered with excellent grades.

As soon as Dante entered the room, he approached Mori.

“Jun! Did you make the middle team?”

“I’m sorry if you’re suggesting that I be on the same team, but I refuse. There is a team your parents have set up in advance. I have to be on the same team as them.”

“Oh yeah? Then there is nothing you can do.”

“Thank you for asking first.”


I sat down in front of the desk coolly, but I felt bad from the start.

‘Do your parents make a team? That’s great.’

If so, there is a high probability that Roger Meyer has already decided on a team.

‘Are the Sky Island families united?’

Weren’t the grades made public on the first day of admission? Families that obtained that information might have formed a team.

Roger Meyer visited the basketball court every day. Still haven’t said goodbye to anyone. It was all about watching the game for a bit and going back.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, Rosé and Jeremy are so close that sometimes they seem sticky. To the extent that someone who doesn’t know them could misunderstand them as a couple.

When I talked to Alicia, she came up with the opinion that ‘The Mayer siblings may not get along with their parents.’

Of course, it’s just the two of us. At least, Alicia was the only person she could talk to without hesitation. The two of them even chatted through text messages.

‘I’ll have to ask Rosé today too.’

basketball court.

The Mayer siblings came out a little early today and were playing ball. When the people join, Roger Meyer goes to the bench. It was the same today.

Dante took off his coat and headed to the bench.

“Here, Rosé.”

“… … .”

“Have you decided on a middle team?”


Also as expected

I thought maybe Jun Mori and Rosé Meyer might be a team.

Dante turned and joined the court. It was still only Jeremy. Jeremy threw the ball to Dante.

“Did you come early today?”

“Ah, I wanted to ask Rosé something.”


“But senior. Did you wear those earrings? Is it something meaningful?”

“this? Rose gave it to me on my birthday.”

“ah… … I see Shall we lightly warm up first?”

“It’s good.”

The reason Dante asked about the earrings was because of the video of Roger Meyer’s declaration ceremony.

That day, Rosé ran to the upperclassmen’s dormitory, and Jeremy fell down after being hit with a magic bullet in front of Rosé’s eyes under the evil plan of the faculty.

‘And Rosé ran and checked Jeremy’s ears. Why did you do that? To see if the earrings you gave me are in good condition? It’s probably not.’

It was just a passing scene. But for some reason, Dante was taken aback by the scene. There was also an earphone incident.

After the match, Fabio Morrone called Dante.

“Hey, Dante! Please talk to me for a second.”


What’s going on?

Dante walked the campus with Fabio.

Fabio spoke first.

“A mid-team tournament. I have something to tell you.”

“oh… … Are you giving me advice? How was your senior last year?”

“Of course I got first place.”

“uh? So, on the same team as Alicia?”

“uh. How do you even know?”

“f*ck? Is Alicia a bad nickname?”

“You wouldn’t know if you were close. Why are you so stupid?”


What a mess.

Also, human eyes are the same.

You can’t become an angel because the devil is next to your classmates, cancer.

“I know someone at the Versailles Institute. So somehow we became friends.”

“Is that so? And that’s why I asked to see you for a second.”

“What’s this?”

Fabio handed Dante a notebook the size of his palm.

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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