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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 28

Episode 28. entrance ceremony (2)

The list of TOP 10 appeared first.

1. just nine

2. Roger Meyer

3. Dante Prime

The students who were checking the rankings from the top were buzzing.

“and… … Are there two listeners in the top three?”

“Where else did Prime come from?”

“Where are the Zordic kids?”

“I was afraid to say anything, but I must have failed the test.”

That ‘listen’ isn’t Roger Meyer.

‘What are those bastards talking about carelessly when the youngster is the person next to them?’

Dante cried for a moment, but held it in.

Did you finish third?

I thought it would be nice to be in the 10th or 30th place. The corners of his mouth went up at his much better grades than expected.

The dormitory room assigned to each of them was delivered via text message. An atmosphere that gradually dissipates. Then, something fell to the floor.

Dante quickly picked up the small object. It was a state-of-the-art wireless earphone capable of recording and playing music. And in front of my eyes, Roger Mayer was taking a step.

“excuse me.”

Dante slaps Roger Mayer on the shoulder and calls him to a standstill.

“this. I think I dropped it.”

Rosé snatched the earphones from Dante’s hand and turned around.

‘What is he?’

Normally, in this situation, isn’t it polite to say thank you?

Her attitude was also her attitude, but her expression was more spectacle. He had a very unpleasant expression, as if he had encountered an insect.

‘His personality is completely different from Ji oppa’s.’

dog sh*t.

After all, our Alicia is an angel.


Alicia, who spotted Dante, fluttered and approached.

“oh… … Congrats. It looks like the bazooka was eaten right?”

“oh… … thanks.”

“How come this freshman doesn’t have talent? A scumbag like you gets all 3rd place.”

what is an angel

“shut up! You devil bastard.”

“You still can’t figure out the situation? Am I an angel? Let’s go for a walk later in the evening. I have a class, so I have to go.”


“Call BS? My spirits are swollen.”


The accommodation Dante was assigned was Room 301, Building A103. Go through the entrance decorated with ivy and head into the room.

‘Can I just go in?’

I didn’t have an access card because I hadn’t received my student ID yet. The type Dante chose was a double room. The visit was open.

When I entered, I saw my roommate who came in first.

He was similar to Dante, with dark hair and a height of 182 cm.

He greeted Dante first.

“hi. My name is Jun Mori. Let’s get along well for a year.”

“okay. I’m Dante Prime. nice to meet.”

Dante held out his hand and asked for a handshake.

Junmori was embarrassed and took a step back.

‘What else? This reaction… … .’

Instead of holding hands, he handed Dante a small box.

“This is a gift.”

“… … gift? I wasn’t ready.”

“It’s nothing. Detergent, soap, toothpaste, deodorant, perfume. Because I’m sensitive to smells.”

“ah… … .”

“And since you gave me a present, I have a favor to ask of you.”

A favor to Kim who gave you a present?

So it’s not a gift, but a bribe?

I already feel bad.

Junmori continued.

“I shower three times a day. Clean visible areas. I don’t see things hanging all over the place. And I hope that there is a line in the middle and don’t cross into my territory.”

“… … .”

twisted from the start

Is it tuberculosis?

I can’t control my facial expression at all.

After reading Dante’s expression, Junmori opened his mouth again.

“That’s right, mysophobia. Others say it’s an illness, but I don’t think so. Being messy in everything is rather a disease. In this day and age, cleanliness is essential. I think it would be foolish to put mysophobia in the ‘category of disease’ under these circumstances. What do you think?”

My thoughts are… … .

‘Ha, it’s ruined.’

Dante was always negative about getting something through backhanding or bribes. But this time, I had to send an SOS to BS.

Ask for a change of roommate.

‘Do I have to endure one semester unconditionally? I’ll have to ask Alicia later.’

“And one more. Wouldn’t you do something savage like farting in your room?”

what later

I’ll ask right away.

When can I change rooms?

“Oh yeah. I will try.”

I didn’t want to fight from the first day. Dante was not a mess either. Charlie couldn’t do laundry often because he didn’t have money.

But isn’t this a bit too much?

‘Does it make sense to go out and fart and come back!’

Dante was genuinely dumbfounded.

‘Let’s start by organizing our luggage.’

The things I bought at the school uniform shop were well organized in the closet. However, the personal items sent by courier were left in the box on the desk.

It was quiet for a while.

Jun Mori, who had finished organizing first, asked a question.

“I was in third place. How did you do it?”

“Just what.”

“If you don’t want to answer, you don’t have to. I just wanted to see how well this freshman level is.”

Even Jun Mori’s way of speaking is annoying, probably because the first impression wasn’t good. Should I say that the machine feels like reading a book?

‘Positive. Positive!’

Well, there must be advantages.

The 38th ranked Mori family.

It must be because the Mayer family is so famous, the 38th was also a prestigious family.

“I’ve never shared a room with anyone before. So I asked the school for a single room, but it was rejected. So even if it’s a little difficult, I hope you can help me, my friend.”

At first, I was taken aback by being so direct. Fortunately, the kid doesn’t look bad.

“And I want to be in charge of cleaning the room.”

Jun Mori is a very nice guy.

“okay. I am grateful.”

“If you put your laundry in the laundry basket, I will do it for you. I’m trying to make the fabric softener the same scent as mine. Are you fine?”

Jun Mori is a good guy.

Starting from middle school, there was a separate staff to help with cleaning and laundry. But freshmen had to do it themselves. It was part of education.

“okay. If you feel comfortable, do it.”

Farts come out in front of an air purifier.

Jun Mori was very happy to be in charge of cleaning and washing all of a sudden.

‘Yes, yes! I looked it up, and there are advantages, too, right?’

Dante said so comforting himself.

“I am going to exercise. Shall we go?”

From noble mtl dot com

“Great! Then I’ll disinfect the room while you’re out. It’s embarrassing.”

“Yes, yes.”

Dante changed into comfortable clothes and went downstairs. In the basement of each dormitory building, there was a gym, swimming pool, and rest room.

‘It must mean that I should not neglect exercise.’

At the gym, some kids had already come down and were working out.

Dante also warmed up lightly and got on the treadmill.

‘Are the rooms assigned to people who have chosen similar options?’

A two-person room rather than a four-person room, and a full option rather than a general option are more likely to be involved with children from prestigious families.

In fact, some middle-class people even sold their houses and moved in with full options for two people.

‘Wow, if you drop out after enrolling like that… … Isn’t that family completely ruined?’

If that’s the case, I’d rather choose Agras National Academy. It was a difficult part for Dante to understand.

Whoops, hahahaha!

Dante focused on sports.

Lately, I’ve been practicing sending mana with my legs at the timing I want.



Instantly, mana flows through the leg muscles and the body becomes lighter.

‘I have to get used to this feeling.’

For now, two or three out of ten attempts are successful. Still, it could be seen as a great development.

If you slowly work your way up step by step like this, the day will come when you can freely operate the mana path of the whole body, right?

Meanwhile, a group of male students doing strength training in the back busily teased their mouths instead of their bodies.

“Isn’t Rosé a complete dog goddess in real life? Heart stop. real.”

“Isn’t his face okay, too? It was pretty cute.”

“Then lock it in your fishery. And don’t loosen it. Stella, because the water is cloudy.”

“What are you sick of?”

“Rather than that, I was wondering who the third place was.”

“Why are you so sure it’s a man? could be a woman A woman like a f*cking man.”

The crowd stopped exercising and talked a lot behind their backs.

it’s awkward

‘There’s also a rest room, so why bother with those f*ckers at the gym?’

When I heard about it during the tour, I heard that there is a separate exercise room in the Stella Tower.

The Stella Tower was 20 stories high and was located in the center of the campus. It was the only modern building on campus.

There was a shuttle stop on the roof, and convenience facilities on the rest of the floors.

‘For the time being, I’ll have to go and exercise there.’

Their voices could be heard behind Dante as he exited the gym.

“Who is he?”

“I don’t know. If we see something we don’t know, we’ll hear it.”

* * *

Early March, when the cold hasn’t gone away yet.

The light of the street lamp breaks brilliantly over the spot where the sun has set.

‘It’s very bright.’

I expected it to be pretty when I saw it during the day. The crystal street light was much more colorful and beautiful than I thought.

A two-seater cart pulled to a halt crossing the romance of the campus.

“Hop in!”


Dante climbed into the seat next to Alicia.


“What do you think I will say?”

“I was so bored I almost turned around.”

Alicia giggled for a long time at Dante’s answer.

“where should we go?”

“Why did you bring the cart for a walk?”

“Let’s drive instead of walking.”

“Starry Hill. Let’s go there.”

“oh… … I like it there too.”

star hill.

It was a place Dante had seen while touring during the day. It’s on the edge of the campus, so I thought it would be nice to look down on the scenery.

The two parked the cart and went up the hill. From a distance, it looked very low. When I climbed it, it was quite high.

Dante asked.

“Is this hill fake too?”

“Poop. There are a lot of really curious things. I do not know either. I’ve never been curious maybe fake? So is the grass.”

“Climb a hill for the first time.”

“really? Charlie is from a rural area, so aren’t there a lot of hills outside?”

“I didn’t even go far. Just play some basketball in front of him.”

After 20 minutes, we reached the top.

“and… … also. This was a good place.”

Central Agras can be seen under those distant feet. Looking at the sparkling night view of the city, Dante felt somewhat bitter.

“It looks like a city that is different from the outside.”

“huh? What is it?”

“It’s so gorgeous and pretty to look at. But it’s because you live trapped inside a shield.”

“Whoa… … .”

Alicia sighed and sat down on the grass.

“That’s why we restrict viewing of outdated content. You keep comparing it to your current life.”

Most of the outdated contents on the market are censorship editions. Whether it’s a scene of eating food or a scene of communicating with an animal. Scenes ordered by the government to be removed are mosaicked or deleted.

Dante stretched out on the grass and talked.

“You lie down too.”

“lie down? what are you going to do?”

“Oh no!”

Alicia smiled and lay down next to Dante. Her long blonde hair was scattered across the grass.

Dante continued.

“You decided to look at the stars.”

“oh… … . I thought you forgot.”

It’s been half a year since we came to Agras together.

Dante didn’t say much, so I thought he had forgotten. Alicia didn’t care too much.

“I haven’t forgotten. You promised.”

“But why today?”

“This place is closer to the sky than home. The stars look bigger from here.”

“… … is it?”

“… … .”

That’s what it says!

But Dante did not respond.

just good

This moment of lying still and counting the stars you can’t even see.

Next time I come, I’ll bring some grass-smelling perfume.

Alicia played Grass Bug ASMR just in time.

“Brilliant! Doesn’t this look like a real hill?”

“huh. It feels good that the grass bugs that were hiding over there will wake up and come out.”

So the two of them lay down for a while.


A text message arrived on Dante’s watch. It was a text from the Academic Affairs Department.

“hey. All freshmen are told to lie down in a sleeping capsule until 11:00?”

“ah… … right. It’s the first day of admission. i did that too Just to make sure the sleeping capsules are working.”

“Then I’ll go soon.”


11 o’clock at night.

All freshmen lay down in sleeping capsules.

An announcement was made.

[Today is a procedure to check whether the sleep capsule is working. From tomorrow, you can go to bed at any time you want. Then close the capsule door and turn off the lights. Congratulations once again to all new students who have entered Stellar Academy. And I hope each and every one of you will become a shining star. ]

‘A shining star.’

All students closed their eyes proudly.

Herb-scented spray was sprayed along with sounds including delta waves that are said to be good for sleep.

How many hours had it passed?

Suddenly the sleeping capsule opened and a loud alarm sounded.

The students woke up one by one and watched the situation as if they were anxious.

A room filled with dim red light.

[ Emergencies! Emergency evacuation required. repeat. It’s a real situation. Emergency evacuation procedures for all faculty and students… … repeat… … evacuation… … ]

The announcement was interrupted with the noise of ‘supporting’.

‘What the f*ck.’

Dante jumped out of the capsule and hid under a desk.

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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