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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 26

Episode 26. new start (5)


Dante applied for ten places and was notified of acceptance in all. It was the point where only a simple interview was left.

Superman Academy is 99% practical. The interview was just a formality. As long as there is no extreme bad attitude or mental defect, you pass without difficulty.

‘ah… … . Going crazy.’

I was going to brag about Alicia coming back. When I heard that she had been admitted to the hospital, my heart sank.

I went straight to the hospital without even having time to change my clothes.

superhuman hospital.

The hospital room Alicia was admitted to was room 703. When I went up to the 7th floor, Ray was sitting on the sofa in front of the hospital room.


“Yes, are you here?”

“What about Alicia? Are you seriously hurt?”

“ha… … .”

“Why are you like that?”

Don’t sigh like that.

because i’m scared

“Go in.”

Dante opened the door and entered the hospital room. I see Alicia lying down with a bandage wrapped around her face.

I remembered her bright smile before leaving. But seeing him lying there in such a miserable state made me want to cry.

“Hey, I’m here.”

“… … .”

“Are you sleeping?”

“… … .”

Dante finally cried and cried out.

“Don’t play around and talk to me, son of a b*tch!”

I was just trying to play a joke.

Dante’s reaction was so serious that Alicia also opened her mouth earlier than expected.

“… … Are you crying?”

“what. Are you okay? can you tell me?”

“of course. Do you think I might have been pulled out of the bottom by a monster kid?”

“I just couldn’t have been chosen. What the heck is the bottom? Is it a coined word for the tongue?”

Alicia laughed at what was so good.

Even so, Dante’s heart was still heavy.

“How injured are you?”

“me? Other than a broken nose and a torn back, are you okay? ah… … Seriously, that monster bastard. It popped out of nowhere and threw a stick at my pretty face, breaking my nose.”

“… … .”

Dante was hard to judge. I was hurt a lot, but I was trying to pretend that nothing was wrong. Or are you really just a little bit hurt?

Alicia continued talking.

“So, while I was undergoing surgery, I even upgraded. Ha ha ha! My dad said he would kill me if I had plastic surgery. that’s great… … .”

plastic surgery?

So, while the nasal bone was broken, I had to wear a bandage to do plastic surgery… … .

“Oh, this Torai is a cub!”

“Why do you come to visit me and curse at me? If so, get out of here!”

With relief, the tip of my nose tingles once more. I’m happy, but I’m also upset about something.

for a moment.

“Did you make it up with Uncle Ray?”

“What are you talking about?”

“My uncle sighed as soon as he saw me. I thought it was serious.”

“ah… … that? I confessed to having plastic surgery without my dad’s knowledge. So yes.”

oh my god


There is a reason why Karum and Ray are against plastic surgery.

Superhumans did not touch the body at all. It was because there was a risk that the mana path (mana flow path) would be blocked or changed due to the operation.

After hearing the explanation from Alicia, Dante spoke.

“Did you do it knowingly? Did you turn?”

“Hey. If you have a problem with your mana path due to rhinoplasty, you don’t qualify as a superhuman. Besides, it’s a very rare case. Adults are just trembling.”

This was no different from not eating seaweed soup the day before the exam.

Sometimes, there are people who cannot realize mana after surgery. However, it was not clear whether it was due to the real surgery or a psychological problem such as PTSD.

Nose surgery was a must anyway. It’s just a nose bone surgery or plastic surgery. what’s there

Alicia thought so.

Planet practice is literally the process of applying what you have learned in real life.

In the event that a person is injured in practice. In an emergency situation, it is common to make an emergency return, and the rest is finished to the extent of providing first aid on the spot.

There are healing mages, but only one or two. It was only possible to accompany a healing wizard on an S-class planet mission.

It is at the level of stopping bleeding or attaching broken bones. Severe wounds could not be healed even with magic.

“Anyway, I’m glad it’s not a big deal. Then I go.”

“hey! where are you going play with me Alicia, you’re welcome. Let’s play!”

“sudden! just. You really pull out your tongue?!”

Dante became more squeamish because of the fact that he even shed tears during plastic surgery.

“okay. Still, go over there and sit down for a second. I have something to ask.”

Dante went to the sofa and sat down.

The more I thought about it, the more angry I got.

‘Wow, it was really cold.’

Alicia asked, barely opening her swollen eyes.

“How did you go about submitting your application?”

“I passed both AA and Stella.”

“Then am I really becoming a senior now? Senior, try it.”

“You sound like a senior. It’s a monster!”

“Oh my gosh, what a monster. If I’m a starfish, then celebrities are the giant starfish?”

“just. Yes even before… … It was fine. Why do you have to raise it high?”

“What? Were you pretty before? i know Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho.”


bone is throbbing

Dante felt his pulse go out of control.

But I’m hurt, so I’ll only look after you today.

“Practice. good job?”

“I can’t tell you the details because it’s confidential. You seem to have done better than most of the kids?”

“Are you the only one hurt?”

“hmm… … It is also confidential.”

Dozens of people were injured, some seriously. Alicia had no way of knowing whether the seriously injured children were alive or dead.

‘You’ll know when you go back to school… … .’

Had we chatted for about two hours like that?

Dante stood up from the sofa and spoke.

“I am really going now. I’ll come again.”

“no! Daddy’s coming soon How about saying hello?”

“Aren’t you asking me to put on a shield because you’re afraid Daddy will search for you?”

“Is our Dante a genius? Because. huh?”

In the end, Dante stayed by Alicia’s side until Carum arrived. The moment I left the hospital room, I heard the lion’s roar.

RIP. Alicia Smith.

The couple argued for a long time over plastic surgery.

Alicia’s eyes are full of regret.

“Did I cut my back by 20 cm? Aren’t you worried about that? I’m disappointed… … .”

“Twenty centimeters? Did you slit that much?”

Alicia was relieved for a moment.

What else will you do with plastic surgery?


“See you somewhere.”

“here… … .”

“Catch the thread and todo dog! shred it It’s this gibae!”

“Oh no! I am a patient, a patient!”

20 cm cut (切傷). It was a pretty deep wound. Neighbors said they could see bones.

「Ayu. How could our Alicia be so ugly to the bone? 」

“I will take a picture for you. Come on, stick out your back. Pose and smile. 」

“I’ll give you a picture frame, so why don’t you put it in the living room? I wrote that it was an injured body on an E-class planet. 」

Etc. was what the cubs said as motivation. Well, thanks to that, I was able to forget the pain for a while and be angry.

Karum, who regained her composure, asked.

“But how did you get hurt?”

Alicia asked because she was a defense mage.

“There was a team member who looked very dangerous at a distance. To help him.”

The person who actually received the help didn’t even know that.

That’s what a planetary mission is.

what’s going on It takes quite a long time to judge rationally.

Alicia didn’t bother to reveal that fact to the other person. I was thinking of leaving it so that I could use it as a special move at a more important moment. For example, ranking matches or academy matches.

It wasn’t like I was helping out or trying to be polite anyway. I had a friend who was in danger, and I just did what I had to do in that situation.

Once again, Karum’s voice echoed in the hospital room.

“You bastard, why are you doing such a stupid thing!”

Karum knows too.

That Alicia made the right decision. Still, where is the heart of a parent? I have no choice but to be upset to hear that the only remaining daughter is injured.


The thick palm of Karum, who obtained +10 reinforcement from slaughter, hit Alicia’s back.

Alicia slumped forward with a shriek of ‘duh’.

Karum, who noticed the situation belatedly, spoke in a soft voice.

“My princess. This dad is very proud of you. And can’t wait to see how much prettier our princess nose will become! I’ll go and call the doctor right away. Shouldn’t you be embarrassed by your beautiful back? Over there, doctor~”

Seeing the back of Carum’s head running away, Alicia shouted.

“at there!! That’s right, Suragu!”

* * *

[ Please scan your ID. ]


Sunrise River Sky Basement.

Dante bought a piece of pumpkin pie and number-shaped candles from the 24-hour mart.

‘I’m an adult now too!’

January 1st.

As the years passed, I became a seventeen-year-old adult.

Due to the monster attack, the population has drastically decreased. It was a situation where I had to get married early and have children.

So, they become adults at a young age compared to before.

Dante returns home and lights a pumpkin pie. When I tried to light it, there was no lighter.

I felt kind of depressed.

‘mom and dad. I’m grown up.’

Sitting alone in the living room, I remember my parents who passed away.

In modern society, there was no coming-of-age ceremony. Instead, there was a custom of sharing pumpkin pie with the family on the day of coming of age.

Pumpkins have strong survival ability and grow well even in barren soil. So, it was a food ingredient that was loved for a long time even in times of poverty.

“But since I bought it, let’s try it.”

Just as Dante was about to bring a piece of pie to his lips, the doorbell rang. Looking at the monitor, Alicia was standing there.


“Why at this time… … .”


Alicia rushed into the house with the beautifully wrapped box in her hand.

“Shouldn’t we eat pumpkin pie with my sister to commemorate our grown-up Dante?”

Seeing the slices of pie piled up on the living room table, she continued.

“what. Were you doing this alone? Is it good to be alone? I couldn’t stand it and bought it.”

“I heard they sell it at the underground mart here?”

“Ugh! Alicia’s homemade pumpkin pie is perfect for a special day like today.”

At the unexpected words, Dante asked with a bewildered expression.

“… … you made this yourself? where? how?”

“A baker who works in our shooting range lounge. I learned from him Are you impressed?”

“Yeah, absolutely. thank you for coming I’m serious.”

Alicia shrugged her shoulders as if it was nothing, then pulled Dante’s wrist and sat him down on the sofa.

From noble mtl dot com

Dante stared blankly at Alicia as she cut the pie. Topped with chunks of well-ripe zucchini. It looked much more appetizing than the pie I bought at the mart.

Alicia took the pie with her fork and pushed it to Dante’s mouth.

“ruler! Eat this and start practicing magic bullets with me every day from tomorrow. Got it!”

“He said he would stay in the dormitory even during vacation.”

“I was going to, but just. I’ve been under a lot of stress during the semester, so I need someone to go to.”

Even during the winter break, more than half of the students remain at school. Most of the remaining students were middle class.

Children from prestigious families return to their homes and receive private lessons. It would have been better if it was more than others, but there were no idlers during the golden vacation.

Alicia asked.

“How does it taste? Have you ever tried pumpkin-flavored capsules?”

“No, first pumpkin. Is it absolutely delicious? Did you really make this?”

“Did this person have a suspicious disease? It’s true that I made it!”

Just as Dante was intoxicated with the sweet taste of pumpkin pie, another guest visited.

It was Ray and Karum.

They bought pumpkin pie and lots of liquor like vodka and whiskey.

“Thank you all for coming. I was trying to spend it quietly by myself.”

“That guy too. Do we look like we’re just going to get over it?”

“Oh. It’s a significant day, but I can’t.”

On the day of my parents’ funeral, when my relatives came to visit me and made fun of me, I was so helpless. People better than flesh and blood now stood by Dante’s side.

and early February.

The news of the final acceptance to the academy was delivered.

I had interviews at 5 out of the 10 schools I applied to, and I passed all of them.

BS, Grace, and all the members of the coming-of-age ceremony congratulated Dante from the bottom of his heart.

Of course, Alicia was the first to find Dante.

“Should I go get my school uniform?”

“Isn’t it the first thing to ask where you are going to enter?”

“Of course, isn’t that Stella? why. go somewhere else? I even gave private lessons throughout the vacation. Aren’t you going to do something mean like going to a rival school?”

“… … .”

“Answer me, traitor!”

“Let’s go buy a school uniform.”

Dante’s choice was Stella.

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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