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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 13

Episode 13. Lab (2)

Most large slaughterhouses are equipped with slaughter machines. After scanning the monster, it was a method of cutting with a machine avoiding the parts that should not be touched.

But there were limitations.

The use of the machine is possible only for objects that have undergone a biopsy.

The reason why machines were not used to dissect ‘new’ monsters was that biopsy was impossible.

Therefore, it is difficult to detect potentially dangerous substances in the body of a new monster in advance. At least these days, when the mana scanner was developed, the situation was much better.

Occasionally, there were people who had this question.

‘Can’t we bring in two or more corpses and experiment with one?’

That’s what I’m saying because I don’t know the process well.

Starting with the development and production of space ships, labor costs and transportation costs are all money.

Isn’t an alien planet right in front of you?

Even the amount of mana stones that could be used as an energy source to reach that distance was an astronomical amount.

The biggest purpose of dispatching to an alien planet is ‘retrieving rare stones’. It meant that in order to return with a huge monster corpse, you had to give up that amount of rare stones.

Without rare stones, mankind cannot survive in polluted lands. Rare stones were always given priority over monster research.

In this situation, it was a luxury to bring in two bodies of monsters of the same species.

Karum took off his helmet and entered the observation room.

“no… … .”

He stopped what he was about to say and looked at Dante.

For a moment, Karum’s eyes shook.

‘… … Alex?’

Alicia, noticing the atmosphere, quickly explained.

“I gave you a present. You have the same physique as Alex. They fit well too.”

“Oh, did you?”

Only then did Karum come to his senses again and turned his gaze to Grace.

“What, a sudden stop? Is there something wrong with the test results?”

“There is something suspicious.”

“What is suspicious?”

“I’m still not sure either. So I’m going to check it out now.”

Grace sat down and tapped the keyboard on her laptop. The robot placed on one side of the dissection room moves.

Karum, who was watching the scene, was frightened and stopped.

“To stab? Did you turn?”

“Ugh! The kids are watching too, can you give me a courtesy? I am a doctor myself.”

“No, anyway. How much is this guy worth? Are you going to blow it up?”

Grace operated the robot regardless of Karum’s disapproval. The laser at the end of the robot’s arm lit up in red.


Eventually, the nape of the corpse’s neck began to open. Could it have been dug in by about 5 cm?


An explosion was so powerful that the building shook with a roar.

Iron pudduck.

Dark red lumps flew and clung to the glass.

Dante and Alicia, who had been watching, stepped back and narrowed their eyes.

Carum asked Alicia.

“What happened?”

“Go to the office and talk. Dante and Alicia. Would you like to take a look at the sample room? I have something important to share with adults.”


The two left the observation room in silence.

Dante spoke up.

“and. This is pretty dangerous… … .”


“Where is the sample room?”

“Fourth basement floor.”


climb the elevator

Alicia reaches for the button.

I could see my fingertips trembling.

Dante quickly pressed the button on the fourth basement level.

“Are you okay?”

Alicia’s voice was calm.

“I almost died. I only have a father now. Dad almost died too. Right in front of my eyes.”

“You were wearing a protective suit. maybe… … .”

“I have to go home.”

“I’ll take you.”

“it’s okay. I want to be alone.”

Alicia left Dante on the 4th basement level and went upstairs.

Dante was left alone.

‘but. Not even to be shocked… … .’

To be honest, when the corpse exploded earlier, Dante felt like his heart sank.

An employee guarding the lobby approached Dante.

“Are you Dante? I got a call from Grace. Would you like to look around the sample room?”

“Excuse me, do you have something to drink?”

“then! drink to your heart’s content Because it’s free.”

One corner of the lobby was packed with vending machines.

Dante pulled out a can of lemonade and held it in his hand.

The clerk handed a card to Dante and said.

“Sample Room 1 at the end of the decoding over there. look around slowly There won’t be any problems without me.”

“thank you.”

Dante sat down on the sofa and sipped his drink to calm himself for a moment.

‘Still, I’m glad he got out before the explosion.’

The state has a duty to protect superhumans as a top priority.

Even if the appearance of a new monster is unavoidable. There were not many superhuman deaths in other missions.

The level of protection of the current slaughterhouse building facilities was far superior to that of Charlie Base, and the protection patterns on the protective clothing were also at the highest level.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t understand Alicia.

‘Because it’s family… … .’

Dante stopped texting her and sent it to Hamel.

[Me: What are you doing? ]

[ Crybaby: Movie Spring. ]

[Me: More classic? did you get discharged? ]

[Crybaby: ㅇㅇ Disruption ]

‘Oh, this dog… … .’

It seems to be worth living for now.

Dante smiled and headed to the sample room.

This is a place where students on a field trip to the slaughterhouse stop by together, so the security level is low. It was the reason why Dante was able to roam freely by himself.

The main sample storage was in the basement of the antidote lab. No one could come in or out.

‘Let’s see. There are over 500 samples stored here… … .’

Because there are 3,000 known monsters.

It seemed to be a place where only samples of familiar people were stored.

[ Detect Mana Pattern ]

In front of each sample was a photo and miniature of the monster in question. If you press the button, a more detailed description of the monster appears.

But to Dante it was unnecessary.

It is a monster that has already been sewn.

Dante focused and examined the samples in the display case one by one.

* * *

At the same time, Grace’s office.

Karum lay down on the sofa and hummed.

Grace, who was serving the car, clicked her tongue.

“Is there a song?

“huh. Let it be, let it be, let it… … .”

“Don’t play around.”

“Have you been through this once or twice? Why are you being so sensitive?”

The equipment Karum was wearing was the finest protective clothing. There was no slaughterhouse that did the reckless thing of entering a new monster while dissecting it.

The problem is both hands.

You can’t wear clunky gear for precise control. So, it was common to wear thin gloves dipped in S-class protective solution.

Still, an explosion of this magnitude could have seriously injured or killed it.

“You might have lost your palms.”

“Brilliant! Are you sticking well?”

“ha. I can’t stop, really.”

Grace shook her head and drank her tea.

“Do you know why I can’t stop drinking lavender tea?”

“Yeah… … Are you going to pretend to be lofty while drinking expensive tea?”

“Because of you, because of you! They say this lavender tea is so good for stress!”

“It’s done. Get to the point.”

“Would you like to sit down?”

Karum got up, corrected her posture, and sat down.


“You know the recent case of the new airship made by the Rocard Group, right? It was blown up during a test flight.”

Locard Group.

It is a military and aviation business. It was a leading company in the military industry.

said Karum, scratching her head.

“Has there been such an accident? I watch the news every day.”

“Don’t just read the news, check out the website of the Superman Association, too, right?”

The Superman Association homepage is not accessible to the general public, and news that is not known to the public can be accessed.

Karum asked with a bored expression.

“What does that have to do with today?”

“My friend is investigating the explosives used in the case. So I did some digging. I won’t go into detail for security reasons, but that’s what it is. powder… … .”


“Yes, the substance was like fine dust that was difficult to see with the naked eye. But did Dante Go say that? The body is full of black powder.”

“hmm… … .”

Karum was lost in thought.

Dante is a child who can discern not only the pattern of mana, but also its nature and color.

The mana scanner was just a machine that distinguishes between areas with mana and areas without it. The spot where the mana component was detected was displayed in the same blue color.

‘The fact that his eyes looked black… … It must mean that the explosive material is made of mana.’

Karum opened her mouth again.

“You think it’s like explosives like the airship bombing?”


“So, you want to say that someone deliberately injected explosives into the body?”

“The host of the explosive material was that entity earlier, or it was injected. Wouldn’t it be one of them?”

The probability of the latter is overwhelmingly high.

Is it not enough for an anonymous terrorist group to obtain a new monster body and extract explosive materials before a research institute, and even put them to practical use?

‘It’s impossible.’

Grace was sure someone had purposely injected the explosives.

‘The airship bombing was a month ago. 3 years to research and use substances collected from monsters as explosives? Even if it’s short, it takes a year.’

Explosives, called powder, have already been studied several years ago, and must have started to be traded on the black market recently.

‘Who is it? Why did you touch the slaughterhouse?’

From noble mtl dot com

Grace asked.

“Why did you come in today?”

“I was hospitalized because I was sick. So I hurriedly asked. It seems like someone wants to be the first to get a sample.”

“Isn’t that what Naim asked for?”

“Grace. I’m a pretty good guy Do not doubt yourself.”

“You are soooo! It’s a problem because there’s no doubt.”

“anyway. Are you done talking about it?”

Grace sighed and gulped down her tea.

“Yeah, I’m working overtime again.”

“I should also write poetry.”


“You blew up the only corpse with your own hands. did you forget?”

“ha… … sh*t.”

Karum filled Grace’s teacup with lavender tea and stood up.

“Then, work hard!”

“Oh Jin… … Tsu. You report today to BS. Understand?”



Karum left the office without answering.

* * *

the next morning.

News of Naim Moore’s death reached the Versailles slaughterhouse. The externally announced cause of death was ‘acute myocardial infarction’, and the actual cause of death was suicide by taking poison.

The Superman Investigation Bureau also sent an investigator. However, since Naim had died, he said it would take time to find out who was behind it. In addition, it was unclear whether Naim was actually involved in the explosion.

Dante went to Grace’s office.

“Hello, Doctor. good morning.”

“Are you here? Sit over there.”

Grace hands Dante a cup of lemon tea and sits across from him.

“uh? I like that lemon. thank you.”

“I heard from BS.”

“Ah, do you know BS too?”

“what? big.”

Dante looked at Grace as he sipped his cool lemon tea and smiled.

‘Why are you laughing?’

Grace continued.

“and… … Is BS treated like this among kids these days?”

“… … .”

“No, nothing. just know this much BS is a much greater person than you think.”

“Ah, yes.”

Even Dante knows that BS is a great person. However, all the people I’ve met so far have been related to BS, so I was just a little curious.

“But why did you ask to see me?”

“Carum asked for it. I want you to take a tour of the main sample room. You looked pretty talented yesterday, didn’t you?”

“no. You still haven’t received your academy pass? I might fall.”

“He wants to sell his worries. No way. Who enters the academy when a kid like you falls out?”

The academy is an institution that ‘trains’ superhumans, not a place to take and teach superhumans who have already been created.

Over 70% of the superhuman academies, excluding the top 5, were unable to even shoot magic bullets. The academy was fulfilling its role even if the magic bullet skills were enough to join the mercenary corps before graduation.

Grace continued.

“The sample rooms we will be looking at today are from level 1 to level 4. The permits I can give out on my line are up to the level 3 area. Level 3 is originally a restricted area for outsiders.”

“really? thank you Thank you for caring.”

“I have to thank you. Karum’s hands almost flew off, you saved a person’s life.”

You saved a person… … .

For some reason, Dante’s heart was full.

It was the first time I had helped someone with my magic.

“What a relief. Was it helpful?”

“Then shall we go soon?”


Dante and Grace took the elevator down to the 8th basement floor.

way to the sample room.

Grace’s explanation continued.

“Level 4 requires the permission of the head of the research center, but he is a very picky and stubborn person. You know the word ‘Kkondae’? The warden is not just a kkondae, he is a total kkondae.”

“Does it seem difficult to get close with your boss at work? There are a lot of discords in the drama.”

“You write it as boss and read it as wensu.”

The two stopped in front of a door at the end of the hallway.

On the door [ Lv. 4] was written in large letters.

Dante asked.

“Oh, isn’t it the wrong way? I think it’s level 4 here.”

“That Great King Kkondae is my father. Then let’s go in.”

“… … yes.”

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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