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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 110

Episode 110. Mt. Baekdu Mission (6)

Stella Academy Star Hill.

Dante, lying alone on a hillside, called BS.

“Grandpa, that’s me.”

– That’s what I’ve been waiting for.

“Are you familiar with it?”

– Talk to me. without missing a single one.

‘How did you know?’ I didn’t ask questions like that. Because it’s BS. Now was the point where we could fully gauge what kind of person BS was.

The contents of the report were the same as those to Jia Han. However, there were a few things I couldn’t tell her.

“Time passed slowly. Remember what I said about dragon chasing before? Time has stopped.”

– So what do you want to say?

“I think the dragon intervened. Did you feel the dragon’s energy from that magpie monster? what the hell… … . You have a feeling of being overwhelmed. Not even your grandfather knows. You’ve even visited their rares.”

BS pondered for a moment before continuing.

– good. If what you’re saying is true, the rest of the kids should have felt the dragon’s presence as well. yes?

“that… … .”

Dante was speechless at the sharp point.

BS is right.

All the students at the site at the time experienced the same thing.

In fact, if there was a dragon there, everyone should have noticed it. Because dragons are spiritual creatures among spiritual creatures that have such a powerful presence.

– You are a special child. He’s more sensitive to mana than anyone I’ve ever met. don’t admit that However, I think you misunderstood this time.

“Is there a possibility that the dragon only revealed its presence to me?”

BS clicked his tongue loudly as if to listen.

– Tsk tsk tsk. Have you ever seen such a cocky guy? They say that the master is the disciple.

“… … yes?”

– Jia Han! learn to be good How did you learn the bad things? They said it was special, special. Do you really think you can do anything?

“Do you have a personal relationship with Professor Han?”

– What is your personal relationship? Jia Han is more famous for being ruthless than for her skills.

“Are you talking to me behind your back?”

BS snorted at Dante’s words.

– It’s not gossip, it’s an open fact. Anyway, don’t think nonsense and concentrate on preparing for the war. hang up

BS pondered over Dante’s story.

‘Time passed slowly… … .’

Superhumans who have come back alive from the crossroads of life and death usually talk like this. that time passed slowly Life passed by like a kaleidoscope.

So the statement that time passed slowly was not a matter of much concern. I wouldn’t know if time had completely stopped.

crack five times.

Other than that, there is no circumstance or evidence that dragons intervene in human affairs.

For now, it was BS’ idea to keep an eye on the future situation.

Meanwhile, Dante was lying on the grass and thinking.

‘That’s why we’re getting hurt.’

It is an era of advanced technology.

I once thought like this.

Why am I being beaten even though I thoroughly prepared and searched with all kinds of equipment at the mission site?

You have to be right to know if it hurts. It seemed clear now why.

If it was something that could have been thoroughly prepared, there would have been no deaths, and this long war would have ended sooner or later.

Suddenly, I thought of my parents who died in the attack of a new monster.

‘Is it that we have no choice but to be helpless like this?’

At that time, I felt the popularity.

“I knew you would be here.”

It was Alicia.

She sat cross-legged at Dante’s bedside. Then he lifted Dante’s head and placed it on his thigh.

Dante spoke in a sullen voice.

“Because the grass is softer than your thighs?”

“Well, my leg muscles aren’t very strong. did you call to BS.”

“just now.”

Alicia stretched, raising both arms.

“Ego hurt.”


“Not even a monster. You lost your mind because you were just mowing grass.”

“I know.”

“I thought this. ah… … . It’s not just that I’m good at it. If we’re going to win this fight, everyone has to do their part in their respective positions. that.”

“You’ve grown up.”

“I guess this is what it means to be an adult. Give me, isn’t it cool?”

it’s a start again

When Dante gently closed his eyes, he responded.

“It would have been cool. If only it wasn’t for me.”

“Oh, yes. By the way, will D.O’s son be okay? jew! me! crab! I’m worried.”

“under… … . really.”

Claudio was hospitalized at Superman Central Hospital. It was not known how serious the condition was. I couldn’t get in touch.

I was just vaguely guessing.

Dante continued.

“We feel so helpless. Dio must have been much more shocked. Aren’t you going to give up on this?”

“I can’t help it if I quit. It’s none of our business.”


“Shut up. I don’t want to lose my precious friend on the battlefield. The problem is that you are more timid than your skills, D.O.”

“You should get better. There are almost two years left until graduation.”

“You’re right. so i want to help Until Dio gave up on himself. Let’s go down.”


The campus is more lively than ever.

The Academy War is approaching right in front of you. The calibration was heated with passion to achieve the best results.

An unpleasant person approached from the other side. The moment I was about to pass by, she greeted Alicia.

“Hello, senior.”

It was Katarina Zordic.

Alicia took some time to react.


Katarina just walked away.

Dante and Alicia watched her back blankly.

Dante poked Alicia in the side with his elbow.

“Did he say hi to you?”

“well. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered anything like this before.”

The two of them walked back to the dormitory. The freshmen I met on the road constantly greeted me. Dante and Alicia are celebrities in their own right, so it’s like that.

Dante asked Alicia.

“The Zordic family. Is the verdict yet?”

“Will it take at least three years? Liam senior is sentenced to life imprisonment. Guess I won’t appeal. But Katarina seems to be quiet these days too?”

“I know. Even at the beginning of the semester, it was the same as last year. What happened?”

When it comes to the Zordic twins, their venom-filled eyes and unpleasant ridicule were their trademarks.

Katarina Zordic, whom I had just seen, had a completely different expression. Just like an ordinary schoolgirl.

Dante continued.

“Still, it seems difficult to make friends.”

Alicia nodded.

“We’ve already seen everything we couldn’t see, so it won’t be easy.”

“But if you’re really determined to change, you might be able to maintain a healthier relationship with the people you meet in the future. It’s a bit strange. I thought he would never change.”

“right. It’s easy for a good guy to be a bad guy, but it’s hard to do the opposite. Anyway, I will continue to hate it. Just because he changes doesn’t mean that the wounds our complex has received will disappear. And neither do you.”

Dante paused for a moment and looked at Alicia.

“me? what?”

Alicia, who had been walking about two steps ahead, turned around while jumping with a ‘bean’ sound.

“If there’s someone you don’t like, I won’t keep them by my side either. you will hate it There must be a reason.”

Those words reassured Dante somehow.

I don’t know why he’s suddenly saying this.

“Then if I suddenly say I hate Fabio-senpai. What are you going to do then?”

At the same time, Dante was ready to mount a defensive posture. If it was the usual Risha, she would have slapped me on the back and told me to stop talking nonsense.

However, contrary to expectations, she responded with sincerity.

“If the person you hate is the person I like… … . Wouldn’t we help each other to clear up misunderstandings?”

“Our Lisa. Is it very strange that you thought that way? But not me. because! There are so many people who hate you. too many… … .”

Alicia’s eyebrows twitched.

From noble mtl dot com


“Good job then.”

A pair of men and women speed across campus.

Alicia couldn’t catch up with Dante in the end.

“at there. Sgo there! You bastard!”

Hearing Alicia’s voice moving away, Dante smiled refreshingly.

“I finally won.”

* * *

Superman Association Headquarters.

Grace Kayley took the mic.

“hello. This is Grace Cayley, senior researcher at the Versailles Institute.”

Everyone’s eyes were focused on Grace.

This was an accident that could have turned into a big problem. The Mage Tower probably wants to find the culprit responsible for this case.

So, be careful with every word you say. However, I did not intend to intentionally add or subtract facts.

“I will start with the conclusion. First, the new sleeping weeds are normally no different from weeds, but they suddenly awaken in response to mana. Second, when you’re addicted, you get a singularity where everyone sees the same illusion.”

Stellar faculty, including Jia Han, spat out cheers in their hearts.

One professor let out a short sigh of relief.

“Whew… … .”

The chairman’s sharp gaze followed.

“Are you feeling relieved now?”

“Oh, no. sorry.”

This time, the chairman’s gaze turned to Grace. He asked with a stiff expression.

“What are the awakening conditions?”

“It is literally random. So far, no specific rules have been found.”

This was not particularly a problem.

This is because rules do not apply to the awakening of all living beings, including humans. means random.

Grace said while pushing up her dripping glasses with her fingertips.

“The problem is that until just the day before, there were no plants that were believed to be sleeping plants in the area. I also confirmed it with reconnaissance drone footage.

Soil contamination near Mt. Baekdu is dozens of times higher than other areas. It is an unsuitable environment for new plants to take root.”

There are still living beings living and awakening all over the earth. Why did they survive the toxic soil? Simple. This is because they have evolved and adapted to the environment over a long period of time.

However, it is extremely rare for a new plant to be discovered like this time.

the chairman spoke

“So far, there have been only six species of awakening new species discovered on Earth. They were all discovered after the rift. For now, it would be good to investigate with the recently opened rift in mind.”


Before Monster Attack.

About 300,000 plant species and 1.5 million animal species existed on Earth.

Among them, about 7,000 species have been awakened and discovered by humans. Animals and plants that have been mutated by mana in this way are collectively called ‘Awakened Body’.

This time, a superman from the Ministry of Public Administration and Security asked Grace a question.

“How about a gas filter?”

There was a separate gas mask filter development department within the research institute. The students who went on this mission also used the filter developed by the Versailles Institute.

Grace answered the question.

“It is difficult to give a definitive answer at this time.”

“I’ll give you three months.”

“As you know, research is not that easy. Whether it takes a week or 10 years, we have to decide… … .”

“Do it within two months.”

“… … .”

“You can use the research funds as needed.”

Grace sighed.

‘ha. You motherf*ckers!’

However, it was not something that could just be cursing.

It is not common for associations to push for research. When the chairman talked this far, there was a reason for everything.

“We will proceed as quickly as possible.”

The chairman once again corrected Grace’s remarks.

“Not as fast as possible, but two months. Keep in mind that this is an urgent matter directly related to the lives of our superhumans. Today’s meeting ends here.”

After escaping from the conference room, Stella’s faculty boarded the airship. I was thinking of going back to school right away.

I’m glad the meeting went off without a hitch. The uncomfortable feeling did not go away.

“Why didn’t I point out that everyone had the same vision? That bothers me the most.”

“The meeting will not end with this one. It’s not a problem that can be solved by just wrapping our heads around each other.”

Bibiano Perez opened his mouth. It was a complicated expression.

“30 years ago, superhumans thought this way. Soon, this war will end. It is an anti-monster weapon and it was a time when technology developed rapidly.”

It’s not just Viviano Perez.

The professors gathered here once had similar thoughts. But decades later, not much has improved.

Jia Han let out a long sigh.

“There is no end in sight. Because when we get stronger, they get stronger. Even after 500 or 1000 years… … Do I have to live like this?”

“If this continues, there is a high possibility that the Earth will perish.”

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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