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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 96

Episode 96. Aftermath.

Jin Chang-ho’s eyes shone sharply at those words.

“Jaewoon Kang? Isn’t that the quirky guy who thought he might have helped Jin Seon-ho move the chairman of the Fair Trade Commission?”

“her. Don’t be afraid, give me water and come all the way here?”

“Shall I send you back?”

“..no. let it go Because I want to see who he really is with my own eyes.”

Jaewoon placed a chrysanthemum in front of the portrait of President Jin Byung-wook.

After commemorating the deceased in silence, he approached Jin Chang-ho.

“Rest in peace.”

Jin Chang-ho bowed his head at Jae-woon’s greeting.

When Jaewoon raised his head, Changho Jin continued.

“It’s a first meeting, but since I’m a bit older, can I talk to you?”

“Give me a moment. I have something to say.”

Jaewoon, who stared at Jin Chang-ho’s face for a moment, then nodded.

Jin Chang-ho, who moved to a quiet place, asked directly.

“This investigation into car collusion. Is it your work?”

Fortune did not deny it.

“..that’s bold. You don’t know who I am, do you?”

“I know, that’s the attitude… Are you just not afraid? Or is it that you have the confidence to try it with me?”

“I don’t know what you’re going to do, but if you want to do it as a business, you have some confidence.”

Jin Chang-ho was instantly paralyzed with excitement.

‘Am I simply out of my mind? His eyes are pretty good for that kind of thing.’

“..if you believe in your preferences and do that, you are making a big mistake.”

“I didn’t say that because I trusted him. But even if it did, I don’t think it was a mistake.”

“You’re still young and you don’t know anything. I wonder if he’ll really come out to help you when you’re in trouble, but even if he’s willing, he won’t be able to help. Gowon Group will soon be split into several groups. This will happen no matter who becomes president. And among them, the construction and electronics that Seonho will take, seemingly plausible but internally rotten. You may not be able to cover yourself properly, so who can help whom?”

Jaune responded immediately.

“There are a few things you are wrong about. When I am in a difficult situation, Vice Chairman Jin Seon-ho has no choice but to help. If I fail, that person will also be in trouble. And I don’t know about the construction, but the former won’t fail. I’m not going to let it go like that.”

“under. let’s leave it Is it what you say or does it do what I say. But if you are wrong, then there will be no place for you to stand in Korea.”

It was the same word as Jin Chang-ho’s threat.

Jaewoon answered without blinking an eye.

“It was something I had done against the vice president of Gowon Group, but I was already prepared for that. But fighting isn’t just about weight classes. I hope the Vice-President is not too confident. If you’re going to touch me, you’ll have to bet a lot more than you think with your stake.”

When he heard such provocative words from Jae-woon, who had not yet graduated from university, Jin Chang-ho was so ridiculous that only laughter came out.


“You didn’t want to hear something like that you were sorry for doing something like that, right? Didn’t the vice president continue to work hard to prevent money from flowing into electronics and construction from behind? After all, they were holding swords at each other, but I don’t think it’s a situation where we can talk about what’s wrong.”

Jin Chang-ho, who had been staring at his fortune for a while, then nodded.

“..that is correct. So let me ask you one thing. Why did you help Jin Seon-ho? I should have known that you would turn me into an enemy. Do you have any grudges on me?”

“Personally, I have no feelings for the Vice President. But the son of Vice Chairman Jin Seon-ho is my best friend. I couldn’t pretend not to know about my friend’s father’s difficulties.”

‘Is that just the reason?’

Jin Chang-ho, who couldn’t believe those words, looked at Jae-woon’s face again.

There was nothing readable on his face.

Jin Chang-ho motioned for the end of the conversation.

“…while they are aiming for each other’s necks, further conversations seem meaningless. just go I think I’ll have to go up because I’ve been away for too long.”

Jaewoon politely said hello and left.

After he left, Chang-ho Jin recalled the conversation he had just had.

‘I can’t believe I’m really twenty-one.’

At the age of 21, he was much younger than the new employees of Kowon Motors.

Even executives over fifty years old, few people can look directly into Jin Chang-ho’s eyes.

Jae-Woon never averted his eyes from start to finish.

Moreover, he was somewhat aware of his hands on construction and electronics.

It’s difficult when rumors go out, so I only knew a few of his henchmen.

Jin Chang-ho called the chief of staff.

“The guy named Kang Jae-woon, I don’t think he’s an ordinary guy. Research everything about him from scratch, and make sure you find anything that could be your weakness. If you leave it like this, it seems like it will become a source of repercussions forever.”

“All right. We will investigate thoroughly.”

#Hwansung Group Chairman Yang Ki-moon’s office.

Yang Ki-moon, who returned from a visit to the funeral of Jin Byung-wook, the former president of Gowon Group, saw a newspaper lying on his desk and asked the chief of staff.

“This is the Daily Telegraph, a British daily newspaper on November 29th. Hwansung Electronics UK branch sent it urgently, and the chairman said there is an article that you must read.”

“This article is about IFA. I read it first, but can I give you a brief summary?”

“no. I will read it myself.”

The chief of staff stepped back as if he knew it would.


Yang Ki-moon shouted while crumpling the Daily Telegraph in his hand.

“Both President of Hwansung Electronics and Head of TV Business Unit, run right away!”

30 minutes passed.

Two men stood in front of him with great nervousness.

Ki-moon Yang, growling towards the president of Hwansung Electronics, held out a severely crumpled newspaper.

“Chief Choi. Hwansung Electronics spent nearly 1 billion won on this IFA alone. But why should I be reading articles like this?”

“..sorry. President. We are now investigating how Kowon Electronics was able to launch such a high-quality LCD TV.”

Yang Ki-moon, who had been staring at Choi as if he was about to eat him, turned to the head of the TV business this time.

“Vice President Song.”


“Do you think it will take 2-3 years for LCD TVs that can be sold? That’s why you decided to bring a flat-panel CRT TV to this IFA. But what did Kowon Electronics bring out this time? Was there some kind of time machine that brought new technology from the future?”

Yang Ki-moon opened the picture from the Daily Telegraph in front of Vice President Song and continued his speech.

“Look at this picture here. This is Kowon Electronics’ booth. It looks less than a quarter of our Hwansung Electronics booth, but there are dozens of times more people. When I went to the condolences earlier, he comforted Vice Chairman Jin Seon-ho and said that Ko Won Electronics would do well in the future, but when I think about it, my face is all on fire. Who is comforting whom now? How much did Vice Chairman Jin laugh at me inwardly?”

“..sorry. President.”

“Stop saying sorry! Did I give you less research money than the highlands did? Or did you pay less?”

“By the way? How the hell can Go Won do something we couldn’t? Did you just eat my money and flush it all out of the bathroom?”

“Whew. I’m an asshole who trusted people like you and entrusted them with work. I’m an asshole!”

Yang Ki-moon, who had been standing still for a while, was unsatisfied, and continued.

“Vice President Song will investigate and upload how Ko Won Electronics was able to do that by tomorrow.”

“No, why no answer?”

Vice President Song forcibly removed his lips, which he did not want to fall off.

“..I’m really sorry to say this, but it seems difficult to know the cause until Kowon Electronics’ TV is released to the market.”

Yang Ki-moon, startled by his answer, sobbed and laughed.

“Heh heh. What’s wrong with the sound of a guy who is now a TV expert and earns 500 million won a year at the most? You can’t really know the cause until you see the product yourself, right?”

Yang Ki-moon, who had a fever again and scolded Vice President Song, exhaled a sigh of relief.

“Whoa… yes. If you do not know the exact cause, write down the reason you can guess and report it. Can you do that?”

At those words, Vice President Song shook his head again.

“..sorry. I can’t even guess at all. I searched for LCD-related papers last night, but there is still no prior art that can achieve that kind of performance. Usually, prior art comes out, and the order is to develop and apply it again for mass production lines. There is no trace of the technology applied to Kowon Electronics’ LCD TV, as if it had suddenly fallen from the future, as President said.”

As soon as he heard his words, Yang Ki-moon felt a strange sense of déjà vu.

“A technology that seems to have fallen from the future?”

“..for a moment. I think something like this has happened before.”

Yang Ki-moon, who had closed his eyes and searched through memories of the past, opened his eyes.

“..Is it that guy?”


People looked at him with a face that didn’t understand English.

Yang Ki-moon said to the chief of staff without hesitation.

“Director Park.”

“That drill CPU developer. Let’s find out if this guy named Kang Jae-woon has anything to do with this Kowon LCD TV.”

After the chief of staff leaves the office.

Yang Ki-moon waved his hand and let the rest of the people go.

Alone, he stared intently at the Daily Telegraph on the desk.

“..isn’t it? That guy specializes in semiconductors, not LCDs, right?”

Although there are many similarities between semiconductors and LCDs.

There were also a lot of parts that didn’t resemble each other.

Therefore, Hwansung Electronics, which has strength in memory semiconductors, has not yet caught up with the technology level of Japanese company Soap.

If you think about it in common sense, it’s not possible.

Yang Ki-moon could not easily shake the feeling that Kang Jae-woon was somehow involved in this.

#When I left the funeral of Chairman Jin Byung-wook, Vice Chairman Jin Seon-ho was seeing off the mourners outside.

I approached Vice Chairman Jin and offered my condolences.

“Rest in peace. Vice President. The president must have gone to a good place.”

Vice Chairman Jin, whose eyes were red, replied.

“Thank you for coming. Representative Kang.”

“Of course you should. But do you burn it?”

“Ah, that guy is seeing off the public mourners down there.”

I paused for a while and then continued.

“It’s a bit embarrassing to say this at a place like this, but Vice Chairman Jin Chang-ho called me earlier.”

At those words, Vice Chairman Jin’s face hardened.

“Your brother?”

“What did you say?”

“Well, it wasn’t a big deal. He seemed to want to say something to me about the collusion investigation.”

“this. I tried to hide it as much as possible, but you mean hyung knew?”

“yes. Vice-Chairman also found out that I had a relationship with Chairman, but it must have been a matter of time before Vice-Chairman Chang-Ho Jin knew. However, there is hardly any business overlap with Vice Chairman Jin Chang-ho, so there is probably not much room for us to use our hands.”

“..I am not a person who likes to fight fairly and fairly. There’s a good chance you’re going to use some vile trick.”

It had the impression that it was about to fight fiercely like a bear.


But I wasn’t terribly afraid.

Because there were several ways that I could also damage Vice Chairman Chang-ho Jin.

“haha. When that time comes, I will run to the vice president right away. Then you won’t pretend you don’t know me, will you?”

“Is that possible? Don’t worry, I’ll protect you no matter what your brother does.”

“It’s reassuring. haha.”

#California, USA.

Apple CEO Steve Mars’ home.

Steve Mars, who was reading the New York Times daily with a cup of coffee to replace breakfast on the table, felt a great shock as if he had been hit in the head the moment he read an article about IFA.

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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