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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 88

Episode 88. Emoticons.

I asked President Lee Byung-hoon.

“Did you like it?”

“Are you just liking it? As with Drill 1, I really like this next-generation architecture Drill 2. Specifically, the idea of ​​assigning separate pipelines to compute multiple values ​​at once with one instruction. This alone will double your IPC. It is so beautiful that no matter how many times I see it, I never get tired of it.”

Instruction Per Clock (IPC).

It is a number indicating how many times an instruction can be processed per cycle.

For example, even with the same 700Mhz CPU, if the IPC is doubled, the calculation speed is also doubled.

“It’s nice to see you looking happy. Did you know that you have to proceed with the core customization immediately after this work is done?”

A CPU consists of a core where core components such as arithmetic, control, and register devices are gathered, a cache memory to speed up the CPU’s processing speed, and a bus connecting them.

Core customization refers to changing the design of the CPU core to achieve optimal performance.

The blueprint I gave to President Lee Byung-hoon had a structure where the CPU clock was 1.2Ghz.

It was difficult to produce with the current semiconductor process.

So, it was necessary to change the core design so that production with the current process was possible.

“Sure. It will be a matter of how well it can maintain its original performance, and I plan to allocate most of the staff to that.”

“okay. If possible, try to finish the core customization by the end of this year.”

“like. Not this year? Seeing that the deadline was set that way, it seems like they are planning something else.”

“haha. Rather than decorating something, I think it would be better for us to have a hidden weapon. Drill 1 took quite a bit of a hit, but there’s going to be a counterattack somehow, as our competitors aren’t docile enough to just let them go. That’s when I use it.”

“..Really, CEO Kang doesn’t even have a small gap. I never thought the moment would come when Wontel was considered pitiful.”

“The CPU share of Wontel is still over 70%. We are fighting against such a large company, and we have to prepare thoroughly. If you are a little careless, it will be on this side that suffers.”

“That’s right. Anyway, thanks to the big investment this time, Core Custom should be finished by the end of this year. It may not be as good as the original, but I will try to pick him as the coolest guy possible.”

“I only trust this boss. haha.”

#Early October.

“Daewon hyung. What is the market share of all of us until last month?”

“It’s down 5% and now it’s about 60%.”

“Well. We need to get our apparel business back on track as soon as possible. Has there been an announcement about entering a clothing store?”

“yes. It has been going out since last month, but there are not many operators who actually entered the store yet.”

“You seem to be thinking that even if you sell clothes online, they won’t sell. Well, she expected it to happen, so she decided to open an offline shopping mall.”

I asked Park Si-woong, who was sitting opposite him.

“Master Park. How long have you been preparing for the offline shopping mall?”

“We have finished leasing five stores in Seoul and two in each metropolitan city. We are currently installing a dressing room booth and a shelf to store samples systematically, and we have already pulled out all of our employees and are working together on site. We will not do any remodeling, so we will probably be able to open it early next week.”

“That’s great. I thought it would take two more weeks, but you did a great job.”

Despite my praise, Deputy Park did not have a satisfied face.

“no. I could have opened it faster, but it took a lot of trial and error. While preparing for Dao Mall this time, I felt deeply that I still lacked a lot of skills.”

It was a good attitude.

A person who is not satisfied with reality cannot progress.

“haha. When you say that, I feel more confident. After opening Dao Mall, Deputy Manager Park will take care of it.”

Park’s face brightened.

“Am I going to run?”

“yes. Since Assistant Manager Park made the preparations, Assistant Manager Park must also handle the operation. You don’t like it, do you?”

“Can you possibly hate it? Thank you for entrusting me. I will show you good results.”

This time, Daewon asked his brother.

“Have you decided on the site of the logistics warehouse for the online mart business?”

“yes. I decided to go to Gimpo, where a lot of business people gather. Construction has already begun, and we will probably be able to finish construction and start business by the beginning of next year.”

“okay. I am looking forward to next year.”

I mean, in many ways.

Daewon-hyung also nodded his head.

“So do I. Next year, the shopping mall business will be doubled, so it can no longer be called a small company. Aren’t we going to become a big company soon? haha.”

Daewon-hyung must have said it half-jokingly.

I was confident that I would make those words a reality.

“Absolutely. As I’ve said several times, it won’t take long for our Damoye to become a large retailer like a Korean department store.”

“okay. Believe.”

“Lee Woong-gi, team leader. How many users are there now?”

“It crossed 2 million at the beginning of this month.”

“What about competing sites?”

“High Club is strong, but now the number of users is less than 500,000. Fortunately, most of the members we recruited before Nyworld came out, and it seems that the number of users has hardly increased since Nyworld was released.”

It was said that there was hardly any place that could be called a competitive site.

In my previous life, I heard that you struggled quite a bit in the early days of release.

The number of users of the current Naiworld has been rising sharply since its launch.

Since starting with a mini-hompy, it is different from the previous life in many ways, so it can be said that it is a natural result.

“okay. Did you start the messenger service?”

“yes. It started earlier this month.”

“What’s your reaction?”

“Very good. Since the launch of the messenger service, the number of users has increased more than twice as fast as before.”

“It’s fine. Server management is okay, right?”

“yes. Hongin Media is taking care of it, so there have been no problems so far.”

When the number of users rapidly increased, the most common problem faced by new SNS companies was server down.

When the server goes down once in a while, a lot of users drop out, so it’s something I’ve been paying attention to since the beginning of the launch.

That is why it seems that there has never been a server downtime yet.

“That’s fortunate.”

“yes. And the emoticon contest you mentioned at that time is now underway.”

“okay? Were there any works that stood out to you?”

“We are scoring points with votes from members, and 2 works in the motion emoticon category and 1 work in the static emoticon category are getting prominent votes.”

“What kind of works are they?”

“One is a work that was submitted under the title of “Mashimashi” in the motion emoticon section, and it is popular among users by calling it “geeky squirrel” or “yeopda” for short. It’s a squirrel-eyed squirrel character, but it’s popular for its unpredictable behavior, such as herbivores threatening carnivorous bears.”

haha. open up

That’s a name I miss.

Originally, it became famous for flash animation around next year, and various character goods were made.

It was a famous character that was exported to Japan.

There were many people who misunderstood him as a Japanese character because of his name.

The original producer was Korean.

It seems that person applied this time.

“The other one?”

“It’s a work that expresses the movement of people with just a few lines called Sleepy Man, and I like the sense of it. It makes me smile every time I see it.”

sleepy man.

This is something that will become famous next year.

“A lot of good work has come out. So what about the stop emoticons?”

“It’s a girl character with her hair curled up on both sides, and it’s very popular with female users. Thanks to that, I got to the top spot, but strangely, it was a work submitted by a design company rather than an individual.”

It’s a character I’ve never heard of.

Unexpectedly, this emoticon contest seemed to have a lot of harvest, so I felt better.

“After the contest is over, please invite the original authors of those three works. I think we will have to sign a sales contract for the character.”

“..are you really going to sell emoticons for a fee?”

“yes. There is still no special revenue source other than the Nyworld store, right? We plan to add corporate advertisements only when the number of users exceeds 10 million, and the App Center is not yet actively traded, so losses are continuously accumulating.

“Hmm. I see what you mean. I don’t know how many emojis will sell, but it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. Let’s prepare.”

“haha. Don’t worry, it will sell well. A good character can attract people’s hearts much stronger than you can imagine. Besides, if you know that emojis make money, even better works will appear. Then more users will buy emoticons. This is a virtuous cycle.”

“I wish I could do as the director said.”

“Because it will be. Don’t be surprised that this will pay off later. haha.”


Chuncheon, Gangwon-do.

Meeting room on the first floor of the data center.

I was receiving a report on the operation status of the data center from Oh-Chan Jung, president of Hongin Media.

“DDC was fully set up earlier this month and is now officially operational.”

Damoyeo Data Center (DDC). It is an abbreviation for Damoga data center.

“Are there any sites currently in DDC?”

“All Nyworld and Damoye shopping malls have been moved to this location, and there are no new sites yet.”

“Well, how long have you been since you have already had customers? Still, I think we need to start recruiting customers soon. Do you have any ideas?”

“..because we are a latecomer, we are thinking of promoting to customers at a lower price than our competitors…if only the director is okay with it.”

When I said that I was going to start a business at a loss, it seems like my eyes were showing.

It was the most effective strategy for chasing the first runners from the standpoint of the late runners.

However, if you give a discount blindly, you can only do good things for others, so you had to plan your strategy well.

“haha. You don’t have to make a face like that. Because I think the same as President Jung.”

“..that’s good luck. In fact, I tried to find a way other than a discount, but I couldn’t come up with anything.”

“It goes without saying that a late runner has to shed some blood to catch up with the first runner. But if we lower the price recklessly, we lose a lot, right? We will try to minimize the damage by designing the rate plan well.”

“..how do you mean?”

“It’s about making plans in units of capacity and units of time.”

One of the initial core strategies of YWS (Yamazon Web Service), which will dominate the hosting market in the future, was the operation of the capacity unit plan and the hourly rate plan.

Thanks to the advantage that you only pay for the time and capacity you use.

Many users chose YWS.

Competitors do not exert much strength in the strategy of outperforming competitors by lowering prices based on the users gathered in this way, giving up market share to YWS.

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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