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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 82

Episode 82. The stone of the future.

I opened the cafe door to chase after her while holding the paper wad.



As soon as she came back, she bumped into me and grabbed my face.

“student. it’s okay?”

“…it’s not okay. oh koya. mister. Am I not having coffee right now?”

“..I don’t think it bleeds.”

She looked at me with resentful eyes.

“okay? I’m glad I did. Why did you bring it with me at that time?”

“Did I think you would come at that time?”

“Still, an adult who knows something should be careful first… huh? That thing in your hand, that I threw in the trash, right?”

“yes. But did you really write this?”

“yes. Give it back quickly. Because it’s mine.”

“It’s not a problem to give it back, would you like to talk to me for a moment?”

“I am? why?”

I fluttered a wad of paper.

“Eagle. Don’t you want to publish it?”

Her expression changed suddenly.

“A publication? really?”

“Uncle, are you from the publishing house?”

“It’s not like that, but you could say it came from a similar place.”

“If it is correct, it is correct, otherwise it is not. Where else is it similar?”

“I think the story is going to be a bit long, so would you like to sit over there? I will buy the drinks, so choose what you want to eat.”

“Then I have sweet milk coffee!”

We sat down and continued the conversation.

“This article you left behind. I read it a bit, but it was really well written.”

Pressing the corners of her mouth as she was about to go up, she answered.

“Hmm. Yes? I am not careful, but I have eyes to read.”

“So, by the way, would you like to publish this article on our side?”

“I’m fine, but I’m not a publisher earlier? But how do you publish a book?”

“Of course, it’s not a paper book. You PC communication, you know?”

of course you know

Later, this article will be serialized through PC communication.

“So, have you ever heard of the Internet?”

“Um… what is the Internet? I don’t know that.”

“Similar to PC communication, it is a place where you can connect and play with a modem or LAN cable. It’s a place with a lot more variety than PC communication.”

She looked interested.

“Is there such a thing?”

“yes. I’m going to post your article on the internet.”

Still, I thought it was time to create a search portal site.

I met a talented person who will give wings to the plan.

But she tilted her head.

“It sounds like I am posting my articles online like a PC communication serial, but is that publication? Isn’t publication originally a paper book?”

“It is a prejudice that a book must come out on paper. Anyway, you’re good if this article gets a lot of reading from people. Isn’t that what you wanted to publish?”

“..I do.”

“If you leave it to me, I’ll make your writings read by far more people than if you publish it as a paper book.”

She asked with a face that looked like she was half way over.

“But don’t you pay the original manuscript fee when you publish it?”

As I looked at her, I hesitated and mumbled.

“It’s not that I really want to, but…”


“haha. manuscript fee? of course you have to give If one person sees your article, I will calculate 10 won each and set it as the manuscript fee.”

She looked disappointed.

“Only ten won? In fact, it would be nice if I could receive even that much through this article…”

“Only. If this article gets 5 million views, you will receive 50 million won as a manuscript fee. Even as a best-selling author these days, not many people get that much.”

She rolled her eyes.

“..50 million won?”

“okay. Because it’s free anyway, a lot of people will see it, and that’s all for your manuscript fee.”

Basically, I’m thinking of getting it for free.

There was also a plan to sell it for a fee in preview format if it became really popular like in the previous life.

“Nevertheless. Do so many people really see my writing? This is an article written in the form of a fantasy that is unfamiliar to Koreans. Because of that, so far, no publisher has accepted my writing. He said that he wrote well, not like a student, but he didn’t think it would sell.”

Certainly, genre literature such as fantasy was not mainstream at this time.

Even if it was a well-written work, it was not easy to publish a paper book without the result of PC communication.

Maybe that’s why this future stone also started a PC communication series.

“Your writing will be seen by a lot of people. As much as I can assure you, use whatever you want to write.”

“I like that one word. Well, it’s still minus 99 points because it doesn’t come out as a stiff paper book.”

“Isn’t that a perfect score of 1000?”

“Is it 100 points?”

“Well. Does this mean that you will refuse?”

“no. She tells her that she passed. Unfortunately, there are no other candidates.”

“haha. That’s good. So, are we going to go together from now on?”

“..yes. I really don’t like it… but please take care of me. mister.”

I’m not kidding, I really didn’t think I was that angry.

You will soon change your mind when you see the falling manuscript fees.

“Then our partner writer. Now I’m asking the first thing I should have asked. What is your name?”

“It’s Yuna-hee. This year, I’m in high school.”

“If you’re a first-year high school student, is this novel your first fantasy work?”

“yes. I’ve been using it since elementary school, but this is the first time I can call it a work of art.”

It was an incredible talent.

‘Stone of the Future’ was a masterpiece with elegant handwriting, meticulous composition, and unexpected twists, to the extent that it is speculated that the author who has published at least three bestsellers is serializing only with a different pen name.

No matter how much I’ve been studying since elementary school.

To say that such a masterpiece came out of the hands of a freshman in high school was almost a foul in my opinion.

“Awesome. Are you already writing this kind of work? Looking forward to the future…”

Having said that, I remembered that the serialization of this work would be cut off around April next year.

‘Did you quit because of your studies because you were in high school? That’s weird too. I can take a break for a while for study, but I’ve never heard of this being completed until I returned. Wait, next April? no way..’

“Have you ever been to Hwawon Girls’ High School?”

Hearing this, Nahee put on a surprised expression.

“How did you know? I’m not even wearing a school uniform right now.”

That’s right!

It was only then that I could clearly understand why ‘Future Stone’ was no longer available for serialization.

“I am. So it was like that.”

The Ujeon tunnel fire accident in 2000.

It was a disaster in which the bus on which students were going on a school trip was trapped inside, resulting in a huge loss of life.

The school the students attended was Hwawon Girls’ High School.

“Yes? What?”

“..no. But be sure to know this one. You and I are truly the luck of a lifetime.”

Nahee put on a surprised expression.

“What do you mean? On the subject of the vice president of a publishing company that pays 10 won per person as a manuscript fee.”

In April of next year, I will never be able to say that.

“Give me some evil. Why is the president of a publishing company who pays 50 million won for manuscripts so vicious?”

“That’s what I’m talking about when 5 million people read my post. I’m thinking of seducing an innocent high school student by only making sounds that are nice to listen to. So it’s a vice.”

“As the years go by, you will be ashamed to death of yourself for saying this to me.”

“why me? It’s never going to happen, so wake up from your dreams.”

Thus, the writer of the legendary work ‘Future Stone’ joined us.

Hongin Media Office.

“Chief Jung. How is the data center going now?”

“The building will be completed next month. Server workstations have already been purchased. We plan to fill it right up to the completion date.”

“Then the service will start in October, right?”

“yes. I see it that way.”

“All right. After all, things are going well since I left it to Mr. Jung. thank you for your effort.”

“How is your work these days?”

“It has become a lot easier because there are a lot of people. In the past, it was difficult for one person to take on two or three tasks, but now it is not so. Rather, there are more employees playing around, so we are paying attention to the distribution of work.”

“I’m glad I can afford it. I have something to do at Hongin Media.”

“Remember when we talked to you about search engines before?”

“Now seems to be the time to create that search engine.”

President Jung put on a surprised expression.

“..are you really thinking of building a search engine? There are already several prominent search sites in Korea. It will not be easy to compete.”

“So the time has come. Thanks to this, the number of people using the search site has increased. If we only develop a good engine, they will all become our customers.”

“You can make a good search engine. However, the sites that are already listed are not lacking in terms of performance. Frankly, I’m not confident of an engine that can push back the search sites that dominate the market.”

“haha. It would be nice to be able to build such a great search engine, but you don’t have to. It just needs to be at a level that is not far behind other sites.”

“..I don’t quite understand. How can you compete with other search engines when there is no difference in performance? We are latecomers. It was also very late. In a situation like this, you have to have a clear advantage to push out search sites that already dominate the market.”

“That’s right. However, there is no rule that its strength should be only in the search function. Mr. Jung. Do you know which subject the top students study the most hard among the students who chose liberal arts in high school?”

“Well. If it’s literature, it’s either Korean or English.”

“Unfortunately, it is wrong. The answer is math.”

“..Mathematics? It’s unexpected. Why are liberal arts students so hard at math? I don’t think I’ll be able to use it much when I go to college.”

“Going to college is useless. However, subjects such as Korean, English, and social studies do well in all subjects such as liberal arts and high-ranking students. Then, ironically, the difference in math grades determines which college they go to. The same goes for this search engine market. Companies that make a difference elsewhere other than the frivolous search function will win in the end.”

Moiber, which will dominate the future Korean search portal site market, did not win the war because of its excellent search function.

In 2002, I created a system called ‘wisdom’ and created all kinds of information people need.

Many people started using Moiber to view the information.

In the end, thanks to that wisdom, Moiber has established itself as the number one search portal site in Korea that boasts an overwhelming market share.

“..okay. I understand what you mean.”

“yes. So, there are two main features that we need to include in the search portal site we will create in the future. One is a system where anyone can ask for information they want to know. The other is creations such as comics and novels.”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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