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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 75

Episode 75. TM display.(1)

Lee Yeon-ho, chairman of the Fair Trade Commission, asked.

“yes. There is something I need your help with.”

“Well. You have the right to ask me for anything. However, since my position is a position, I cannot say that I will listen to it unconditionally.”

“I have no intention of abusing the power of the Fair Trade Commission. But what if there is a company taking huge profits by violating the Fair Trade Act, and the evidence of the illegal activity is in the hands of the Chairman?”

“Of course, we will be investigated for violating the Fair Trade Act. If you don’t know, there’s nothing you can do, but there’s no way you can just skip it even if you know.”

“Could it be a little politically burdensome?”

Chairman Lee’s reply came out immediately.

“of course. If you commit a crime, you should be punished. That is the justice of our society, and politics and justice have nothing to do with it.”

There was a review that President Ahn Il-jung chose Lee Yeon-ho because he liked his upright personality.


I presented the evidence of Kowon car rigging saved by Vice Chairman Jin Seon-ho.

“This is evidence that Kowon Motors, Jina Motors, and Baekwoo Motors plotted car price fixing.”

The chairman had a look of great shock.

“Is this evidence of collusion between the three automobile companies?”

“How can you get your hands on something like this? Rumors abounded, but the FTC couldn’t even start an investigation because they couldn’t find any evidence.”

“There was someone from inside to help.”

“Who is the collaborator who can get this kind of evidence? This kind of evidence is strictly managed internally, so it would be difficult for anyone other than the executive level to obtain it. No, even at the executive level, I can’t do this because I’m afraid of the repercussions.”

“It is difficult to say directly. However, I am sure that it is not illegally collected evidence, so please trust me.”

Chairman Lee thought about my words and asked.

“Then let me ask you one thing. Did someone ask you for something?”

“no. This is a request of my will to the Chairman.”

“Your will? I don’t quite understand. What do you have to do with Kowoncha?”

“I can’t be specific about that either, but I started it because I thought it would be helpful for my future.”

“..There must be a reason why you don’t talk to me. i get it. I’ll try my best on this one.”

“Thank you for saying that. I’m not asking you to make an innocent sin. There is no need to rush through the evidence. Just let me pay only the price that is worthy of the crime based on this evidence.”

The chairman nodded.

“Even if it’s not at your request, I have evidence that I have committed such a crime, but I have no intention of standing still.”

“thank you. Chairman. When will the investigation begin? It is my guess, but there are probably quite a few people who are against it.”

“It is said that there are quite a few people who have been recruited by Jin Chang-ho, vice chairman of Gowon Motors.”

“Even so, I have evidence of this, and I cannot strongly object to it. It will take less than a month for the investigation to begin.”

“Chairman. I hope you don’t overdo it.”

The chairman smiled softly.

“It started because of your request, but from now on, I will move according to my beliefs. So, even if I get penalized, that’s my problem, and you don’t have to worry about it.”

I’ve known you for quite some time.

As always, he was the right person to the point of blinding his eyes.

It’s a shame to use it like this.

This kind of person should be in politics.


This gentleman will step down from his position as chairman of the Fair Trade Commission in two or three years.

Then push it towards politics?

As I was immersed in that thought, Chairman Lee continued.

“Now, let’s stop talking heavy. My son is coming to Korea next month. Then, let’s have dinner together.”

I heard that Chairman Lee’s son fell in love with photography and eventually went to Germany to study in Germany, where there is a prestigious photography department.

I’ve never seen your face before, but maybe I’ll see you this time.

“All right. Let’s free up time.”

#Early June.

Finally, Kowon Electronics’ LCD division has completed the sale process.

It was completely incorporated as a subsidiary of TM Mirae Corporation.

(Former) Gowon Electronics LCD Division in Icheon, Gyeonggi-do.

The conference room, which seemed to fit 50 people, was almost full.

I sat in the middle and slowly looked at the faces of the people.

Everyone had different emotions on their faces.

Everyone seemed to be worried about what would change.

I asked Yoo Kang-woo, the head of the LCD business, sitting next to me.

“Chief Yu. Are all the executives in the business unit gathered?”

“Yes. All the executives in charge of lines 1 and 2, which produce cell phone liquid crystal panels, and line 3, which produce laptop liquid crystal panels, all gathered together.”

I nodded and opened my mouth.

“hello? everyone. I am Jae-Woon Kang, the representative of TM Mirae Corporation, which took over the LCD division of Kowon Electronics. nice to see you.”

Despite my greetings, the meeting room was buzzing and no one even answered.

“I know that there will be a lot of dissatisfaction and worries about the LCD division being separated from Kowon Electronics, a well-known conglomerate, and being sold to a corporation that has not yet been represented by a kid who has not yet graduated from college.”

At that, an executive opened his mouth.

“As you said, honestly, I am very anxious. What are we going to do now?”

“The salary and benefits will be the same as before. I plan to keep all the executives.”

At that, the other executives looked relieved.

“However, there will be direct instructions to each production line and research institute in the future. Please follow my instructions carefully. That’s not to say we’re guaranteed to get a job until we don’t.”

Another officer asked my words.

“You said you were giving direct instructions. Excuse me, but how much do you know about the LCD business? I know that you are famous in the semiconductor industry, but LCD is different from semiconductors in many ways.”

It was a pretty aggressive question.

I rather enjoyed it.

Let’s take a look and find out why we’re here?

If you’re just going out to take control of the baseline at the beginning, you just need to make them realize that you’ve made a big mistake.

If I was prepared to be fired and wore a gun on behalf of everyone, I was thinking of taking on an important role on the contrary.

asked him

“What is the name of the person you just spoke to?”

He proudly declared his name.

“I’m Chanmyung Kim, the team leader of the 2nd manufacturing team who is in charge of the 2nd line.”

“I only ask one thing. Let’s say I don’t know much about LCD. But can’t you give me instructions?”

“of course. This LCD division is not CEO Kang’s personal playground, but a workplace where the livelihoods of millions of people depend. CEO Kang bought this LCD business unit, didn’t he buy our lives?”

It’s completely rocky.

“It is not wrong. So? If you don’t know the owner or what, then take a look around, right?”

“..not that. Of course you have ownership of this division, so I can’t stop it. However, I would like you to make a minimum effort before giving direct instructions.”

“effort? What kind of effort?”

“I heard that he is a very smart person. I want you to give instructions after getting familiar with how LCDs are made on the line and what kind of research is being conducted in the laboratory.”

“In a word, it means to study and intervene.”

“..That’s right. Semiconductors and LCDs are very different, and the theory and practice are also different. And there is a huge difference between research and mass production. Both LCD and semiconductor are device industries, so mass production is the goal. At this time, if you make a mistake in the direction, you are saying that hundreds of billions of dollars are ridiculously flying until you come back to the right direction.”

At least it wasn’t meant to be useless ranting.

It must have been the latter.

Kim Chan-myung, Executive Director.

I’ll have to keep that in mind.

“good. As Executive Director Kim said, I didn’t even live your life. Well. Is there a manager of the 3rd manufacturing team in charge of the 3rd line here?”

A man in his 50s raised his hand.

“That’s me.”

“Now the 3rd line is the 3.5th generation, right?”

“The disc size is 620,750. When cut, four 14-inch monitor panels come out. Is that right?”


“Panel stains caused by irregularly formed circuit line widths. Liquid crystal afterimages that remain the same even if the screen changes when the same image is displayed. Short defect caused by sticking pixel electrodes that should be separated. And vice versa, a disconnection defect in which the pixel electrode that should be connected is cut off. I think this is the main defect coming out of the line, is this correct?”

After being forced to transfer from Hwansung Electronics to Hwanhung Display.

The first place I was assigned was the liquid crystal development team, and I was in charge of analyzing the defects.

The fact that I was assigned to a department like that, as my major knew only semiconductors in electronic engineering meant that I had to leave.

Even though it was unfair, I endured it for another 7 years after that.

In the LCD production process, since liquid crystal is the final process, it was mixed with all kinds of defects from the previous process, and all defects were experienced.

Life history is not new.

It was quite difficult at the time, but that experience is helping me a lot now.

The 3rd manufacturing team leader looked at me with great surprise.

It was the same with Executive Director Kim, who had an argument with me a while ago.

The things I just said are things that are difficult to understand without working at an LCD company, so it is a natural reaction.

I asked Executive Director Kim.

“Does it still look like I don’t know much about LCD?”

“Then do I have the right to direct the work myself?”

“I understand that Executive Director Kim is worried. However, I don’t want you to think that way because I didn’t have a lot of money to play with, as you are worried about.”

After a while, Executive Director Kim responded that way.

“I didn’t say that because I had feelings for the CEO, but I apologize if my words offended you. I’m not very good at returning what I was supposed to say.”

Just looking at it, it seems like he’s not a politician.

Looking at his promotion to the executive level, he seemed to have quite a bit of skill.

“haha. I think so. But I don’t hate him either. If you have something to say in the future, feel free to do so.”

“Then let’s go on with what we were talking about. As I said earlier, the executive organization under President Yoo Kang-woo will remain as it is. Instead, please follow my instructions carefully from now on. Finally, there is an important announcement.”

I took a sip of the water and continued.

“We are changing the division name to TM Display from now on.”

I could hear sighs coming from all over the place.

I understand.

Now it must have come to pass that I was completely separated from Kowon Electronics.

“I know you will still be anxious. You must feel a bit strange about how you came to be like this. But in two years, I assure you that Go Won Electronics will be envious of you.”

asked an executive.

“Is Kowon Electronics listening to us?”

“yes. Because I will make our TM Display the best display company in the world.”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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