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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 73

Episode 73. You Market.

Daha Building.

I asked the president Oh-chan Noon.

“How much sales have you made since you opened the P store?”

“About 5.7 million dollars for about three months.”

“Then 30% will be ours, so it will be around 1.7 million dollars. How much is left after deducting hosting costs, advertising costs, and site maintenance costs?”

“About a million dollars.”

“Based on the current exchange rate, that’s about 1.2 billion won. Since this is a 3 month net income, that means you made 400 million won a month, right? Mr. Jung. Finally, Hongin Media has also created an external revenue source. Congratulations. haha.”

Until now, Hongin Media has covered its expenses with revenue generated from insider transactions.

That said, it never really brought me any money.

Of course, the reason Hongin Media got such a profit structure was entirely because I used this company as an auxiliary organization for other businesses, although it had nothing to do with the ability of President Jung.

In any case, having an external source of income meant quite a bit to him and to me.

President Jung nodded his head with an unusual expression of emotion.

“yes. In fact, I felt like a money eater who only burdened the parent company, but I was relieved.”

“I wasn’t a money eater. Hongin Media was doing its job well enough. In particular, I am well aware that it takes a lot of trouble to maintain the shopping mall by supporting the T-Project.”

“yes. Besides, I think that the revenue from Hongin Media will gather up within a few years and become bigger than shopping malls or high-casts.”

“This, this, you just thought it was impossible?”

“..Honestly yes.”

“Why did I create the P store?”

“Aren’t you trying to increase sales of MP3 players?”

“That’s one reason. However, I created such a platform because I greatly thought about the potential of the P store itself. In the future, the P store will become a market where a lot of software as well as music are traded. It’s about 4 billion a month now. I think 10 years from now, over 1000 times that amount will come from this single platform.”

This too was true.

Later, Apple will earn more than 4 trillion won in annual revenue through a digital data sales platform called Atunes.

That said, if we properly grow our P store, we could make more than that.

“..1000 times. It’s an unbelievable number.”

It was natural to not believe it.

If the country did not know the future.

Because I would have been treated like a scammer.

However, the president quickly nodded his head.

“It sounds like a dream, but I think it’s possible for now because it’s what the director is saying.”

“haha. Thank you for believing in me.”

“I have never been wrong about what the director said so far, but I have no choice but to believe it. In fact, while I was creating this P store, I had some doubts about whether it would actually make a profit. But it was too. It will turn into a profit in three months.”

“In the future, it will be much more profitable. So please take good care of it.”

“yes. And have you figured out a data center site to start hosting services on?”

“yes. For now, we are thinking about Chuncheon, Gangwon-do.”

“Chun Cheon? Isn’t it too far from here? I think Seoul will be fine.”

“The data center is where high-performance workstation PCs run 24/7. A lot of heat is generated, and you have to run the air conditioner a lot to cool it. I want to reduce the air conditioning cost a bit. I found out that Chuncheon, Gangwon-do has the lowest average annual temperature. Besides, we’re going to hire a separate staff for the hosting division anyway, so we don’t have to be close here.”

“For that reason, Chuncheon would be fine. Then, once the exact location is decided, the construction can begin immediately.”

#In late May.

Daewon-hyung opened his mouth with a serious face.

“I think the shopping mall sales this month will be around 25 billion won.”

“Is that 2 billion more than last month? So that’s good, hyung, what’s on your face?”

“The share has gone down. Until last month, it was at 80%, but this month it has dropped to 75%.”

It was then that Daewon realized what he was worried about.

“The number of users and sales increased due to an increase in Internet users, but the competitor increased more?”

“Where did you grow the most?”

“You Market is an online shopping mall that was established at the end of last year, and the rate of increase in market share is unusual. Until last month, it was 10%, but this month alone, it increased by 5%.”

“Just as our market share has fallen, that side has risen.”

“It sounds like we’re pushing something. What is the strength of the shopping mall called You Market?”

“There was nothing else that could be called a strength. The structure of the shopping mall almost copied our structure, and that gives us a lot more recognition.”

“But why did our share drop?”

“I think it’s because they are recklessly spraying discount coupons there.”

“A discount coupon?”

“yes. 10-20% is normal, and even 30% discount coupons are pretty much distributed.”

“30%? The fee will be less than 20%, so the more you sow, the more you will see a loss. You mean you sprayed it like that?”

“It looks like they’re trying to push with money because they can’t do it with their skills, but it seems like they got the right investment.”

“I found out that they recently received an investment of 50 billion won, but I don’t know who invested it.”

“It smells a bit. There must be someone who doesn’t like me very much. haha.”

“Are you laughing like that now? My stomach is burning.”

“Then are you crying? You knew something like this would happen one day.”

“Even so. Watching the market share go down, I can’t even sleep properly.”

“Do not worry. brother. Do you have a method that you have all come up with… Huh?”

At that time, what happened at the welcome dinner for Onetel Craig’s representative flashed through my mind.

“Hmm. no way.”

“why? Do you even have a straw?”

“I wish there wasn’t a place to pick it up… but there is.”

“The Hwansung Group.”

Daewon’s voice grew louder as if he was surprised.

“What? crow? Why is Hwanseong jumping into such a small market?”

Without a word, I pointed my finger at my chest.

Daewon hyung looked at me with his eyes, ‘Isn’t that right?’

“..is there anything you hate about cheering?”

“yes. But that was not the intention.”

After covering his head with both hands, the older brother did not speak for a while.

Then my brother suddenly got up and shouted.

“hey! No matter how unintentional it is, how do you cheer and pretend?”

“Child. ear brother. Calm down.”

“Am I really what I look like now? What the hell happened?”

“Last time Onetel CEO…”

I explained what happened at Craig’s dinner party.

Hearing everything, Daewon hyung sighed.

“Whoa. Could you hold on a little longer? Even though he’s the youngest, he’s the direct son of Hwansung Group, so what if he bumps into him like that?”

“I can’t stand it when I act rudely. Besides, I didn’t even know that person was Woojin Yang from Hwansung Group.”

I omitted the statement that my actions would not have changed even if I had known in advance.

“…what has already happened can’t be helped. What are you going to do now?”

“Do not worry. Because you have already thought of everything. Yang Woo-jin, if it’s true that he’s been fighting me, I’ll be deeply regretting my actions. Let me call you Siwoong.”

“Why Siwoong?”

“I have something I want to entrust to you.”

“okay? okay.”

After a while, Park Si-woong entered the conference room.

“Master Park.”

Daewon hyung did a few things, and Park Si-woong showed good work skills as expected.

He was promoted to assistant manager last month to take on a more important job.

“yes. You called me.”

“The auction event that Assistant Manager Park proposed last time. I think it would be good to start that now.”

Park Si-woong completed the auction event proposal report he was writing before his business trip and submitted it to me.

There are many aspects that are very similar to the events I think, so I decided to entrust this task to him.

Deputy Park’s face brightened at my words.

“yes. Instead, set the upper limit of the auction price at random so that customers do not know.”

“Are you saying that you can set the auction price of a prize worth 1 million won to even 100 won?”

“yes. Right. However, please let the person who reached the upper limit first receive the winning bid.”

Deputy Park made an expression of understanding.

“ah. So, rather than an auction, are we going to go through some sort of lucky draw that sets the upper limit?”

“Actually, it’s a mixture of both. Auction prices will start at $10. And customers who participate in this event can only increase the price by 10 won. For example, if person A raises up to 50 won, the next person can only raise up to 60 won.”

“If we limit each person to only uploading 10 won, the time they spend in our shopping mall will be too short. At first, no one seems to want to start because there is only one chance.”

“One person can raise 10 won at a time, but the number of times will be multiple. And the number of times will be determined by our shopping mall purchases.”

Admiration flowed from Park’s mouth.

“Wow! That’s a good idea. There will be people who buy to increase the number of times. Since we have many opportunities, we have no choice but to gather and visit the shopping mall site from time to time.”

This was an event that had already proven its effectiveness in the future.

I can’t help but feel good.

“Right. So what is the most important thing when preparing for this event?”

Deputy Park, who had been pondering for a moment, answered.

“I’ll have to choose a prize that people will be thrilled with.”

“As the person who proposed this event, I understand the core very well. Please do your best as it will be a great opportunity to show Deputy Director Park’s insight.”

Deputy Park nodded with a remembered face.

“I will definitely show good results.”

After Deputy Park left, Daewon hyung asked.

“It sounds like a good event, but will that be enough?”

“The effect would be pretty good, but that alone is not enough. Plan B will be prepared at the same time.”

His brother’s face brightened.

“There was also a plan B. It is also our director!”

“Is there only plan B? There is C and there is D. But starting from C, it is a job that costs quite a bit of money. If possible, I want to finish at B.”

“Then what is plan B?”

“We will use the Open API.”

Open API (Application Programming Interface).

API is a standard that describes how a request should be made to share data within a specific site.

In other words, once you know the API of a specific site, you can bring information within that site to your own site at will.

Open API meant opening the API so that everyone could freely take the data.

The API was intended to be disclosed so that anyone could gather and use the shopping mall’s product information and purchase system.

It was a technique used by almost all online shopping malls in the future to increase sales.

It was clear that it would work.

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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