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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 71

Episode 71. Transaction with Seonho Jin.(2)

On the day of signing the contract to sell the LCD division.

Gowon Electronics Headquarters.

Dozens of people sat at a table where they could sit, with Ko Won and me facing each other.

There were four men sitting opposite Jin Seon-ho, the vice chairman.

There was only me and President Lee Byung-hoon on this side, so I felt something was missing.

I thought to myself as I looked at the empty seats next to me.

‘From now on, I have to fill this much with my own people. I wish there were a lot of good people in the LCD business.’

At that moment, Vice Chairman Jin opened his mouth.

“Before the contract, let me introduce myself. The person sitting to my left is CEO Joo Young-baek. He’s the one who’s leading Kwon electrons now.”

With that said, I greeted him first.

“hello. main boss. My name is Jae-Woon Kang.”

“nice to see you. Can I call you Director Kang from now on?”

“Please do that.”

“Mr. Kang. Thank you for entrusting us with the foundry of the drill CPU.”

“yes. You know, it was a big adventure for me. Please observe the delivery and quality without any setback.”

“of course. Although Kowon Electronics is still a new company in the foundry field, we have accumulated a lot of experience and performance in the memory semiconductor field for a long time. We have prepared a lot, and system semiconductors are only a little more complex than memory semiconductors, so we will be able to show you satisfactory results.”

To that, Vice Chairman Jin added a word.

“It wasn’t something that was given to me for free, but it wasn’t condescending.”

“haha. Even so, it is true that it is an adventure. If Kowon Electronics does not properly extract the amount of the CPU, I will suffer a great loss.”

“It will never happen, so don’t worry. Even if there is a limit to forcing all memory semiconductor line engineers to the foundry line, we will unconditionally extract the amount of strong directors.”

“If you are so determined, I will believe you. So, I wish you all the best in the future. Vice-President.”

“okay. And on my right is Vice President Yoo Kang-woo, who is currently the head of the LCD business division.”

oh It seemed that that person had an anxious face from a while ago.

If the LCD division is sold to me, I am worried that I will be fired.

I hadn’t thought of that yet.

“hello. This is Yoo Kang-woo.”

I smiled and held out my hand.

“I wish you all the best in the future. Mr. Yu.”

I deliberately removed the ‘bu’ and said.

Yoo Kang-woo’s face brightened as if he recognized my intentions.

“I will do my best. Director.”

Vice Chairman Jin continued the introduction.

“The far left is the head of the Strategic Planning Division, President Jang In-soo. He is the one who actively pushed this deal.”

If you were the head of the Strategic Planning Division, he would be the right-hand man of Vice Chairman Jin.

Jang In-soo smiled and greeted him.

“hello. This is Jang In-soo.”

“Nice to meet you. Commander-in-Chief.”

“Actually, you look handsome. It will be popular with women.”

“The popularity of the vice president’s son is more. I’m just playing the role of an extra who envy me from the sidelines.”

“haha. You are humble.”

“But, Chief. Since you are in favor of this deal, may I ask you something?”

“Why did you agree? Is it worth growing the foundry business while selling off the LCD business? Kowon Electronics already has a field that it is good at: memory semiconductors.”

To be honest, I saw a 50% chance that Vice Chairman Jin would respond to my proposal.

It is only in the future that everyone realizes that the foundry business can be a great source of revenue thanks to various semiconductors used in smartphones.

Few people know about it now.

I wondered why Jang In-soo agreed.

“Memory semiconductors are definitely good food, but earnings are unstable because they are sensitive to the economy and there is a strong competitor called Hwansung Electronics. To compensate for this, we decided to develop a foundry business with a different customer base than memory semiconductors. It is difficult to bring in the first quantity, but if we can get enough quantity, we can expect a fixed profit, so it is a good business.”

“You are right, but how are you going to get enough of that? Foundries will also be very competitive.”

“Actually, that was the biggest worry about growing the foundry business. But thanks to Director Kang, I found a clue to the solution.”

“I am? The only thing I did this time was to hand over the drilling amount, right? It will have the effect of attracting other foundry volumes, but it will not be at a level that can properly develop the foundry division.”

Jang In-soo smiled with a strange expression on his face.

“It is. But it would be nice if other foundries came in, but I don’t have any intention of getting it.”

“..Does that mean that the main purpose in itself was to win my quantity?”

“I don’t understand. Even if you receive my quantity, it would be difficult to make a profit because of the discount rate.”

“It is now. But will it continue to be so? In my opinion, in the future, director Kang’s supply will increase tremendously, incomparable to what it is now. And as you can see from the contract, the 10% discount is only for one year. After that, it means you will get the normal price.”

“How are you sure that my stock will increase?”

“We’ve only done one thing in the past week. I can say that I’ve learned everything possible about Damoye. Our conclusion was that Damoyeo was preparing something special. I don’t know what it is, but it must be something or a system that can change the world. I thought that the development of the CPU by Director Kang was just a stepping stone to making it.”


Although the purpose of making the drill CPU was not just for use in the T-Project.

That was the biggest reason.

You guessed my big picture up to this point without knowing what T-Project is.

Vice-Chairman Jin deserves to be his right arm.

In fact, if this deal didn’t happen.

Kowon Electronics, which has no other source of income, would eventually be sold to creditors after a few years and split into separate business units.

Whether the future will change or not remains to be seen.

If Go Won Electronics does not go bankrupt, it will be entirely thanks to Jang In-soo.

Jang In-soo continued.

“When that product or system comes out, the CPU Mr. Kang made will also be sold. Somehow, I came to the conclusion that if I could just hold on to Director Kang, I could lead the business unit well.”

“What if I change the foundry after a year?”

“I know well that once a foundry company is set, it is difficult to change it. Besides, I have the confidence to do my best so that I don’t have the heart to change. We are preparing a number of things for that. I can’t tell you about it right now because I only have plans.”

I said with a happy smile.

“haha. It’s your favorite word. Then I look forward to that plan.”

The craftsman smiled kindly.

“yes. You can look forward to it. haha.”

Is it finally my turn?

I introduced Lee Byung-hoon, the president next to me.

“This is Sungwoon Logic’s CEO, Byung-Hoon Lee, who is in charge of designing and selling my CPU.”

The president bowed his head with a nervous expression.

“hello. My name is Byung-Hoon Lee.”

“I am Vice Chairman Jin Seon-ho.”

“Vice President. It is an honor to meet you.”

“haha. Glory each. Anyway, let’s do well in the future.”

I turned over the contract, finished the review, and signed the acquisition contract.

Soon after, the signature of Vice Chairman Jin was finished.

Vice Chairman Jin held out his hand.

“Please take good care of the LCD division.”

Because we will grow it into the best display company in the world.

#After finishing the acquisition contract, I left the headquarters of Gowon Electronics.

As soon as he stepped out of the building, the boss sighed.

“Whew. I was so nervous that I thought I was going to die.”

“haha. The story had already ended and all I had to do was sign the contract. Why are you so nervous?”

“Are the people sitting there usually yangban? Even the president of Kowon Electronics is someone who is hard to see, but Vice Chairman Jin Seon-ho came directly. Rather, I was surprised that Director Kang was so calm.”

“Being the president of a chaebol doesn’t mean you have one more eye. We’re the same person, so there’s nothing that makes it so difficult.”

“..the president of the chaebol is the same person? There are tens of thousands of people working under Jin. I don’t think the presidents of chaebols who stand at the top of so many people and wield money and laws to their liking are not people like us.”

“Money and law are not omnipotent. There are many things that even a chaebol cannot do. Normal people just don’t know that.”

“..Isa Kang speaks as if he was a member of a chaebol family? Isn’t it really the hidden son of the president of a chaebol that appears in dramas or something?”

What I said was true.

Vice Chairman Jin Seon-ho, who made President Lee Byung-hoon nervous just by seeing him face to face.

In the end, after a few years, it almost loses its base, and even the prosecution is investigated for a slush fund issue.

If you look at that, even the boss will realize that what I said is right.

It seemed too early.

“haha. I wish I did too, but unfortunately not. Anyway, you did a great job today.”

Hwang Jung-gi, head of the money management team, showed the investment return settlement data so far with a beam projector.

“I sold all the shares of Silver Bank, where I invested 2 billion won, at the beginning of this month. The final revenue is 57.8 billion.”

It’s grown quite a bit.

“Did Silver Bank’s stock price drop a bit after we sold it?”

“It fell for a while and then came back up. If it had been sold now, the profit would have been about 60 billion won, but as the director predicted, the operating forces seemed to be using their hands, so it was disposed of in advance. The current Silver Bank is in such a state that it is not strange to me when it falls.”

“haha. Good job. I can’t take the risk to eat 230 billion more.”

“yes. About 1 billion won was invested in high-risk theme stocks, yielding double the return, and the remaining internal reserves of about 32 billion won are being invested in IT, banking stocks, and high-quality manufacturing industries.”

“How much of the company’s internal reserves remain in cash except for investing in stocks now?”

“There remains about 63 billion won in investment income from Silver Bank and theme stocks.”

3 billion became 63 billion.

Even though I told you about the silver bank.

I didn’t tell you the timings for entering and leaving, but to make such a profit.

That’s great.

I said applauding.

“It’s 60 billion. Incredible. manager. thank you for your effort.”

Team leader Hwang slightly bowed his head and answered.

“This is entirely thanks to the insight of the director who discovered the silver bank. All I did was time it to make the most of the profit.”

Guess who did it

In stocks, timing is everything.

“haha. Be humble. Since you have made such a contribution, I have to repay you. 600 million won will be paid to the team leader as a bonus for this investment.”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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