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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 64

Episode 64. Onetel CEO Mr Martin.(1)

As I left the study, Taewoo grabbed my shoulder.

“Wow! It’s unbelievable that your father would say that. Thank you so much for coming this far to help me. Jaune.”

I don’t have much to be thankful for.

To be precise, this was a good win-win situation for me as well.

I got the freedom to burn.

I got a relationship with Vice Chairman Jin Seon-ho.

Later, when Vice Chairman Jin became the chairman, I was planning to put that relationship to good use.

“It’s something you can do with friends. Thanks to me, I also got a business card from the Vice President of Gowon Group.”

“By the way, is the Fair Trade Commission talking about the Fair Trade Commission?”

“Do you really know anyone in the Fair Trade Commission?”

“Yes. I can’t tell you who it is.”

Taewoo made an admirable expression on his face.

“Awesome! After all, it seems that no one is doing business.”

“Of course. haha.”

March 11th.

“It is reported that Craig Martin, CEO of Onetel, the world’s top system semiconductor company with a market capitalization of 300 trillion won, will be staying in Korea for two days from March 15. The specific reason for the visit to Korea is unknown, but the domestic electronics industry will first say welcome and prepare a dinner party for him…

The Korean media quarreled over the news of the US CEO’s visit to Korea.

After 3 days, everyone gathered and the registration arrived at the head office.

When Jae-Woon opened the envelope, there was an invitation card inside.

Inside, it was written in rolling type.

【 We invite Jaewoon Kang to the welcome dinner hosted by Onetel CEO Craig Martin.

Date: March 15th 19:00

Venue: Myungil Hotel 1st floor banquet hall

Up to 1 accompanying person is allowed. ]

‘ah. That’s it.’

Looking at the invitation, I remembered the call that Jaewoon had received three days ago.

“hello. Are you Kang Jae-woon?”

“My name is Seungmin Yoon, the VIP management team leader at Myungil Hotel Main Branch.”

Myungil Hotel.

As an affiliate of the Hwansung Group, it was a luxury hotel in the domestic hotel industry and ranked in the top three.

“yes. But why did you call Myungil Hotel?”

“Have you read the article that Wontel Craig is coming to Korea on March 15th?”

“yes. saw.”

“Myungil Hotel was in charge of the reception. CEO Craig requested that Jaewoon Kang be included in the attendee list. I have contacted you to send you an invitation.”

CEO Craig?

Probably because of the drill.

“Where can I send the invitation? It will be sent by registered mail, so if possible, please tell us where you will be staying for a long time.”

“Then send it to the company. My company address is…”

A member of the crew passing by saw the invitation and shouted in surprise.

“Wow! it. Isn’t that the invitation to the Wontel CEO’s reception that appeared in the newspaper?”

Hearing Daewon’s words, the employees started flocking to their lucky seats one by one.

“uh? Really! Besides, is it written that one accompanying person is allowed?”

It must have been the hotel’s consideration.

It was useless.

Those words changed people’s eyes.

“Director. Can’t you take me?”

“Director! I really want to go too. The heads of chaebols may come, but I want to see the faces of the famous chaebol heads.”

“Take me! Director.”

“Wait a minute, everyone, calm down! Do you want to go there?”


“Hmm. There are so many people who want to go, how do you choose one?”

An employee said when he was thinking about his fortune.

“Director. Let’s do it fairly by lot!”

“Right. I wish that.”

Instant draw kegs were made.

I put the numbered notes inside it.

As soon as people started pulling out the notes one by one, they were all pulled out.

Jaewoon looked at the people and smiled.

“ruler. Then the winning number is my heart. Because it’s 4:14 now. 14 times!”

As soon as Jaewoon finished speaking, a scream-like sound was heard.

When I looked at the source of the sound, I saw Sang-a with her hands raised and rejoicing.

Jae-Woon asked with a puzzled face.

“When did you come again?”

“me? about 5 minutes ago. I came here once because people were gathering, and they were doing interesting things. So I picked it up.”

What do we do? If you go with this guy, people’s eyes will be completely focused.

As Jae-Woon silently scratched his chin, Sang-Ah’s face hardened.

“why? Do you think you will be embarrassed if I go with you?”

No matter how dull his fortune, he was clearly aware that big things would happen if he nodded his head.

“Is that possible? Come with me.”

Ivory’s face was flattened.

“really? thanks Director.”

Thus, the one companion of fortune was decided to be ivory.

on the day of the reception.

In front of the apartment where ivory lives.

Jae-Woon was waiting in the car for the ivory to come down.

The tuxedo I wore for the first time was awkward and I was forcing myself to keep my hands going to my neck.

I saw the figure of ivory coming out of the apartment entrance.

Jaewoon was momentarily surprised.

The thing that was different from her usual thing was that she wore a drop-shaped earring.

It’s just that she was wearing an ivory-colored dress with a slightly pierced neck.

It was because she was as beautiful as the famous celebrities she saw on TV.

It was fortunate for a man to attend a dinner party with such a beautiful woman.

Jaewoon sighed first.

‘Today is going to be an uncomfortable time. He’s still a guy who attracts a lot of aggro, but he’ll do more today than usual.’

As Sang-Ah approached, fortune got out of the car.

“Come on. ivory.”

Sang-a said with a smile.

“yes. Did you wait long? sorry.”

“no. By the way, do you feel pretty good? Do you like seeing chaebol heads so much?”

“More than that, it’s my first time going to a hotel dinner party, so it’s good. I wonder if it’s the kind of atmosphere where upper-class people are laughing and fighting nervously like you see in movies.”

“Is that really true? It’s a movie, so it must be exaggerated.”

“Anyway. It is expected.”

After arriving at Myungil Hotel, Jaewoon left the car key to the staff in front of him.

“Shall I go in?”

Show the invitation to the security guard at the entrance.

Jae-Woon entered the interior with Sang-Ah.

There were about 20 round tables covered with white tablecloths inside.

At each table, two or three waitresses were waiting next to each other.

As if each participant had already been assigned a seat, the staff led them to the backmost table.

There were already about four people sitting there.

Among them, a man in his twenties greeted Jaewoon.

“I think it’s the first time we’ve seen each other, but what group are you from?”

“I didn’t come from a group. I came here personally by invitation.”

“ah. That’s right.”

Jae-Woon and Sang-Ah sat down and the man continued.

“I’m from Dongshin Group. My name is Hyo-myung Lee.”

Dongshin group.

Were there any such groups among Korean conglomerates?

“Yes. My name is Jaewoon Kang. I have a few small businesses.”

“okay. But Dongshin Group, honestly, haven’t you heard of it?”

Hyo-myeong laughed at Jae-woon’s answer.

“I have nothing to be sorry about. In terms of business rankings, it’s only natural that I haven’t heard of it, since it’s barely in the top 100. Normally, I wouldn’t be invited to an event like this, but today only groups with electronic affiliates gather, so we were invited too. Still, my father said he was the president, so he placed me on the 10th table over there, so I saved face.”

“okay. But no matter how big Onetel is, is it necessary for all the company heads to gather like this?”

“Wontel is not just a big company, it’s a very big company. Its market cap is about 10 times larger than that of Hwansung Electronics, the largest electronics company in Korea. Besides, not many people here actually come to see Craig. Hwansung Group Chairman Yang Ki-moon is coming, so there are a lot of people who came to get some snow stamps.”

“It seems that President Yang is really here.”

In fact, rather than Jaewoon came to see Craig.

The purpose of coming to see the faces of the heads of the San’in chaebol, which must one day be overcome, was greater.

“yes. But the person next to you is your lover?”

“no. It’s just friendly.”

Hyo-myung’s face brightened greatly.

“okay? I am envious that such a beautiful woman is your friend. haha.”

He immediately spoke to Sang-a.

“hello. My name is Hyo-myung Lee from Dongshin Group. nice to meet you.”

Sang-a didn’t even say her name properly, as if she wasn’t feeling well.

Hyo-myeong frowned and turned her gaze away.

“ah. It looks like Craig is here.”

Along with CEO Craig, Ki-moon Yang, chairman of Hwansung Group, Byeong-han Cha, chairman of RG Group, and Seon-ho Jin, who is in charge of Kowon Electronics among the two vice-chairmen of Kowon Group, appeared.

Craig came to the stage and thanked him.

Soon after, the supper began.

Jae-Woon sees Craig sitting in the front row.

I realized the difference in social position with him.

‘It means that the difference between you and me now is this much. But it won’t be long before we change places.’

The table was at the back.

The course dishes were excellent.

Sang-a had a happy expression on her face as if her heart had just been released.

Jae-Woon looked at such an ivory and asked.

“Is it that tasty?”

“yes. It’s not as fun as a movie, but the food is really good. Especially this steak. It really melts in your mouth.”

“It’s delicious. I’m glad.”

At that time, a man in his late twenties with fierce eyes sat down next to Ivory.

“Can I sit next to you?”

Sang-a reluctantly nodded her head.

“I think it’s the first time I’ve seen you, but what group are you from?”

“..not from a group. I came with a friend.”

The man looked at his fortune and smiled.

“ah. Is the person next to him your friend?”

“Where did that friend come from? Seeing the faces I can’t remember, I don’t think they’re in the top 30 at least.”

It was a question that was not even polite.

‘Wherever you go, there must be a guy like this.’

Jaewoon sighed inwardly and opened his mouth.

“I didn’t come from a group. I came as an individual. But when did we see each other?”

The man shook his head.

“It can’t be. Because I’m not dating anyone.”

It was offensive to say that you don’t even deserve to meet me.

Jaewoon smiled and continued.

“Is that right? But why are you being so rude without knowing it?”

At Jae-woon’s words, which was completely different from his expression, the atmosphere at the table subsided.

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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