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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 48

Episode 48. New product advertisement.(2)

“..is there anyone you would like to appear with?”

“Because our members love high-cast MP3 players. Everyone said they wanted to shoot an advertisement for an MP3 player because they said that a new product was released this time.”

If all the Minkle members were modeled, it would be a good advertisement.

The cost will go up that much.

That would be an unnecessary expense.

I’m sorry, but I’ll have to decline.

“It would be great if all the Minkle members appeared in the advertisement, but the cost is a bit of a problem.”

“Don’t worry about the cost. It’s similar to appearing on my own, so I can match it as much as possible.”

“…if you do that, I have no reason to refuse. But will the representative of that side really allow it?”

“haha. The representative has already given permission.”

“yes. Maybe it’s because we’re doing well these days, and the CEO is also looking at us.”

If it’s like Minkle, it’s unlikely.

“Then thank you.”

“yes. If an advertisement meeting is scheduled, please contact our company.”

“I know. I will contact you when an appointment is made.”

I hung up the phone with Kim Yeon-hee and contacted CEO Kim Woon-jin.

“Chief Kim. I was hired.”

Don’t you like this guy so much?

“yes. They said the story was over, so please contact the agency.”

“I also believed that you could do it.”

I had no intention of doing it.

“Somehow, the story turned out well. Then, if you have an advertisement meeting scheduled, please contact me.”

On the day of the advertising meeting.

It was decided to entrust this advertisement to Hanul planning, just like the P-32.

The meeting place was also the conference room of the Hanul Planning Headquarters.

When I arrived at the meeting room with President Kim Woon-jin, the high-cast marketing manager.

Hanul Planning AE Jinhwan Lee put on a happy expression.

“hello. Director. See you after a long time.”

“yes. Long time no see.”

At the same time, Minkle’s agency, Woosung Planning, also arrived.

Kim Yeon-hee saw me and greeted me.

“hello. Advertisers!”

“hello. Long time no see…”

Before I could even finish my words, the Minkle members greeted me.

“hello. Advertisers.”

It was just the leader Hyo-mi Jeon.

“See you again!”

This is Minhyun Min in charge of vocals.

“Nice to meet you!”

This person is Hong Jin.

“hello. This is Seong Yoo-yeon!”

everything has come

“Everyone has come.”

Kim Yeon-hee answered.

“yes. At the time, the schedule was empty, and everyone was curious about what the new MP3 player would look like.”

“You will fall in love with it at first sight. haha.”

When President Kim Woon-jin took out a new MP3 player from his bag, the Minkle members burst into laughter.

“Hey! pretty.”

“I want to have it~”

The meeting could begin only after the excitement had subsided.

Jinhwan Lee asked.

“How should I get the advertising concept? Like last year, with a school uniform concept?”

People’s eyes turned to me.

“Well. In the case of the P-32, the youthful concept of uniforms worked quite well, but the same advertisement must be boring. Our new product resembles a submarine, so I think a concept that gives a heavy and intense feeling would be good this time.”

Kim Yeon-hee opened her mouth to my words.

“A song that feels like that, I know.”

Hyo-mi Jeon asked next to her.

“We will rock you.”


British rock band formed in 1971.

‘We will rock you’, released in 1977, is one of Queen’s representative hits.

It was a song that was often used as a cheering song because it was a good song to raise the mood.

“It’s a Queen song.”

“yes. It’s a song that feels exactly like what the advertiser said.”

“..but it is a very masculine song, so can we digest it?”

Hongjin next to him smiled.

“What do you mean by a person who turns into a female warrior when he goes to the dorm?”

female warrior?

it feels good

Jeon Hyo-mi screamed in embarrassment.

“hey! Do you really have to talk like that in a place with so many people?”

“Hyomi and Jini, everyone, stop it. It’s not even singing, so if you choreograph well, I think you can save the feeling.”

Seong Yoo-yeon next to her nodded her head.

“I agree too. Take this opportunity to try something different.”

“Me too! I think it will be fun.”

So, within 10 minutes of the meeting, the concept of the advertisement was decided.

On the day of the advertisement shoot.

The studio was crowded with people outside of the staff.

Clicks were heard from all directions.

The director glanced at this side to see if he was concerned.

I asked President Kim Woon-jin next to me.

“You said you could bring a few more, but aren’t you bringing too many? The marketing team and the sales team seem to be two-thirds there, and even the development team can be seen.”

“..sorry. There are so many employees who want to come. Even though I was going to pick it up, it was like this.”

“ha. I can’t tell you to go if you’ve already come, so please tell me to put those cameras in first so as not to disturb the filming.”

When President Kim delivered my words, only then did the filming begin.

Filming started soon after.

Minkle members who wore thick make-up to give a strong feeling were revealed.

From the audience, cheers erupted from all sides.


“It’s Minkle. It’s a real minkle.”

“I have no time to die now. To see Minkle right in front of you. I did really well to join Highcast.”

Queen’s ‘We will rock you’ came out.

A group dance with thick lines and a powerful feeling began.

It was different from the cute and lively image that Minkle had shown so far.

Like Minkle, I felt a different charm, but there was nothing awkward about it.

♬ Sing it. we will we will rock you…

The black earphones worn in their ears contrasted with their white skin, revealing their presence more conspicuously.

Our new product, located at the end of the earphone, also matched the mood of the song.

‘It feels good. This advertisement should be quite effective.’

After six hours of filming, the director’s ok sign fell.

“Minkle people. Well done everyone!”

“thank you for your effort! Director.”

It must have taken quite a bit of strength to keep doing the choreography during filming.

The faces of the Minkle members were only bright.

I also approached them and greeted them.

“Everyone worked hard. Yeon-hee also suffered.”

Kim Yeon-hee answered with a smile.

“It’s hard work. It was just fun. I was feeling a bit frustrated these days because I was just trying to dance so cutely, but my stress was relieved today.”

Jeon Hyo-mi, who was next to her, nodded her head.

“It’s hard for me too, but it feels cool.”

“Did your sister do the same? I felt that way too. haha.”

Everyone is full of energy.

Well, that’s what I mean by being a celebrity.

I handed them pretty boxes.

“Take one of these.”

Although it was a friendship appearance they did voluntarily.

However, it is not easy to receive with bare mouth, so I prepared a present.

Seeing that, Yeonhee Kim asked.

“What’s this?”

“It’s a little hard to say that it’s a price for appearing, but let’s say it’s a gift from a fan. This is a new MP3. It works differently from the model I used for filming earlier. It’s an unreleased product that hasn’t been released on the market yet, so I’m sure you’ll be the first to use it.”

At my words, the Minkle members cheered.

“Hey! thank you I still wanted it so much.”

“thank you! Director. I will write well.”

“ah. So good!”

Kim Yeon-hee also blushed in response.

“thank you. I will cherish it.”

“..you don’t have to. just write If it breaks down, I will replace it with a new one.”

Minkle members raised their thumbs at my words.

“Advertiser. You look great!”

However, Kim Yeon-hee shook her head.

“I have the sincerity you gave me, but I can’t. I’ll use it well so it doesn’t break.”

“..it would be nice if you did.”

Hong-jin next to him smiled softly and stabbed Kim Yeon-hee in the side.

“I got all the presents from the advertisers. My sister would be fine.”

Kim Yeon-hee waved her hand in embarrassment.

“Seo… it’s natural to like it when you receive it as a gift. So you don’t like it?”

“I’m good too. I think my sister likes it a little bit.”

“What is he talking about? When did I say that!”

“Ugh. It seems right to me, but why don’t you keep doing that?”

At those words, Kim Yeon-hee hardened her face and looked at Hong-jin.

“..you can talk to me for a minute.”

At Kim Yeon-hee’s words, Hong Jin made a stern expression.

“Now, after thinking about it for a second, I think I was wrong. Even if the male celebrities dashed like that, there is no reason why the unnie who was indifferent.”

“Don’t talk and follow me.”

But Hong-jin’s such efforts were in vain.

In the end, I was led by Kim Yeon-hee and disappeared in front of my eyes.

The remaining 3 members seemed busy signing autographs while surrounded by high-cast employees.

Do I have to get one of these before the Minkle members leave?

A new MP3 player was also released.

Now that the P store has been completed, it is time to enter the American music market.

There was a problem that had to be resolved before that, so I called the CEO, Oh-chan Jung.

“Chief Jung. Have you ever heard of DRM?”

“I think I’ve heard the name. I don’t know the exact concept.”

Digital Rights Management (DRM).

It refers to technologies that allow the copyright holder of digital data to use the data only for the intended purpose.

For example, suppose a consumer has paid a fair price to download an MP3 file.

If there were no restrictions on sharing those files with others, sales would drop significantly.

At this time, one of the easiest ways to prevent such behavior is to encrypt the music file.

This encryption technology can be seen as a kind of DRM.

However, in this era, there is almost no concept of digital copyright, and there are few places that develop DRM technology.

It was not unreasonable that President Jung did not know.

“Digital Rights Management is a technology that encrypts data in a word.”

“ah. That’s what it meant.”

“yes. I want to launch the P store in the US music market, but to do so, I need the consent of the record companies that have the music copyright. But if you can easily share downloaded MP3 files with others, record labels will definitely refuse unless you are an idiot.”

Of course, in the future, there will be various problems because of this DRM.

Apple’s digital music store, A-Tunes, will also sell DRM-free (DRM-free) music again.

It was a change made because the digital music market had already matured to a certain extent.

When A-Tunes entered the digital music market, it sold only DRM-applied music.

“I guess so. So, are you saying that you want to develop that DRM technology?”

“It would be nice if I could. No free time these days? In addition to developing the OS, I think I will be busy making only various programs for the tablet PC.”

“To be honest, yes.”

“Then there is no need to develop it yourself. Please ask another company. It’s not that difficult of a skill, so there’s probably a place where you can do it. Large companies like Hwansung ADS are fine.”

“All right. Let’s take a look. Can we just have encryption?”

“There are more conditions. Once DRM is applied, it should only work on high-cast MP3 players. To play on a regular PC, our P store must be installed and can only be played while logged in.”

We can’t make other MP3 player manufacturers benefit from the digital music market we’ve created.

It was a necessary feature.

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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