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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 46

Episode 46. Apple Inc. (2)

“Isn’t our Flowerpc CPU’s power consumption higher than this?”

“How can a CISC CPU consume less power than our RISC CPU?”

The representative disadvantage of the CISC structure was that it consumed high power.

Therefore, RISC method with low power consumption was often used instead of CISC for PCs such as servers that operate 24 hours a day.

“It’s not the CISC way. If it was CISC, I wouldn’t even have brought it. Our AAC-OS is optimized for RISC, so no matter how good the CISC CPU is, it cannot be changed right away.”

“..Then is this a RISC CPU? But the clock number is 700Mhz?”

Steve grabbed the corner of the catalog strongly.

“Um, I can’t believe it when I see it again. A RISC-type CPU comes out with 700Mhz.”

“What’s even more surprising is that it doesn’t end there.”

Steve put on a look of disengagement.

“I don’t even have the energy to be surprised now, do you still have something left?”

“This product is a CPU/GPU integrated chip.”

Steve, who said he had no energy to be surprised, asked in a loud voice without realizing it.

“what? GPUs are also integrated?”

“yes. Even the GPU performance is top-notch. However, the power consumption is about 1W. It was a product that I couldn’t help but show off.”

“..Did you see the real thing?”

“Not yet. I asked to send a sample, but it seems like it will take a while to arrive because it is far away.”

Steve, who was rubbing his temples as if worried about something, looked around with determined eyes.

“Alex. I’m in charge of product development, so let’s go to Korea with me. I don’t know what’s going to happen while waiting for the samples to arrive. I can’t just wait patiently.”

Alex grinned.

“I knew you would, so I booked a flight to Korea.”

A smile appeared on Steve’s face for the first time since the meeting began.

“good! That’s why I like Alex.”

“Is it Kang? This is Lee Byung-hun.”

“yes. president.”

“Three days ago, we sent drill catalogs to American PC companies, and one of them said that the president is coming.”

“Are you the boss? Which account is it?”

“Buy an Apple. Although the market share in the PC industry is not that good, it is a company that has a lot of innovative products and is well known.”

It’s a reputable company.

This is how Apple treats Apple, which will become the first company in US history to hit a market cap of $1 trillion in the future.

Also, no one knows what’s ahead.

Except for me.

By the way, the current Apple CEO would be Steve Mars.

He was a revolutionary who changed the world by revolutionizing the smartphone.

The person who caused the collapse of many companies, including Nakia, the world’s number one mobile phone company.

Is that person really coming to Korea?

Because of the CPU I made?

“When did you say you would come?”

“two days later. So he said he would come on Saturday. Will Director Kang also come?”

Of course.

Someone who might become a rival to compete for smart devices in the future.

I couldn’t miss the opportunity to see it in person.

“yes. Because it’s someone I’ve always wanted to meet.”

“Ah, Director Kang knew about Apple Inc.”

“sure. As you said, it’s a company famous for innovative products.”

“okay. then. See you at our company then.”

When I hung up the phone with the president, a pleasant palpitation began.

That Steve Mars came directly to Korea to see my products.

Should I call it an honor?

Anyway, it felt good.

A business trip team of three, including Alex, the head of product development, and one of the staff members, and Steve himself arrived in Korea.

In the backseat of the sedan driven by the attendant, Steve was deep in thought.

‘I heard that the country started from the ashes of a battlefield 40 years ago. It seems to have developed quite a bit for that, but I don’t think there is an environment where such a great product can be born. It may have been sent with inflated performance, but just in case you don’t know. If such a product exists, it must not be missed.’

Eventually, Steve arrived in front of Nebula Logic.

Seeing the building that was only two stories high, Steve’s doubts deepened.

‘Looking at it, it seems like a small fabless with ten people. There is a high possibility that it was sent with inflated performance. I took a good step.’

Still, now that I’ve come this far, I pushed the door toward the entrance thinking that I should take a look at the product.

As Steve and his party entered, Lee Byung-hoon and Jae-woon, who recognized Steve’s face, came forward.

“nice to see you. Mr. Mars. This is Sungwoon Logic’s CEO Lee Byung-hoon.”

“Nice to meet you too.”

Byung-Hoon Lee introduced Jae-Woon, who was next to him.

“This friend is the developer of the drill.”

Jaewoon also greeted him.

“nice to see you. This is Jaewoon Kang.”

Steve asked with a surprised face.

“You developed such a thing? Excuse me, but how old are you?”

“I turned twenty this year.”

“Oh My God. So, are you a college student now?”

“Um, I can’t believe it. A university student made such a product.”

Steve felt that the more he talked, the less his anticipation faded.

The company is also small.

Even the person who appeared as a developer was just a freshman college student, so it was good enough.

When Steve showed a sign of suspicion, his fortune went straight to the point.

“Then I will show you the product.”

Jae-Woon took Steve and his party to the performance measurement facility.

Performance evaluation, including benchmark tests, was demonstrated.

As stated in the catalog, the clock number is 700Mhz.

Although the power consumption was at the level of 1W.

Steve, who had already had doubts about the product, could not believe the results.

Steve glanced at Alex, who was standing next to him.

After taking out the portable performance evaluation equipment from the bag Alex was carrying.

asked Jaune.

“I may be rude, but may I try the test myself? It’s hard to believe that your product is so amazing.”

It was already expected that Apple would come out like this.

I actually hoped it would.

That way you can give me a solid belief.

Jaewoon pulled out the test board equipped with the drill from the facility.

“Test it as much as you like.”

Alex plugged the test board into the equipment he brought.

Soon, Steve’s eyes filled with surprise.

“Unbelievable. 700Mhz is really coming out.”

Alex pointed to the device’s display next to him.

“The power consumption is less than 1W and the benchmark test results are excellent. It works almost 3 times faster than our Flowerpc CPU we used as a standard.”

Steve looked at the equipment display with a blank expression, then turned to the lucky side.

“Did you say Mr. Kang? What is your position?”

“Oh, I don’t work for this company.”

“Are you not from this company? ah! The design drawings made by Mr. Kang are sent here.. Nrogosik, um. Pronunciation is a bit difficult. Are you saying that it was taken over and made into a product?”

“It’s not that I passed the drawing to be exact. I signed a contract with Sungwoon Logic to produce and sell my drawings.”

“I understand what you mean. Do you mean that Mr. Kang still owns the drawings? Song..Ngojik decided to produce and sell instead of Mr. Kang, and share a portion of the profits?”

“yes. you’re right.”

Like a smart person, Steve quickly understood Jae-Woon’s words.

He smiled as if it was fine.

“okay. From now on, I want to talk more with you alone, is that okay?”

Jae-Woon looked at Lee Byung-Hoon and he nodded.

“yes. That’s right.”

They moved to the conference room and continued the conversation.

Steve asked Jaewoon.

“I heard it was designed in the RISC way, is that true?”

“her. But how does the drill get such a high clock? One of the disadvantages of the RISC method is that it is not easy to increase the clock number.”

“We have increased the number of pipelines. There are eight pipelines the drill is using right now.”

“Eight pipelines? Then it might be able to come out with that number of clocks. But how? Increasing the pipeline arbitrarily does not increase the speed. The reason we, Flowerpc, are also stuck on 4 pipelines right now is that we haven’t found a way to increase them further.”

Jaewoon smiled and shook his head.

“More than that, it’s a trade secret, so it’s a bit difficult. Anyway, all I can say is that we increased the pipeline and increased the speed.”

Steve was curious to know how to do it, but his stomach was burning.

I couldn’t ask any more when they cut it off saying that Jae-Woon is a trade secret.

“..Then let me ask you something else. As the pipeline grows, it becomes difficult to manage efficiently. How did you solve that?”

“We have introduced a system where we can predict when a Noh pipeline is going to happen. Thanks to the predictive system, we can get back to work as soon as the idle pipeline is created, so no worries.”

Steve sighed.

“ha. Mr. Kang has a talent for making people curious. If I ask you how you made such a prediction system again, you wouldn’t give an answer, would you?”

“sorry. Mr Mars.”

“..It’s not that I don’t understand your position. But are you really twenty?”

“..If you are not working for a specific company, would you like to work for our company? We make sure that the salary is at least $1 million or more.”

In fact, the biggest reason for making this proposal was that Steve created an opportunity to talk with Jaewoon alone.

One million dollars was equivalent to 12 billion Korean Won.

It was a level that only the president of an affiliate of a large corporation could receive.

But Jaewoon smiled and waved his hand.

“That would be difficult. I have a separate company that I run.”

Steve put on a sad expression.

“ah. okay. For some reason, it was a bit strange that a talented person like Mr. Kang didn’t belong yet.”

Steve thought for a moment before opening his mouth.

“Then can’t you hand over the design drawings to us? If you hand it over to us, we guarantee 100 million dollars.”

100 million dollars.

At today’s exchange rate, that’s about 125 billion won.

It was big money.

However, it was not at the level of being filled with fortune.

And above all, unlike Sungwoon Logic, Apple was a company that had the technology to create smartphones and tablet PCs.

It was okay to sell manufactured CPU products.

Because Apple cannot develop that CPU further.

However, if you hand over the drill’s drawing itself, all the technologies in this drawing will be passed on to Apple.

Based on those technologies, the CPU could be developed.

I didn’t know if Apple would release a product with better performance than the smartphone or tablet PC that Jaune would make later.

That was the situation he didn’t want the most.

“haha. Thank you for taking a good look at my CPU. But even if you give me ten times that amount, I can’t get over this.”

As soon as he heard those words, Steve had an intuition that this genius was up to something.

‘Ten times that is a billion dollars? No matter how good this product is, as long as it is a RISC method, no matter how well it sells, it will not make a profit of up to $1 billion. What did you not know well when you were young? no. I don’t think anyone knows that much. There must be something I don’t know.’

Let Steve keep looking at him with his eyes squinted.

Jaewoon felt a tingling sensation inside.

‘I feel like I’ve noticed something with my words. After all, is this the person who makes Apple a trillion-dollar company?’

Steve opened his mouth.

“..If that’s what Mr. Kang thinks, then there’s nothing we can do about it. I’m sorry, but I have to go buy some stuff today. Can I speak to Mr. Lee to order this product?”

Steve left the conference room and said to Lee Byung-hoon.

“For the first time, please send only 1,000 pieces. I will do a reliability test and if the results are good, I will order another 100,000.”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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