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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 44

Episode 44. Picking up jewels.

“It’s the first time I hear it.”

“Also. So, do you know what a touch screen is?”

“A tablet PC is a type of portable PC that takes the keyboard out of the laptop and replaces the keyboard with a touchscreen on the display.”

“ah. So, can you think of it as something similar to a PDA?”

Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).

In a way, it was a portable PC that could be said to be the beginning of the smartphone.

It was a product that was small enough to hold with one hand and even had a touch screen.

Due to forcing it to be small, the performance was very poor, and at most it was being used as an electronic notebook or e-book reader.

In the future, call functions and wireless Internet communication will be added, and the functions will become more and more diversified.

With the advent of smartphones, they disappear into history.

But performance aside, the system itself was very similar to a tablet PC.

“It’s not performance, but the concept is similar.”

As soon as you hear me, you immediately think of PDA.

good comprehension too.

He seemed to know everything about electronics.

“But what does that tablet PC have to do with a digital camera? It’s a completely different product line.”

“I’m going to put a digital camera in my tablet PC.”

Go Hong-min’s eyes widened at my words.

Go Hong-min, who had been silent for a while, clenched his fists as if he had realized it.

“Yes! By combining a digital camera with a tablet PC, there is no need to separately transfer image files to the PC. Since the hard disk can be used as a storage device, there is no limit to the capacity, so you can decorate your photos right away by installing an application. It looks really good.”

As soon as Hong-min Koh heard me, he realized how to use photos on future smartphones.

That’s how insightful it was.

It also meant that he was a good talent that should not be missed.

“Right. But even though it’s the size of a laptop, I don’t plan on making it that thick. So I can’t use a digital camera as big as it is now. We have to make it as small as possible, but I want to entrust the work to Manager Ko.”

As soon as I finished my words, Hong-Min Ko started muttering to herself.

“You have to make it as small as possible. So, first of all, we need to reduce the lens and make the CCD smaller. If the glass is too small, it will be difficult to process. What should I do?”

Already, Hong-min Ko’s head seemed to be full of thoughts on how to put a camera into a tablet PC.

‘I’m glad you at least seem interested.’

“Chief Go. If you need anything, you can tell me or directly to our representative, Daewon Jang. We will do our best to support you.”

“All right. So can I start right away?”

“..of course.”

“yes. Then I will go.”

Go Hong-min hurried out of the meeting room with a note jotting down what he had heard so far.

Hong-min Ko ordered the necessary equipment within a day of coming.

By the time a week had passed, he was already respected by his teammates for his skills.

One day, while having tea with a manager in charge of the main board, who is playing the role of the project’s deputy team leader, he sneakily asked about Ko Hong-min.

“How are you, Manager Ko? Were we supposed to work together?”

A manager stuck out his tongue and praised Ko Hong-min.

“Director. Where did you find someone like Mr. Ko? Well, the director brought it himself, so I assumed he would have the skills, but there was nothing he didn’t know about optics and electronic circuits.”

After all, it is the person who was designated by the gift.

“Right. I was lucky. I’m just playing at home.”

A manager looked surprised.

“Nonsense. Does someone with such skills play at home?”


This was entirely possible because Hwansung was a large company.

There are so many talented people, so even if one talented person like Ko Hong-min is missing, there is no problem in running the company.

So you can throw it out without mercy.

“..you were really lucky.”

Because I got a phone card with a gift.

I recently moved house.

I made a promise to myself with grace, so as soon as I entered college, I started walking on my own.

I was sweating quite a bit because of my sad aunt.

Originally, I was living in an officetel near my company.

Due to the IMF crisis, there were a lot of properties for sale, so I bought an apartment worth 500 million won while also investing in real estate.

For the price of 30 pyeong, it was quite a luxury apartment.

It was convenient to live.

An unexpected lump occurred, so the reward of buying a nice house was lost.

I came home from work and opened the front door.

Jin Tae-woo, who was lying on the sofa, waved his hand.

“I’m here? Can I go to sleep again today?”

The sofa he was lying on was an expensive product that his uncle forcibly bought and put in, costing about 10 million won.

They say it was imported directly from Europe.

I still have memories of my comrades sitting on the sofa at the housewarming coming down quietly when they heard the price of this sofa.

Among them, Taewoo was the only one who continued to sit with a calm face.

‘I have to sit down cautiously in case I get wrinkled, but that guy has no hesitation.’

I smiled bitterly.

“Um… I gave you the password to find it easily, but that didn’t mean you had to live in my house.”

Taewoo replied with a calm face.

“The house is spacious, but I came here because I was afraid it would be lonely if I lived alone. Besides, you can’t eat all the side dishes that your aunt makes by yourself. If I don’t eat it, I can throw it all away.”

“I’m not lonely at all.”

Taewoo held a black whiskey bottle in his hand and waved it.

“Why don’t we have a drink or something? Snacks are served as a side dish for my aunt. Because I brought you a bottle of good wine.”

“alcohol? for what reason? Aren’t you studying today?”

It wasn’t that Taewoo couldn’t drink.

Except for occasional dinners with classmates, I rarely see them drinking.

Even after coming to my house, I usually only study, I never asked for a drink.

Something strange happened today.

“I just want to have a drink all of a sudden. I’m a human too, but there are times when I want to do something other than study.”

“..is that so? okay. let’s eat.”

We left a bowl of kimchi given to us by our aunt and started pouring whiskey together.

It seems that what Taewoo brought was a really good drink.

The feeling of going down my throat was nothing compared to the cheap liquor I drank in my previous life.

“Wow. This is really delicious.”

“Is it? He stole a bottle because he loved it.”

“What? Hey, is that okay?”

“Kuk. are you okay. What would you do if your son ate it?”

I didn’t tell you to take it back.

Because it was so delicious.

“..I am not responsible for anything. I just ate what you gave me.”

“Don’t worry, drink. I’m not going to make you vomit again.”

After that, for a while without saying a word, I just tilted my glass and asked Tae-woo.

“But, is there really nothing wrong with it?”

A shadow passed by on one side of Taewoo’s face at my question.

The guy shook his head.

“Nothing happened. I really wanted to drink, so I asked for a drink.”

I don’t want to say it, but I can’t help it.

“Then I’m happy. ruler. Cheers.”

Taewoo smiled and took a drink.


“cadet. head.”

When I opened my eyes from a hangover that seemed to stab my head, I found Taewoo tossing and turning under my feet.

“hey. wake up.”

“Ummm… is it morning already?”

“It’s 9 o’clock. I will be late for class let’s hurry.”

The two of us just washed our face and hurriedly left the house.

Fortunately, I wasn’t late for class.

The seat next to us was empty because of the strong smell of alcohol.

Seeing that, Taewoo smiled.

“It’s not bad to come for a drink the night before. Sit comfortably.”

“Okay. You don’t bring alcohol to my house anymore. Because of you, I didn’t study anything I should have done yesterday.”

“Kuk. okay. Is it okay if I go to sleep peacefully though?”

“Do it your way.”

But after that day, Tae-woo didn’t sleep at my house anymore.

end of October.

I received a call from Kim Soo-chan, the team leader of the Hwansung Imaging Project.

“hello. This is Kim Soo-chan.”

“yes. manager. long time no see.”

“Are you busy these days?”

“What. Busy, always busy. You can still make time if you need it. What are you doing?”

“It’s no different, because there’s only about a month left to film the Shiri movie. It is a difficult time for the actors and staff, so I think it will be of great help if you come and give encouragement.”

These are the people who will inflate my investment, but they can do that.

“okay? Okay. Where can I go?”

“You can come to Yeouido.”

bang! Tata party.

When we arrived at the filming location, the sound of gunfire echoed through the street as a shooting scene was being filmed.

‘By the way, I heard that there were people who mistakenly thought it was a real gunshot and reported it.’

It was only after I filmed the same scene five or six times that I saw it, director Woo In-gyu’s ok sign fell.

“Ha ha..”

Perhaps it was because we filmed several action scenes, most of the actors were sitting and resting.

I walked up to Director Wu and talked to him.

“Oh, Director. You’re working hard.”

Director Woo had a shaggy face as he couldn’t even afford to shave his beard.

He looked at me and gave me a happy expression.

“ah! Mr. Kang. Are you here?”

“yes. I heard that everyone is struggling, so I brought some presents.”

“A gift?”

“Can you see the food stalls gathering behind the filming set?”

“It’s a chilly day, too, but I prepared myself to take a break to warm up my body and fill my stomach a little. You’ve already paid for it, so you shouldn’t leave a single oden. Eat as much as you like!”

“If it’s such a gift. Thank you very much. haha”

When Director Woo delivered my words to the staff and actors, the mood that had been dampened quickly heated up.

“Wow! Director. Love it!”

“I will enjoy this food. Director!”

Originally, I was going to prepare a rice truck.

As it turned out, there was no company that serviced rice trucks in this era.

Unfortunately, I called nearby food stalls to this place.

I’m glad the response wasn’t bad.

While everyone was running to the food stall I had prepared, I noticed a person sitting in the corner muttering something eagerly.

It wasn’t the first time I saw a face.

“what. That person. Isn’t that Hwang Kyung-min?”

He made a strong impression with his short special appearance in ‘Sweet Life’.

A famous actor with a rare record of being an actor who has attracted 30 million viewers a year is that shabby man now?

Unable to contain my curiosity, I approached him.

As I spoke, the man looked at me in amazement.

Hearing even his voice, Hwang Kyung-min was certain.

‘That’s right. Kyungmin Hwang. Did that person also appear in Shiri? But why can’t I remember?’

“I called the food stall, don’t you eat it?”

“ah. I don’t have much time to shoot right now. You have to keep practicing your lines.”

“You seem to have a lot of dialogue.”

Hwang Kyung-min answered with a puzzled face.

“It is not. It’s just two sentences. But I’m trying to practice a lot because I can’t make mistakes in the presence of seniors.”

two sentences

It wasn’t an important role.

“What is your role?”

“It’s not a great role. This is the role of a special investigation team interrogating senior Han Seok-jae.”

Aha! Han Seok-jae’s interrogation scene at the end of the movie.

I never dreamed that the interrogator was Hwang Kyung-min.

Anyway, shall we make a relationship with Kim whom we met?

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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