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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 42

Episode 42. T-Project.(2)

President Yu Gong-jin tilted his head.

“Easy OS? It’s the first OS I’ve ever heard of.”

“This is the OS we are developing. First of all, you can think of the production language as C++. We will hand over the development kit as soon as it is ready.”

“..Making ‘Hungle below’ for the new OS is possible if it takes time, but what is the purpose of making it? I don’t think you’re trying to sell it .”

“It’s true that it’s made to sell. We plan to release the following Hungle at the same time as the release of ‘easy OS’ around the end of next year, so if you sign an investment contract with us, you must prepare the Hungle below by the end of next year.

President Yoo was unable to open his mouth for a while as if he was speechless.

“..Operating systems, including Linux, exist, and you can create new ones. Most of the world market is dominated by Microsoft’s Windows. What does this mean? To make a program that sells, it has to be a Windows-based program.”

“I know it well. So I want to change the OS market a bit.”

There is no permanent strong force in any world.

Although Microsoft now has an absolute share of the PC OS world.

In the future smartphone OS, it will be pushed to the point where it almost has no presence.

I sell tablet PCs with EasyOS and cut down on Windows market share.

At the same time, the market share of Microsoft Office was planned to be eaten up by Hungle for EasyOS.

“And while changing the OS market, I plan to change the word processor market as well. So, I would like you to make the English version of the Hungle below for easyOS.”

“Does that mean you want to sell the Hungle below to the US side?”

President Yoo stared at me in the face and smiled.

“…you are young. I was just like the director 10 years ago.”

“You are not old enough to say that, either.”

“is that so?”

“Thank you. I’ll have to talk to the other shareholders before I can tell you the truth, but your proposal will probably pass without any problems. It’s a much better deal than signing a contract with MS like this.”

“yes. We will contact you again after consultation with the shareholders.”

two days later

President Yoo received a call saying that the shareholders’ approval had been rejected.

I went back to Hungle and Computer Headquarters with my lawyer.

After confirming each other’s investment contract, they signed the contract.

After the contract was over, President Yoo looked at the office with a regretful expression.

“It feels a little strange to think that this office is the last.”

In the original future, President Yu Gong-jin will step down after the national fundraising campaign ends and receive investment from a venture investment company.

I didn’t mean to bring him down.

“Well. Why do you think it will be the last?”

President Yoo looked at me with surprised eyes.

“..are you saying that you want me to stay?”

At that time, Hungle and Computer’s shares were almost shattered, so the 30% I received was enough to become the largest shareholder.

“Why would I bring down Mr. Yu? Half of the reason I invested is because of Mr. Yoo.”

“..thank you, though. I am a failed leader.”

My thoughts were different from him.

As a result, Hungle and the computer were operating at a loss.

It was because of our environment, not his ability.

Even if you look at the fact that almost all countries in the world, only Korea was not behind Microsoft’s word processor.

It was easy to see that his abilities were not normal.

“I have a different opinion. It’s just that President Yoo hasn’t met the time yet. And now think that the time has come.”

“Do you really think I still have a chance?”

“of course. So, please play a part in the fight against MS in the future. You’ve been upset a lot, haven’t you? Now is the time to pay it back.”

“..All right. If the major shareholder is willing to do that, I will do my best to help.”

I reached out to Mr. Yu.

“Then, I wish you all the best. Mr. Yu.”

President Yoo also held my hand tightly.

“Thank you for entrusting me with the heavy duty.”

The next day, everyone gathered in the main office meeting room.

Opposite me, Daewon-hyung and CEO Jung Oh-chan were sitting together.

“The reason I asked you two to come is to tell you two things. One is that Damoye became the largest shareholder of Hungle and Computer as of yesterday. The other one is called the Tablet PC Project, hence the T-Project from now on. It’s time to start that project.”

Daewon hyung has a face that he has heard from me in advance and wants to do it.

Hearing this for the first time, President Jung put on a surprised expression.

“..The reason I told the director about Hungle and computers is not because it is a good company to invest in. If you just want to put a word processor in your tablet PC, I said it in the sense that it is better to ask Hungle and Computer, a professional company. Are you investing? Rather, the company is the worst investment destination. The stock price must have bottomed out right now.”

“haha. I did not decide to invest because of President Jung’s words. As CEO Jung knows well, it is a company with basic skills, right? We invested in it because it seemed like a company that would grow big with a little help.”

“What do you mean by helping a little?”

“This is related to our tablet PC project, and we plan to include the following Hungle for easyOS on the tablet PC from the beginning.”

“Include it from the beginning. Then it will be profitable for Hungle and computers, but it will increase our costs by that much.”

“Instead, tablet PCs will sell well. If enough of our tablet PCs are sold, we will upgrade the Hungle below and sell the latest version for a fee. And do you know? If you get used to the hungle below on our tablet, PC users will also be able to find it.”

If the tablet PC sells well, the number of Hungle users below reaches a certain level.

From then on, like Microsoft’s policy, programs with similar functions such as PowerPoint and Excel were collected and sold under the brand Huncom Office.

President Jung said, ‘Will the tablet PC sell well?’ It was a face.

Once he nodded his head.

“..okay. It should be fine.”

“haha. It will be fine.”

Daewon, who had been quiet until then, asked the older brother.

“But originally, the whole product was made by the laptop manufacturer, and we weren’t just selling parts, wasn’t it?”

“yes. Originally, we were going to do that, but after thinking about it, I think it would be better if we just make it ourselves.”

It was cumbersome to convince the laptop manufacturers one by one.

Most of all, I didn’t know if those who didn’t know the future would listen to everything I had to say.

Making it yourself was the best way to get a perfect product.

Daewon said with a worried face.

“Even though we are specialized in assembled computers, wouldn’t it be difficult to start a new business such as a tablet PC? We buy parts now, but where do they sell parts for tablet PCs? You would have to make it yourself, but we don’t have any experts on our side.”

“brother. There are probably quite a few people who have lost their jobs because of the IMF right now. As you know, especially, the computer business this year has been really bad. There are many people who were playing parts among those who specialized in parts at computer makers that you know because they are cheering. Find such people and create a project team.”

“..that’s right. okay. I will find it and collect it.”

“But how are you going to assemble it? We don’t have an assembly line.”

It was kind of a concern.

Because Apple, which dominated future premium smartphones, was a company without an assembly line.

There were plenty of companies that could assemble for us.

“You don’t have to. Once we see the reaction, if we want to sell well, we will outsource production.”

“ah. in that way?”

“yes. The CPU/GPU integrated chip, which is a key component, will be released in November. Until then, please gather the T-Project team. President Jung, please complete the development of the P store and various basic programs by the time easyOS is completed. Everyone knows, right?”

“OK. I will prepare for that schedule.”

“yes. All right.”

October 1st.

I got it last month, but again!

Twice in a row, it’s good.

Why are you spreading it like this?

Wouldn’t that be a sudden cut off?

Regardless of my thoughts, ARS continued.

“Please choose No. 1 for the refrigerator, No. 2 for the washing machine, No. 3 for the digital camera, and No. 4 for the TV.”

The moment I listened to number 3 of those items, I felt the thrill of electricity flowing through my body.

‘okay. While preparing for the tablet PC project, I felt that something was missing, and that was the digital camera.’

I pressed 3 without hesitation.

When I opened the note that appeared in my hand, as expected, the name of the person was written on it.

– Hwansung Airlines Digital Camera Division Hong-Min Koh

One of the reasons why the smartphone of the future was so popular was that it could be used immediately by taking a picture with an attached camera.

None of the mobile phones that have come out now are equipped with a digital camera.

There wasn’t yet the technology to put a camera into that tiny phone.

Since our tablet PC is going to be made in a large size of 10 inches or more, we could put enough camera functions in it.

In particular, unlike digital cameras that are available these days, the fact that photos can be used right away without having to transfer them to a PC will stimulate consumers’ desire to purchase.

It’s a name that was given as a gift, so I’m sure he’s talented.

The question is, how do you get it to go towards me?

I’ll have to figure out who he is first and think about it.

I stopped by the ‘LK Detective’s Office’, which I used to frequent, including Kyung-ah’s work in the past.

Of course, detective activities are illegal in Korea.

Where there is demand, there will always be sellers.

little girl.

When the door to the office was opened, a bell sounded to indicate that a visitor had arrived.

A man in his 30s with an unusually protruding upper front tooth looked at me and gave me a welcome expression.

“Welcome, our excellent customer. What did you come here for today?”

Lee Guk-hyun.

The president and sole employee of the LK Detective Agency.

In the past, he has worked for the Ministry of National Security Planning, abbreviated as the Ministry of National Security.

It was completely unbelievable as I had no way of knowing.

But so far, the work has been pretty neat.

I used it often when there was something I wanted to know.

I handed him a note.

“Tell me a little about this person.”

“It’s Hwansung Airlines. Are you an employee of a large company?”

“sir. How many times have you used our office, so do you know the principle? I don’t take on anything that could be problematic. Are you sure it is not related to illegal activities such as stealing trade secrets?”

When I think of the Heungshinso in the movie, it was an image that would do anything if I gave it money.

In fact, most companies don’t.

However, it was kind of funny that the person who said that was already doing illegal business and caring about it.

Everyone has their own circumstances.

“yes. You don’t have to worry at all. That’s not going to happen.”

“All right. We will contact you as soon as the materials are ready.”

I got a call from Lee Guk-hyun that the investigation was over.

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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