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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 38

Episode 38. Minkle.

This time it was Kang Hyung-jun.

“Director. This is Hyeongjun Kang.”

“You contacted me sooner than I expected.”

“yes. It didn’t take long for the members to decide because most of the members had the same opinion.”

Does that mean that Hyungjun Kang was of the same opinion?

“okay. How did you decide?”

“It will be the third of your suggestions.”

I chose the third.

In fact, the first proposal to hand over the business item for 1 billion.

The second proposal to pass the 40% stake for 2 billion won was only a bait to get the third proposal accepted.

The first was that there was no risk, but the cost was small.

Second, the cost was high, but the risk was proportionately high.

The third proposal to give 1 billion won as a lump sum and even a stake as a reward for success was the most attractive because the price was reasonable and there was no risk.

“All right. Then we make the contract in our office. It is on the 3rd floor of the Daha Building. I will send you a copy of the contract first, so please take a look and contact us if there are any problems.”

The company has grown a lot this year.

Due to the IMF crisis, there were a lot of cheap buildings around, so I bought a 6-story building.

After winning a bid for almost 5 billion won at an auction, Damoyeo moved in first.

Subsequently, the offices of Hicast and Hongin Media were also moved to this building.

Because the cost of the successful bid was covered by the high-cast corporate funds.

The name of the building was called Daha Building, abbreviation of High-Cast Building.

Daewon hyung complained that he built it without thinking too much.

When I moved in, the smile never left my face for a while.

The day after I got a call from Hyungjun Kang.

“brother. Do you like it that much?”

“Then my office building looks good, wouldn’t it?”

“To be precise, it’s a high-cast building, isn’t it?”

“What are you looking for? It’s the same as if Highcast bought Damo-ya as a subsidiary, but they bought it in Damo-ya.”

“Fufu. It is not wrong.”

While we were chatting like that, five ICCLUB members came to the office.

I have already told my brother that we are planning to launch a new service that focuses on network management.

“brother. These are the networking experts I mentioned before.”

“Oh yeah? hello. This is Damoye representative Jang Dae-won. I heard a lot of people saying that they are all talented people.”

“hello. This is Woonggi Lee.”

“hello. This is Hyeongjun Kang.”


They exchanged greetings and gathered in the conference room.

“I sent you a copy of the contract by fax, did you check it?”

Woonggi Lee answered as the representative.

“yes. I went to the lawyer’s office and got it reviewed, and they said there were no strange provisions.”

Of course it would be.

From the moment people feel that their treatment is unfair, their motivation is bound to drop.

I’m not stupid.

Are you kidding me to get a few extra bucks on the contract that recruits talented people who need to make Nyworld a success?

“By the way, I know there are nine members of the club, but only five of them came?”

“Ah, the other four have nothing to do with this item directly.”

I held out the contract in front of them.

“Then will you sign?”

Kang Hyung-jun was the first to sign autographs.

The other four also finished signing one after another.

I shook hands with them one by one.

“Now that I have become a member of the family, I look forward to seeing you in the future.”

“yes. Take good care of me. Director.”

Kang Hyung-jun, who was not very fond of him at first.

Now her face wasn’t bad.

“Fufu. Hyeongjun Kang honestly thought he might not come, but I’m glad he joined.”

At my words, Hyungjun Kang put on a look of embarrassment.

“I’m sorry before. I had a misunderstanding of the director because I remember that my older brother almost lost the program to the company he worked for.”

“Does that mean that the misunderstanding is now cleared up?”

That’s 1 billion for 5 people.

2 billion per person.

This is the beginning stage, so there will be very little done.

That’s how much money you’ve made with just an idea.

There’s no reason to hate me unless you’re a personality breaker.

Even Kang Hyung-jun, who was annoyed with me, joined without any complaints, so the other members didn’t seem to have any major problems.

“All five of you, everyone, welcome to the network management site, tentatively called Naiworld business team. I want to leave the team leader to Lee Woong-gi, but is there anyone against it?”

Woonggi Lee is the one who opened the heyday of Naiworld by introducing the minihompy to Naiworld.

Among these members, he was the oldest and most capable, so he was the right person to entrust the team leader.

As if human relations were not bad as usual, no one raised their hand.

“good. Then, shall we give a round of applause to Team Leader Lee Woong-gi?”

With the sound of applause, Lee Woong-gi nodded his head.

“Thank you for entrusting me with such an important role. Let’s make Nyworld a good social networking site that many people use.”

“Fufu. Please make it so. Team leader Lee asks for as many people as he needs, and he talks to me face to face once a week.”

Even if I leave it to this team leader as it is, good results will come out.

I didn’t just want a ‘decent’ level of output.

Naiworld will grow big enough to exceed 30 million users in the future, but that was only one time.

Because I know very well that it will soon disappear from history by being pushed by other social media (social network services) such as the US Naibook.

It was planned to include the strengths of SNS that will appear in the future in Nai World.


Passing by the office, an employee smiled when he saw that female celebrities were standing side by side with minkle bromide attached to the partition.

If it was any other company, it wouldn’t have been possible.

Because it’s stated in the company rules that if you do your job properly, you won’t care how you decorate your workspace.

Celebrity bromide levels were common.


A girl group that appeared in the late 1990s, when there were few girl groups, and became very popular.

They have many records, including being the first girl group to win the year-end song award in the 2000s.

They were like legends that greatly influenced the girl groups that came later.

Come to think of it, did Minkle debut around this time?

I tried to pass the seat as it was, but I felt something uncomfortable.

“Well. That’s weird. One, two, five? Wasn’t there originally 4 minkles? Besides, why does one of them look so much like Yeonhee?”

I shook my head once and left, but that evening I got a call from Kim Yeon-hee on my cell phone.

“Advertiser. I will contact you after a long time. How have you been?”

This lady did just one ad for me last year and still calls me an advertiser.

“yes. How have you been? How about Yeonhee?”

“haha. I had a good time too. Where are you right now? company? Home?”

“It’s only 8 o’clock now, so it’s still work.”

“okay? Good for you. It’s in front of Daha Building right now, can you come out for a while? I have something to give you.”

“to me?”

“yes. My dad picked the best pears this year and made the juice. The advertiser told me to bring it, so I have it now.”

“..I know. I’m leaving now.”

However, Kim Yeon-hee was nowhere to be seen when she went out to the company.

I’m thinking about whether I should call her or not.

The door of the black van standing in front of him swung open and a white hand popped out.

“Advertiser! here it is Hurry up!”

“You want to get in the car? why?”

“Oh, just take a ride. I’ll get on it and explain it to you.”

At Kim Yeon-hee’s urging, I got into the van, and there were people in the van I never expected to be here.

“..Ming..Large people?”

As if my reaction was funny, the women in the van burst into laughter.

“Hey haha. Is this the advertiser you mentioned? You look good.”

“Fop. But why are you so surprised? Please, sister! Didn’t you say that you debuted?”

Kim Yeon-hee scratched her cheek and smiled bashfully.

“By the way, it’s the first time we’ve seen each other since we debuted. I was going to tell you when we met, but I’ve been so busy that I’ve only come to see you. sorry.”

Oh My God.

That Minkle member was really Kim Yeon-hee!

“..I’m not sorry for that, so Yeonhee is also a Minkle member?”

“..how did you debut as minklo?”

“haha. At that time, when I was performing in the US with an advertiser, it seems that someone took a picture of me with a camcorder. Somehow, the tape was delivered to the representative of our agency, so I joined as well.”

under. did that happen?

Minkle members will change because of me.

I really couldn’t imagine it.

Kim Yeon-hee, who stopped laughing, held out a box nicely wrapped in a cloth.

“Take this. I kept carrying it with me, but time ran out, so I’m just giving it to you now.”

“thank you. I will eat well.”

At that moment, a male voice was heard from the driver’s seat.

“It’s Yeonhee. It’s time. I think we should leave now.”


“Since there’s not much left until the broadcast recording, it’s a bit rushed even if I go now.”

“..I see. I can’t help it.”

Kim Yeon-hee looked at me with a sad expression on her face.

“..advertiser. I guess I’ll just have to go. I will contact you again next time. You are in good health.”

“yes. Yeon-hee is not sick and is doing well.”

“haha. yes!”

Time like a storm passed like that,

In my hand, there was pear juice surrounded by wrapping cloth.

He smiled as he saw the black van leaving.

“haha. I had a vague idea that Yeonhee would be successful, but she did not know that she would become a member of Minkle.”

I often eat together with Minkle members.

You mean you even went to America for 4 days?

I still didn’t feel it right.

end of September.

High-cast conference room.

“Chief Kim. No matter how much the IMF crisis overlaps, domestic sales of the P-32 have dropped too much. This month, we managed to pass 10,000 units, but is there any problem with the quality?”

The overall profit was not bad as more than 40,000 units were being sold every month to the bestseller.

In terms of domestic sales alone, the net profit was only around 200 to 300 million won per month.

“..there seems to be something else rather than a quality problem.”

“Any other cause?”

“yes. Recently, competing products are coming out one by one. The period when our P-32 sales began to drop rapidly almost coincided with the launch of the product by our competitors. Some models even have an MP3 player in the shape of a triangular pole similar to ours.”

be a competitor

but. It’s been over a year since we launched our product, but it would be rather strange that no competing products came out.

First of all, we can put pressure on the patent.

Unlike other countries where product sales are prohibited, domestic patent infringement often ends with a few pennies, so it was not a very effective means.

Still, there was a way.

“Chief Kim.”

“I’m going to give you a new one.”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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