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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 31

Episode 31. PC room and Starcraft.

Amid the nationwide gold-raising campaign in full swing.

Myung-ho accepted my offer and left for Japan.

This is because there was no suitable gymnasium to practice mixed martial arts in Korea.

I don’t know how high Myeongho can go.

At least there will be no regrets, so that was enough for me.

February 25th.

The 15th President Anil-jung took office.

In his inaugural address, he revealed who was responsible for the collapse of the country and declared that he would implement the policy of reconciliation and cooperation with North Korea, also known as the Sunshine Policy.

A new wind has begun to blow in the political world.

That evening at Lee Yeon-ho’s house.

After the grandmother fell asleep, Yeon-ho Lee took the car herself, saying that she had a hard time.

“I will enjoy this food. Chief. The new president is here, so you’re very busy these days, aren’t you?”

“right. If the government changes, a lot of things change accordingly.”

“Is the new president a good person?”

Lee Yeon-ho laughed at my words.

“Hey, there is nothing good or bad about being a politician. He just has people who agree with him and people who don’t.”

“Then who is President Ahn?”

“Well. I don’t know yet. Anyway, it seems that it will be difficult to come home for a while. If I’m not at home, don’t worry about it, and feel free to come and go.”

That’s difficult.

I’m coming to see the chief’s face.

“yes. But this is my personal opinion, but I think the new president will fit in well with the director.”

“haha. I wish I did too.”

It will.

Because you will go to the chairman of the Fair Trade Commission, a key position that falls within the ten fingers of the government.

March 2nd is the day of the entrance ceremony for Seoul National University.

I woke up early in the morning and stopped by a public phone booth.

The 12th loan period passed yesterday, so the interest rate will change from next month.

We didn’t know how much it would be until we checked.

“Please avoid 5000%.”

When I pressed the loan confirmation button with earnestness, an ARS voice came out.

“The 13th redemption amount is ₩83,333,000.”

A sigh of relief came out.

“I’m glad.”

It was equivalent to an annual interest rate of 200%.

It wasn’t a low interest rate, but it was just a cute level compared to 5000%.

The card didn’t turn red, so I guessed it wouldn’t be a very high rate.

I was relieved to hear it with my own ears.

After breakfast, I headed to Seoul National University with my uncle and aunt.

After we got to our destination, we got out of the car and started grumbling as we walked.

“Sun Mrs. It’s because you don’t have to attend the entrance ceremony.”

“Don’t be shy, take the lead. Seoul National University is a place where anyone goes. It’s a one-time admission ceremony, so of course I shouldn’t go.”


It wasn’t my first college entrance ceremony, so I wasn’t very impressed.

Uncles and aunts looked different.

“Gosh. What you see on TV is insanely broad.”

As his uncle’s head continued to turn left and right, his aunt’s bruises flew.

“Are you going to pay for your first tea here?”

“What am I talking about?”

“What are you kidding? When you turn your head like that, do you think other people think you are here for sightseeing?”

“Hey. What are you, aren’t you curious about?”

“It’s amazing. Gira is a place where everyone goes here too. What could be different?”

Even her aunt seemed to have forgotten that she had taken dozens of pictures with the digital camera I had just bought.

“Stop it and go.”

When I hurried my uncle and aunt to the gym, there were already hundreds of people filling the room.

At the sight, her aunt looked surprised.

“Wow, are there many people here?”

At that, I laughed out loud.

“Mrs. Soon, do you know how many students are admitted to Seoul National University?”

“Are there like seven or eight hundred children?”

“no. over 4,000 people. If you look at it that way, it doesn’t come much now.”

“Four thousand? So many?”

Aunt tilted her head.

“But is it that hard to get into Seoul National University? They hire a lot of people.”

“Because there are over 600,000 students across the country. 4,000 sounds like a lot, but it’s less than 1% of the total number of students.”

“..was it like that?”

“yes. I guess I’ll start now.”

The entrance ceremony, which started with the president’s speech, ended unexpectedly quickly.

We asked a passerby to take a picture together in front of the front door.

My aunt smiled as she looked at the LCD screen on the back of the digital camera.

“It’s amazing to see this, kid. You can see it right away after taking a picture, how can this be? I never imagined that this kind of fortune would exist until you bought it.”

Even after a few years, I still take pictures with my cell phone.

“Fufu. I bought you such a good thing, so don’t spare it and take a lot of pictures. Filming doesn’t mean that the film wears off.”

“I get it. Don’t take too many pictures.”

My aunt said with a sad expression on her face.

“Kyung-ah, how good it would have been to be here too.”

Kyung-a also wanted to come, but she couldn’t because it was school day.

“If you feel so sad, you can shoot at home. When Kyung-a comes, let’s gather our family of 4 and take a picture. Come to think of it, the four of us have never taken a picture together.”

“You are right. Let’s take a family photo with Jaewoon later.”

It was March and it was still cold.

Thanks to the warmth felt from the word family, I didn’t feel the cold.

I sent my uncle and aunt away and went straight to class.

‘Let’s see Is today’s class calculus?’

As I entered the classroom, the students suddenly began to shout.

“Isn’t that Kang Jae-woon, who got a perfect score on the SAT?”

“no way? But I think it’s right.”

“I heard a rumor that you applied to our department, but was it true?”

The students seemed to recognize me because my face was sold in the newspaper.

At that moment, a man in a checkered shirt spoke to me.

“Jaewoon Kang, right?”

“That’s right, but who?”

He laughed out loud happily.

“haha. I wondered if it was true. nice to meet. My name is Taewoo Jin. Class 98 with you.”

Adhesion is good.

“okay? I’m happy too.”

After saying goodbye like that, I quickly became close with Taewoo.

From that day on, the two of us have been sticking together almost like best friends every day.

“Jjajangmyeon is the best for Gongkang.”

Gongkang is the nickname of a fast food restaurant in the College of Engineering.

The location was good and the price was cheap, so it was a popular place with students.

We also used it often.

If you rub the 1,000 won jajangmyeon in a bowl and pass it through your throat without chewing it.

Five minutes was enough for the meal to finish.

When we had free time, we headed straight to the library.

Other comrades were having meetings like freshmen and enjoying campus life by joining various clubs.

It’s been a long time since I turned forty inside, so I didn’t feel like that.

The strange thing was that it was Taewoo.

It must not have been that he had a father inside like me, but he didn’t seem to be particularly interested in anything other than studying.

“Hey, don’t you have a meeting or something?”

Taewoo looked at me with curious eyes.

“Meeting? Why do you want to meet?”

“No, I didn’t mean to ask that way. All the other kids are going out to play, but you don’t want to.”

Tae-Woo smirked.

“I didn’t come here to play college. I’m here to study. If you’re going to play, don’t go to college and just play. Why do you have to go to college and play?”

I was amazed at the guy’s words.

He was a true criminal who was not easily seen even in Seoul National University.

He looked like a so-called handsome man who was popular with women.

The guy didn’t seem to want to use that face at all.

“You didn’t come to college for that, did you?”

I replied with a grin.

“okay. So do i.”

Actually, it was a little different.

It is true that I came to college to supplement my knowledge of semiconductor technology, but that was not the end.

When the knowledge was supplemented to a certain extent, I was planning to make the real thing with the semiconductor technology in my head.

In particular, the semiconductor process research center of Seoul National University was equipped with good facilities for experimentation.

They were giving discounts to the students, so it was a heavenly environment for me.

However, this is not something that will happen right away, so I was thinking of doing it first.

After the lecture, we all got together and headed to the office.

Daewon immediately went into a meeting with his brother.

“Daewon hyung. How many assembled computers did you get this week?”

“It’s about 300, so it’s like 50 a day.”

50’s a day

It was over 100 when it was going well, but it has decreased a lot.

“It is worse than expected. So I prepared a plan to make up for the lost profits.”

“okay? Did you come up with something new?”

“Because Blizzard will release a new game at the end of this month. Starcraft is a very fun game.”


It is a game that becomes so famous that no one in Korea knows the name of the game.

The exquisite balance between the three races of Zerg, Terran and Protoss has attracted many people to the game.

It was a historical game that gave birth to the culture of e-sports.

“Are you going to use that to advertise on our shopping mall site like last time Diablo? I don’t think it will have as much effect as it did back then.”

That was correct.

Unlike when we initially used Diablo to raise awareness, our shopping mall site’s awareness had already risen to a high level.

In particular, the fun of StarCraft isn’t about breaking quests like Diablo.

Because the fun of playing against other people is great, the strategy book has no meaning.

“It is not. I want to start a computer rental business.”

With the release of Starcraft, a new business called PC rooms will be launched in Korea.

I was thinking of taking over the PC room business.

You can also sell assembled computers.

It was a good item of one stone and two birds, which can also be rented.

“Computer rental?”

“yes. Like renting a video and getting paid. I’ll lend you a computer and get paid.”

Daewon hyung tilted his head.

“Will it be okay? Even the size of the computer is considerable. It is cumbersome to borrow and return it, so I don’t think people will use it well.”

“Oh, the computer won’t work. People come and use our computers and pay for what they use.”

“That’s fine. But there is another problem. People without computers will mainly come, but this will limit the number of customers. There are many more people without computers now, but the number of people who do have it will continue to increase. Do you think the number of customers will decrease over time?”

“It is not. People with personal computers will also take down our computers.”

“Why don’t they use the computer in their house and bring ours down?”

“There are things that only our computers can do.”

The Battle.net system that made Starcraft most famous.

If you create an optimal environment for that Battle.net.

People will come to our PC room to compete with their acquaintances.

“what is that?”

“To enjoy StarCraft properly, you need multiple computers connected to each other by LAN. Battle.net is a kind of fighting game system that will feed us.”

“..I don’t know for sure, but that Battle.net means that a communication connection is required.”

“yes. “People might be able to play Battle.net over a modem at home, but once they get a taste for their LAN-connected computer, they’ll come back for us.”

Daewon-hyung asked, who was lost in thought.

“okay. Let’s say people come down to our computers to play StarCraft, as you said. But I think other people can easily follow this simple business. Is this a business you can keep going?”

That was a good point.

PC room startups do not require a lot of capital, so it was clear that similar PC rooms would pop up here and there when we started.

In order to continue making profits in the PC room business, we had to have our own strengths.

“I’m going to make a league.”


“It’s a league where players compete against each other and choose the winner. Winning must have a prize money at stake.”

Daewon hyung exclaimed slightly.

“ah..! Let’s make sure that only people who use our computers can participate in the league?”

In addition, there was one more advantage of hosting this league.

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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